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Average Price Target:5.02
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tollebunsmith THis is the worst one in my portfolio ansd the most heavy of all my stock ( in terms of value) and also loss wise.
25/08/2016 07:19
Junichiro This is probably a sign of not much foreign buying. Newspapers n analyst make everybody think there is a big flow of foreign funds into KLSE. The reality is otherwise.
25/08/2016 09:09
nosh Yeah, I am heavily invested in it but the Telco game, I have come to learn it the hard way, is a game of regulators. All these Telco counters are at the mercy of the regulators and the government...
25/08/2016 13:15
TF Peter Will lose steam 2 Moro.
25/08/2016 14:37
tollebunsmith I have gut feeling that it will leap up to 5.15 before 15 Sept...
25/08/2016 15:54
xexlone maxis rose like mother oso cannot recognised
25/08/2016 16:18
tollebunsmith Diff in sen comparision bet Maxis and Digi is more that 30 sen. Either Digi will up or Max will down.
26/08/2016 07:22
Junichiro PPl singing the song that a whole bunch of prepaid users have to switch to Celcom n Maxis will suffer. But none of that happened. Look at Axiata now, selling like no tomorrow.
26/08/2016 09:20
tollebunsmith 5.03 wow... slowing up
26/08/2016 12:10
tollebunsmith Isnt there suppose to be a end of month window dressing today?
30/08/2016 11:09
TF Peter Budget - ecpectation - on the watch tis month.
31/08/2016 10:05
tollebunsmith Digi will pay RM598.55 million for its 2x5MHz of 900MHz and 2x20MHz of 1,800MHz bands. This was on top of RM51.48 million in annual maintenance fee over the 15 years
Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/08/169524/rm51b-spectrum-bill-3-telcos
Guess the price will go down tomorrow.
31/08/2016 13:15
Junichiro Probably telcos would price their products higher instead of cheap packages now that all these fees are taking a huge slice of their profits. I expect them to cut dividends also to avoid over-borrowing.
31/08/2016 13:28
tollebunsmith Probsbly pass thru the price to the consumers. I think they (the telcos) will work together on this one , so overall each single telco wont lose , so subscribers cant jump ship, hence telco ALL wins!
31/08/2016 21:57
xexlone merging later, i guess
01/09/2016 09:39
tollebunsmith They wont merge cos someone powerful is up there,,,, and in control... but they will pakat and increase price for mobile services.
01/09/2016 13:49
tollebunsmith Not much drop cos they had priced it in ... they had predicted taht quantum raise bu MCMC i guess.
01/09/2016 13:51
nosh It's a regulator's game.
01/09/2016 14:24
tollebunsmith Published on: Friday, September 02, 2016
Kuala Lumpur: The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) announced the spectrum reallocation pricing in the 900MHZ & 1,800MHZ spectrum.
In a statement, MCMC chairman Datuk Seri Dr Halim Shafie said the two bands of spectrum are being assigned for a fee to Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U Mobile for a period of 15 years. Halim said this is also in line with the government's decision to optimise the use of spectrum resources.

"A study was conducted and the fee determined per block of 2x5MHz in each band, 900MHz and 1,800MHz," he said.

The 2x5MHz block in the 900MHz band will cost RM499.725 million and the 2x5MHz block in the 1,800MHz band, RM217.77 million.

The total fee payable by each player will depend on the amount of spectrum allocated to them in these bands.

He went on to explain that to ensure costs are not passed down to subscribers, it is a condition of the allocation that players should offer packages that are cheaper than current prices.

Halim said the same approach in spectrum optimisation would also be used for all other relevant spectrum bands such as the 700MHz, 2,300MHz and 2,600Mhz.

Meanwhile, U Mobile Sdn Bhd has received a Letter of Offer from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, dated Aug 30, 2016, for the allocation of 2x5MHz of 900MHz and 2x15MHz of 1800MHz bands, effective July 1, 2017.

In a statement Thursday, U Mobile said the acceptance deadline for the offer letter is the same for other telecommunication companies.

"The spectrum fee consists of price component of RM503,406,000 and an annual fee component of RM43,305,000," it said. – Bernama
03/09/2016 08:32
tollebunsmith Thanks for all those who kept this clown in power!! It's how they payback! WE will never learn!
03/09/2016 08:36
tollebunsmith Digi is actually 5.13 if you add the 5 sen div ie 5.08+ 0.05 div=5.13
07/09/2016 12:15
TF Peter Stable now +- , can pick a few.
09/09/2016 15:14
tollebunsmith 5.09 done right at this moment 600 units
09/09/2016 15:54
tollebunsmith someone who queued at 5.09 100,000 cancelled it andf gave to buyer at 5.08 @4.22pm
09/09/2016 16:23
MissElizaClarke who received dividned already ? i not yet get leh
09/09/2016 21:29
lanciao 30sep
09/09/2016 23:27
TF Peter Omg, wat happen?
14/09/2016 12:42
TF Peter Sept., the month to reevaluate the company's performance before the budget.
14/09/2016 14:46
MissElizaClarke this counter always give u hope like 5.1....give u hope ad...then friendzone u...the feeling is nonai
14/09/2016 19:00
God_of_Truth here comes The EPF!!! our money!!!
14/09/2016 20:52
mysmo1 why amanah saham bumiputera keep selling while epf keep buying? epf buy from amanah saham bumiputera??
14/09/2016 22:20
George Fukagawa Enter 4.89 ok kah?
19/09/2016 10:48
thinkndo Huh..the day I am waiting for....
19/09/2016 11:39
MissElizaClarke Expected already..
19/09/2016 12:53
1nferno too early george
19/09/2016 13:42
Junichiro It is already in the the news now. Telonor plans to pare its stake in Digi due to intense competition in M'sia.
19/09/2016 14:49
xexlone good or bad?
19/09/2016 15:35
Junichiro U can read it in The edgemarkets. It said that is the reason for the fall.
19/09/2016 16:04
TF Peter Another steep drop. On the watch 2moro. If down another 10 cents, i pick a few. n so on n so on...
19/09/2016 20:07
sheldon The Digi bloodbath continues.

Just like the leg bone is connected to the thigh bone & the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone ....

Someone's got to pick up the tab for the govt's mismanagement. We shareholders should be honoured for this.
20/09/2016 09:20
TF Peter Small volume as a start. Keep on watching.....
20/09/2016 09:52
lanciao Otw go down ↓↓↓↓↓
20/09/2016 13:53
lck1300 wait down more to buy in , buy at 4.76 wait so many month up to 5.10,but only 2week down back to 4.72 , luckily sold all at 4.90 , stupid counter .....
20/09/2016 16:39
TF Peter 10 sen . Good.
22/09/2016 12:22
TF Peter 14 sen .better now. Not greedy. Earn a few RM first.
22/09/2016 15:39
sheldon Today Digi was a star!!
22/09/2016 22:45
TF Peter Agree.
22/09/2016 23:19
xexlone fast recovery......so good sign later on!
23/09/2016 11:34
JN88 Recovery is for oversea player sell their portion at higher valuer price. Mat salleh very smart, business less than 20 profit margin they will give up.
23/09/2016 15:53
JN88 No wonder will up from 4.3 to 5.0++......now possible ans is there.

If big tiger having 5 times lunch a day. You trying to ask them eat less 2. Do u think dia mau?
23/09/2016 15:57


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