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Jacklew high EPS, low PE, ZERO dividend......another MEGAN???
11/06/2012 16:33
bhafizi MEGAN?
02/11/2012 19:53
aunloke Ingress paid first interim dividend of 4 sen on 16th of July this year, hopefully there will a final dividend after Q4.
02/11/2012 22:54
necro Kedekot...
Kilang kat nilai jew beso..
11/01/2013 11:28
keringkontang wauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!ingress pecut
22/02/2013 16:14
Desmond Liew anyone knows the TA??
25/02/2013 09:34
smartguy General offer
25/02/2013 11:26
Desmond Liew waulau errr!! exited at 1.65,,, cold sweat when it slided to 1.45
27/02/2013 09:49
mrK0K3N Diam diam berisi....
27/02/2013 09:49
talk2pkc TQ TQ very much ........
27/02/2013 09:50
Desmond Liew hehehe,,
27/02/2013 09:52
talk2pkc Dont b greedy ..... CASH in while is up !! I m out n use profit to offset other "mis-judge" counters facing losses , lohhhhh
27/02/2013 09:56
Desmond Liew yap,,, as it already touched my stop loss at 1.45 yesterday,, not willing to loss 1k, bit the tongue & got luck i could sell at 1.65 with profit... still sweating ..
27/02/2013 09:58
WilliamWang wakakakakaka... laughing now...
27/02/2013 09:58
talk2pkc Des, if u can hold I m sure 1.65 is just round corner , all the best n will get my "M & A" gods to sort it out 4u, ha ha ciao
27/02/2013 10:01
Desmond Liew talk2pkc, i sold at 1.65 jst now,,, under such uncertainty, so long we can earn some shark fin to eat, it ok for me already.. wishing u all the best with luck bro...
27/02/2013 10:07
talk2pkc Well done , join club !! U c my " M & A" gods can b useful at time, ha ha ha
27/02/2013 10:10
Desmond Liew hahaha,,, already tried your M&A for itronic.. hehehe,,, next time borrow again foc bro..
27/02/2013 10:12
Desmond Liew it drops again,, goreng counter ke
28/02/2013 09:29
banjuooo8305 tipu duit counter..lie la wat general offer...><""
28/02/2013 10:04
Alfred Aun drop more pls, i m coming...
01/03/2013 10:36
Alfred Aun waiting for RM1.44 @200 lot, hope can match it.
01/03/2013 11:09
Alfred Aun YES!! profit taking at the price of RM1.50
01/03/2013 16:11
lynncly Alfred Aun.. congrats ! :)
01/03/2013 16:56
Alfred Aun Thank you lynncly. Happy weekend.
01/03/2013 16:59
lynncly Happy weekend to u too. :)
01/03/2013 17:04
Desmond Liew congrats... alfred
01/03/2013 19:57
Alfred Aun Thank you Desmond Liew, I feel a little bit regret for profit taking too early. It seem likely up trend mode today!
04/03/2013 08:36
minitrader anything can happen Alfred. As long as u are making, that's good enough. Sometimes it's greed that kills us. Never regret. Mkt is always there for us to make, either little or big.
04/03/2013 12:27
Alfred Aun minitrader, i totally agree with you. Thanks for your advise.
04/03/2013 14:15
smartguy u will more regret after today!!!
04/03/2013 14:21
minitrader Price of Ingress had just spiked last week and RSI reached high of 83. Now RSI at 70. If u had taken profit, to me, no regrets.
04/03/2013 14:49
Desmond Liew it lingers around 1.50,, it safe to buyin below 1.50 as am waiting for the chance.. Alfred, i agreed what minitrader has said.. no regret so long u have made a profit..
04/03/2013 14:52
Dondy BC Lee rumour Oriental group is collecting the shares in open market, something is brewing in this company.
17/03/2013 22:52
Dondy BC Lee anyone heard of Oriental buying 20% in Ingress ??
or is it privatised ??
19/03/2013 11:46
limahcai hello,any info for ingress?
15/04/2013 12:06
Matsaham Mashuk bullish..
15/04/2013 16:38
BC475654 Suspended pending material announcement
16/04/2013 12:03
Matsaham Mashuk nice..hehehe..
16/04/2013 15:40
Matsaham Mashuk exit..duit mashuk..
17/04/2013 09:00
CAF-POW The buyout offer is 1.85 per share, could anybody help to shed light as why the current share price is not traded closer to the offer price?
17/04/2013 13:41
jpleow The take-over offer is conditional - need 90% acceptance - otherwiase the offer will lapse & all acceptances will be returned. See the attachment in announcement on 16/4/13 - section 3.2 'Condition of the Offer'.

Even if it is unconditional, the buyers need to make profit from buying at a discount.
17/04/2013 15:43
necro This counter in 2009 its price RM0.19....
17/04/2013 22:22
CAF-POW thanks jpleow...I am still learning, good to know.
17/04/2013 23:55
hornetsjet how come still got people willing to buy at 1.85??
11/06/2013 21:28
jpleow Better sell to them since the acceptance level is low according to 6/6/13 announcement - unlikely to be successful.
12/06/2013 10:01


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