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Market Cap: 1,648 Million
NOSH: 1,203 Million
P/E | EY: 18.99  |  5.27%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.3018  |  4.54
Avg Volume (4 weeks):3,040,672
4 Weeks Range:1.31 - 1.40
52 Weeks Range:1.12 - 1.44
Average Price Target: 1.64
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.27


Latest Headlines
31/01/2017  Technical Buy: SKPRES (7155)
24/01/2017  业绩逊退.星光资源订单增.赚幅改善
24/01/2017  Daily technical highlights - (COCOLND ,SKPRES)
29/11/2016  SKP RESOURCES - Building momentum
29/11/2016  SKPRES - Things to Start Picking Up From Here
29/11/2016  SKP Resources - Weak 1H17, But Not That Bad After All
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11/10/2016  SKP Resources Diversifies Customer Base
22/09/2016  Daily Market Update - 22 Sept 2016 (DSONIC, SKPRES)
13/09/2016  NAGA Warrants September Issue - Volatility Set to Rebound from Two-year Low?
30/08/2016  SKP Resources - Looking Good in 2H17
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Tan Toh Fei i sold mine earlier at 1.36 and 1.37 ... lets c how it goes from now onwards ....
22/02/2017 12:12
Tan Toh Fei quick glance on VS latest reports and data, the counter is over priced. Further comment will be posted in VS forum, not here.
22/02/2017 12:18
fattycat i only hv free shares now.
My price is 0.67.
Skpres dividend yield is attractive to me.
22/02/2017 12:21
gov5334 See you 2018 skpres
22/02/2017 14:16
Ks Ng No lor.....see you 2020 skpres
22/02/2017 14:45
Ks Ng Price adjusted down ler.... Something bad might be happen! No eye see ler
22/02/2017 14:48
Matthew Law Thong Sheng see apa..stocks market collapse soon..cash is king now
22/02/2017 15:51
Ks Ng agree with you matthew !....collapse coming.! let us wait the great chance coming
22/02/2017 16:24
bigbigboss Matthew i remember your buy call is RM 2.00 right and say no problem ? so fast bye bye ?
22/02/2017 21:11
Matthew Law Thong Sheng 股市风云无常
23/02/2017 01:02
Tan Toh Fei 股市是无常,这样才会让有心人有机可乘,基本面强的公司,正当正规的公司,不怕大风大浪,经得起考验,才是咱们要找的公司。
23/02/2017 10:21
Ks Ng 那麼照樓上這位大師,SKPres現在是什麼情形?小弟是新人,股價好像是不很會走!
23/02/2017 12:50
Yipman waiting for QR?
23/02/2017 13:25
云高 1.39是阻力帮忙不要再卖票了 过了就飞了
23/02/2017 13:50
bsngpg 台湾金宝电子(Kinpo)刚宣布,已在2016年12月获得戴森公司颁发吸尘器合约,将在菲律宾增设两间工厂,预期今年7月为戴森公司生产吹风机,未来2、3年将吃下戴森约50%家电组装订单,令人关注大马代工商的竞标合约是否将落空。

Any comment ?
23/02/2017 15:59
Ks Ng down down down
23/02/2017 17:37
Ks Ng 飞不起了!
23/02/2017 17:48
bsngpg I will hold SKPRes tightly till much higher price.
23/02/2017 18:27
23/02/2017 19:45
sjwee3 见好就收
23/02/2017 19:48
Ks Ng 都还没见好,他就收了!烂股一个!
23/02/2017 21:50
Ks Ng 星光资源的新厂房还有70%的生产线是空着,如果在拿不到Dyson的新合约,那些生产线就可以拿来生产Maggie面了!
23/02/2017 21:54
Yipman not only SKPRES. This will impact to VS and EG also, which are getting contract from Dyson.
23/02/2017 22:18
Yipman No wonder Dato Gan continue to dispose his shares from Dec 2016 to now. Total 52 Million shares. Terrible. Better quit from this counter now before too late.
23/02/2017 22:23
Yipman micsoh, how do you thing about this news now??
23/02/2017 22:24
micsoh Yipman, wait for the quarter result first, as for the contract, if u are Dyson, would u put your all egg in one basket?, further more, just like inari, avago also got many other supplier too, do u think that inari will close the shop?, there are many thing we don't know, at.least until now I don't see any negative news coming from analysis or newspaper, who can tell.
24/02/2017 07:29
micsoh As for the director selling share, my opinions is first the volumn, 12m is a huge number, and second, this buyer normally is come from institutional because it's trade during off trading hours.would u buy share just base on nothing if u are a institutional.last time in this forum also many comment skpr got quality problem, but what the result, the esp grown around 20+ percent.if u are still worry, my suggestion is sell half of your share, and doing so will drag down your cost of u are profit, but in another way, if u are holding warrant, pls be careful of the due time is this June.just my opinion, the decision is yours.
24/02/2017 08:06
micsoh "down your cost of u are profit", sorry it shall be drag down your cost if your share in hand now are in profit status.
24/02/2017 08:10
云高 Hold till up. 忍忍忍 守得云开
24/02/2017 10:05
Yipman micsoh, thanks for sharing your valuable inputs.
24/02/2017 10:19
Tan Toh Fei @Ks Ng: 以个人看法,股价已经超过基本面实价,未来未确定的事都很难说,我是建议观望,当然每个人可以有自己的看法和冒险,我比较喜欢看实据做分析,合理价应该低于一元,纯个人意见,可以不听。
24/02/2017 11:29
micsoh If u look from this company nta, it just worth rm0.33 Sen only by now.haha
24/02/2017 14:22
bsngpg Not a good yardstick to value manufacturing company by using NTA.
24/02/2017 14:30
云高 Good news coming
24/02/2017 16:00
micsoh Of course not a good yardstick, but when u using pe, this time maybe worth 10, it can be shoot to 16 to 20 next time, so not a fix onelah.
24/02/2017 16:50
Ks Ng Yaya, I refer to NTA ,Pe ratio! This counter should not more than 1.00, that why I sold all ! Today is the last good chance to sell , Monday going to crash liao, my remiser also said some bad news cover by insider , better retrieved first , chances going fly wouldn't be happen , dun too optimistic
24/02/2017 17:03
Ks Ng Matthew , I trust you , cash is king now
24/02/2017 17:06
astalavista Sold...gd luck u guys and thank you skpress
24/02/2017 17:13
bsngpg See u again.
24/02/2017 17:17
Ks Ng I predict this time will drop back below 1.00 and wait for 2 more years
24/02/2017 17:43
micsoh What made u said that ks ng, or just simply hamtam saja?
24/02/2017 17:53
micsoh If drop back to rm1, means esp just 5Sen by people 18, so, u must be predict this time is loss and esp is negatif.
24/02/2017 17:56
Matthew Law Thong Sheng We will know next week..cepat sell!!!! Dnt let epf chance to sell at high price
25/02/2017 00:46
kelly89 I wont tell anyone of you to sell or buy..but let me tell u the fact and judge yourself whether the rumors is real or nonsense...skpres is very good in fundamental..company with net cash..the main concern is the labor issue and heavily depend on 1 client..talk about labor issue 1st...those expensive contract worker are now no more and replaced by bangla since sep last year..so first thing u can think of is that cost is aignificantly reduce compare to last two quarter..secondly...the new contract win were starting in this quarter also..35% of new factory will be utilized..remaining 65% will be ready to win more new contract from its clients..means we are expecting higher earning growth..yes its 55% revenue is come from dyson...but still it is contract-based..revenue is somehow locked....dyson business is running so good..i see no reason why this quarter's result would not be good ? You all start to become pessimistic because this counter is long sleep since early of 2016...but don forget fact is fact...this company is still printing money although not much banker promoting it now..is just matter of time...when good results announce, your broker will tell you to buy this counter also la...sales people don trust so much...
25/02/2017 03:29
bsngpg Great to hear the very rare sensible comment among the ....

Keep up, kelly89.
25/02/2017 13:21
Ks Ng Thanks kelly , you are my hero! I am kong kam, always believe it overprice! After saw your best comment on SKP , I'm regrets that sold all my SKP last week ! If you leave your comment on last week , I'm sure will keep my SKP in hand !
25/02/2017 22:06
Ks Ng Gambateh! Kelly !Our SKP forum need your encouragement ! Hope can hear some good news from you later! Please share whatever you know ! I'm willing to hear !
25/02/2017 22:46
kelly89 If the revenue is what they have expected 2.3 billion in FY17, coming thid quarter will be the third quarter of FY17 and it will contribute around 700 million revenue estimation, projected 7.5% profit margin, it will be around 45 to 55million net profit this quarter...hopefully...
26/02/2017 06:09
26/02/2017 16:23
云高 看看明天可以冲出1.37 阻力
27/02/2017 19:24



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