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Market Cap: 625 Million
NOSH: 2,156 Million
P/E | EY: -2.01  |  -49.85%
DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.1079  |  0.26
Avg Volume (4 weeks):13,262,105
4 Weeks Range:0.285 - 0.31
52 Weeks Range:0.285 - 0.49
Average Price Target: 0.43
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.14

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26-Apr-2017 Forum 3 New Comments


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Business Background

KNM Group Berhad was incorporated in Malaysia as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1965 on 22nd July 2000 and was subsequently converted into a public limited company on 12th September 2000.

KNM Group Berhad is principally an investment holding company while its subsidiary and associated companies are principally involved in integrated systems design and engineering, international procurement, manufacture of process equipments for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, testing capabilities, site assembly, commissioning and maintenance.
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Buy1sell2 False break out...down again :(
05/04/2017 16:43
mfbs Hihihi
05/04/2017 16:50
Gan Hon Pioh Some people like to use this forum to express their anger because of money loose? Be like a adult. Study more in finance, investment gain more knowledge enough before judge others.
05/04/2017 16:52
xyXy Gan Hon Pioh, dun ever tok like pro, .they just telling the truth........
05/04/2017 19:13
goldentriangle walaoeh, today so hot 0.305 (+0.005)
It's uptrend now, will break 0.40 by end of this month !
05/04/2017 20:21
Gan Hon Pioh I think talk like pro is better talk like cock.
05/04/2017 20:54
mfbs Hihihihi
05/04/2017 22:27
riko rocket come , you guy know what to do ...
05/04/2017 23:28
goldentriangle SKPetro 2.02 (Up from 1.30)
Armada 0.815 (Up from 0.51)
KNM still stay at it's record lowest of 0.305

it was lowest price and you very hard to find
any good stock that still haven't shooting up,
at this moment, it should shooting up
to above 0.60 already..
And only go up above 0.80 all the previous
small investors only got break even or
got little profit, so just see how it's performance
06/04/2017 08:12
soros177 Knm wb 0.1 is a good price. Get yourself onboard before mother fly.
06/04/2017 11:44
Gan Hon Pioh Today is not the lucky day.
06/04/2017 16:38
Haha wb...they disposed at 10 sen....n someone want to collect at 9.5sen....
06/04/2017 22:52
stainlyho37 they claim that to go above 0.40....for mother in short time.!!
07/04/2017 10:13
mfbs Kihkihkih
07/04/2017 13:15
AzerothJr Keep on dreaming.... But its good to have some hope else you won't be keep hanging on... Buy means donating money to General Lee and get stuck together with golden boy and rest of the members.
07/04/2017 14:34
Gan Hon Pioh Another day of high volume but zero movement..
07/04/2017 15:09
AzerothJr Go ahead and buy more lar.. see who right.. just remember investing decisions is yours to make.. your right, your gain / loss.. I wish you luck and you will need it. Win kecik kecik loss huh.. you better ask golden boy how much his paper loss lar.. :)
07/04/2017 15:14
riko until now people still don't understand what is "you buy you die , sell also die , monitor also die"
so many bullshit rocket comments here. why not you just think why all oil counters up except KNM.

go back and think think think .... or dream dream dream...
07/04/2017 17:10
Adam Adam pls buy...shoot 0.78 soon....buy now.....bye bye
08/04/2017 00:55
Kingoffry Cry less !! Gst ready for funeral
08/04/2017 02:23
Frank Soweto Not so easy General Lee will never die - got lots of bravehearts hehe
08/04/2017 03:01
1009 More have disposed... more have want incoming?
Go back and think think think .... or dream dream dream dream...

Buaya incoming.... die or live? Many years at QR1st looking so good?
How 4this times? Die or live?
09/04/2017 23:54
alexwest die for this counter dun buy
10/04/2017 18:13
Ywchew8255 Better run away ,will downtrend again
11/04/2017 18:54
RichJeEn hopeless counter :(
12/04/2017 09:51
AzerothJr KNM earn some tidbits buying at 0.295 and sell at 0.305 Long term one all sure mati one...
12/04/2017 14:28
AzerothJr But better look at other counter... this counter will need to wait for years and years and years.. That is if it doesn't continue to go south.. Later enter into PN17 or end up like SAAG (you remember that stock?? close friend of KNM).
Armada is doing so well and you want to look at a dead stock.
So many other counters all rally that I made back all the losses from KNM at tech stock, water, steel.. Oil stock 50% dies... only the other 50% wins..
Unfortunately people here like dead stock over live stock that you get to see day day high, going up and up and up.. So shiok..
Unlike this stock, day day 0.5cent movement.. and suddenly koyak..
12/04/2017 19:58
Leoleo KNM one day will rise. this share low price can keep. once mr lee collect enough . KNM will go up.
mark my word .
12/04/2017 20:56
Kimjongbull This stock will recover soon from its recent bad quarter. KNM is very diversified and have experienced ups and downs before. The recovery of oil price will result in KNM getting more oil and gas contracts, apart from construction. Renewable energy generation is also generating recurring income. Bad times will be over for KNM soon. KNM will not go the SAAG way, for sure.
13/04/2017 22:49
14/04/2017 10:51
Ywchew8255 Hahaha,will die , maybe
14/04/2017 21:13
chamlo Stupid stock. Another Perisai coming? Wait at 5 sen.
15/04/2017 11:06
chamlo Agree. Wait at Perisai price.

Posted by alexwest > Apr 14, 2017 10:51 AM | Report Abuse
15/04/2017 11:22
goldentriangle You're really delusional,
If dropped till 5 sen, i will Sai Lang all my belongings till underwear
also will keep topup it's shares
15/04/2017 11:35
chamlo Posted by goldentriangle > Apr 15, 2017 11:11 AM | Report Abuse
Satellite photos show North Korean nuclear site 'primed and ready'
North Korea was now in final preparations for a sixth nuclear test anytime from now
and US under Trump Dump will shooting the "MotherOfAllBombs" (MOAB)
to North Korea and the World War III may begins...
Then the world economy will be start the long recession after this,
So be prepared to sold all equities and holding the cash during down time is better !
15/04/2017 12:29
chamlo You still got belonging meh? I thought everywhere you cut loss why not in KNM yet?

Posted by goldentriangle > Apr 15, 2017 11:35 AM | Report Abuse
You're really delusional,
If dropped till 5 sen, i will Sai Lang all my belongings till underwear
also will keep topup it's shares
15/04/2017 12:29
riko don't forgot he still got rocket which will send him alone to holland.
whoever want to follow , you can ask for free ticket anytime you want.
16/04/2017 12:27
1009 Knm wa.... if next seacara wa... same fly huge 4next time ?
17/04/2017 16:29
Ammar Roshidy In the first place, no American civilian or army personnel has been killed, due to the North Korean missal testing. Secondly, it is a reason for US to show its allies, ie. Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines, that it exists. And help is available if needed. The real treat is China. China is building an Island and claiming open seas as its own. This guys are showing China, that if a country is out of phase, then there will be consequences. (that is why history is important)

So to all the "Prophets of DOOM" don't overreact to the North Korean, US saga. Its intended to keep the peace, not make a mess of things.
18/04/2017 15:31
Gan Hon Pioh Jialat. General Lee transfer share to creditor. I run liao already.
18/04/2017 16:53
18/04/2017 16:55
xyXy pi mai pi mai tang tu....juga.....tak turun tak naik juga.......haiz.........
18/04/2017 17:50
AzerothJr Apa tak turun... more is coming... fun time is starting soon.. prepare your popcorns..
25/04/2017 11:46
riko rocket missing liao ... but he will be here once knm up 0.00000005c.
25/04/2017 13:17
mfbs KNM Shit
25/04/2017 16:45
mfbs No wonder people hate KNM like hell
25/04/2017 16:46
KingDavid Ha.. you are still here. Wait till the quarterly result? It could still be in the red. General Lee is transferring shares for paying debts. More to go down till the investment in Thailand and England are making money to cover the losses in Canada and else where. Lucky if can break even for last quarter and hope to turn around in this quarter. good luck.
25/04/2017 16:59
Gan Hon Pioh I thought the bad time for KNM is over, I was wrong. Bigger issue is hiding.
26/04/2017 13:51
alveygwee Why creditor wan to bought over the share since the knm is performed badly???
26/04/2017 23:44
alveygwee Just to make sure knm repay their debts?
26/04/2017 23:46



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