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Market Cap: 3,593 Million
NOSH: 2,411 Million
P/E | EY: 9.94  |  10.06%
DY | Payout %: 4.36%  |  43.38%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.36  |  1.10
Avg Volume (4 weeks):2,472,320
4 Weeks Range:1.38 - 1.54
52 Weeks Range:1.34 - 1.70
Average Price Target: 1.61
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.12


Latest Headlines
07/03/2017  Mah Sing Group - Perpetual Bond Issuance
02/03/2017  现金高.负债低.马星可贷16亿购地
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22/01/2017  12产业计划.马星现金回扣催买气
02/01/2017  2017.CEO见招拆招
23/12/2016  What It Takes to Become An Award Winning Developer
28/11/2016  因降目标销售下调财测.马星集团业绩表现符预期
28/11/2016  MahSing - Sales Target Reduced To RM1.8b
28/11/2016  Mah Sing - Weak Sentiment…
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28/11/2016  Mah Sing Group Berhad - Lower Sales Target
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28/11/2016  Mah Sing - Lowers sales target
21/11/2016  M+ Online Technical Focus - 21 Nov 2016
21/11/2016  Daily Market Update - 21 Nov 2016 (MAHSING, GESHEN)
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invincibledog mahsing niasing already
09/03/2017 15:18
Hitori drop more buy more
09/03/2017 18:21
2721 drop more sailang more
09/03/2017 21:04
Hitori haha same
09/03/2017 21:56
Hitori cash is the king, company with good cash flow will shoot once economy turn good. start collect more if drop below 1.4
09/03/2017 21:58
bsngpg TortoiseSing is a very great company in doing biz, but definitely not in performance of its share price. I will not put more fund into this kind of company amidst the early bull market so that my fund can reap maximum return via high beta stocks.
Anyway, TortoiseSing has been the heaviest counter in my portfolio since 7-9 years ago. Keep it for very long term, money will come to you, although it is very very boring and frustrated when seeing the surrounding counters rocketing up like no tomorrow.
Great luck to all royal fellow Mahsing holders.
10/03/2017 07:35
bsngpg In my opinion, the current drop is due to the bond issue. Market dislikes this kind of activities. 6.9% is a heavy interest to pay.
10/03/2017 07:39
Hitori hi bsngpg, can you share your profit earning for keeping this share more than 5y. got plp said earn 10times after 10y, is this true?
10/03/2017 07:50
invincibledog property all jalan, mahsing mana?????!!!
10/03/2017 12:05
myongcc5 En Mah pergi nyanyi SING, itu baru panggil Mah Sing
10/03/2017 12:07
myongcc5 Kbox
10/03/2017 12:08
myongcc5 Mungkin sudah tidur kot
10/03/2017 12:08
invincibledog something wrong lo, collect also waste time, go play those developer got link with johor better
10/03/2017 12:13
donaldtrump epf so desperate to sell
10/03/2017 17:37
Stanley Sim I am in. Will Collect More If Break 1.40. Mah Sing also has landbank and projects in Johor.
11/03/2017 01:08
2721 bsn, i just curious they will use bond money to buy land in where..haha..when come to trading rather than investment there are many seducive counters which may trap u in longer term..
11/03/2017 08:48
ProAdviser Since like better not to collect!!
13/03/2017 11:27
ProAdviser Everyday drop 10cents... Soon all Ur money will lost to EPF....
13/03/2017 11:28
invincibledog Everyday drop 1 sen u also die lo, still what hope oh
13/03/2017 17:56
Woo John Mah Sing latest project RUMAWIP will certainly add interest to investors. Looks like good news to the counter. Get ready........

16/03/2017 00:00
ProAdviser kWSP keep selling... Will make price fail to go up... They have 10% overall shares to throw leh... Be careful!!!!! Myeg, Pmetal and Ekovest 10 times better than here..
16/03/2017 09:34
Woo John RUMAWIP project to be launch, 660 units @ RM 300K each that will be appr. RM200 million......
16/03/2017 16:02
boy2men kwsp throwing to keep the price down... later they will collect at even lower price
16/03/2017 17:28
KarenLiew lai liao
17/03/2017 10:42
alexsee thought can buy back at entry price at 0.14 or 0.145 while sold my WB at 0.16 two days ago.. now 0.2.. what !!! goreng mee meh..
17/03/2017 10:54
TomyamGong im late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17/03/2017 12:42
GoldenShares just goreng, who care what project they have, ha ha ha
17/03/2017 14:38
alexsee Mashing-WB...goreng gao gao !!! When mother RM 1.5, it maximum only RM 0.185, now mother not yet RM1.5, son already RM0.23 !!
17/03/2017 14:55
noobbie what a closing..hahaha
17/03/2017 16:54
Wei Chyi 1.52 13k lots?? seriously?
17/03/2017 17:02
jfm3737 may be crazy on monday............
17/03/2017 17:11
Hitori wat happen?
17/03/2017 17:43
bsngpg There were few times in the past that Mahsing's price shot up high in a day or two especially during the last few minutes of trading due to some big fund acquiring its shares from open market. Its price softened back quickly once the accumulation was done in couple days.

Hopefully this time is different and the uptrend is sustainable along with the bull run of the broader market. Hopefully...
17/03/2017 18:28
jfm3737 may be today.....boom
20/03/2017 08:55
TomyamGong Manipulate share. Better don't touch.
20/03/2017 10:37
kuanhan79 boom? Difficult lar! I am holding at RM2 for years. Sad.. Luckily still can get small dividend...
20/03/2017 16:30
bsngpg Sorry to hear RM2 which is a bit expensive. However I guess you have not adjusted RM2 with RI @ 3:10 @RM1.42 plus free WC in Feb15, following with free BI @1: 4 in Jun15.

I bought a lot at RM1.84 prior the RI, WC and BI. Overall I am still making +ve return albeit it is insignificant.

Just hold it for long term, we will certainly gain positive return from TortoiseSing. Cheer !!!
20/03/2017 16:48
Rodney5453 DY @1.50 better than fd.
20/03/2017 22:36
bsngpg 65 cents has been proposed for 2017. 65/1500=4.3%. Usually dividen will be ex in early September.
20/03/2017 22:44
YOYOgi Las week 1300 000share was likely oversea fun
When oversea willing give high value share will go higher
Else why give high value when share is low. Sure will go high gearing gearing 30% high
EWI Iwc will revalue all
Chase CW Cw cw cw cw cw
21/03/2017 00:38
YOYOgi 155
21/03/2017 10:56
heavyth Any comment on Mahsing-wb ?
21/03/2017 12:39
runnerman Mahsing wb will fly...premium so low...
21/03/2017 12:49
jfm3737 ya lao
21/03/2017 13:57
heavyth Tq runnerman
21/03/2017 18:26
YOYOgi 销售改善 警报解除 房产股蓄势待发 
(吉隆坡21日讯)虽然今年整体房市基本面维持不变,但投资情绪却显着改善,证券分析员认为,警报已解除,且在销售改善下,产业股随时发力攀高。 肯纳格投行分析员指出,目前的确未看到产业销售加速增长,而整体银行流通性的问题依然棘手。 “不过,目前可以说警报解除了,因为产业销售和净利开始增长。” 因此,产业领域或许可成为市场的投资代表,特别是因为大部分风险已反映在股价上,加上股价表现在过去两年一直都落后大市。 多股超越大市房市低迷多时,房产股一度被忽略,被低估者很多,而随着利淡消散,业绩改善,被评“超越大市”者也不少。肯纳格投行报告指出,多只产业股获得“超越大市”投资评级,包括马星集团(MAHSING,8583,主板产业股)、UEM阳光(UEMS,5148,主板产业股)和双威(SUNWAY,5211,主板产业股)。
22/03/2017 10:50
heavyth Pls translate
22/03/2017 16:47
runnerman Projek from johor...mahsing ade bahagiannye...just hold..
22/03/2017 22:16
runnerman Just wait good news from mahsing..
22/03/2017 22:17
heavyth Ok
23/03/2017 15:00


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