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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
31-Dec-2013 02-Jan-2014 Acquisitions 750,000,000 0.120 845,036,250 Additional Listing Detail
27-Aug-2014 28-Aug-2014 Private Placement 22,720,000 0.220 867,756,250 Additional Listing Detail
10-Sep-2014 11-Sep-2014 Private Placement 24,878,000 0.205 892,634,250 Additional Listing Detail
29-Oct-2014 30-Oct-2014 Private Placement 36,905,000 0.160 929,539,250 Additional Listing Detail
26-Feb-2015 27-Feb-2015 Others 4,285 0.100 1,062,334,856 Additional Listing Detail
02-Mar-2016 03-Mar-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,286,860 0.100 1,072,092,349 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2016 09-Mar-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 5,580,000 0.100 1,077,672,349 Additional Listing Detail
11-Mar-2016 14-Mar-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 575,000 0.100 1,078,247,349 Additional Listing Detail
16-Mar-2016 17-Mar-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 360,000 0.100 1,078,607,349 Additional Listing Detail
28-Apr-2016 29-Apr-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 4,198,100 0.100 1,082,805,449 Additional Listing Detail
24-Jun-2016 27-Jun-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 35,000 0.100 1,082,840,449 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jan-2017 18-Jan-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 450,000 0.100 1,083,290,449 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jan-2017 24-Jan-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 640,000 0.100 1,083,930,449 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2017 26-Jan-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 500,000 0.100 1,084,430,449 Additional Listing Detail
13-Feb-2017 14-Feb-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 6,875,000 0.100 1,091,305,449 Additional Listing Detail
16-Feb-2017 17-Feb-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,068,400 0.100 1,094,373,849 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2017 22-Feb-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 75,000 0.100 1,094,448,849 Additional Listing Detail
05-Apr-2017 06-Apr-2017 Private Placement 54,285,800 0.140 1,148,734,649 Additional Listing Detail
21-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 22,200,000 0.100 1,170,934,649 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jun-2017 13-Jun-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 600,000 0.100 1,171,534,649 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2017 23-Jun-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,000,000 0.100 1,172,534,649 Additional Listing Detail
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Asianpay 28 June is its AGM at KLCC Convention Centre. Expecting more good news ahead!
14/06/2017 10:26
Asianpay By July, 0.18 target would happen.
14/06/2017 10:26
jl88 Good
14/06/2017 22:46
OneZ Engine warm up....
14/06/2017 23:12
jl88 Not moving
15/06/2017 13:27
ran777rpt I think that their purchase of the new company from Singapore is not good. With PUC management, PUC will make the other company bankrupt too.
15/06/2017 13:57
nklye I bought LSteel at more than 0.90 years back and dropped till 0.16 and sold at around that price thinking it's hopeless and going to bankrupt.... Now see its revival and so many good report about its operation and its price.... that's share market...
PUC is not that bad...
So gave faith...
This family will return...
15/06/2017 19:49
nklye *have
15/06/2017 19:50
jl88 The Board of Directors of PUC wishes to announce that PUC (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PUC, had on 13 June 2017 incorporated a subsidiary under the name of SHANGHAI PUC NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. ('SPUC”) ("the Incorporation") in China.

SPUC will be principally engaged in technology consultancy services.

The Incorporation is not expected to have any material effect on the share capital and substantial shareholders' shareholding of PUC nor any material effect on the earnings, gearing and net assets of PUC and its subsidiaries for the financial year ending 31 December 2017. None of the Directors and/or major shareholders of PUC and/or persons connected to them has any interest, direct or indirect, in the Incorporation.

The Company received the Business License of SPUC on 15 June 2017.

This announcement is dated 15 June 2017.
15/06/2017 20:56
jl88 Puc in expansion mode..Puc Singapore..Puc Shanghai..Big plan perhaps
15/06/2017 20:58
Mars Lhb really? u got idea ?
15/06/2017 23:07
jl88 Wait and see
16/06/2017 21:28
nklye Smartrader, r u using the reverse psychology now.
Unable to cook up the price when you've tried very hard to promote it,
perhaps now you want to cook down the price to enable someones to collect then
to cook it up again...
All those announcements by the company recently give no significance...!
17/06/2017 15:31
Huihui Liong Dude, no need to listen what else ppl said. Even if he tell u buy or sell also don't listen lol. If he's so good he won't be writing blogs dude
17/06/2017 16:46
Bullhunter 1 joker with poor england writing blog trying to push down price... suspect his/her intention. Think will buy, must be something good coming...
18/06/2017 11:59
adikabang smells like it
18/06/2017 12:05
jl88 Apparently intention of the writer..This round may up
18/06/2017 20:57
newkid I dont think that not so smart trader can can dump out his portion, he is stuck at 14.5 to 16.5 sen, he got to vomit out all at a loss then IB only will goreng for pp holder to take profit. I estimate he still hold 70 to 80 % may be he cut loss all wb but not mother ! with margin call each week, he shall dry up in 2 months time !!
Mar 31, 2017 02:32 PM | Report Abuse

My view is pp for those penny stock which don't make profit like luster,XOX,tiger, n many many ,you got to very careful because all those directors got a very bad record of selling their shares first then issued pp for themselves via nominee. loss making penny stock will last the hit for short period of time only, once they dump all n that's it !
For puc I don't think operator can manage to dump all during price fixing . Because of smart trader 2020 kacau n ride on it with huge profit n greedy to make second round, I think once trader 2020 goreng up banker will press it down till he sold all. Unless smart trader is part of pp team which I doubt , he seem to me an opportunist or one of the many many Cari makan bloggers in i3.
19/06/2017 00:45
cytew Rapid dynamic growth is intact
19/06/2017 07:45
Zufar Razak adeh.. when to BO oooo. got shark sdh tu
19/06/2017 16:27
Hussainy Yusree kaw2 selling force now
19/06/2017 16:43
caveatemptor2050 Aiyo....
Smartrader advise us to SELL
Diehardunited says to BUY
Mixed analysis from the two.....
19/06/2017 21:45
Huihui Liong Smarttrader2020 seems like deleted his recent post on 17june 2017. I can't find it anymore
19/06/2017 22:04
nklye Don't listen to what other people say, if you think the stock is good then buy or if already bought just wait for it to jump up.... no matter what this and that have written or deleted..
And I think this stock is very much better than many other stocks where their price are higher than this stock...
19/06/2017 22:24
jl88 Agreed
19/06/2017 22:38
ran777rpt Agreed
19/06/2017 22:40
jl88 We refer to the announcements made on 3 March 2017, 10 March 2017, 14 March 2017, 27 March 2017 and 5 April 2017 in relation to Placement (“Announcements”). For consistency purposes, the abbreviations used in this announcement are the same as those previously defined in the Announcements unless otherwise defined herein.

On behalf of the Board, Mercury Securities wishes to announce that the Board had, on 19 June 2017 (“Price Fixing Date”), fixed the issue price of the remaining 55,159,084 Placement Shares, being the second and final tranche, at RM0.140 per Placement Share (“Issue Price”).

The Issue Price represents a premium of approximately 2.9% to the (5)-day WAMP of the Shares up to and including 16 June 2017, being the last full trading day immediately prior to the Price Fixing Date, of RM0.136 per Share.

This announcement is dated 19 June 2017.
19/06/2017 22:52
nklye Get set....
20/06/2017 01:11
diehardunited I bet smartrader2020 has accumulated the stock at 13.5sen rather than selling her shares yesterday.

I am bullish, I don't advise BUY, on the stock. So, it is your decision to buy, sell or hold.

20/06/2017 07:05
nklye Everyone is cautiously observing and trading... that's no much blinkibg-blinking...
20/06/2017 11:11
arigato91 mix advice.... who should i trust?
20/06/2017 14:50
HYG Look for the trend, it should be 50:50.
If break 0.14 then should be fly high.
20/06/2017 15:00
nklye After cautious morning session, some seemed want to push up the children but some others pushed them down.
Yea 50:50.
Diehardunited is so confident, sure up this or next week, no two ways... Smartrader too influenced till did a U-turn, but today no jalan... 4 or 9 days for diehardunited to prove his crystal ball is right..
20/06/2017 21:36
cytew he can only be right if he is one of the operator team members
20/06/2017 21:41
azzuriathy should buy or not?
21/06/2017 09:10
tah16600 Cheaper than toilet paper, answer to your question.
21/06/2017 09:21
nklye Expect today no huhahuha trading....
One and the half days or next week only three days trading remain to realise diehardunited confidence of this counter..... hihihi...
21/06/2017 13:30
newkid let dieheart@smarttrader clear off their stakes first, they cant tahan any longer, start luring ppl to support...... .........
now 110 m pp shares all done, just buy LA below 8.or 8.5 sen as many as possible, its a double insurance stock hard to find. If jump up take profit, if hanging 14.5 for year then add 5 sen convert to puc n take profit ...you want guarantee profit counter , this LA is the one n only one !!!
21/06/2017 16:16
Asianpay I agreed. Now is the time to buy more and accumulate for exciting news coming on 7/7/17!
21/06/2017 21:48
LMN9997 something coming?
22/06/2017 10:58
nklye Diehardunited, sudah mula jalan semua family members...
22/06/2017 11:00
nklye Those who bought yesterday have made money if sell now.
Seems diehardunited 'prophecy' is coming thru.... hihihihi
Those who believe better enter fast for not to 'aiyaaaa... didn't buy earlier...'
Tapi sendiri tanggung kalau tak jadi....
22/06/2017 11:19
jl88 buying volume supported at 0.14
22/06/2017 12:18
TongKee Yam Chinese company???
22/06/2017 12:34
Vincent Tan Peng Seng additional listing today a good thing?
22/06/2017 13:20
nazrun start make profit
22/06/2017 13:28
roxannel Possible to reach .17? :)
22/06/2017 14:25
sia1980 possible to reach 0.20.
22/06/2017 16:17
tah16600 Look like going to goreng
22/06/2017 16:24
jl88 Tomorrow WA going to be push harder
22/06/2017 20:52


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