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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
20-Jun-2017 20-Jun-2017 Acquisitions 20,000,000 0.160 183,952,380 Additional Listing Detail
07-Nov-2016 08-Nov-2016 Special Issue 8,000,000 0.160 163,952,380 Additional Listing Detail
25-Oct-2016 26-Oct-2016 Special Issue 12,500,000 0.160 155,952,380 Additional Listing Detail
23-Dec-2015 28-Dec-2015 Private Placement 13,041,000 0.150 143,452,380 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2014 30-Sep-2014 Private Placement 11,855,580 0.160 130,411,380 Additional Listing Detail
11-Feb-2010 12-Feb-2010 Private Placement 5,388,900 0.100 118,555,800 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jan-2010 28-Jan-2010 Private Placement 5,388,900 0.100 113,166,900 Additional Listing Detail
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Izam_mahathir Why mr ho fook meng disposed 100000 shares recently?whats the purpose?anyone?
12/01/2018 13:45
PW888 100000 x .28 =RM28k only
12/01/2018 14:18
klugman last call for boarding! Tanker about to speed charge next week.
14/01/2018 22:08
TryAgain Tanker stuck at 0.295 mark. Stranded ? If not move forward, current will push it back to shore.
15/01/2018 12:26
Meowyx @@
17/01/2018 12:12
Cents_investor be patient...
17/01/2018 12:35
13808 Tanker ran out of fuel. Drifting in the middle of the sea awaiting wind.
17/01/2018 16:10
Internationale paging for Jack Sparrow.....
17/01/2018 21:54
TryAgain Current pushing tanker back to 0.280 level.... not looking good. Fuel vessel ran out of fuel....
18/01/2018 11:25
klugman dont worry tugboat coming
18/01/2018 15:00
13808 Running out of fuel and wind blowing south. Hopefully the rescue tug is powerful enough to tow her back to safety.
18/01/2018 16:53
davidgoliath Straits entered into a HOA with a Hong Kong bunker Oil Trading house. Exciting...... Full steam ahead Straits
18/01/2018 18:07
13808 What is this HOA for ? And How will it benefits shareholders?
18/01/2018 19:12
davidgoliath HOA-Heads of Agreement. Cross Border Trade under China's Belt and Road Initiative. Straits can tap into Banle network of Chinese clients for their bunkering business.
18/01/2018 20:18
Meowyx i got a bad feeling
18/01/2018 21:17
toptop had anyone google the background of this company? it was formed on 18.08.15 with not much track record. Just wandering how can it be benefited from this agreement? Sounds truly silly
18/01/2018 23:28
TryAgain Share price leaped more than double, result in terms of profit turned from Negative to Positive for last 3 Quarters..... a turnaround company, if you choose to believe.
18/01/2018 23:51
toptop I meant Banle. So please rephrase again.
19/01/2018 00:19
davidgoliath Looking at the HOA, Banle has recorded a total profit of rm4.4 million for last 2 years. Banle current business complement Straits bunkering business. There is definitely a synergy here.
19/01/2018 00:53
13808 Can anyone help to provide the link to view the HOA mentioned ? Can’t seems to find it.... thx
19/01/2018 07:37
Cents_investor http://www.m.malaysiastock.biz/Company-Announcement.aspx?id=1028992
19/01/2018 08:55
TryAgain Hopefully will get more details beyond the HOA. The synergy surely interesting and complement to Straits coverage. Actual quantum of benefits yet to be elaborated in the HOA.
19/01/2018 09:52
Cents_investor Anyone know how the trend going?will drop to which price before it rebound?
19/01/2018 12:35
Meowyx i guess there will be a huge drop

19/01/2018 15:05
davidgoliath http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/567
19/01/2018 21:01
klugman this is like asking , the sun is risen. will it be sunny or cloudy?
19/01/2018 23:12
toptop does not seems so right y purposely closed at 0.285 today? davidgoliath ask your boss to push up higher at least above 0.30 and next weeks onwards is good times to promote your counter better act now.
20/01/2018 00:06
13808 Rakuten’s pick.

21/01/2018 07:10
weavefinder Just my 2 sens view:
When this counter WA moved to 18.5 sen, I checked out, and what more with the pending private placement on the cards, which the Co pegged at about 28.5 sen per share. I will buy into this co once the private placement is settled, which the co will conclude by 1st Q 2018, as the amount they require has already been predetermined.
This co is only at the initial stages of building a sustainable business, so expectations that the price will boom now can be futile. The good thing about the price trend is that the co seems not likely to expose itself to the vulnerabilities of speculation, which has a huge tendency to provide shareholders with a nightmare. At best, I think this Co will appreciate with the progress in their fundamentals, which time will tell. This is not a stock for dabbling T4 period, forget it. Buy and keep it, look at the price 3rd Q 2018 in Nov 2018 where the impact of their progressive efforts can be evaluated. If all goes well a 30% gain can be achieved.
Again, just my 2 sens worth!
21/01/2018 09:51
PW888 Well said weavefinder
22/01/2018 09:43
TongKee Yam Hopefully can break 30 sen & all the way....up.
22/01/2018 18:45
13808 Still stuck at 0.295 level even though the volume was heavy. Hopefully can breach 0.300 tomorrow.
22/01/2018 23:30
klugman harbour master has given permission for tanker to leave port. now waiting fo for Privilege Passengers, 25 to 30 in number to board. After this journey to Fantasy Island 88 to begin. Journey may take 3 months
23/01/2018 08:44
Internationale Crazy people dont know they're crazy - Jack Sparrow
23/01/2018 11:41
Meowyx falling knife
27/01/2018 07:08
Cents_investor It's a good time to accumulate more...just keep it
27/01/2018 14:11
Zhen Wei wow, collected alot today!
29/01/2018 19:08
duke21 Investors must think long-term which will result in substantial appreciation of the stock. The stock has become speculative with speculators treating the counter like a casino.
Living examples of long-term stocks today Nestle, Kuala Lumpur Kepong and BAT.
30/01/2018 11:45
Growth_hunter Below is an overlooked article I read on The Edge Markets.
Just for sharing purposes.

Straits Inter Logistics active, up 3.51% following target price upgrade

Surin Murugiah / theedgemarkets.com

January 22, 2018 12:38 pm +08

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 22): Shares in Straits Inter Logistics Bhd rose 3.51% active trade at noon today after Rakuten Trade said it remains positive on the stock with a "Buy" rating at 28.5 sen and a higher target price of 35 sen.

At 12.10pm, Straits rose 1 sen to 29.5 sen with 6.14 million shares traded.

In an investment idea note today, Rakuten said it was positive on Straits' proposed business expansion plan with Banle Energy International Ltd.

Rakuten said Straits had entered into heads of agreement with Banle to explore collaboration to further expand business operations and geographical coverage.

It said Straits had also received Bursa Malaysia's approval for its private placement of up to 10% of its share capital which could raise up to RM13.7 million as working capital for bunkering and chartered vessels.
30/01/2018 11:56
davidgoliath The stock has appreciated a lot over the last one year. I agree with Duke21 that this is not a speculative stock. Let the new management work their magic. I have also been collecting a lot last few days. Hopefully will have more good news.
30/01/2018 13:38
klugman davidgoliath, you are an expert on Straits, can you please tell us who is the private placee and at what price was the pp done
31/01/2018 09:19
davidgoliath Klugman sir. I am no expert on Straits. I was holding on RAYA shares since Deepak days but luckily new management came in. Otherwise all my EPF gone. Following this counter closely. I have no news who the placee are and also at what price. Sorry Bro.
01/02/2018 09:20
Cents_investor All red today...
05/02/2018 10:28
Cents_investor it's better sell to cut loss or accumulate more now?with world market all crazy red, can straits keep above 0.2 price range?
06/02/2018 11:42
Cents_investor haha...so i accumulate more today =)
06/02/2018 19:32
Hawks Strong support for Straits today amidst the free fall mayhem
06/02/2018 22:18
Zhen Wei Support up 1
07/02/2018 11:40
Zhen Wei accumulating at 0.25-0.26
20k units per day.
13/02/2018 00:23
Zhen Wei this counter don't have dividend payout? prior earning above 3 digit%
13/02/2018 00:25
Cents_investor Happy CNY everyone...hope have good news after cny =)
15/02/2018 14:15


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