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0.045   -0.005 (10.00%)  0.045 - 0.055  58,601,300
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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
20-Mar-2012 21-Mar-2012 Private Placement 25,500,000 0.170 706,272,000 Additional Listing Detail
19-May-2014 20-May-2014 Private Placement 70,627,200 0.100 776,899,200 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jan-2016 29-Jan-2016 Private Placement 99,866,662 0.040 1,098,533,291 Additional Listing Detail
01-Apr-2016 04-Apr-2016 ESOS 109,600,000 0.035 1,208,133,291 Additional Listing Detail
29-Dec-2016 30-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 20,256,600 0.100 1,228,389,891 Additional Listing Detail
30-Dec-2016 03-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 12,800,000 0.100 1,241,189,891 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jan-2017 10-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 95,401,689 0.100 1,336,591,580 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2017 10-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 170,000 0.100 1,336,761,580 Additional Listing Detail
16-Oct-2017 17-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 971,000 0.100 1,337,732,580 Additional Listing Detail
23-Oct-2017 24-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 8,715,500 0.100 1,346,448,080 Additional Listing Detail
30-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 34,302,423 0.100 1,380,750,503 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2017 07-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 14,875,900 0.100 1,395,626,403 Additional Listing Detail
08-Nov-2017 09-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 4,238,500 0.100 1,399,864,903 Additional Listing Detail
07-Dec-2017 08-Dec-2017 Special Issue 5,000,000 0.054 1,638,173,253 Additional Listing Detail
14-Dec-2017 15-Dec-2017 Special Issue 15,000,000 0.042 1,653,173,253 Additional Listing Detail
15-Dec-2017 18-Dec-2017 Special Issue 15,000,000 0.041 1,668,173,253 Additional Listing Detail
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Soleha1989 makin berat trive, tambah, shares
14/12/2017 11:37
lyk204 I am in the cloud...Who is the old man ?
14/12/2017 11:52
lyk204 can buy now at 0.05 ?
14/12/2017 11:53
Pak Andak coming 0.25
14/12/2017 11:56
Samuel Tan Coming 0.025
14/12/2017 12:04
FalconFocusEagle trive is striving for awesome success
14/12/2017 12:41
Mr_Zhao plz change to new name : strive
14/12/2017 12:54
Upinvest Hai... Back to 0.40 :(
14/12/2017 12:56
LoseKing Is just a trick to trap the new traders again n again , still hoping for miracle, speechless , wonder how low can the company price go down again, typical pump n dumb counter without any buy back or support from the company itself , becos the share doesn’t worth tat high price, any price assumption more than 0.08 from this counter is confirmed caused by dump n pump by those big sharp oni, if u willing to dump ur money n let it played by the big sharp, feel free to buy now , the only thing u able to make gain/win from tis counter is u know the big sharp in tis counter then to coin other newbie continuously
14/12/2017 12:59
Upinvest Useless. drop in bull market today
14/12/2017 13:01
LoseKing TRIVE get FINED


1)Wong Kok Seong
2)Thu Soon Shien
3)Datuk Mohamad Amin Mohamad Salleh,
Fined RM539,000 each.

4)Datuk Seri Dr Pang Chow Huat
5)Zarul Ikhwan Zarul Ahmad
Fined RM465,500 each.
14/12/2017 13:04
Upinvest Useless trive . Go to vivocome still got hope.. Hong Kong Cnqc coming in
14/12/2017 13:18
FalconFocusEagle Ok incoming going some to the Viva Vivo Vivocom
14/12/2017 13:23
Samuel Tan Coming 0.025
14/12/2017 13:33
cyleong138 LoseKing please pubic latest news, your news is older.


1)Wong Kok Seong
2)Thu Soon Shien
3)Datuk Mohamad Amin Mohamad Salleh,
Fined RM539,000 each.

4)Datuk Seri Dr Pang Chow Huat
5)Zarul Ikhwan Zarul Ahmad
Fined RM465,500 each.
14/12/2017 14:15
whizzkid try malton-wb..it's hot now...can go up to 10 cents or more...
14/12/2017 15:06
Bullkobear http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5637005
14/12/2017 16:24
LoseKing This news is released by bursa on last week 5/12/2017, it is the latest potential news about this counter even though many ppl oredi knew but I am sure some newbie wanna buy this stock still hv the right to know about this, no harm to post if this is the fact and real information

Trive get FINED


1)Wong Kok Seong
2)Thu Soon Shien
3)Datuk Mohamad Amin Mohamad Salleh,
Fined RM539,000 each.

4)Datuk Seri Dr Pang Chow Huat
5)Zarul Ikhwan Zarul Ahmad
Fined RM465,500 each.
14/12/2017 16:29
ttchiam77 LoseKing.....might as well digged all the bad news out for the past 10yrs and let the newbie knows...
14/12/2017 16:39
Samuel Tan Congrats. Last call 0.05 haha
14/12/2017 16:59
shuyin special listing at 0.042, prepare yourself for diarrhea tomorrow
14/12/2017 17:05
POONJ Not so worry @ this prices!! How many more can drop??
14/12/2017 19:34
mredzuan When market maker put their money for investment...usually their target return should be multiple times to justify the risk taken...volume quite good this few days...quarter release due next week
14/12/2017 19:55
mohdsafwansabree hold or sell ?
14/12/2017 20:15
cendolpulut next week QR.. wait n see
14/12/2017 21:12
Friendship I wait to buy at 0.01
15/12/2017 07:08
Wonder88 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/319065
Off market trade bought at 6 to 7 sen, u want to buy at 1 sen, chinese say "wait long long"
15/12/2017 07:12
chinvest17 Special issue at cheap price 0.042 is for Macquarie Bank.
Subscription Date: Dec 12
Price is 10% discount to 5 days VWAP immediately before Dec 12, that is Dec 05 to Dec 11.
So it is dirt cheap.
The lower TRIVE share price is, the cheaper Macquarie Bank can subscribe, the less money TRIVE can get from Macquarie for its operation.
15/12/2017 07:30
Pak Andak The week in review also saw 42.58 million shares or a 2.62% stake in Trive Property Group Bhd change hands in block trades for 6 sen to 7 sen apiece. The parties involved in the deal had not been disclosed at the time of writing.

Trive Property returned to the black during its second quarter ended July 31, with a RM76,000 net profit versus a net loss of RM146,000 a year ago. For the first half, net profit was RM304,000 compared with a RM838,000 net loss previously.

15/12/2017 07:31
John Yap Yeah I love TRIVE shark !
15/12/2017 09:37
Andy Lim Start up nowx,it just a game,all on control..
15/12/2017 09:44
Andy Lim Like a shark du du du durian durian du
15/12/2017 09:45
John Yap Hahaha.... up lorry again
15/12/2017 09:46
shuyin where did all the positive comments go? lol
15/12/2017 11:32
Soleha1989 tambah lagi, shares . berat
15/12/2017 12:16
trillion1 Macquerie Bank and their group sure will press down the price and then they can pay less
15/12/2017 12:31
meyau21 start to play the game. accept investors money, hold and price drop. hahaha
15/12/2017 13:02
gghaha the price seem will go below 0.04 any time...
15/12/2017 14:36
LoseKing Holy shit , cheat investors, the most con stock ever seen
15/12/2017 16:26
gghaha today 0.045 ...next week how low again to go....
15/12/2017 16:53
gghaha lots ppl sell last 10min.....next week no eye see....
15/12/2017 16:58
Samuel Tan Where are those supporters who have confidence to this stock? All quiet ledi.... Haha.
15/12/2017 17:01
LoseKing Oredi switch off the phone then when on back will only see “fanstatic figures”
15/12/2017 17:10
IANFUJI 0.45???what the joke value.
15/12/2017 20:47
15/12/2017 20:54
rsim03 everywhere mac involved price will static down
15/12/2017 22:22
Upinvest Really no hope in trive.. I had change to vivocom hope tis counter cover my lose. Hong Kong Cnqc will merge with vivocom
15/12/2017 23:03
John Yap TRIVE is SHARK doo doo doo doo ...
16/12/2017 10:08
Bullkobear average like Mac Bank did then only you can see lights at the end of the tunnel, good luck everybody.
16/12/2017 10:15
risenfall many have been waiting for technical rebound after sharp fall but it joins anzo playing sleeping beauty.

at this price relative to both fa and ta, tiger is far better choice...
16/12/2017 11:28


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