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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
22-Mar-2017 23-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.087 740,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
17-Mar-2017 20-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.086 730,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2017 14-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.090 720,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2017 09-Mar-2017 Others 12,000,000 0.089 710,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
02-Mar-2017 03-Mar-2017 Others 10,000,000 0.092 698,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
27-Feb-2017 28-Feb-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.094 688,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
24-Feb-2017 27-Feb-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.093 673,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2017 24-Feb-2017 Others 15,000,000 0.092 658,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
22-Feb-2017 23-Feb-2017 Others 7,000,000 0.093 643,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2017 22-Feb-2017 Others 5,000,000 0.093 636,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
20-Feb-2017 21-Feb-2017 Others 500,000 0.094 631,724,175 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jan-2017 16-Jan-2017 Others 29,000,000 0.100 631,224,175 Additional Listing Detail
15-Dec-2016 16-Dec-2016 Others 7,009,500 0.130 602,224,175 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2016 28-Nov-2016 Others 400,000 0.100 595,214,675 Additional Listing Detail
17-Aug-2016 18-Aug-2016 ESOS 38,400,000 0.130 594,814,675 Additional Listing Detail
20-Nov-2015 23-Nov-2015 Others 190,000,000 0.100 356,000,000 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2014 24-Feb-2014 Private Placement 30,000,000 0.110 332,000,000 Additional Listing Detail
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63333336 Gogogo, huat ar
16/03/2017 21:49
newbe999 Aiyo DLCW why your ctr so lousy 1? Bull run also cannot move. M'sian forget you ka?
17/03/2017 11:09
sg999 XOX BHD

1. Details of Corporate Proposal

Involve issuance of new type/class of securities ? No
Types of corporate proposal Others
Details of corporate proposal Share Issuance
No. of shares issued under this corporate proposal 10,000,000
Issue price per share ($$) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.0860
Par Value ($$) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.000
Latest issued and paid up share capital after the above corporate proposal in the following

Units 730,724,175
Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 0.000
Listing Date 20 Mar 2017
17/03/2017 18:39
I_want_to_be_rich XOX drop because M3Tech drop. Now M3Tech up back so XOX turn to come soon?
20/03/2017 11:34
OngLai88 Now is XOX turn for goreng goreng
20/03/2017 12:04
OngLai88 FASTER buy before left behind
20/03/2017 12:04
ABCnewbie Wow! All 10.5 cents (including 6 cents warrant) gone from queue. Usually this happen at 10 cents. Furthermore latest share issuance of 10 mil only at 8.6 cents
20/03/2017 12:09
Pavillion Don't think can move much as long as new shares issues still going on.
20/03/2017 12:28
calvinteo Vroom....

Today half day session volume already more than 2x last Friday closing price
20/03/2017 13:45
lee77 0.3 is coming..
20/03/2017 14:07
fire38211 possible meh 0.3?
20/03/2017 14:44
63333336 Agree wi pavillion. Will go back to 0.1, 0.095
20/03/2017 15:24
ABCnewbie Agreed too. Not possible to move up the price as MB will not subscribethe remaining shares (120++ millions). They probably the seller now and get some profit. After that will let the price drop back to 9.5-10 cents and subsribe the remaining...
20/03/2017 15:37
63333336 Heavy road block. Dato chai also dun want d price go up. He also want fast fast settle mb subscription.
20/03/2017 15:50
ABCnewbie Why there is no announcement on the MB as substantial shareholders? They should be largest shareholder by now. Even if MB just pledged accounts for someone/institutions, they still require to announce right? Or they sell it off straight away (if that even possible?)
20/03/2017 16:21
alvinchiam buy up 13sen
20/03/2017 16:37
ongmari bc4
20/03/2017 16:39
billionaire88 Good close, too many sellers at .105. Also forming a new base at .105.
20/03/2017 17:48
fire38211 c if tmr can break new high
20/03/2017 17:55
kenen 114.1 mil to go.
20/03/2017 21:03
63333336 1st half press down the price, buy some buy some
20/03/2017 22:20
63333336 Next half buy up buy up, huat arr
20/03/2017 22:20
63333336 im dreaming!
20/03/2017 22:20
fire38211 dream may come true
20/03/2017 22:42
fire38211 also u could end up waking into reality
20/03/2017 22:43
fire38211 either way, 50%
20/03/2017 22:43
Sani Wahi Pray for good. This week rocket
20/03/2017 23:30
fire38211 drop back 0.1
21/03/2017 11:25
63333336 Hurray, mb will subscribe again soon
21/03/2017 13:43
fire38211 to date, mb has subscribed 138.9m of 250m shares. about 19% dy. big wave coming soon.
22/03/2017 16:24
63333336 left 111.1m, 10-11 times again to subscribe. hopefully before next qr can kaotim.
22/03/2017 20:32
63333336 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5371805
22/03/2017 20:33
billionaire88 Can someone tell what is the rationale for XOX management to issue new shares to MB below par?
22/03/2017 21:15
billionaire88 Is there a moratorium on the shares issued to MB? If no moratorium, we all die loh if MB were to cash out at RM.10 or lower.
22/03/2017 21:19
Pavillion They need money. Their private placement nobody want i.e. undersubscribed
22/03/2017 21:48
ABCnewbie XOX revised the private placement:
1. From 400 mil down to 250 mil
2. From 10 cents to 90% of the closing price.
First, they said it will raised RM40 mil for Voopee expansion plan but it seems they can only get around RM20++ mil.

Please note that last year right issues already raised RM40 mil and supposedly have extra after expenditure spending. Last year financial released shown losses of RM700k. Interesting to see if this year will be better or worst.
23/03/2017 11:13
maelxpdc buck up everybody..gonna fly soon..
23/03/2017 13:38
limch If really can fly ok. If not must ask management to explain.

maelxpdc buck up everybody..gonna fly soon..
23/03/2017 13:38

billionaire88 Is there a moratorium on the shares issued to MB? If no moratorium, we all die loh if MB were to cash out at RM.10 or lower.
22/03/2017 21:19
23/03/2017 15:38
limch ABCnewbie you really newbie. Loss due to impairment loss due to drop in M3Tech share price. Now already recovered so expect coming QR profit.
23/03/2017 15:44
limch Last QR is profit where got loss?
23/03/2017 15:46
limch Tanco takeover price only 8 sen why 3 sen higher?
23/03/2017 15:55
limch Even loss making Trive 18 sen how to choose share in Bursa?
23/03/2017 15:55
ABCnewbie @limch - I'm not looking at QR. The losses is for accumulative year 2016 (4 QRs)
@billionaire88 - MB can cash out the shares as they like. The agreement stated
1. Cannot hold more than 10% of issued shares
2. Cannot undertake mandatory take over
3. Cannot breach foreign ownership limit (but can sell at anytime)

Look like MB is given chance to profit from this exercise (maybe at least RM2-2.5 mil)
23/03/2017 16:02
limch I ask how to invest in Bursa why no answer? Why Trive 18 sen with loss QR?
23/03/2017 16:12
lee77 Simple question... why MB bank choose xox counter??
23/03/2017 16:13
limch Mpay also worse. Every QR loss why 27.5 sen?
23/03/2017 16:14
fire38211 trive n xox same boss. same goes for anzo and vizione
23/03/2017 16:23
ABCnewbie @limch - I honestly do not know how to invest in Bursa. The reason why I bought XOX late last year mainly due to
1. They have Lee Chong Wei as ambassador
2. The price during that time 12.5 cents and I hope to double it by year 2018 (Only bought 100k shares @ RM12.5k). Its a gamble really.
As for trading know-how and financial numbers, I am still learning.
23/03/2017 16:39
limch More important are there benefits to us shareholders? Why share price keep dropping even bull run? Last time bear market XOX also can reach 70 sen why bull run stuck at 10 sen only?

lee77 Simple question... why MB bank choose xox counter??
23/03/2017 16:13
23/03/2017 16:40
upshare These few day volume is increasing..
But why the warrant move but mother not move???
23/03/2017 17:50


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