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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
24-Jan-2017 25-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 800 2.220 401,901,090 Additional Listing Detail
15-Feb-2017 16-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 342 2.220 401,901,432 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2017 10-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 300 2.220 401,901,732 Additional Listing Detail
02-May-2017 03-May-2017 ESOS 55,000 2.000 401,956,732 Additional Listing Detail
12-May-2017 15-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,100 2.220 401,958,832 Additional Listing Detail
19-May-2017 22-May-2017 ESOS 6,241 2.000 401,990,073 Additional Listing Detail
23-May-2017 24-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 3,300 2.220 401,993,373 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jun-2017 09-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,542 2.220 401,994,915 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jun-2017 16-Jun-2017 ESOS 10,000 2.000 402,004,915 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jun-2017 21-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,500 2.220 402,006,415 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jun-2017 23-Jun-2017 ESOS 40,000 2.000 402,046,415 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jul-2017 07-Jul-2017 ESOS 7,000 2.000 402,053,415 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jul-2017 31-Jul-2017 ESOS 8,000 2.000 402,061,415 Additional Listing Detail
10-Aug-2017 11-Aug-2017 ESOS 73,869 2.000 402,135,284 Additional Listing Detail
23-Aug-2017 25-Aug-2017 ESOS 70,000 2.000 402,205,284 Additional Listing Detail
29-Aug-2017 04-Sep-2017 ESOS 1,000 2.000 402,256,284 Additional Listing Detail
11-Sep-2017 13-Sep-2017 Exercise of Warrants 6,000 2.220 402,262,284 Additional Listing Detail
18-Sep-2017 19-Sep-2017 Exercise of Warrants 900 2.220 402,263,184 Additional Listing Detail
19-Sep-2017 20-Sep-2017 Exercise of Warrants 8,500,000 2.220 410,763,184 Additional Listing Detail
28-Sep-2017 29-Sep-2017 ESOS 5,000 2.000 410,768,184 Additional Listing Detail
10-Oct-2017 11-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 942 2.220 410,769,126 Additional Listing Detail
27-Nov-2017 28-Nov-2017 ESOS 10,000 2.000 410,779,126 Additional Listing Detail
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Artliner still no announcement? confirm lose lawsuit and appeal for reduce penalty before make announcement....
06/10/2017 16:05
ong4965 it's not an issue... the amount is small for group long term profit.
06/10/2017 16:30
Artliner maybe they will announce bad news before weekend, want to reduce trader's panic during weekend.... hahaha
06/10/2017 17:17
tipumakan lawsuit mah, where got so quick. will drag months or years...
06/10/2017 22:17
Artliner I tot 5 oct result out....
06/10/2017 23:54
MoneyFace88 cannot fight income tax dept lah
07/10/2017 10:36
MoneyFace88 Gomen say you got to pay means you got to pay
07/10/2017 10:37
Artliner PROFESOR DATO' DR TAN HUI MENG (a company director) acquired 30,000 shares at 1.750 on 05-Oct-2017.

Why Prof. Dato Dr Tan can buy at 1.750?
09/10/2017 18:26
Artliner http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/mega-first-gets-us150m-loan-don-sahong-hydropower-project
10/10/2017 17:56
tipumakan 1.70??? ESOS?
12/10/2017 18:03
markgor anyone receive dividend ?
13/10/2017 11:55
kenken85 yea. dividend received. thx mfcb.
13/10/2017 14:18
markgor I still yet to receive, are you using maybank or other bank ?
13/10/2017 14:43
SeiZai maybank usually very slow eh....
13/10/2017 16:15
tipumakan trustee account normally slow la, patient wait few days
13/10/2017 21:15
PotentialGhost China power plant no extent .
18/10/2017 00:16
tipumakan shorterm hiccup. long term prospect still intact, at this moment..
18/10/2017 14:49
markgor yes, support, dump the china power plant focus on higher margin hydro power plant, future prospect look great
19/10/2017 09:18
ong4965 Support +1
19/10/2017 09:38
tapdance 60mn write-off!!
19/10/2017 09:48
tapdance last quarter made 50mn only, coming quarter write-off -60mn???
19/10/2017 09:50
tipumakan dump ppl, dump. let me collect at low and keep for long term
19/10/2017 10:31
Artliner Dont forget the lawsuit case, they already lose it. but not dare to announce. Beware guys.
19/10/2017 10:46
tapdance lawsuit? what about it?
19/10/2017 10:52
tapdance http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/10/17/mega-first-to-exit-power-plant-jv-as-china-seeks-to-lower-pollution/

no wonder price didn't drop, write-down was not mention
19/10/2017 10:53
tipumakan @Artliner lose lawsuit? what lawsuit?
19/10/2017 11:00
Tung Kwang Yii Don Sahong power plant to be completed in 2019. Revenue will be triple. TP:6-7
19/10/2017 20:33
markgor management said don sahong after tax profit will be 300m per years, it translate 0.73 eps which doesn't include resources and existing tawau power plant. Take PE 10 for don sahong alone we should expect RM7.30 at least share price when don sahong fully operate
21/10/2017 09:37
supersaiyan3 markgor, Tung, yes! But still too conservative! Power plants especially Don Sahong has 25 years (am i right?), so at least 20 times PE (up to 40 times).

Low cost, high income visibility, market will like it very much once it is done.
22/10/2017 05:14
tipumakan Utility stock are more to dividend play. industrial PE average is around 18~20. But still need to see how much they can pay out for dividend. Guess they need to start repay loan after finish build, will consume some cash flow there.
22/10/2017 22:46
sell It told Bursa Malaysia that the 22-year agreement, in relation to 60%-owned Shaoxing Mega Heat & Power Co Ltd (SMHP), would not be extended when it expired on Oct 22, 2017.
Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/10/17/mega-first-to-exit-power-plant-jv-as-china-seeks-to-lower-pollution/#xtFf044ag2WLLfr1.99
22/10/2017 22:50
sell Today China power plant last day.
22/10/2017 22:51
tipumakan if not mistaken can realise 6million gain from china plant disposal
23/10/2017 11:16
tipumakan referring to previous analyst report, don sahong project alone will generate 73sen/share profit. If this can be realized, RM12 target is just the matter of time, unless they having difficulty to sell the power they generate. Anyway, i think it will not wrong if you buy at price now and keep for very long term. Everything looks good, at least at this moment...
24/10/2017 12:59
markgor I think sell the power shouldn't have any issue, malaysia TNB also buy from lao government
24/10/2017 14:20
markgor http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/09/28/tnb-to-buy-up-to-100mw-of-electricity-from-laos/
24/10/2017 14:26
tipumakan well, don sahong is not the only one building dam over there, there is another bigger project nearby also...
24/10/2017 16:36
akulamatata Still no news on the court case,weired
29/10/2017 20:31
ong4965 You can keep asking till next year if you're not tired.
03/11/2017 11:21
Jia Jiun Good time to buy?
03/11/2017 15:36
linjie keep buying
20/11/2017 17:37
tipumakan not yet, china plant discontinue on October. should observed next quarter
27/11/2017 20:37
tipumakan Errr... I read the headlines in this forum. Contribute 21% of last year earnings bro.
27/11/2017 23:14
kkteng70 another excellent result
27/11/2017 23:22
ajibkor IPP expire 2nd Dec why nobody say?
29/11/2017 09:23
tipumakan Tawau plant suppose not a problem to extend, management seems like very confident to get it extend
29/11/2017 16:38
Crazyrenoma passby.
08/12/2017 12:23
tipumakan shit. tawau plant no news?
13/12/2017 16:50
markgor If you read the Qtr report, management already said it will not obtain extension before expired date --
The existing Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) between Serudong Power Sdn Bhd
(“SPSB”), a 51%-owned subsidiary of the Company, and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd
(“SESB”) is due to expire on 2 December 2017. The Energy Commission (“EC”) has
vide its letter dated 21 November 2017 proposed new commercial terms for the PPA
extension that are acceptable to SPSB. The proposed new terms are however subject
to the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water and the SESB’s board
While management remains optimistic the PPA will be extended, the aforesaid
approvals and the subsequent extension agreement, are unlikely to be obtained and
inked respectively before the expiry date of the existing PPA. In the absence of any
eleventh hour interim arrangement with SESB, SPSB will have to stop supplying
energy on 2 December 2017 until such time the PPA extension is executed.
Earnings contribution from SPSB in the final quarter will be adversely affected if SPSB
stops supplying energy on 2 December 2017 and for the remaining part of the month.
14/12/2017 15:11

14/12/2017 15:16


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