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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
04-Aug-2017 07-Aug-2017 Others 1,388,300 2.423 1,326,706,544 Additional Listing Detail
19-May-2017 22-May-2017 Private Placement 63,000,000 1.840 1,325,318,244 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2016 08-Aug-2016 Others 234,000 2.025 1,262,318,244 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2016 08-Aug-2016 Others 2,301,000 1.831 1,262,084,244 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2015 06-Aug-2015 Others 2,013,300 1.234 1,259,783,244 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2015 06-Aug-2015 Others 5,675,780 1.346 1,257,769,944 Additional Listing Detail
05-Aug-2014 06-Aug-2014 Others 5,322,900 1.405 1,140,944,610 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jan-2012 05-Jan-2012 Others 204,137,918 1.000 1,132,186,210 Additional Listing Detail
21-Dec-2011 22-Dec-2011 Others 18,407 1.000 928,048,292 Additional Listing Detail
15-Dec-2011 16-Dec-2011 Others 60,442 1.000 928,024,885 Additional Listing Detail
09-Dec-2011 12-Dec-2011 Others 2,369,000 1.000 927,956,943 Additional Listing Detail
24-Nov-2011 25-Nov-2011 Others 76,300 1.000 925,587,943 Additional Listing Detail
17-Nov-2011 18-Nov-2011 Others 479,700 1.000 925,511,643 Additional Listing Detail
18-Oct-2011 19-Oct-2011 Others 130,100 1.000 925,001,943 Additional Listing Detail
11-Oct-2011 12-Oct-2011 Others 25,000 1.000 924,871,843 Additional Listing Detail
07-Oct-2011 10-Oct-2011 Others 1,379,737 1.000 924,839,343 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2011 30-Sep-2011 Others 2,398,200 1.000 923,126,606 Additional Listing Detail
22-Sep-2011 23-Sep-2011 Others 2,727,800 1.000 920,728,406 Additional Listing Detail
20-Sep-2011 21-Sep-2011 Others 2,204,200 1.000 917,924,106 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2011 14-Sep-2011 Others 1,812,900 1.000 915,669,406 Additional Listing Detail
25-Aug-2011 26-Aug-2011 Others 439,600 1.000 913,802,006 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2011 19-Aug-2011 Others 130,400 1.000 913,292,406 Additional Listing Detail
09-Aug-2011 10-Aug-2011 Others 3,000 1.000 912,954,006 Additional Listing Detail
04-Aug-2011 05-Aug-2011 Others 107,600 1.000 912,858,506 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jul-2011 28-Jul-2011 Others 50,000 1.000 910,749,015 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jul-2011 15-Jul-2011 Others 1,448,900 1.000 910,579,715 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jul-2011 11-Jul-2011 Others 113,500 1.000 909,103,315 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jul-2011 05-Jul-2011 Others 2,716,161 1.000 908,901,733 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jun-2011 24-Jun-2011 Others 765,100 1.000 905,937,156 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jun-2011 16-Jun-2011 Others 115,800 1.000 905,103,556 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jun-2011 09-Jun-2011 Others 390,350 1.000 904,881,756 Additional Listing Detail
01-Jun-2011 02-Jun-2011 Others 1,017,700 1.000 904,318,306 Additional Listing Detail
25-May-2011 26-May-2011 Others 456,900 1.000 902,925,606 Additional Listing Detail
16-May-2011 18-May-2011 Others 499,700 1.000 886,733,056 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2011 12-May-2011 Others 319,000 1.000 877,984,614 Additional Listing Detail
05-May-2011 06-May-2011 Others 22,211,800 1.000 871,291,022 Additional Listing Detail
28-Apr-2011 29-Apr-2011 Others 5,570,521 1.000 849,029,592 Additional Listing Detail
21-Apr-2011 22-Apr-2011 Others 200,000 1.000 843,348,912 Additional Listing Detail
14-Apr-2011 15-Apr-2011 Others 506,900 1.000 843,098,912 Additional Listing Detail
25-Mar-2011 28-Mar-2011 Others 111,400 1.000 842,592,012 Additional Listing Detail
10-Mar-2011 11-Mar-2011 Others 167,300 1.000 842,480,612 Additional Listing Detail
07-Mar-2011 08-Mar-2011 Others 40,000 1.000 842,247,312 Additional Listing Detail
01-Mar-2011 02-Mar-2011 Others 613,300 1.000 842,180,312 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2011 24-Feb-2011 Others 813,700 1.000 841,554,512 Additional Listing Detail
16-Feb-2011 17-Feb-2011 Others 518,370 1.000 840,740,812 Additional Listing Detail
28-Jan-2011 31-Jan-2011 Others 368,400 1.000 840,194,942 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2011 26-Jan-2011 Others 443,700 1.000 839,826,542 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jan-2011 19-Jan-2011 Others 1,118,100 1.000 839,262,842 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jan-2011 12-Jan-2011 Others 2,744,300 1.000 837,944,742 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jan-2011 06-Jan-2011 Others 1,067,800 1.000 835,200,442 Additional Listing Detail
24-Dec-2010 27-Dec-2010 Others 8,356,648 1.000 834,132,642 Additional Listing Detail
20-Dec-2010 21-Dec-2010 Others 412,800 1.000 825,745,994 Additional Listing Detail
15-Dec-2010 16-Dec-2010 Others 225,900 1.000 825,333,194 Additional Listing Detail
03-Dec-2010 06-Dec-2010 Others 268,700 1.000 825,100,394 Additional Listing Detail
30-Nov-2010 01-Dec-2010 Others 793,000 1.000 824,831,694 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2010 26-Nov-2010 Others 1,403,250 1.000 823,988,694 Additional Listing Detail
22-Nov-2010 23-Nov-2010 Others 13,342,850 1.000 822,585,444 Additional Listing Detail
12-Nov-2010 15-Nov-2010 Others 475,000 1.000 809,197,594 Additional Listing Detail
08-Oct-2010 11-Oct-2010 Others 3,782,337 1.000 807,379,146 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2010 06-Oct-2010 Others 949,950 1.000 796,755,013 Additional Listing Detail
30-Sep-2010 01-Oct-2010 Others 118,000 1.000 795,765,063 Additional Listing Detail
21-Sep-2010 22-Sep-2010 Others 375,300 1.000 795,644,563 Additional Listing Detail
06-Sep-2010 07-Sep-2010 Others 547,600 1.000 795,243,663 Additional Listing Detail
24-Aug-2010 25-Aug-2010 Others 1,607,700 1.000 794,631,263 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2010 19-Aug-2010 Others 5,039,200 1.000 792,819,563 Additional Listing Detail
11-Aug-2010 12-Aug-2010 Others 9,853,101 1.000 787,660,363 Additional Listing Detail
09-Aug-2010 10-Aug-2010 Others 2,092,925 1.000 777,637,262 Additional Listing Detail
04-Aug-2010 05-Aug-2010 Others 1,930,800 1.000 775,544,337 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2010 06-Jul-2010 Others 280,000 1.000 773,613,537 Additional Listing Detail
27-May-2010 31-May-2010 Others 100,000 1.000 773,333,537 Additional Listing Detail
20-May-2010 21-May-2010 Others 954,500 1.000 773,233,537 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2010 18-May-2010 Others 817,700 1.000 772,279,037 Additional Listing Detail
05-May-2010 06-May-2010 Others 1,624,000 1.000 771,461,337 Additional Listing Detail
30-Apr-2010 03-May-2010 Others 164,000 1.000 769,837,337 Additional Listing Detail
27-Apr-2010 28-Apr-2010 Others 129,000 1.000 769,673,337 Additional Listing Detail
20-Apr-2010 21-Apr-2010 Others 854,200 1.000 769,544,337 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2010 14-Apr-2010 Others 1,018,700 1.000 768,690,137 Additional Listing Detail
05-Apr-2010 06-Apr-2010 Others 5,697,100 1.000 767,340,837 Additional Listing Detail
24-Mar-2010 25-Mar-2010 Others 365,500 1.000 761,643,737 Additional Listing Detail
18-Mar-2010 19-Mar-2010 Others 454,500 1.000 761,278,237 Additional Listing Detail
12-Mar-2010 15-Mar-2010 Others 770,800 1.000 760,823,737 Additional Listing Detail
09-Mar-2010 10-Mar-2010 Others 1,301,100 1.000 760,052,937 Additional Listing Detail
02-Mar-2010 03-Mar-2010 Others 593,200 1.000 758,751,837 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2010 24-Feb-2010 Others 255,000 1.000 758,158,637 Additional Listing Detail
12-Feb-2010 17-Feb-2010 Others 1,225,050 1.000 757,903,637 Additional Listing Detail
04-Feb-2010 05-Feb-2010 Others 568,000 1.000 756,678,587 Additional Listing Detail
02-Feb-2010 03-Feb-2010 Others 692,500 1.000 756,110,587 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jan-2010 28-Jan-2010 Others 5,584,224 1.000 755,418,087 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jan-2010 25-Jan-2010 Others 555,700 1.000 749,833,863 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jan-2010 20-Jan-2010 Others 257,000 1.000 749,273,567 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jan-2010 18-Jan-2010 Others 1,221,100 1.000 749,016,567 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jan-2010 13-Jan-2010 Others 603,700 1.000 747,795,467 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jan-2010 08-Jan-2010 Others 1,703,346 1.000 747,190,067 Additional Listing Detail
04-Jan-2010 05-Jan-2010 Others 12,000 1.000 745,486,721 Additional Listing Detail
22-Dec-2009 23-Dec-2009 Others 2,072,800 1.000 745,474,721 Additional Listing Detail
16-Dec-2009 17-Dec-2009 Others 1,005,000 1.000 743,401,921 Additional Listing Detail
14-Dec-2009 15-Dec-2009 Others 530,300 1.000 742,396,921 Additional Listing Detail
11-Dec-2009 14-Dec-2009 Others 4,739,182 1.000 741,866,621 Additional Listing Detail
07-Dec-2009 08-Dec-2009 Others 8,200,099 1.000 737,127,439 Additional Listing Detail
03-Dec-2009 04-Dec-2009 Others 3,098,401 1.000 728,927,340 Additional Listing Detail
26-Nov-2009 30-Nov-2009 Others 581,800 1.000 725,828,939 Additional Listing Detail
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  16 people like this.
hoh13 Wtf this stock keep fall
10/06/2017 14:05
smartbeng the Strong support at RM1.80 is BROKEN and its heading to south Downtrend
12/06/2017 16:25
Mohd Hakim i dont care about support for this stock. i foresee this counter will reach highest somewhere next year.lets just see together this stock. those who are trading for sure gonna be flush out by the fund manager like epf and kwap.
13/06/2017 23:06
RandyRoe Flush down toilet more like it
14/06/2017 14:52
moneykaching Big shareholder KWAP will see to it that their investment will pay off.

Real estate is about location location location. E&O has super prime land in a land scarce island.
15/06/2017 19:07
gforce2 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5463609

E&O selling Lone Pine Hotel for RM85m.
16/06/2017 20:45
damiantreez https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/staticfile/306703.jsp
19/06/2017 11:36
damiantreez Disposing Lone Pine Hotel for RM85m

Positive on the disposal

Disposal gain estimated at RM23.3m

Maintain BUY with unchanged TP of RM2.68

Disposing Lone Pine Hotel for RM85m. Eastern & Oriental Berhad (E&O) announced that it has entered into a share sale agreement with Langkawi Saga Shopping Centre Sdn Bhd and Lubritrade Trading Pte Ltd to dispose Lone Pine Hotel for a total consideration of RM85m. Lone Pine Hotel is located at Batu Feringghi, Penang. The hotel recorded occupancy rates of 65% and 69% for FY15 and FY16 respectively. The proposed disposal is expected to be completed by Oct 2017.

Positive on the disposal. We view the disposal positively as the disposal could help reduce net gearing of E&O to 0.68x from 0.71x as of March 2017. E&O plans to utilize the proceeds for working capital and repayment of borrowings.

Disposal gain estimated at RM23.3m. Loss of earnings contribution from Lone Pine Hotel is expected to be minimal as hospitality division of E&O only contributed 2.8% to total operating profit in FY17. Meanwhile, E&O is expected to realize an estimated disposal gain of RM23.3m from disposal of Lone Pine Hotel. Besides, annual interest saving is estimated at RM4.6m per annum assuming E&O uses the proceeds from disposal entirely to pare down borrowings. We estimate the disposal gain and interest saving would potentially lift FY18 earnings by 24.9%. Nevertheless, we maintain our earnings forecast pending completion of the disposal.

Maintain BUY with unchanged TP of RM2.68. Maintain BUY call on E&O with unchanged TP of RM2.68, based on 55% discount to RNAV. We are positive on the long-term prospect for E&O following the entry of KWAP as strategic investor of STP2A which helps to unlock the value of STP2 project. Besides, the entry of KWAP and the assets monetization of E&O would help to keep net gearing of E&O in check.

Source: MIDF
19/06/2017 11:36
RVI123 E&O should sells its UK assets to reduce the debt levels. The future of E&O greatly depends on STP2 but not the UK market.
19/06/2017 16:44
moneykaching Value of STP2 will shine brightly once Chinese investors come in. Penang is more suitable for Chinese investors than Johor or KL. Penang island has a high concentration of Chinese population which makes it a natural habitat for Chinese nationals
20/06/2017 19:26
RVI123 It will be another positive development when the Straits Quay Mall is sold.
21/06/2017 13:06
BZ Shit counter
22/06/2017 18:58
dusti If key assets are sold how will the company generate income/profit?
23/06/2017 14:00
DarkNight Maybe their hotel business not giving good profit.
Hotel disposal may benefit E&O by reducing their interest charges.

I believe the company did do their Math before disposal...
23/06/2017 17:31
RVI123 E&O still have debts that it has to pay 6% to7% interest. Since the hotel and shopping mall are either generating very little return or making losses, it is a right move to sell them away and pay back the debts, After the sales, there will be interest savings.
04/07/2017 12:43
Lee Yih Yeong there is complaining about the restaurant in penang which the buffet price is increase but there is no salmon for lunch time. very low standard and not worth to paid ,but only got fishy company in penang which got few discount and get their employee to having team building there.
04/07/2017 17:49
dusti Help
06/07/2017 18:28
DarkNight Seen like LTH start putting their interest on this MEGA sales
06/07/2017 19:23
Bullshit Korang tak tau tak apa..
13/07/2017 11:48
Supertonic000 I think the strategy that e&o disposing its hotel and mall is good, the market is much different nowadays, people adopt technology in a faster pace, shopping can be online while there is airbnb for accommodation also.

In short, e&o is adjusting itself to the trend.
14/07/2017 08:28
moneykaching STP2 land is progressing very well. Other developers will be hard pressed to get such a large tract of land in a super prime location.
19/07/2017 15:15
RVI123 Moneykaching, u have seen the progress? U stay in Penang? Can update us?
19/07/2017 17:58
moneykaching Yes! I a stay in Penang. E&O's STP2 land development is on track as planned.

Sunway has multi billion ringgit projects in Penang in Air Itam, Paya Terubong, Anson Road. Please note that these project locations are non-prime locations.

STP2 is super prime land with very high traffic + population with higher earning capacity compared to the rest of other Penang locations.
24/07/2017 14:05
yingchai Lembaga Tabung Haji keep on buying the shares of E & O.May i know what is happening? But the price is moving to south.....
24/07/2017 17:32
Supertonic000 im confident with this counter, buy when it is cheap...
24/07/2017 18:42
RVI123 Moneykaching, can you see a big portion of first island already? E&O will be the biggest developer after the first island is completed.
25/07/2017 14:28
RVI123 Sunway's Paya Terubong project can not be compared to this. E&O's STP2 is super prime with new highway connection. For Sunway's Paya Terubong, we have to go through Ayer Itam with jammed and narrow roads. There are a lot of crowded flats in Paya Terubong. Can not compare. It is like comparing Mercedes S Class to Honda Accord.
25/07/2017 14:40
yingchai 0.03 sen dividend. haiz....so low dividend yield....I think this stock koyak already
27/07/2017 17:47
yingchai Annual report no exciting news.....haiz.....
28/07/2017 14:00
SateMan Dont worry. Next week wil go up. Shark already bought a lot of this share. What will happen? Dont miss the boat....huhu
28/07/2017 17:50
yingchai Y Lembaga Tabung Haji buying like no tomorrow?Any reason? Even the finance director also utilise her entitlement share option. I think good news coming.,
31/07/2017 17:58
Daniel Pang one more leg down, 152 to156
06/08/2017 21:55
RandyRoe dead counter
07/08/2017 08:56
WM Niaga limit up??
07/08/2017 08:59
yingchai Limit down i think will break the support level at 1.60 and go all the way down to 1.40
07/08/2017 16:46
gsrajan Guys, no negative comments please.
08/08/2017 11:27
chandra54 but its really shitty counter!!!
10/08/2017 12:27
yingchai i think can go @ 1.40
10/08/2017 12:29
Money1188 What happened?
10/08/2017 12:55
BZ Hopeless counter
14/08/2017 17:41
Winnergetitall Be hopeful when everyone is fearful
16/08/2017 15:09
yingchai Lousy result, better sell and go for other counter.
30/08/2017 08:31
sien Aiyoo... TP 2 by when can reach... Every day also dropping
01/09/2017 21:50
smartbeng better sell in high short rebound price now or never while insider try to push up price while its too late! you may always can make a comeback when its reach bottom
11/09/2017 23:42
Bullshit going to double in mid term.
25/09/2017 15:01
yingchai Today will hit 1.48. BB sell after dividend taking.......
26/09/2017 11:28
Supertonic000 Disappointing price movement ...
26/09/2017 21:41
null hopefully will be uptrend..macd seems give good signal..
01/10/2017 21:00
yingchai down trend alamak....
10/10/2017 18:08
Daniel Pang tp 1.80 Next?
21/10/2017 00:28


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