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17-Aug-2017 18-Aug-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,127,300 0.250 542,902,990 Additional Listing Detail
11-Aug-2017 14-Aug-2017 Exercise of Warrants 305,200 0.250 541,775,690 Additional Listing Detail
03-Aug-2017 04-Aug-2017 Exercise of Warrants 818,100 0.250 541,470,490 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jul-2017 28-Jul-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,116,000 0.250 540,652,390 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jul-2017 21-Jul-2017 Exercise of Warrants 10,000 0.250 539,536,390 Additional Listing Detail
30-Jun-2017 03-Jul-2017 Exercise of Warrants 100,000 0.250 539,526,390 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2017 23-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 10,000 0.250 539,426,390 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2017 14-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 263,200 0.250 539,416,390 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jun-2017 07-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 490,000 0.250 539,153,190 Additional Listing Detail
31-May-2017 01-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 115,200 0.250 538,663,190 Additional Listing Detail
24-May-2017 25-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 80,000 0.250 538,547,990 Additional Listing Detail
19-May-2017 22-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 727,000 0.250 538,467,990 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2017 16-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 80,000 0.250 537,740,990 Additional Listing Detail
17-Apr-2017 18-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,000,100 0.250 537,660,990 Additional Listing Detail
06-Apr-2017 07-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 40,000 0.250 536,660,890 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,024,300 0.250 536,620,890 Additional Listing Detail
24-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 30,000 0.250 535,596,590 Additional Listing Detail
15-Mar-2017 16-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 330,000 0.250 535,566,590 Additional Listing Detail
14-Mar-2017 15-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 6,263,000 0.250 535,236,590 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2017 09-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 11,868,200 0.250 528,973,590 Additional Listing Detail
03-Mar-2017 06-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 560,000 0.250 517,105,390 Additional Listing Detail
28-Feb-2017 01-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,372,000 0.250 516,545,390 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2017 24-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 6,327,000 0.250 515,173,390 Additional Listing Detail
17-Feb-2017 20-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 350,000 0.250 508,846,390 Additional Listing Detail
08-Feb-2017 10-Feb-2017 Exercise of Warrants 210,000 0.250 508,496,390 Additional Listing Detail
25-Jan-2017 26-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 1,134,500 0.250 508,286,390 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jan-2017 20-Jan-2017 Exercise of Warrants 6,000,000 0.250 507,151,890 Additional Listing Detail
16-Dec-2016 19-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 300,000 0.250 501,151,890 Additional Listing Detail
05-Dec-2016 06-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 270,000 0.250 500,851,890 Additional Listing Detail
01-Dec-2016 02-Dec-2016 Exercise of Warrants 570,000 0.250 500,581,890 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2016 28-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 4,048,000 0.250 500,011,890 Additional Listing Detail
16-Nov-2016 17-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 80,000 0.250 495,963,890 Additional Listing Detail
02-Nov-2016 03-Nov-2016 Exercise of Warrants 646,000 0.250 495,883,890 Additional Listing Detail
25-Oct-2016 26-Oct-2016 Exercise of Warrants 168,100 0.250 495,237,890 Additional Listing Detail
19-Oct-2016 20-Oct-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,298,300 0.250 495,069,790 Additional Listing Detail
07-Oct-2016 10-Oct-2016 Exercise of Warrants 908,800 0.250 493,771,490 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2016 30-Sep-2016 Exercise of Warrants 375,000 0.250 492,862,690 Additional Listing Detail
26-Sep-2016 27-Sep-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,014,000 0.250 492,487,690 Additional Listing Detail
21-Sep-2016 22-Sep-2016 Exercise of Warrants 5,398,500 0.250 491,473,690 Additional Listing Detail
15-Sep-2016 19-Sep-2016 Exercise of Warrants 2,133,300 0.250 486,075,190 Additional Listing Detail
06-Sep-2016 07-Sep-2016 Exercise of Warrants 70,000 0.250 483,941,890 Additional Listing Detail
05-Sep-2016 06-Sep-2016 Exercise of Warrants 4,869,100 0.250 483,871,890 Additional Listing Detail
29-Aug-2016 30-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 866,000 0.250 479,002,790 Additional Listing Detail
24-Aug-2016 25-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 7,958,500 0.250 478,136,790 Additional Listing Detail
19-Aug-2016 22-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 3,590,000 0.250 470,178,290 Additional Listing Detail
17-Aug-2016 18-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,134,100 0.250 466,588,290 Additional Listing Detail
12-Aug-2016 15-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 3,287,900 0.250 465,454,190 Additional Listing Detail
02-Aug-2016 03-Aug-2016 Exercise of Warrants 500,000 0.250 462,166,290 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jun-2016 30-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 100,000 0.250 461,666,290 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2016 14-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,421,000 0.250 461,566,290 Additional Listing Detail
08-Jun-2016 09-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,400,000 0.250 460,145,290 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jun-2016 07-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 605,000 0.250 458,745,290 Additional Listing Detail
01-Jun-2016 02-Jun-2016 Exercise of Warrants 2,522,400 0.250 458,140,290 Additional Listing Detail
24-May-2016 25-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 486,700 0.250 455,617,890 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2016 18-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 143,000 0.250 455,131,190 Additional Listing Detail
12-May-2016 13-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 350,000 0.250 454,988,190 Additional Listing Detail
29-Apr-2016 03-May-2016 Exercise of Warrants 220,000 0.250 454,638,190 Additional Listing Detail
22-Apr-2016 25-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 220,000 0.250 454,418,190 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2016 20-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 100,000 0.250 454,198,190 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2016 14-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 4,810,000 0.250 454,098,190 Additional Listing Detail
06-Apr-2016 07-Apr-2016 Exercise of Warrants 800,000 0.250 449,288,190 Additional Listing Detail
28-Mar-2016 29-Mar-2016 Exercise of Warrants 2,000,000 0.250 448,488,190 Additional Listing Detail
22-Mar-2016 23-Mar-2016 Exercise of Warrants 70,300 0.250 446,488,190 Additional Listing Detail
08-Mar-2016 09-Mar-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,891,200 0.250 446,417,890 Additional Listing Detail
15-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 Exercise of Warrants 253,400 0.250 444,526,690 Additional Listing Detail
04-Feb-2016 05-Feb-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,900,000 0.250 444,273,290 Additional Listing Detail
02-Feb-2016 03-Feb-2016 Exercise of Warrants 600,000 0.250 442,373,290 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jan-2016 27-Jan-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,000,000 0.250 441,773,290 Additional Listing Detail
19-Jan-2016 20-Jan-2016 Exercise of Warrants 794,500 0.250 440,773,290 Additional Listing Detail
14-Jan-2016 15-Jan-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,932,600 0.250 439,978,790 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jan-2016 13-Jan-2016 Exercise of Warrants 535,000 0.250 438,046,190 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jan-2016 08-Jan-2016 Exercise of Warrants 1,183,000 0.250 437,511,190 Additional Listing Detail
30-Dec-2015 31-Dec-2015 Exercise of Warrants 525,000 0.250 436,328,190 Additional Listing Detail
29-Dec-2015 30-Dec-2015 Exercise of Warrants 420,000 0.250 435,803,190 Additional Listing Detail
09-Dec-2015 10-Dec-2015 Exercise of Warrants 2,102,000 0.250 435,383,190 Additional Listing Detail
30-Nov-2015 01-Dec-2015 Exercise of Warrants 9,145,790 0.250 433,281,190 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2015 09-Nov-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,697,200 0.250 424,135,400 Additional Listing Detail
06-Oct-2015 07-Oct-2015 Exercise of Warrants 672,500 0.250 422,438,200 Additional Listing Detail
30-Sep-2015 01-Oct-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,549,800 0.250 421,765,700 Additional Listing Detail
11-Sep-2015 14-Sep-2015 Exercise of Warrants 623,600 0.250 420,215,900 Additional Listing Detail
18-Aug-2015 19-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 18,200 0.250 419,592,300 Additional Listing Detail
13-Aug-2015 14-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,031,400 0.250 419,574,100 Additional Listing Detail
10-Aug-2015 11-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 2,483,900 0.250 418,542,700 Additional Listing Detail
06-Aug-2015 07-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 4,592,000 0.250 416,058,800 Additional Listing Detail
03-Aug-2015 04-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 2,838,000 0.250 411,466,800 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jul-2015 22-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 64,700 1.000 102,157,200 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jul-2015 14-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 699,800 1.000 102,092,500 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jul-2015 03-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 12,900 1.000 101,392,700 Additional Listing Detail
29-Jun-2015 30-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 134,500 1.000 101,379,800 Additional Listing Detail
24-Jun-2015 25-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,050,400 1.000 101,245,300 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2015 23-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 670,400 1.000 100,194,900 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jun-2015 17-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 75,500 1.000 99,524,500 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2014 14-Oct-2014 Others 9,000 1.000 99,449,000 Additional Listing Detail
18-Jul-2014 21-Jul-2014 Private Placement 3,040,000 1.250 99,440,000 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jul-2014 03-Jul-2014 Private Placement 1,800,000 1.260 96,400,000 Additional Listing Detail
20-Jun-2014 23-Jun-2014 Private Placement 1,500,000 1.260 94,600,000 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jun-2014 12-Jun-2014 Private Placement 1,200,000 1.250 93,100,000 Additional Listing Detail
30-May-2014 02-Jun-2014 Private Placement 500,000 1.330 91,900,000 Additional Listing Detail
22-May-2014 23-May-2014 Private Placement 500,000 1.250 91,400,000 Additional Listing Detail
12-May-2014 14-May-2014 Private Placement 500,000 1.240 90,900,000 Additional Listing Detail
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specter The ongoing geopolitical tensions in SEA did affect the market sentiments disregard of positive factors but Hevea has proven to be a good pick especially when it's well supported from strong demand by fund houses and substantial investors.

Stocks that have strong "near term" catalysts and solid fundamentals will be the ones to look out for, able to weather the storms and it will be worthwhile to invest into instead of the weaker ones. Pay attention to any company's balance sheets because if the geopolitical tensions escalate further, it may affect cross border trades thus profitability of the company. Hevea will still continue to be able to weather the storms because its balance sheet is quite strong and its earning capability is skewed towards the upside growth.

I understand that some people do express concerns if there is an attack launched by NK and the Japanese market (Hevea's largest RTA export market) might be affected but I believe the tension will stay at the heights level but war may not ensue because it will be too costly and greatly disruptive among all the nations involved not only limited to the extent of the real economies. If u followed well the transnational progress, most especially the top 5 UN permanent seats countries do expressed their agreement on defusing the tensions but to avoid military. So I believe trades will still continue and if there is a war, Olympics 2020 will still continue based on historical facts.
16/08/2017 09:19
specter flytothemoon, I have substantial investment in Heveaboard so your attempts of provoking readers and investors are not appreciated. Please share useful information here instead. Thank you!
16/08/2017 09:20
specter Naysayers will do what they do best but they will witness how Heveaboard will continue to outperform and beat their ill expectations again and again. So let results do the talking :)
16/08/2017 09:20
sarahdeaton Why argue la? No worries. My sister in law have decided to inject 6.8milion this afternoon . U all can buy without worries.
16/08/2017 10:01
jamesmc98765 lol @ sarahdeaton ... y bring brother, sister, sister in law, cousins all.. if so happen lose money how ? ... whole family pokai la ...
16/08/2017 14:30
Andrewhlc yayayaya.... we are waiting sarahdeaton who is saltedfish no 2, and his sister in law to inject 6.8milion ...lol....
16/08/2017 14:32
Andrewhlc 6.8milion inject, price now shall be 1.80 lol...
16/08/2017 14:34
sarahdeaton Ok just now got meeting with 1 shark and 1 dolphin. Both agreed to inject 2.8million this week. U all just continue to buy. For those who bought a lot. Good job la ! Continue to show support ok.
16/08/2017 15:20
Andrewhlc mana 6.8million?? waiting sarahdeaton's sister in law 6.8 million to inject, seems like you are similar to saltedfish who is just bullshitting and talking nonsense and at the end without action. lol
16/08/2017 15:59
specter Too much nonsense talks nowadays from these jokers. Continue to live within your jokes and dreams while real investors gaining traction. Collect before it shoots up again. Be happy and find your inner peace :)
16/08/2017 17:37
specter Q2 report announcement will be out anytime. Don't cry when it surges to another all time high again second streak. Hehe!
16/08/2017 17:53
SuperPanda Qtr rpt within 2-3 wks time as on my list are Notion, Aemulus, Mflour, Vitrox, Petronm, Hengyuan, MLglobal, MMSV, Hevea, Inari..

Aemulus YoY expected to be good, Notion should be too. As for Hevea I forecast YoY >100% up.
16/08/2017 19:26
nikicheong Haha >100%. I think 30% is more reasonable, maybe even up to 50% given the low base effect. Anything more and I don't think it's possible.
16/08/2017 20:32
nikicheong Does anyone know when the report out exactly? Maybe ask the management via phone/email.
16/08/2017 20:33
meistsk3134 1.70 sailang
16/08/2017 20:34
SuperPanda niki see below facts on earnings..
YoY compare Q217- Q216
Q216 15m
Q217 30m (not impossible as QoQ is 25m)
Did u check the rpt?
16/08/2017 22:32
specter The NK threat is cooled while Trump praised Kim, unbelievable https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-missiles-idUSKCN1AW0VY
16/08/2017 22:34
SuperPanda If ths qtr stand at 25m already gives 70% YoY
16/08/2017 22:34
specter Since it's cooled off and it seems Trump is quite a drama King, I'll be buying more. Whenever Trump is out making soap opera, it's the best time to buy more at cheap.
16/08/2017 22:38
SuperPanda "Projected earnings FY17 and FY18 net profit to increase by 16% and 39% to RM93.9 million and RM112.5 million respectively, largely to account for higher average selling price and profit margin assumptions"

Im might be greed >100%, based on projected qtr FY17 shud be around 20m-25m.
16/08/2017 22:46
free2invest Yes...1.80 please
16/08/2017 23:49
nikicheong Should bode well for Hevea. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-08-16/japan-reports-second-monthly-trade-surplus-as-exports-rise-again
17/08/2017 08:49
SuperPanda The only concern is if USD weaken againt RM. Every 1% strengthening of the ringgit against the USD will reduce earnings by 6.6% in 2017 to 2018.
17/08/2017 08:52
godhand i think u should use RM strengthening instead of USD weakening because hevea exports to other country as well
17/08/2017 10:11
godhand 2016 2015
RM’000 RM’000
Australia 40,716 32,584
Brunei 26,834 24,777
China 116,971 103,164
France 12,671 11,396
India 29,567 32,217
Japan 167,853 170,595
Korea 28,209 28,377
Malaysia 13,646 35,694
United Arab Emirates 7,866 9,499
United Kingdom 13,245 12,742
Others 82,467 42,264

Japan(yen) and china(yuan) combine for more than half the revenue. therefore using usd as a benchmark is not accurate
17/08/2017 10:22
LilyLL Warrant up mother cannot move
17/08/2017 10:22
SuperPanda godhand i have said it in the latter
17/08/2017 10:50
nikicheong Godhand where do you get the figures from.
17/08/2017 12:51
specter The better investment should cost you at discounted entry values in order to maximize your gains so buying into Hevea-WB makes more sense and logically intact. Take notice that there had been active warrant conversions to mother shares each month from March this year even until today. The consistent conversions started since major shareholders Yoong and Loo families converted theirs totaled around 10m warrants to mother shares in earlier march this year.

Since march the total warrant conversions resulted with 26,357,600 new mother shares from warrant conversions and the dilution is not significant at around 5% upon full dilution of the rest of the warrants since the previous quarter result. This is not a buy/sell recommendation so exercise your due diligence is necessary.
17/08/2017 13:09
specter If another round of buying frenzy is triggered, will u keep buying like crazy? Looking towards 2.00 that's another 30 cents gain :)
17/08/2017 15:28
sarahdeaton I am pleased to tell u that tomorrow me and a few people will sent this counter flying. We will be injecting 8.5 million into it. All of u out there must help us by buying ok ?
17/08/2017 18:01
flytothemoon shut up la, idiot
17/08/2017 18:18
free2invest Fly2themoon, agreed with you.
17/08/2017 20:01
shortinvestor77 http://www.enanyang.my/news/20170817/%E7%BE%8E%E8%81%94%E5%82%A8%E6%9A%97%E7%A4%BA%E4%B8%8B%E6%9C%88%E5%AE%A3%E5%B8%83%E7%BC%A9%E8%A1%A8br-%E8%A6%81%E5%90%B8%E5%9B%9E19%E5%85%86%E7%8B%82%E5%8D%B0%E7%9A%84%E9%92%9E%E7%A5%A8/
17/08/2017 23:21
specter Too many idiots on the loose. Just report them to admin will do the justice.
18/08/2017 07:58
specter Just be patience, Hevea is doing very well so Q2 will be positive.
18/08/2017 08:08
flytothemoon no matter how bad is the market sentimental, hevea always got strong support , good
18/08/2017 11:36
moonbarkgod yes best buy forever will not sell will not drop cream of the crop invincible
18/08/2017 16:01
flytothemoon i got the feeling that hevea will suddenly shoot up to RM2~
18/08/2017 16:05
nikicheong Prepare for a run-up and then a sell-down next week, like what happened for Q1 results.
18/08/2017 16:32
Andrewhlc 8.5 million trade today according to sarahdeaton,but today until now 4:40pm volume is around 19000.....his sisters in law 6.8 million sudah hilang juga hihihihi

sarahdeaton: I am pleased to tell u that tomorrow me and a few people will sent this counter flying. We will be injecting 8.5 million into it. All of u out there must help us by buying ok ?
18/08/2017 16:36
18/08/2017 16:39
specter Cock and bull must be related. If u slaughter them both will still give u meats :)
18/08/2017 16:40
flytothemoon why believe in sh talking? this idiot goes many counters say same thing, likely some ppl loss alot of money from share market got mad, just coming out from tanjung rambutan
18/08/2017 16:46
Andrewhlc flytothemoon ...thats why we must let ppl to know him so well....hahhahaha
18/08/2017 16:50
ConfortZone Those listening and following him are equally crazy....
18/08/2017 16:50
specter Recently a lame ass using many fake accounts to talkback. Pity attitude~
18/08/2017 17:21
nikicheong Misi minggu ini untuk pulang ke tahap RM1.70-an dicapai. Minggu depan pula report kewangan akan keluar. Ayuh, sama sama kita nantikan pendakian harga seterusnya.
18/08/2017 18:38
yfchong ok ok mision next week wait for report card.... ada ho seih bo..
19/08/2017 13:29
shortinvestor77 AffinWang recommends Hevea as No 1 stock pick. The Head of Research said in today's morning "market outlook" session of Bursa Investors Education Program in Bursa Malaysia, KL which I attended.
19/08/2017 22:36
nikicheong Shortinvestor, any materials to share for their top picks? Usually they give out slides or something.
19/08/2017 23:03


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