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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
19-Jun-2017 21-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 125,000 0.070 4,545,835,892 Additional Listing Detail
22-May-2017 24-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 980,000 0.110 3,030,473,934 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2017 19-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 12,000 0.110 3,029,178,555 Additional Listing Detail
04-Apr-2017 06-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 79,536 0.100 3,029,166,555 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2017 03-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 130,950 0.110 3,029,087,019 Additional Listing Detail
30-Mar-2017 03-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 154,952 0.100 3,028,956,069 Additional Listing Detail
02-Aug-2016 04-Aug-2016 ESOS 18,000,000 0.130 3,028,801,117 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jul-2016 25-Jul-2016 ESOS 4,000,000 0.130 3,010,801,117 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jul-2016 14-Jul-2016 ESOS 11,000,000 0.130 3,006,801,117 Additional Listing Detail
30-May-2016 02-Jun-2016 ESOS 23,000,000 0.130 2,995,801,117 Additional Listing Detail
24-Feb-2016 26-Feb-2016 ESOS 11,000,000 0.130 2,972,801,117 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jan-2016 26-Jan-2016 ESOS 21,000,000 0.130 2,961,801,117 Additional Listing Detail
28-Dec-2015 30-Dec-2015 ESOS 42,000,000 0.130 2,924,131,117 Additional Listing Detail
22-Dec-2015 28-Dec-2015 ESOS 48,000,000 0.130 2,882,131,117 Additional Listing Detail
10-Dec-2015 14-Dec-2015 ESOS 29,000,000 0.130 2,834,131,117 Additional Listing Detail
08-Dec-2015 10-Dec-2015 ESOS 50,000,000 0.130 2,783,831,117 Additional Listing Detail
07-Dec-2015 09-Dec-2015 ESOS 13,630,000 0.130 2,733,831,117 Additional Listing Detail
30-Nov-2015 02-Dec-2015 ESOS 19,190,000 0.130 2,720,201,117 Additional Listing Detail
13-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 Exercise of Warrants 106,200 0.100 385,858,731 Additional Listing Detail
12-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,032,399 0.100 385,752,531 Additional Listing Detail
07-Oct-2015 09-Oct-2015 Exercise of Warrants 1,180,000 0.100 384,720,132 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2015 07-Oct-2015 Exercise of Warrants 410,100 0.100 383,540,132 Additional Listing Detail
29-Sep-2015 01-Oct-2015 Exercise of Warrants 546,700 0.100 383,130,032 Additional Listing Detail
23-Sep-2015 28-Sep-2015 Exercise of Warrants 502,500 0.100 382,583,332 Additional Listing Detail
21-Sep-2015 23-Sep-2015 Exercise of Warrants 780,200 0.100 382,080,832 Additional Listing Detail
25-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 103,000 0.100 381,300,632 Additional Listing Detail
20-Aug-2015 24-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 20,000 0.100 381,197,632 Additional Listing Detail
13-Aug-2015 17-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 47,500 0.100 381,177,632 Additional Listing Detail
10-Aug-2015 12-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 601,000 0.100 381,130,132 Additional Listing Detail
06-Aug-2015 10-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 5,000 0.100 380,529,132 Additional Listing Detail
04-Aug-2015 06-Aug-2015 Exercise of Warrants 9,000 0.100 380,524,132 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jul-2015 29-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 83,000 0.100 380,515,132 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jul-2015 15-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 79,700 0.100 380,432,132 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jul-2015 09-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 30,000 0.100 380,352,432 Additional Listing Detail
01-Jul-2015 03-Jul-2015 Exercise of Warrants 49,100 0.100 380,322,432 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jun-2015 19-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 565,300 0.100 380,273,332 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jun-2015 16-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 393,000 0.100 379,708,032 Additional Listing Detail
09-Jun-2015 11-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 130,700 0.100 379,315,032 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jun-2015 05-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 143,000 0.100 379,184,332 Additional Listing Detail
28-May-2015 01-Jun-2015 Exercise of Warrants 30,000 0.100 379,041,332 Additional Listing Detail
27-May-2015 29-May-2015 Exercise of Warrants 73,600 0.100 379,011,332 Additional Listing Detail
26-May-2015 28-May-2015 Exercise of Warrants 323,000 0.100 378,937,732 Additional Listing Detail
25-May-2015 27-May-2015 Exercise of Warrants 802,300 0.100 378,614,732 Additional Listing Detail
03-Oct-2014 07-Oct-2014 Private Placement 46,248,000 0.560 277,492,600 Additional Listing Detail
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Jeffreyteck TP 0.90. Will consider then. Good luck.
18/08/2017 18:32
bonus_2017 Way, 0.90 almost RM1 , good target price, hahaha
18/08/2017 18:36
Tai KT gold break 1300 already
18/08/2017 18:37
mcmann bonus pls dont use mother in comment. im just saying the fact. everyone can comment anything
18/08/2017 18:41
Jeffreyteck Sorry, TP 0.09. Wrongly entered. Good luck.
18/08/2017 18:43
bonus_2017 The price now mostly related to ESOS 15% issue, it will disadvantage for short term, but advantages for long term, lower price for ESOS, after U turn, ready for new high level. If any recession hit market, ready for rocket, hahaha. Do U think DJI now can up and up again? Market sentiments already Goyang-goyang. Anyway, happy weekend, will tonight or next week we see the gold price break the long term waiting 1300 roadblock? Hahaha, up up up, bornoil!
18/08/2017 18:43
mcmann i hold bornoil longer period time and more than you im sure of this and it is frustrated to see it dont perform at all in good time or bad time.
18/08/2017 18:44
nich0las 1300
18/08/2017 18:45
uniewehuat123 break 1300.........
18/08/2017 19:00
bonus_2017 Hahaha, Mcmann u sound like u hold bornoil since 1st day of this company, u make me laugh. Take is why my advice is u try harder loh, just feel funny a florist say his flower not good.if Just like u say, what for u still holding? U not normal? Normal person will just sell it and move on to other counters, don't make any sense. Oh ya, talk cock no need to paid money even for broker fee, hahaha. Ok lah, we have seem too many guys like u, u have ur right to post whatever u like
18/08/2017 19:12
bonus_2017 Yup, Nicholas and Uniewehuat123, now we seen 1300 again, first time in 2017 ! YEAH ! Hahaha, up up up, bornoil! Gold inventories getting bigger and bigger !
18/08/2017 19:13
mcmann U are a kid i think u yourself is also streeout it didnt move so u come to shoot me just becasue i ssiad it didnt move ? u are just a sore loser when i said the fact. u slow slow wait it recession lah stupid
18/08/2017 20:53
mcmann Talk cock is you yourself i just say fact after so many years of waiting. but u just hoping hoping from 1 quarter to another, from low gold price to high gold price and it still dont move. how many qtr result or inventories u have waited the number growing and still nothing ? hahaha upupup up your head lah
18/08/2017 20:56
bonus_2017 Hahaha, see, U really no use, like ur words and ur behaviour. gold up price not move at least we are happy, hahaha. Up up up, bornoil!
18/08/2017 21:28
bonus_2017 Ai, my friends are right, syaitan always here and there, Er Mi Tuo Fo, Good Night to my friends, but not to syaitan, Eh Mi Tuo Fo, hahaha
18/08/2017 21:33
GoodBoy Gold price go above $1,300 will open door for higher price ... $1,400. $1,500 ... $2,000. $3,000 ... Bornoil share price will move up eventually ... no one can suppress it forever ... cheers ...
18/08/2017 21:43
bruce551133 bonus2017, tai kt and goodboy all sifu comeback...next week ga yau! ga yau! ga yau! up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
18/08/2017 22:29
Jeffreyteck If gold price thesis is workable, the price cannot be in the down trend for some times. After bonus issues, EPS will drop unless profit increases by the same proportion which I doubt it. Anyway, wish I am wrong and good luck to all of you.
19/08/2017 08:32
mcmann bonus you started calling mum first ok so you and your word behavior is as mentioned as you are. I am just saying bornoil dont move even gold hits 1300 and that is fact. when u start promoting bornoil gold price was low and u said when price hit 1300 bornoil boom but didnt move, than wait every qtr result and inventories bla bla bla but still it drop, checked shareholders who buying in buying more also down, basiccally all you are hoping and praying upuppuppup did not move as u expected. If u are stressed or angry go shoot hap seng... I am just teliing fact and not cook up stories like u !!!!! your mama did not teach you to tell fact but make stories. pity you and your family.. OH yeah before u was 2016 u said bornoil will shoot 2017 and u chaged name, looks like going in to 3rd qtr maybe u can consider Ichanged again to 2018...

Myself has bornoil as everyone here and holding it for quite long time even before hap seng. Yes it is stressed and sad the same time because bornoil did not move at all even worst down. looks like gonna hold it longer.

Those wanna buy pls reconsider, only one retarded promoter will said when recession hits stock bornoil will up and it recession is coming soon. seems like that person is hoping for the world market crash just for its bornoil to go up. but that fella forgotten bornoil business is not just gold but also F&B what if sugarbun business down bornoil still shoot and shine ? hahaha super retarded promoter

Yes gold is bullish now lets hope that it keep going on and eventually bornoil will shine but not with DJI crash market recession thingy, only ididot will wish that to happen.. KLCI is very sensitive to DJI even gold shoot but recession hits our market bornoil wont perform much lah bengong !

Jeffreyteck we will see if that work stress holding this stock, bornoil before isnt bonus issue, it was rights issue.
19/08/2017 09:01
bonus_2017 Hahaha, 世界上什么人都有。成长告诉我们,可以做好人,要做好人,不过对于敌人,千万别仁慈,那是在虐待你自己。还有就是,你写这么多干嘛,根本没人会去读你写什么,包括我,哈哈哈。
19/08/2017 10:06
bonus_2017 你有权利写任何评论,我也有权利表达我的意见。U have ur right to give ur comments, I have my right to give my opinion. Be mature, boy, believe me, nope even one person read what u right so long, if u are the brilliance one, u are welcome to write a good analysis like what SOS done, most of us will read it, if not all about tin tin kosong. U buy a house for trading, and u tell others it is a ghost house? U go to USA, and give a speech white man is a idiot? U wanna tell ppl u are smart? Hahaha, Lol. Enough, back to my low profile, 你根本不值得我再花时间回应了,脸是你自己送来丢的。Is u desire to throw ur face here, don't mad to anybody.
19/08/2017 10:17
bonus_2017 Happy weekend, will next week gold price stand clearly above 1300 ? Let's sit and watch the movie show, up up up, bornoil!
19/08/2017 10:19
Jeffreyteck @mcmann...TQ for correction, I exited @0.12 before the right issues as I don't like company keep on asking money to fill their pockets but unable to deliver. Even it makes profit, EPS for sure will drop unless they are super good. I believe they are still driving big cars. As you already hold for long time, to cut it may be painful. Anyway, time for judgment. Wish you good luck, I may buy back later but not for its fundamental and not for now too.
19/08/2017 12:14
bonus_2017 Jefferytech, u sound better than that boy, I respect ur opinion and decision. Just to make some correction, before this is bonus issue, not that idiot talking about right issue, meanwhile, what u call eps and so on, in calculation the value still the same, if not, all shares will die after bonus issue, that is what we call sometimes bonus issue is another way of dividend, but definitely not same with right issue. We can give our comments and opinion, but not misleading others, till bonus issue also can say it is right issue. Sorry for those I not polite with u even using "idiot" 我对人好,没感激无所谓,也要人家差不多一点,人不犯我,我不犯人。To some ppl, not need any pity or politeness, no one will appreciate and just will kick ur ass double. We use our own money to invest, no body use urs, so u still got ur right to bark to ppl door? "What" I mean here is those "syaitan" that is all. All the best to my friends
19/08/2017 12:27
bonus_2017 Rest for a while, will back to comments after bornoil come back above 0.125 . Lazy to chat with the nonsense one, these kind of person talk cock and talk like he is "very smart" , recession will never come, hahaha! Only boy will saying this! Hopefully gold will move in positive way in coming week, moving 1300 towards 1400 like goodboy mention so. no need to talk about recession, it will only minimum 1800-2000 when the time come. Ok, Bruce, i will always stay will bornoil till the time come, that is my purpose to buy bornoil, Be happy, and all the best, hahaha! Last time Up Up Up, bornoil, will be back 0.125 soon
19/08/2017 12:53
bruce551133 yes...bonus2017, hopeful 0.125 will come soon...next week up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
19/08/2017 14:44
Ameera the only choice all of us have....is "HOPE"...
19/08/2017 15:10
TrippleZ Investing on "hope" is wrong. Good luck
19/08/2017 15:17
bruce551133 in this world nothing is absolutely wrong or right, everyone have different knowledge, ability and skill it all depends... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
19/08/2017 17:05
Jeffreyteck @bonus2017...TQ for the correct info. Wish you good luck in search of good returns. Ya, about the EPS, normally I will quit before ex date for bonus or right issues as sometimes the stocks will stagnant for a while. All best.
19/08/2017 21:05
faralenz77 bonus_2017 is so agitated and full of contradictions.
20/08/2017 09:25
bonus_2017 Before i quit i3, let me have a final reply. Ameera, u are not wrong, like Bruce say so. If no hope, what for we live? TrippleZ, U wake up, no any hope, the life without any hopes, what a pity. Almost every comments of u to orther forum is negative, no wonder u no hope, pity, really pity.
20/08/2017 10:45
bonus_2017 @Jefferyteck, tq and i agree with u. Sometime we dont need much knowledge like many "sifu" in i3 forum, but a little smart many times proven that u are better then those who talk cock and try to earn orthers hard earn money. I like ur style! Hopefully after i come back one day will see u in this forum and we earn money together, hahaha
20/08/2017 10:48
bonus_2017 Mr F, tq for ur "praises", i agree that sometimes i am a little agitated, but i font agree that i am contradicted at all, if not i wont stay here hold tight bornoil, my point always the same way. Not like u, everytime appeared give negative comments, what for? U not liking this share, move to the one u prefer, simple. Or u wanna show off u are "sifu"? For me, u are the one contradictory, not making any sense to "jaga tepi kain orang"
20/08/2017 10:53
bonus_2017 Actually we can learn quite a lot of knowledge in i3, but share knowledge, but human beeing, we can see 80% dark side, demon heart here and there, really really ugly, just becox of - money! Hahaha, but i am happy i still see 20% of angel heart.
20/08/2017 10:56
bonus_2017 Ok lah, i will keep and hold tight my bornoil as fd, wait till recession come, more and more topic regarding recession, it is almost the time, i will hold 50% cash and 50% bornoil till the time come. It will happen and must happen, just when. The one still arguing of it, boy, dont talk to me, go back to school and learn what is call "sejarah", dont burn urself untill "botak".
20/08/2017 10:59
bonus_2017 Bruce and Redz1( if u can see my msg), happy trading ah. I may back here after bornoil break 0.125+ or when global century recession burn those "very smart" guys. I am angry with these kind of people, that is why i wanna bom them begore i leave, hahaha
20/08/2017 11:02
bonus_2017 Bruce, u are a nice guy, god will bless u. Up up up, bornoil, i will hold bornoil, always stay with shareholder here, just quit i3 cox i really dont like it, full of demon here and there, what a shame. Even i come back later will only say hi to my friends. All the best! Up up up, bornoil!
20/08/2017 11:05
Sales In i3 forum we hope to get some knowledge. But there are people gave wrong info. But I think is very bad to make people lost money. We all hope to share good advice and make money together. Bornoil Up! Up! Up!
20/08/2017 11:21
bruce551133 bonus2017, if got time come here give some comment, if not here will be very quite... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/08/2017 12:43
Sales Bonus we need your momentum.
20/08/2017 16:15
Roly Long term this company is good momentum
20/08/2017 16:54
bruce551133 yes, sales...what u say is correct...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/08/2017 23:38
Sales You guys can consider to buy some TMC stock for long term. They have RM5b project in Johor Bharu. Have been following this stock since 2014.
21/08/2017 07:57
bruce551133 ohh...noted...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/08/2017 10:07
Sales Bruce551133, invest in health care not so worry. This company is runed by Singaporean businessman. Remember is for long term. Peter Lim own 70%, he is a billionaire. Pls. read today financial daily. Not hard sell, is base on fact. At your own risk. Good luck.
21/08/2017 10:24
bruce551133 sales, noted, currently i don't have enough capital to bought others stock but will keep in wishlist...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/08/2017 10:42
Sales Slowly accumulate, no hurry.
21/08/2017 11:07
Ryotan11 bornoilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll stop sleeping there ...that's not fun ya
21/08/2017 14:30
bruce551133 sales...noted...tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/08/2017 17:25


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