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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
07-Dec-2016 08-Dec-2016 Private Placement 70,000,000 1.070 380,345,000 Additional Listing Detail
10-Feb-2017 13-Feb-2017 Others 54,786,250 0.800 435,131,250 Additional Listing Detail
17-Mar-2017 20-Mar-2017 Exercise of Warrants 10,000 0.500 435,141,250 Additional Listing Detail
31-Mar-2017 03-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 28,000 0.500 435,169,250 Additional Listing Detail
07-Apr-2017 10-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 156,000 0.500 435,325,250 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2017 14-Apr-2017 Exercise of Warrants 327,600 0.500 435,652,850 Additional Listing Detail
15-May-2017 16-May-2017 Exercise of Warrants 32,500 0.500 435,685,350 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2017 09-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 325,000 0.500 325,000 Additional Listing Detail
09-Oct-2017 09-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 325,000 0.500 436,010,350 Additional Listing Detail
11-Oct-2017 12-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 214,800 0.500 436,225,150 Additional Listing Detail
23-Oct-2017 24-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 130,000 0.500 436,355,150 Additional Listing Detail
27-Oct-2017 30-Oct-2017 Exercise of Warrants 296,000 0.500 436,651,150 Additional Listing Detail
02-Nov-2017 03-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 40,800 0.500 436,691,950 Additional Listing Detail
07-Nov-2017 08-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 270,000 0.500 436,961,950 Additional Listing Detail
13-Nov-2017 14-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 536,000 0.500 437,497,950 Additional Listing Detail
20-Nov-2017 21-Nov-2017 Exercise of Warrants 42,000 0.500 437,539,950 Additional Listing Detail
04-Dec-2017 05-Dec-2017 Exercise of Warrants 99,000 0.500 437,638,950 Additional Listing Detail
28-Dec-2017 29-Dec-2017 Private Placement 43,000,000 1.260 480,638,950 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jan-2018 24-Jan-2018 Exercise of Warrants 142,800 0.500 480,781,750 Additional Listing Detail
02-Feb-2018 05-Feb-2018 Exercise of Warrants 427,000 0.500 481,208,750 Additional Listing Detail
21-Feb-2018 23-Feb-2018 Exercise of Warrants 20,100 0.500 481,228,850 Additional Listing Detail
23-Feb-2018 27-Feb-2018 Exercise of Warrants 116,000 0.500 481,344,850 Additional Listing Detail
13-Mar-2018 14-Mar-2018 Exercise of Warrants 61,800 0.500 481,406,650 Additional Listing Detail
22-Mar-2018 23-Mar-2018 Exercise of Warrants 117,000 0.500 481,523,650 Additional Listing Detail
27-Mar-2018 29-Mar-2018 Exercise of Warrants 20,000 0.500 481,543,650 Additional Listing Detail
02-Apr-2018 03-Apr-2018 Exercise of Warrants 30,000 0.500 481,573,650 Additional Listing Detail
19-Apr-2018 23-Apr-2018 Exercise of Warrants 39,800 0.500 481,613,450 Additional Listing Detail
26-Apr-2018 30-Apr-2018 Exercise of Warrants 73,400 0.500 481,686,850 Additional Listing Detail
14-May-2018 15-May-2018 Exercise of Warrants 94,500 0.500 481,781,350 Additional Listing Detail
21-May-2018 22-May-2018 Exercise of Warrants 452,000 0.500 482,233,350 Additional Listing Detail
25-May-2018 28-May-2018 Exercise of Warrants 140,000 0.500 482,373,350 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jun-2018 06-Jun-2018 Exercise of Warrants 78,100 0.500 482,451,450 Additional Listing Detail
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fattie what's happening for yong tai... when all company rebound he silent... when other drop he follow drop....
09/02/2018 16:53
stockistlearner it is not abnormal for yongtai. the tickets mostly in the hands of the bosses. and when price rally for sometime, they will wash for a long while.
13/02/2018 11:00
verbatin1969 what is the interest yield for the PA? went to Bursa website and could not find anything. it only mention

"The Company have the sole discretion to decide whether to declare any non-cumulative dividend to the holders of ICPS. They do not have the right to participate in any additional distributions declared for ordinary shareholders"
16/02/2018 23:52
verbatin1969 meaning this is not usual type of PA where no interests will be paid? and only dividend and this is at the disretion of the company (meaning no dividend as well)
16/02/2018 23:54
trulyinvest Hl recomend buy... uptrend soon
24/02/2018 21:30
trulyinvest Engine started
26/02/2018 20:34
jumbojet up down up down counter
27/02/2018 14:56
fattie almost 11am but 0 volume?
28/02/2018 10:47
stockistlearner yongtai is not a buy now. market is turning to bearish. even yongtai got good news also can't stand the golbal selling pressure.
those buy at low can hold. those intend to buy in, better wait. could tren below 1.50 if market really negative.
05/03/2018 16:01
Woolei you can sell... i waiting to collect below 1 ~ 1.4, the theater going to open at May.
i wonder before/after election will drop or not, just standing by.
06/03/2018 21:49
trulyinvest add some at 1.50
13/03/2018 13:51
stockistlearner as mentoned, YT could go below 1.50. now we wait for better clue. market sentimemt is so bearish. if break previous low, then it can go even lower.
29/03/2018 15:55
Lim Tek Wai tunggu kaki contra cabut dulu.. semua dok q sell kat 0.8
29/03/2018 16:13
LimKT up down up down counter
29/03/2018 16:53
stockistlearner yongtai boss sold his position. although not much compare to his holding but retailer must be aware. yongtai chart wise is not convincingly good. making lower high and lower low.
24/04/2018 10:47
stockistlearner yongtai should be testing previous low. dont buy on retrace. stay aside at the moment. low qty selling also can be very killing.
25/04/2018 10:01
trulyinvest high volume traded lately... someone colecting?
27/04/2018 16:53
stockistlearner the volume is not high. it is just to create some buy-sell events in the pricing. nothing big deal.
07/05/2018 10:54
trulyinvest bn company ka? down wor
14/05/2018 16:04
Impression Absolutely nothing to do with BN. Encore Theatre show starting in June 2018. More than 1 million tickets sold.
14/05/2018 22:23
Woolei it 1 belt 1 road project, depend on what is PH attitude to all china project. but i believe they wont piss the china tourist up.
15/05/2018 14:21
andy721 as long as china dont ban tourists come to malaysia then this counter is neutral la. China bans tourists go Korea last time cos they point missile at China, Malaysia where got such weaponry. YT safe la.
15/05/2018 15:56
trulyinvest useless counter. keep droping
16/05/2018 16:32
ArchangelAmbrose the consequences of harapan won.
17/05/2018 15:04
Learning2017 Encore Theatre show starting in July 2018 not june 2018
17/05/2018 15:16
Learning2017 dunno why keep delay>.<
17/05/2018 15:16
Woolei if after PH review the project, government attempt to cancel ECRL / HSR project that already assign to China developer, they might feel piss. But this Encore Theatre is still co-joined with china investor, so i feel it still a very stable counter.
17/05/2018 16:06
ArchangelAmbrose portfolio in the blood bath. next time vote bn better.
17/05/2018 20:38
Impression Encore Theatre completed. Dry run starting on 28/5/18. Official launch will depend on Tun Mahathir 's schedule in June. That's why special price vouchers starts from July.
21/05/2018 00:39
Impression Wait for official launch in all newspapers. Currently not many heard of Encore Melaka. Had seen 2 Impression Series in China. The 200+ performers really give us a superb entertainment with its special effects. And it is full, even on a weekday.
21/05/2018 00:44
trulyinvest tis is chinese tourism industry la... apa pulak ph nak delay... kita mau chinese tourist datang ma.. bukan hsr ecrl, kita kena beanja berbilion ringit. pakai la otak pikir sikit, archangelambrose
21/05/2018 11:00
stockistlearner market still vulnerable. only selective stocks are still intact of uptremd mode. yongtai defintely not one of them as it is still at down trend for short and mid term. and for longer term, it is in sideway. not a wise move to buy in yongtai now. it is only for those bought at low and still can continue to hold.
21/05/2018 12:04
davidkkw79 Yongtai project could be STOP as new government review it
21/05/2018 13:53
stockistlearner yongtai project is privately funded and they are not govt project. how is it going to be stopped by govt?
23/05/2018 11:39
dolcegusto Referring to annual report 2017, wee ka siong and wee ka keng is listed in the top 30 substantial icps shareholder
26/05/2018 00:44
trulyinvest Impresion melaka confirm open July 2018
28/05/2018 23:02
davidkkw79 Yong Tai projects in melaka there has a lot of mat rempit. They are the most biggest mat rempit gang in Malaysia, every weekend midnight they will routinely racing at new kota .
30/05/2018 13:11
Atakano yongtai had trial launch of their impression show few days ago. was a good success. in time of uncertainty like now, this is a gd buy for thefuture. 5 weeks til public opening
30/05/2018 22:23
Woolei why those 200 pre-show visitor didnt show they preview? no news or clip showed.. haiz..
30/05/2018 23:07
andy721 from uob: "Show will still go on despite change in government. With the recent election resulting in a changing state government in Melaka, we were assured that business will be as usual for Yong Tai. We understand that the new state assembly representative who is in charge or tourism had visited Encore Melaka and is satisfied with the development of the project. Yong Tai stressed that Encore Melaka is poised to help the local economy as its employs 100% local talent (except for the performance director who is from China).

bought their tickets to watch early july alrdy
01/06/2018 11:13
stockistlearner https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/06/01/melaka-gateway-may-be-shelved-new-state-govt-not-keen-on-rm40bil-project/
01/06/2018 14:32
Woolei https://www.52hrtt.com/ph/n/w/info/G1527576213002 - Melaka Gateway and ECRL come as a package, either one scrap will import one another. pls dont make china dual
04/06/2018 23:59
stockistlearner Yesterday fhe price formed a long white candle with moderate volume. It's considered a tech rebound until it breaks and closes above 1.52. If the price can stand and stay above this level and move further up then it's only considered trend reversal.
08/06/2018 07:26
trulyinvest Engine start? Idle for soooo long
08/06/2018 17:50
stockistlearner Friday stopped at 1.52 resistant level. Need to stand above this price then only can be convincing.
09/06/2018 20:14
trulyinvest July theathe open.. share px up for the countdown
09/06/2018 21:14
stockistlearner as said, price doesn't stand above 1.52 and now it is retracing. due to low volume it should be just a retrace before retest the 1.52 resistant. if there any significant event happens affect the broad the market, the price will go down more. now still not a good position to enter.
12/06/2018 09:38
Impression First year operation of Impression Theatre, profit estimated at 50M. And the progressive construction billings for The Apple, Courtyard Marroit Hotel, Amber Cove and The Dawn will also contribute much more in the next few quarters. Compare with the current profit of few million only. The share price will fly.
12/06/2018 22:56
kenlee broker report so misleading ... said zero risk. where got investment zero risk ???
18/06/2018 11:29
nekosan China man busy with trade war no money come to watch impression d haha
21/06/2018 21:27


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