KLSE: ATTA (7099)       ATTA GLOBAL GROUP BHD Main : Industrial Products
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1.10   -0.01 (0.90%)  1.10 - 1.12  449,300
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Additional Listing

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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
31-May-2012 01-Jun-2012 Others 2,000,000 1.000 48,327,948 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jun-2012 13-Jun-2012 Others 111,111 1.000 48,439,059 Additional Listing Detail
05-Dec-2012 06-Dec-2012 Others 50,000 1.000 48,489,059 Additional Listing Detail
23-Oct-2013 24-Oct-2013 ESOS 335,000 1.000 48,824,059 Additional Listing Detail
25-Oct-2013 28-Oct-2013 Others 300,000 1.000 49,124,059 Additional Listing Detail
28-Nov-2013 29-Nov-2013 Others 3,005,000 1.000 52,129,059 Additional Listing Detail
29-Nov-2013 02-Dec-2013 ESOS 50,000 1.000 52,179,059 Additional Listing Detail
12-Dec-2013 13-Dec-2013 Others 25,800 1.000 52,204,859 Additional Listing Detail
27-Feb-2014 28-Feb-2014 Others 2,500,000 1.000 54,704,859 Additional Listing Detail
14-Oct-2014 15-Oct-2014 Others 1,850,000 1.000 56,554,859 Additional Listing Detail
11-Mar-2016 14-Mar-2016 ESOS 595,000 1.000 70,851,253 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2016 06-Oct-2016 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,500,000 1.000 72,351,253 Additional Listing Detail
24-Mar-2017 27-Mar-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 5,000,000 1.000 77,351,253 Additional Listing Detail
31-Mar-2017 03-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,346,000 1.000 79,697,253 Additional Listing Detail
03-Apr-2017 04-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 540,000 1.000 80,237,253 Additional Listing Detail
07-Apr-2017 10-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 586,000 1.000 80,823,253 Additional Listing Detail
13-Apr-2017 14-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,290,000 1.000 82,113,253 Additional Listing Detail
18-Apr-2017 19-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 235,000 1.000 82,348,253 Additional Listing Detail
25-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 7,752,200 1.000 90,100,453 Additional Listing Detail
03-May-2017 04-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 3,800,000 1.000 93,900,453 Additional Listing Detail
11-May-2017 12-May-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 45,000 1.000 93,945,453 Additional Listing Detail
02-Jun-2017 05-Jun-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 168,200 1.000 94,113,653 Additional Listing Detail
07-Jun-2017 08-Jun-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 2,082,000 1.000 96,195,653 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2017 14-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 2,100,000 1.000 98,345,653 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2017 14-Jun-2017 ESOS 90,000 1.000 98,435,653 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jun-2017 14-Jun-2017 ESOS 50,000 1.000 96,245,653 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jun-2017 19-Jun-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 47,000 1.000 98,482,653 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jun-2017 19-Jun-2017 Others 351,784 1.000 98,834,437 Additional Listing Detail
16-Jun-2017 19-Jun-2017 Exercise of Warrants 3,829,500 1.000 102,663,937 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2017 23-Jun-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 60,000 1.000 102,768,937 Additional Listing Detail
22-Jun-2017 23-Jun-2017 ESOS 45,000 1.000 102,708,937 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 ESOS 591,677 1.000 103,360,614 Additional Listing Detail
23-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 913,000 1.000 104,273,614 Additional Listing Detail
03-Jul-2017 04-Jul-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 60,000 1.000 104,333,614 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2017 06-Jul-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 625,000 1.000 105,088,614 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2017 06-Jul-2017 ESOS 130,000 1.000 104,463,614 Additional Listing Detail
10-Jul-2017 11-Jul-2017 ESOS 40,000 1.000 105,128,614 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jul-2017 12-Jul-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 980,000 1.000 106,108,614 Additional Listing Detail
13-Jul-2017 14-Jul-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 1,255,000 1.000 107,363,614 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jul-2017 18-Jul-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 870,000 1.000 108,233,614 Additional Listing Detail
21-Jul-2017 24-Jul-2017 Conversion of Loan Stocks 379,000 1.000 108,612,614 Additional Listing Detail
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WISEMAN99 Stay out for this counter pls its a syndicate counter ... good stock not going to drop like this ... dont believe me ? Gonna see 0.80 before AGM
14/07/2017 15:10
WISEMAN99 This is only second wave of drop ... u all will see the third wave and the LA going to see 0.09 ...
14/07/2017 15:11
BULL10BEAR10 ATTA if you want to drop, don't drop alang2 la. do it in one go
14/07/2017 15:58
Superb99 this LA looks like does not have any solid support.....keeps dropping, really a big trap....sigh, will consider throw it on Monday....really bleeding....
14/07/2017 17:22
HuatRex Monday will have a big drop. Those without holding power, God bless
14/07/2017 17:42
addison25 my worst counter...
14/07/2017 17:44
Alex Foo dun do LA TA, see mother TA....
14/07/2017 18:30
Darlington I start accumulation mode for atta today is a healthy correction awaitig for the next uptrend
14/07/2017 18:47
K.v. Lim buy around 1-1.05 =)
14/07/2017 21:17
KLCI King From 1.48 to to 1.08 in less than a month, betul betul goreng gaw gaw
15/07/2017 00:59
mkmike Good news coming, very soon.
16/07/2017 10:52
SALAM A subtle way of issuing Rights Share at 0.70 sen per share through 2.5 B ICPS
16/07/2017 11:20
AAAAA I tot issuing rights is bad new?
16/07/2017 11:56
didi2005 The right issuing already announced on 13/4/17.


13/4/17 closing price RM1.11
14/4/17 closing price RM1.11

Then the price trading sideway...

30/5/17 closing price RM1.07 *submitted the additional listing application in relation to the Proposals to Bursa Securities.

31/5/17 closing price surge to RM1.17 *Qtr result released

The big sharks brought before share dividends & Qtr result released through Conversion of ICULS and acquired.


After the price surge the peak RM1.4x, the shark start selling down.

So, the rights issue just a accuse...
16/07/2017 12:23
4444 Like Hektar? Give dividend but ask back more from shareholders? No wonder insiders run.

Posted by AAAAA > Jul 16, 2017 11:56 AM | Report Abuse
I tot issuing rights is bad new?
16/07/2017 16:38
BULL10BEAR10 sharks are swimming in the morning to hunt you down in the afternoon.
17/07/2017 15:01
AAAAA Yep, now left small fishes in the pool only
17/07/2017 15:44
million96 as long as u hv money its good to buy buy the mother and keep..... u can see LA frm 0.08 goreng to 0.50 .... what abt the PA ... IT WILL GORENG KAW KAW ONE DAY BUT U ALL NEED TO PASSIONATE AND WAIT
17/07/2017 15:55
million96 ATTA 2morow will start move up... buy buy buy
17/07/2017 15:59
AAAAA Why tomorrow will start move up? Any reason?
17/07/2017 16:27
Larrytrader Ya lo why you say so
17/07/2017 18:45
Larrytrader Interesting dividend
17/07/2017 18:46
Larrytrader Consider to buy at 1.00
17/07/2017 18:46
AAAAA Who is Mr Ooi?
17/07/2017 21:04
Larrytrader I will buy at1.00-1.05
17/07/2017 21:08
Larrytrader Is Ooi Teik Bee?
17/07/2017 21:35
BULL10BEAR10 you must buy
18/07/2017 09:22
Businessman Everyday also say tomorrow up. Up up up, where is rhe up? Seven up la ...
18/07/2017 09:34
jebat up sikit....
18/07/2017 10:11
BULL10BEAR10 you will see the sharks in the afternoon
18/07/2017 10:23
Hao1983 mother share is way too cheap to buy... considering the good dividend payout and low pe... a huge potential upsize depending on how you weight it... :)
18/07/2017 10:56
million96 u see up oledi right..... worth to buy if u all can keep for medium term .... LA last time only 0.08 up to 0.50.... PA GOING TO FLY ...IF U CAN KEEP
18/07/2017 11:19
jebat agree mr million96....
18/07/2017 12:10
AAAAA Where is the Sharks, BULL10BEAR10?
18/07/2017 15:22
BULL10BEAR10 2moro
18/07/2017 17:03
investor77 Why dont warrant holders switch to loan stocks, LA, since it is cheaper and conversion price is 90 sen compared to 100 for warrant holders?

What are they thinking ?
18/07/2017 17:19
Firefox A:is someone say that you are beautiful today?
B:no, why?
A:well, there is always tomorrow.
18/07/2017 18:08
CharlesT Posted by investor77 > Jul 18, 2017 05:19 PM | Report Abuse

Why dont warrant holders switch to loan stocks, LA, since it is cheaper and conversion price is 90 sen compared to 100 for warrant holders?

What are they thinking ?

Why dont warrant holders n LA Holders switch to new PA later, since it is cheaper (RM0.08) and conversion price is 80 sen compared to 100 for warrant holders n 0.90 for LA Holders (anyway both will be revised to 0.87 later)

What are they thinking ?
18/07/2017 18:36
PC3288 PA not so soon ma, another two to three months
18/07/2017 22:43
million96 today will continue to up.... buy buy buy...if not buy u going to regret.....
19/07/2017 08:57
myuptownboy uptrend coming
20/07/2017 15:48
Booyah Can't wait for the dividend payout!
21/07/2017 15:46
CharlesT In the newly released annual report 2017 (Page 13)

For the FYE 2017, ATTA generated revenue of approximately RM127.93million, which is an increase of RM5.87 million or 4.81% as compared to the revenue generated for the
preceding FYE of approximately RM122.06 million.

ATTA recorded profit after tax of RM18.02 million as compared to loss after tax for the preceding FYE of RM2.43million.

Higher other income of RM17.59 million was contributed by amongst others, fair value gain on investment property of RM6.87million, gain on disposal of other investments of RM6.87million and allowance for impairment on receivables written back of RM1.86million.

Out of the PAT recorded (RM18.02M), other income of RM17.59M (90%+) are one off items......

Somebody made a big mistake.

Good luck.
21/07/2017 18:34
CharlesT Just a pump n dump play with intention to trap more for the coming rights issues.
21/07/2017 18:36
apolloang ETITECH boss now a director in this company,better beware of this crook. ETITECH pump and dump until now become TRIVE.many kena his counter and this crook sold all and bought a yacht
22/07/2017 00:03
Firefox Bro apolloang, can you please tell us the name of that director?? So that we can refer back.
22/07/2017 00:32
Firefox Or you just simply accuse without any proof??
22/07/2017 12:36
Booyah @apolloang You meant bonus issue? TRIVE aka ETITECH's last bonus issue was back in 2009.
22/07/2017 22:38
turbochart Www.bursaMalaysia.com/sharesplit 1:2.htm
23/07/2017 16:55
Booyah @turbochart Page not found
23/07/2017 17:34


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