KLSE: DNONCE (7114)       DNONCE TECHNOLOGY BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
28-Sep-2017 29-Sep-2017 ESOS 68,000 0.250 183,242,000 Additional Listing Detail
13-Sep-2017 14-Sep-2017 ESOS 1,000,000 0.250 183,174,000 Additional Listing Detail
26-Jul-2017 27-Jul-2017 ESOS 1,000,000 0.250 182,174,000 Additional Listing Detail
12-Jul-2017 13-Jul-2017 ESOS 600,000 0.250 181,174,000 Additional Listing Detail
21-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2017 ESOS 170,000 0.250 180,574,000 Additional Listing Detail
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Anntan58 High today 36
29/09/2017 15:50
Anntan58 Please go up to 50
29/09/2017 15:51
Anntan58 25 October Q result, must be good.
29/09/2017 15:55
Jordon Lim he wants to let u buy,maybe he heard u saying wn buy at low,lol
29/09/2017 17:35
yesyesyes Homily multi dragon indicator show 90% banker in this counter .. may I know what will happen after this ?
Don't chase high after this ..
01/10/2017 17:48
mikesung Wow. 0.355 already. Good move. Keep it up.
04/10/2017 17:35
Mikurik138 Hi mrrite, u got news about Q result?
04/10/2017 20:57
Mikurik138 @mrrite
04/10/2017 20:57
Mikurik138 Thx mrrite! will buy some :)
05/10/2017 11:16
Jordon Lim Huat ahhh
06/10/2017 09:58
mrrite this month sure up till RM0.40++ huatttt ah..
06/10/2017 12:59
Jordon Lim everyweek new height, christmas come early, the WA already give me 80% return.haha
11/10/2017 10:57
mikesung Road to RM0.40 is soon to be achieved...
11/10/2017 11:12
urmomcrabs i exit dulu.... good luck.. nice swing counter. waiting big retrace baru masuk balik..
12/10/2017 14:01
dealdone Ya. . exit dulu.. huat already
12/10/2017 14:02
urmomcrabs blh blh la.. masuk 0.325.. hope buka can exit 0.385/90... kekekeke
12/10/2017 14:06
mrrite i buy 0.285 i wait Q result out baru exit...
12/10/2017 14:21
mrrite hope can up till 0.50
12/10/2017 14:21
urmomcrabs tq to boss n jerung.. i successfully exit at 0.395... bye bye good luck... later join balik kalau retrace.
12/10/2017 15:17
yesyesyes it is not good to bet on QR as it rose a lots already .. think twice ..
12/10/2017 16:23
Jordon Lim bought warrant average at 0.105. til holding tight tight
12/10/2017 16:23
yesyesyes i feel today it's turn .. but no dare to enter now ..
13/10/2017 10:44
Anntan58 Fatt Tatt reaching for the star.
16/10/2017 09:37
mrrite 没有最高 只有更高 大家加油 huat ah...
16/10/2017 09:57
urmomcrabs oppss new high but exited.. no regret exit early but no retracement yet??? huhu... hope this jerung not so merciless like anzo
16/10/2017 20:58
moregain this stock can be targets for takeover. Packaging line is attractive in online business.
17/10/2017 08:48
super168 Dnonce business not only packaging but supply chain and transport. Maybe Alibaba interested, then fat tatt lor.
17/10/2017 08:53
yesyesyes toh
17/10/2017 11:16
mrrite 下午一定升回的 他们丢票 是为了吸收更多的票 不要被他们骗去。。
17/10/2017 13:33
NewbieNewbie 下午回升,也不可能回到开市时的价格吧
17/10/2017 14:31
urmomcrabs Nahhh the history of merciless retracement repeat, this time in dnonce??? Good luck.
17/10/2017 14:44
longtermvaluegain See Thrusday.
17/10/2017 14:44
urmomcrabs Waiting this fierce retracement end baru come back to swing again.. bye2 dnonce for time being.
17/10/2017 14:46
Jordon Lim Sell,the trend of nearing quarter result drop repeating itself
17/10/2017 16:49
urmomcrabs John u bleeding? I thought u in this counter @28cents before it run, shouting good quarter result?? Still got profit ma, not so high only.. protect profit 1st lo. Re-enter after major correction lo. Hehehe

Anyway, good luck for those who still holding and hoping.. Now it just look like anzo/sunzen candlestick chart pattern. U guys know what i mean right. Good luck again.
17/10/2017 22:07
choop818 @urmomcrabs, you are the wise one. Anzio was particularly bad, At least Sunzen still gave you a chance to get out. For many, they are hoping of a good qr or m&a ahead. But you don't believe, do you?
17/10/2017 23:50
urmomcrabs Xda la. Learn from mistake chasing stock like this and burnt finger. Now see day day up without news then cabut 1st before jerung cabut.
19/10/2017 07:46
stockintalk jiat lat.
2:30 pm nanti ,......
19/10/2017 11:56
choop818 I think should bounce back soon, in line before qr announcement.
19/10/2017 16:21
NewbieNewbie When will qr be announced?
19/10/2017 16:30
choop818 Can be tomorrow, if not next week.
19/10/2017 21:49
nklye Looking at the price went up last few weeks and acquire of shares by directors, possibly a good QR by end of next week!
20/10/2017 10:04
NewbieNewbie @nklye, but big shares volume disposed as well right?
20/10/2017 17:28
nklye Laymen like us can't really trace who are the buyers and sellers. Surely some who may have known or have analysed the good prospect of the company might have bought its shares. When the price was on the way up some who might have hold long enough might hv decided to sell to off load. Some specuators and syndicates too went in to earn fast money by dealinog in intraday trading... high probability something is brewing in the company that lead to the active trading of the shares in recent weeks
Previously it was quite quiet. Those who hv bought the shares at 0.08 to 0.10 at that time should know what I meant. Many surely are regretted to sell the shares at 0.09 or 0.10 at that time and dare not buy bavk when the price was on the way up...
21/10/2017 00:17
NewbieNewbie Hopefully it will go up next week, still holding
22/10/2017 10:59
MsfollowmeTeam Target Price 15 cents
22/10/2017 11:58
NewbieNewbie 15cents? Now is 36.5cents right?
22/10/2017 13:21
mrrite my target price 0.50 cents ...
22/10/2017 15:02
nklye Then its warrant shd be at 0.30
22/10/2017 17:56
MsfollowmeTeam Target PN17 in 3 Years time
22/10/2017 22:05


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