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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
06-Dec-2017 08-Dec-2017 Others 173,708,920 0.021 2,349,590,809 Additional Listing Detail
04-Dec-2017 05-Dec-2017 Others 103,286,384 0.021 2,175,881,889 Additional Listing Detail
22-Nov-2017 24-Nov-2017 Others 239,436,619 0.021 2,072,595,505 Additional Listing Detail
15-Nov-2017 16-Nov-2017 Others 46,948,356 0.021 1,833,158,886 Additional Listing Detail
14-Nov-2017 15-Nov-2017 Others 30,516,431 0.021 1,786,210,530 Additional Listing Detail
08-Nov-2017 10-Nov-2017 Others 70,422,535 0.021 1,755,694,099 Additional Listing Detail
06-Nov-2017 08-Nov-2017 Others 46,948,356 0.021 1,685,271,564 Additional Listing Detail
03-Nov-2017 06-Nov-2017 Others 46,948,356 0.021 1,638,323,208 Additional Listing Detail
16-Oct-2017 19-Oct-2017 Others 46,948,356 0.021 1,591,374,852 Additional Listing Detail
10-Oct-2017 11-Oct-2017 Others 46,948,356 0.021 1,544,426,496 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2017 06-Oct-2017 Others 93,896,713 0.021 1,497,478,140 Additional Listing Detail
19-Sep-2017 20-Sep-2017 Others 23,474,178 0.021 1,403,581,427 Additional Listing Detail
11-Jul-2017 12-Jul-2017 Others 39,647,577 0.023 1,380,107,249 Additional Listing Detail
05-Jul-2017 06-Jul-2017 Others 20,833,333 0.024 1,340,459,672 Additional Listing Detail
01-Jun-2017 05-Jun-2017 Others 35,714,285 0.028 1,319,626,339 Additional Listing Detail
18-May-2017 19-May-2017 Others 51,194,539 0.029 1,283,912,054 Additional Listing Detail
10-Apr-2017 11-Apr-2017 Others 35,714,285 0.028 1,232,717,515 Additional Listing Detail
14-Mar-2017 15-Mar-2017 Others 35,714,285 0.028 1,197,003,230 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jan-2017 19-Jan-2017 Others 31,250,000 0.032 1,161,288,945 Additional Listing Detail
17-Jan-2017 18-Jan-2017 Others 25,000,000 0.032 1,130,038,945 Additional Listing Detail
06-Jan-2017 10-Jan-2017 Others 21,875,000 0.032 1,105,038,945 Additional Listing Detail
09-Sep-2016 13-Sep-2016 Others 29,687,500 0.032 1,083,163,945 Additional Listing Detail
05-Sep-2016 07-Sep-2016 Others 62,500,000 0.032 1,053,476,445 Additional Listing Detail
26-Aug-2016 29-Aug-2016 Others 62,500,000 0.032 990,976,445 Additional Listing Detail
22-Aug-2016 24-Aug-2016 Others 23,437,500 0.032 928,476,445 Additional Listing Detail
12-Aug-2016 15-Aug-2016 Others 31,250,000 0.032 905,038,945 Additional Listing Detail
27-Jul-2016 28-Jul-2016 Others 31,250,000 0.032 873,788,945 Additional Listing Detail
04-May-2016 05-May-2016 Others 55,555,555 0.036 842,538,945 Additional Listing Detail
11-Mar-2016 14-Mar-2016 Others 13,404,825 0.037 786,983,390 Additional Listing Detail
18-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 Others 5,361,930 0.037 773,578,565 Additional Listing Detail
30-Dec-2015 04-Jan-2016 Others 5,167,958 0.039 768,216,635 Additional Listing Detail
28-Dec-2015 29-Dec-2015 Others 26,809,651 0.037 763,048,677 Additional Listing Detail
16-Dec-2015 17-Dec-2015 Others 2,583,979 0.039 736,239,026 Additional Listing Detail
02-Dec-2015 04-Dec-2015 Others 26,809,651 0.037 733,655,047 Additional Listing Detail
25-Nov-2015 27-Nov-2015 Others 14,745,308 0.037 706,845,396 Additional Listing Detail
13-Nov-2015 17-Nov-2015 Others 5,361,930 0.037 692,100,088 Additional Listing Detail
26-Oct-2015 28-Oct-2015 Others 5,361,930 0.037 686,738,158 Additional Listing Detail
12-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 Others 5,361,930 0.037 681,376,228 Additional Listing Detail
05-Oct-2015 07-Oct-2015 Others 2,680,965 0.037 676,014,298 Additional Listing Detail
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satha44 Buy only if u can pick up..dont play contra..
This might take some time....corporate moves may even take 6 months to 2 years...so far no real clue of whats happening.....just a lot of off market deals and change in the board....will have to wait for more official announcement...
09/12/2017 13:01
Jayanavan09 You buy you die . You die you buy. This counter not going anywhere but down.
10/12/2017 14:21
120453 Look at luster (5068), changed director 18 months ago, moved from 0.055 to 12-13.5c .
10/12/2017 16:08
whywhy1308 PUC also. New director came in price around 0.145 now reached around 0.21. As for jayanavan09, let us see it go down or up. Mark ur words.
10/12/2017 19:07
satha44 12 years downtrend...not easy to reverse...
10/12/2017 19:46
Savigjitah Fly baby
11/12/2017 14:30
satha44 Dead chicken....how to fly..
A Phoenix has to rise..but wounded for 12 years..
U need a very rich man to pull this up...
The identity of the mystery buyer...still unknown.
Why is Bursa not querying....Why no announcement yet...
11/12/2017 15:26
JusticeLee88 Bought this share today !!
11/12/2017 18:49
satha44 Good luck Justicelee88...
11/12/2017 22:10
satha44 Did the math yesterday...3rd tranche completed..thsts RM 30 million collected by DBE from...ACP.
Ah long on the other hand...easily sold for 40 to 45 million....in thr open market...
Each time a good news was announced....volume picked up...and ACP sold...that explains why from 4.5sens .DBE shares got dumped all the way.....till 2 5sens...despite a rally on penny stocks....ours became worse....
12/12/2017 07:18
satha44 The last tranche...the 4th is worth RM 20 million..@ 2.13 sens....thats about 950 million shares..so far..from the +/- roughly 600 to 650 million exercised by a new party....so that leaves us with the last 300 to 350 million....left
So news on that should be announced soon.
The mystery buyer should b revealed soon..
12/12/2017 07:21
satha44 The off market deals on the other hand...
Since the begining of this year....transacted between 2.5 and 3.5sens....close to 400 million...so once completed...together with the RCN shares this individual /group will have atleast 1.35bil to 1.5 bil shares of this company..
There by giving it close to 50% to 60 % control of DBE.. that which is announced...other purchases may have been done....quietly through proxies
12/12/2017 07:25
satha44 Or friendly parties
12/12/2017 07:25
satha44 So this buyer....is rich for sure...1.5billion shares at say 3sens average....already invested RM 45 million into DBE......hefty price to pay for a loss making company....but DBE still has assets/land...RCN cash should settle companies debts....DBE has a public .listed status...So the new buyer....needs to pump in new business.....otherwise his RM 45 million or more would be depleting....already 3rd qtr poultry division losing money AGAIN....so waiting for announcement...hopefully we will get a better pic by this month end.......
12/12/2017 07:30
Kingkongeeet The buyer after something..most valuable thing in dbe now.. of coz not the chicken
12/12/2017 11:50
davidkkw79 Korean institute is the buyer for that 45 millions
12/12/2017 15:45
davidkkw79 Cause Korean institute gonna introduce ginseng chicken soup into Malaysia market.
12/12/2017 15:47
Jayanavan09 What has happened to the Japanese 3 chicken products announcement? Now Korean Ginseng soup? Just Google for info how to make the soup. Assemble a team a Malay.Chinese Indian to make soup "Malaysian Chicken Soup" I bet it will become international brand.Just for a laugh.
12/12/2017 17:32
davidkkw79 Japanese terpayaki chicken is out, Korean style ginseng chicken soup is more bombastic !
12/12/2017 19:15
Rio2814 No updates on korean buyer in bursa website.
12/12/2017 21:56
davidkkw79 Of course no bursa announcement, I just sambung all stories making, I proposed Korean ginseng chicken soup sure is higher margin and more imagination
12/12/2017 22:17
Jayanavan09 So Mr.davidkkw79 there is no Korean Ginseng soup than? DBE should consider your business proposal for better profit margin or try Malaysian Chicken Soup on trial basis.
13/12/2017 00:40
satha44 More more more...Ding needs more ideas...
Market moving up...DBE sleeping as usual...
So fed up.......as usual no end to sellers...last week 55 million selling....this week 75 million selling.
Off market deals done so slow.....
New directors dont even have 1 share.....shows how confident they are about DBE's future...
Well one good thing is the low volume...LOL..
No more contra players.....
u buy u die....
13/12/2017 07:31
satha44 Last penny stock rally....highest 4sens.
This time...hopefully rally can last till Feb ( Chinese New Year )...
Sell Peanuts better.....
13/12/2017 07:34
davidkkw79 Korean fried chicken is coming to town soon
13/12/2017 12:46
satha44 More n more sellers turning up.
Close to 81 million q ing at 3.5sens to sell...
Probably more bad news coming...this fella whatever he sells or does....sure loss..
13/12/2017 14:23
Jayanavan09 Buyer 82 mil and the seller 81 mil. Actual trade is less than 1mil. Does it make any sense? Total value 30000 Rm only. Virtually no trade. Buyers & sellers are same. Less than 1mil share are bought or sold by people like us.Crocodiles are making money both ways . Now almost squared their account. Price to go down to 0.02 moment they go to dinner.
14/12/2017 00:19
Jayanavan09 Good night to you all. Very tiring day for all of us. All of us lost money.
14/12/2017 00:25
satha44 Its better if it is quiet...it will probably be like that until the identity of the new buyer/shareholder is revealed......so all is well....
14/12/2017 08:07
saparuddin1973 Selling pressure
14/12/2017 12:21
saparuddin1973 Mostly counter rebound..dbe still quiet so sad
14/12/2017 12:23
satha44 Lol...yes very dissapointing...
What to do....right now its a loss making company again...company will find some way to wipe out excess cash....so looks doomed
14/12/2017 12:35
Rio2814 First time seller more than buyer.... 3c / 3.5c.
14/12/2017 12:37
FalconFocusEagle the word doom make me wanna buy soon
14/12/2017 12:38
Jayanavan09 Please wait you can buy at 0.02 Mr Falcon.
14/12/2017 14:09
satha44 Only the brave...heros will die....in this case.never remembered again....
Burn so many times.....still theres always another hero
14/12/2017 14:40
FalconFocusEagle let us all be hero heroin... may god assist all in this incredible amazing journey
14/12/2017 16:03
saparuddin1973 Need a miracle..lol
14/12/2017 16:21
satha44 Hahahaha
14/12/2017 16:24
laulau Just passing by...when heroes die, they get reincarnated as burning phoenixs, when DBE dies, it shares get consolidated as Harumi Chicken...
14/12/2017 16:56
satha44 8th Harumi Restraunt opened at Puchong..
Doesnt look like Ding is giving up...
15/12/2017 07:46
satha44 Kfc contract no news
Sabah deal no news
Japan deal no news
Taiwan deal no news
Local collaboration no news
Mystery buyer no news
3rd qtr heavy losses
Restraunts mostly quiet/average business
Accumulated losses huge
Assets value up....but slowly depleting
Board being juggled....no news
Number of Shares billions ( pls note ) as big as GLC.....hahaha..
So many reasons...to stay out..
All u fellas with position....Sorry la.
Its all Karma....we all share it lor.....
15/12/2017 07:54
saparuddin1973 whether it will reach the level 0.03
15/12/2017 09:21
satha44 I will dream of 20sens
15/12/2017 09:48
15/12/2017 10:00
saparuddin1973 Dream coming true
15/12/2017 10:34
Jayanavan09 Dream coming true. Why what when how? All announcements only. Please let us know what is happening if you know. Help us to de-stress. thank you.
15/12/2017 15:06
saparuddin1973 do not misunderstand, this is just for less stress among us
15/12/2017 16:40
saparuddin1973 no one knows this counter activity..so it remains a mystery
15/12/2017 16:59
satha44 Yeah but the fact that DBE is showing losses again....is already a bad sign...
Best not to commit further...make or lose with what we have....newbies can wait and see...if goes to 2sens....we will all burn....if it goes to 20sens..we can laugh to the bank...
Happy Weekend guys...
15/12/2017 17:22


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