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21-Apr-2017 25-Apr-2017 Private Placement 13,200,000 0.600 145,200,000 Additional Listing Detail
04-Nov-2015 05-Nov-2015 Private Placement 12,000,000 0.500 132,000,000 Additional Listing Detail
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  爱丽丝 梦幻世界 likes this.
tinyinvestor what happen to the RTO Zeneth-Eti Tech (Trive)? anybody got any info on this?
14/03/2016 09:30
Contrarian101 Deal didnt go through. Seems like Voir is the new vehicle for Zenith.
15/03/2016 14:36
kakashit outdated fashion boutique also got ppl buy?

This is another Ranhill.
30/03/2016 08:49
kllady_fidah New towkay in town...
12/07/2016 21:26
kllady_fidah change of directors.....
01/03/2017 16:25
speakup PE 197x!
11/05/2017 10:50
speakup so obvious goreng until PE200x, but SC/Bursa sleeping on the job.
11/05/2017 10:52
ZeaXG lol PE 200
11/05/2017 10:58
speakup Bursa/SC tidur lagi. Dapat gaji tapi tidur! Baik letak jawatan je
11/05/2017 11:01
kitty192 why suddenly naik ?
11/05/2017 11:51
speakup beheading now
12/05/2017 09:59
otai7111 buy in
18/05/2017 09:41
pang72 Why no one like billion ringgit penang ring road job?
22/05/2017 13:37
goodluck2u buy buy buy
05/08/2017 09:42
kllady_fidah Wow...corp exercise announced ..mega project
31/08/2017 17:53
goodluck2u buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy
05/09/2017 15:45
goodluck2u 1.02 buy
05/09/2017 16:01
tonylim kllady

i know u
15/09/2017 17:22
k6ii today limit up?
06/10/2017 09:32
Sk9864 Rm2
06/10/2017 15:49
k6ii Goreng mode..on....
10/10/2017 11:03
k6ii turbochart : bukan transform as developer which do the project in pg?
10/10/2017 14:30
k6ii Bila mau mari oh...
31/10/2017 09:46
Stockgod8 soon
06/11/2017 03:01
goodluck2u Buy more,buy more,good news.
19/11/2017 18:57
goodluck2u Will announced good news.
19/11/2017 18:58
goodluck2u Buy buy buy
19/11/2017 18:58
JJUSTRUMP holding well before moving higher
21/11/2017 10:31
1427795467 https://www.facebook.com/KLSELION/photos/a.854214074738461.1073741829.848454415314427/871053609721174/?type=3&theater
21/11/2017 23:15
k6ii 【独家】联号公司63亿工程招标Vertice料获槟城建筑合约 - e南洋商报 ...

14/12/2017 10:51
Glen Yu Waiting for good news
18/12/2017 09:09
carilembu more bad news?
10/01/2018 09:40
Ray Chong Time to walk in ?
10/01/2018 09:42
k6ii 0.94 siapa dapat?
10/01/2018 10:38
khoo https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/01/10/ewein-confirms-arrest-of-group-md-in-relation-to-macc-investigation/
10/01/2018 18:40
Rusli Widad Meanwhile, apparel retailer Vertice Bhd said the MACC investigation on the Penang undersea tunnel project will not impact its progress.

It said the role of Consortium Zenith Construction Sdn Bhd — a 13.21% associate company of Vertice as the main contractor for the project will continue as previously planned.

Vertice said the financial performance of the group is also not expected to be adversely impacted by the recent reported events.
11/01/2018 07:10
akram https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/01/13/dr-wee-questions-role-of-fashion-firm-in-penang-undersea-tunnel-project/

I smell politics?
14/01/2018 16:16
Stockgod8 The investigation is a joke. Not that pakatan corrupt but it's a political suicide.
16/01/2018 22:09
saufi74 Wah..lower and lower..
17/01/2018 09:36
klboy888 i think will drop to 60 sen or lower. want to sell or not also dunno
17/01/2018 09:43
nike_heart going lower, any suggestion?
17/01/2018 13:30
kekayo How now... hold or sell ?
17/01/2018 15:07
BIGAPETITE opportunity to collect at lower price while still pending investigation
17/01/2018 15:51
saufi74 Collect some 0.78-0.79..
17/01/2018 21:23
BIGAPETITE share cap less than 150 million, great for capital restructuring if investigations all clear
18/01/2018 10:10
saufi74 Sold 0.85..cheers..
18/01/2018 15:48
OTLi 0.84@20180124, to hold or to sell?
24/01/2018 13:40
tubegmali Got chief judge as chairman wor? Something going on right?


Nikkei Markets
KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 13) -- Vertice, a Malaysian apparel manufacturer and retailer, said it has appointed former Chief Judge Arifin Zakaria as its non-executive chairman effective Tuesday.

The appointment of Arifin, 67, follows the resignation of Zarul Ahmad Zulkifli to pursue "other business interests," Vertice said in an exchange filing. The company, formerly known as Voir Holdings, has also appointed Azirul Salihin Anuar as its independent director, it said in another filing.

In January, Vertice said the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission was investigating an undersea tunnel project in the Penang state being built by its 13.2%-owned associate company Consortium Zenith Construction. "The role of Consortium Zenith as the main contractor for the project will continue as previously planned," it said.
13/02/2018 15:42
arv18 DATO' ZARUL AHMAD BIN MOHD ZULKIFLI 07-Feb-2018 Disposed 2,400,000
MR MOHD ASFIRDAUS BIN ASRI 07-Feb-2018 Disposed 2,400,000
MR WONG KWAI WAH 07-Feb-2018 Notice of Interest 800,000
MR ZARUL IKHWAN BIN ZARUL AHMAD 07-Feb-2018 Disposed 2,400,000
VISTA LESTARI DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD 07-Feb-2018 Disposed 2,400,000
DATO' ZARUL AHMAD BIN MOHD ZULKIFLI 30-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,600,000
MR MOHD ASFIRDAUS BIN ASRI 30-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,600,000
MR ZARUL IKHWAN BIN ZARUL AHMAD 30-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,600,000
VISTA LESTARI DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD 30-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,600,000
DATO' ZARUL AHMAD BIN MOHD ZULKIFLI 09-Jan-2018 Disposed 800,000
MR MOHD ASFIRDAUS BIN ASRI 09-Jan-2018 Disposed 800,000 0.000
MR ZARUL IKHWAN BIN ZARUL AHMAD 09-Jan-2018 Disposed 800,000
VISTA LESTARI DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD 09-Jan-2018 Disposed 800,000
DATO' ZARUL AHMAD BIN MOHD ZULKIFLI 05-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,900,000
MR MOHD ASFIRDAUS BIN ASRI 05-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,900,000 0.000
MR ZARUL IKHWAN BIN ZARUL AHMAD 05-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,900,000
VISTA LESTARI DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD 05-Jan-2018 Disposed 1,900,000
DATO' ZARUL AHMAD BIN MOHD ZULKIFLI 03-Jan-2018 Disposed 2,100,000
MR MOHD ASFIRDAUS BIN ASRI 03-Jan-2018 Disposed 2,100,000
MR ZARUL IKHWAN BIN ZARUL AHMAD 03-Jan-2018 Disposed 2,100,000
VISTA LESTARI DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD 03-Jan-2018 Disposed 2,100,000
DATO' ZARUL AHMAD BIN MOHD ZULKIFLI 02-Jan-2018 Disposed 400,000
MR MOHD ASFIRDAUS BIN ASRI 02-Jan-2018 Disposed 400,000
MR ZARUL IKHWAN BIN ZARUL AHMAD 02-Jan-2018 Disposed 400,000
VISTA LESTARI DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD 02-Jan-2018 Disposed 400,000

Why all the furious insider selling?
18/02/2018 23:32
OTLi the unit price had gone up a little despite all the furious selling? Any idea?
20/02/2018 12:16


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