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Ann. Date Date Type Units Price Total NOSH View
12-Jun-2018 13-Jun-2018 ESOS 8,000 3.630 300,281,890 Additional Listing Detail
17-May-2018 18-May-2018 ESOS 10,000 3.630 300,273,890 Additional Listing Detail
10-Apr-2018 11-Apr-2018 ESOS 15,000 3.630 300,263,890 Additional Listing Detail
12-Mar-2018 13-Mar-2018 ESOS 10,000 3.630 300,248,890 Additional Listing Detail
12-Feb-2018 13-Feb-2018 ESOS 81,000 3.630 300,238,890 Additional Listing Detail
15-Jan-2018 16-Jan-2018 ESOS 44,000 3.630 300,157,890 Additional Listing Detail
14-Dec-2017 15-Dec-2017 ESOS 22,000 3.630 300,113,890 Additional Listing Detail
14-Nov-2017 15-Nov-2017 ESOS 21,000 3.630 300,091,890 Additional Listing Detail
24-Oct-2017 25-Oct-2017 ESOS 1,017,000 3.630 300,070,890 Additional Listing Detail
14-Sep-2017 15-Sep-2017 ESOS 400,000 3.630 299,053,890 Additional Listing Detail
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Matthieu Seven loser will always a loser and only know talk rubbish. Winner will talk less and earn money

27/03/2018 09:08
Sebastian Sted Power my PU ER CHA power!!
27/03/2018 09:11
JosyC Let all kaki goreng run first. We hold on ... !
27/03/2018 10:12
SifuBen777 how is everyone ? how is anyone ? 發 發 發 or fux fux fux ?

who else shopping while fux fux fux and now starting to 發 發 發 ?

27/03/2018 10:17
KLCI King Really geng
27/03/2018 10:29
JosyC Good idea to sell Jimmy Choo's products.
28/03/2018 16:56
gohkimhock 前景看好..
29/03/2018 00:45
JosyC Wow! Highest 5.14 today .. Geng!
29/03/2018 14:53
jordanmaggie61 better once CNY
29/03/2018 15:22
sapurakencana no wonder,somebody buy back 18300 share at RM4.94 & RM4.97
03/04/2018 18:49
lancetsy The 3cent dividen ex-date still haven't annouce yet?
04/04/2018 10:29
Kong Pih Shean today drop 4.720 nobody comment.sifuben777 you said first week of april no reach 5.30 you out of this forum.ha dont forget what you said ya.
04/04/2018 20:44
Kong Pih Shean l already said market is no stable yet.
04/04/2018 20:46
Kong Pih Shean sifu.......put ppl lose money
04/04/2018 20:48
sapurakencana Althought overall net profit increase RM4 mil compare previous year quarter,but revenue & net profit for MLM decrease 4.9% & 15% respectively.pls take note.

Administration cost(RM6.62mil) & selling & distribution cost (RM13.58mil) keep on increase when revenue keep on droping.

Wholesale division revenue increase 20% due to higher sales generated from Chinese medicated tonic and Chinese tea(during chinese new year festival).Pretax profit increase double due to gain from resale of treasury sales amounting to approximately RM 2.0 million. If this 1 time gain reduce from net profit RM19 mil,the actual net profit should be RM16mil to RM17mil, pls take note.

i question we need to ask,for the coming quarter (Feb to Apr 2018),due to no festival within this period & may be no promotion like last year & GE wil be take place within this quarter.will consumption maintain as previous year.

what i concern is revenue drop for the continues 2 quarter,wil this trend continue for the coming quarter.

Kenange Call Target price RM6.00, what is the basis ? unless revenue & net profit keep on increase for the coming quarter.

Base on EPS 20.16 cent, PE = 23 . I prefer maintain maximum TP RM5.00 until end of the year .
26/03/2018 10:57
05/04/2018 00:00
lancetsy Post one time enough, why keep repost? This is not junk section.
05/04/2018 10:09
Matthieu Seven @lancetsy, that sapura confirm is an old uncle (or maybe old aunty). Usually only old people like to keep repeating the words.

Ya la. I also feel quite crazy. Repeat repeat. RM5 just sell and diam diam better. I clear all my stock last week
05/04/2018 12:33
Yael Jasper ext quarter will be even better once CNY sales are added.
05/04/2018 14:36
Nicole Chow Why this Hai O always buy back its own share so funny 1?
05/04/2018 20:20
LoveSandy give u confidence to hold it tight.
05/04/2018 20:46
leslieroycarter Until no more reserves left.... buying back is to stabilise the already bad market ...but the measure cannot last long for sure.
06/04/2018 10:26
leslieroycarter At this poor market , this stock is selling PE 23 is really absurd ! Better go n bet on PE 2-3 counter got a better chance.
06/04/2018 10:29
06/04/2018 10:36
SifuBen777 Hi everyone, today marks the last day of Sifu at here. Sifu is sad to leave you guys, but Sifu will keep Sifu's word. Sifu hope everyone is happy and when this stock regains back to 5.50 and reach higher top, hope you all would still remember Sifu.

Sifu not losing money, just losing heart. Wish everyone 發 發 發 and stay happy forever !!

~~ Farewell all ~~
06/04/2018 22:54
mysweet1918 Sifu,You don't need to leave, although some chicken crying
07/04/2018 16:27
mysweet1918 。。。。When the stock market falls。
07/04/2018 19:31
lancetsy Wonder what's delaying the 3cent dividen annoucement.
13/04/2018 08:35
sapurakencana dont you see management keep on buying back their own share when other are sell off so rapidly, so dont blaim them because Mr Tan already do their best to protect the minority investor.Cheers Tauke Tan.
14/04/2018 14:17
Sebastian Sted Power I have cleared all my stock. I dont see company buy back as a good move. How can a company rely on own buy back while all the other investor cabut lari??
16/04/2018 23:16
Outliar Page not found sir
17/04/2018 17:51
Atakano Congratulation hai-o holders, haio is one of the few picks of famous fund Wedgewood Partners & their screener, details posted on FB, take your time to check it out.

17/04/2018 19:12
Kong Pih Shean can buy when it drop bellow 4.600
18/04/2018 15:04
Sebastian Sted Power please keep your bullets.. Too many uncertainties now

If bear market, the price will be only RM3-4 (if apply to PE10-15)
18/04/2018 22:02
19/04/2018 11:59
jordanmaggie61 its fun
19/04/2018 12:01
Outliar Dividend declared :D
19/04/2018 23:06
abcde12345 finally
20/04/2018 12:05
20/04/2018 15:47
kennyku 潜力成长领域‧海鸥放眼1亿精品营收http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/370957
26/04/2018 18:20
26/04/2018 20:48
SCK82 really CB HEE. from 5.6 drop till now.
02/05/2018 20:42
ktsk88 when the stocks raised from 3.xx to 5.60 you didn't shout?..........i bought 3.26 and still keeping.)
03/05/2018 09:35
gohkimhock @ktsk88 good to hear that you're still keeping it. It's hard to find another counter with such quality once you sold it.
03/05/2018 10:55
Outliar @gohkimhock What are your thoughts on the daily share buybacks?
03/05/2018 11:49
gohkimhock some companies with a lot of cash and nowhere to spend will do the share buyback. You don't see companies with weak cash flow doing this.

Besides, it is also indirectly to inform the shareholders they are serious about the valuation of the company. Of course, it is not possible to control the market force; at least something is done to safeguard the interest of the shareholders.

I am a fan of share-buybacks.
03/05/2018 12:35
SCK82 HAIO very active ......
08/05/2018 16:32
baiyuensheng haio supports a lot malay entrepreneurs.... a perfect fit to dr m business/economic strategy...... haio capex will increase, and thus operating profits.... good days coming..
14/05/2018 13:57
JosyC GST will be axed soon.. more purchasing power from consumers... !
15/05/2018 12:29
sleang not to mention that the treasury shares can be benefiting the shareholders in either:-
i) if distribute as share dividends, shareholders get free shares
ii) or, if cancel them off, reducing the supply from the market
iii) or, if sell off at higher price, company makes profit, increasing the EPS.

Either way, the shareholders will benefit from this.
17/05/2018 21:39
vcheekeong What is Haio P E now? Still got legs?
22/05/2018 07:09


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