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02-Jun-2017 16-Jun-2017 20-Jun-2017 ADJUSTMENT Adjustment 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
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micsoh kitthe, thank for the help, if like this, so the warrant holder definitely suffer big loss lo, because when ex-price, warrant will surely became expensive, am i right, but what about execise price, will it be adjust? thank u
18/09/2014 00:07
KitTheungmakmak168 Effect is sure de after ex, if bonus share give out normally all focus on mom only,son if can push up just a short-term only,b4 x must sell lo, other got to reference to announcement there bah.coz dun know which ctr u mention,hehe.
18/09/2014 00:14
micsoh really thank a lot kitthe.
18/09/2014 00:21
KitTheungmakmak168 Small matter only, stay cool. Normally if company keep second times of right issue with warrant baru will be adjust warrant exercise price, if bonus issue i think not , if i not forget~
18/09/2014 00:28
selamba jgn lupa beli ni brooo.........gerenti upp
21/09/2014 22:15
stockcafe knp sdh tak ada omm... Selamba push counter up sekali lagi..
23/09/2014 16:34
Hong Hero Warrant will be entitle to the bonus issue adjustment.
25/09/2014 11:39
micsoh hong hero, can u explain more detail, thank u
08/10/2014 23:55
dotdotdot mother up few days... son still sleeping
03/11/2014 14:45
runnerman It will up....0.6 coming
27/07/2015 17:54
Samtuckfatt mother now 65c, warrant 35.5c + conversion 68c =103.5c , 59% premium.
11/11/2015 23:34
moneymoneycome why no ohm these few days?
17/12/2015 16:11
cstrader Ohm ohm
06/04/2016 18:37
老干部 与老司机的故事 Why so less bother about EFORCE-WA today?

No good to make slow money?
25/04/2016 11:09
老干部 与老司机的故事 Nobody like?
then eat more......
25/04/2016 15:05
wslywei I'm in.
25/04/2016 15:06
老干部 与老司机的故事 wslywei...

U enter since early morning?
25/04/2016 15:07
wslywei yes morning after you shout.
25/04/2016 15:08
老干部 与老司机的故事 u can take profit and buy new counter next morning.
25/04/2016 15:13
wslywei noted sifu
25/04/2016 15:15
老干部 与老司机的故事 bro.... Don't tell me U keep overnight......
There are many winners everday....shift to new one tomorrow.
25/04/2016 16:19
老干部 与老司机的故事 .............hahahahaha

Good one tis silent stock.. from RM0.440 up till tis level.....
Everyday hit n run also not bad...
28/04/2016 12:29
老干部 与老司机的故事 ....................................

hahahahahaha............................ no one like this... but this like no one
28/04/2016 16:13
老干部 与老司机的故事 -----------------
Day day say but day day no one buy.........................
29/04/2016 14:41
Dunknow everyday we kaki kong kaki songggggggg
29/04/2016 14:43
NicholasNWH90 Sold too early. Hoping for retracement but it never happens. Duit can sell yours to mine at 0.55? wahahahaha!
29/04/2016 14:43
NicholasNWH90 yours to me*
29/04/2016 14:43
老干部 与老司机的故事 rilek la bro.................
Lu simpan mak so long liao...........

News effect is fade now. Time to take profit.

Change to new one.....
29/04/2016 14:44
NicholasNWH90 Hahaha. Ada new one for me to tengok tengok?
29/04/2016 14:45
Dunknow AYah Saya,AY+S….cuba tengok kejap………saya mintak tengok aje tau
29/04/2016 14:51

dunknoW EARN lioa lagi mau kesi kesi ar????wakakakakak
29/04/2016 14:51
Dunknow dunknow earn wat,earn duit ka?no lar,duit still in kwsp...
29/04/2016 14:54
NicholasNWH90 AY+S sangat illiquid. Haha. Nanti i too old to run kena trapped.
29/04/2016 14:59
NicholasNWH90 Duit can la. Only 22 years old can run very fast. Last time lari champion!
29/04/2016 14:59
老干部 与老司机的故事 U can run...but must tinggal ur kaki here....OK?
29/04/2016 14:59
老干部 与老司机的故事 U also can run and always get No.1...................

Learn from this remarkable young guy.
29/04/2016 15:01
老干部 与老司机的故事 This silent stock really NOT BAD!
03/05/2016 17:24
smkts123 Ya.My Eg buy 38.6 mil share in R Force for RM 1.00
03/05/2016 17:33
老干部 与老司机的故事 Congratulations:
Take profit and move on.
No need to look back.
09/05/2016 09:24
Abang Mad congrats to all
10/05/2016 13:43
Wei Jie Yau Can buy again?
10/05/2016 23:57
AC Gan Run... Run ...!!!
16/05/2016 09:20
superfly goooo...eworkkkk..haha
20/05/2016 09:07
superfly haha...gooo...ewokkk,,,
23/05/2016 11:20
Wei Jie Yau Can buy?
23/05/2016 11:39
superfly baru jual..amik kou
27/07/2016 15:50
superfly ada lagi banyak lum jual lagi..
27/07/2016 16:01
superfly amik kou...giler tul..blasah jangan tak blasah.
28/07/2016 09:12
MetalKing seem like someone collecting.
21/08/2017 11:21
Daniello Next week fly
15/09/2017 17:57


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