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15-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 04-Jul-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 7 : 2 Dividend Detail
24-Mar-2006 27-Apr-2006 23-May-2006 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
27-Jul-2005 11-Aug-2005 15-Aug-2005 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
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kenlee game over.
26/11/2017 15:11
Edwardong53 @kenlee - may you share with us why you said "game over" for Orion. I m still holding quite a lot after its rights issue.
26/11/2017 15:14
The_Reds Game not started yet, how to be over..funny la
26/11/2017 17:18
azrylamyr :( :( :(
27/11/2017 15:52
The_Reds TG Tag..i saw ur sharing in the fb group also, haha
27/11/2017 17:14
azrylamyr which fb group?
27/11/2017 17:52
29/11/2017 11:13
pzul well support at 0.125..after this week can start moving forward..
29/11/2017 12:44
Hitman maintain your business sense..buy before TA and FA come out..
29/11/2017 17:17
The_Reds T+4 done today..sorry for those contra people, this stock is for mid-long term
29/11/2017 17:39
Hafizam next week tgk ape mcm ini kaunter..
01/12/2017 16:53
01/12/2017 17:01
Suare Pro Trader penny biasa la maaa....
01/12/2017 17:18
The_Reds This stock won't move for this year..even from the observation of daily transaction, I dun think there is any big operator inside
01/12/2017 22:36
Stevecheahsw 只要coming qtr 来多一个1.8 Million Profits or eps 0.30, if Share still under this price 012, all in!
03/12/2017 15:17
The_Reds Coming QR definitely better than this QR, guaranteed profit will start to kick in and ASAP needs to deliver what they had promised
03/12/2017 21:19
The_Reds manage to top up at 0.120 today..now just wait and wait
04/12/2017 10:50
YouBuyIBuy If next qr only move, can we buy before qr instead of buying now and money being frozen
04/12/2017 13:08
The_Reds who the hell sell at 0.115..too bad the buyer is not me
05/12/2017 10:12
henry888 Bought over ASAP and guarantee 3 months' profit whilst the director is disposing substantial shares. what kind of game they are playing?
05/12/2017 10:44
Hitman Today T+7..
05/12/2017 11:21
The_Reds really cant imagine who want to sell at 0.115..by the way thanks for selling it to me just now
05/12/2017 17:24
francis188 i think the director share is force sell by the M&A
05/12/2017 18:09
francis188 the revenue shot up to around 4mil , and guarantee profit 7.5 Mil a year / 12 = 650K a month , the accounting period include only AUG and SEP , so is net profit is 1M something , which mean the guarantee profit is not talk talk only ..........
05/12/2017 18:17
The_Reds francis188 ur thought is exactly same as mine...let's hope that soon there will be an announcement about new substantial shareholder from ASAP and it will clear our doubts about the director selling
05/12/2017 20:06
Chong Jiunn Hau 194mil Orion shares will be credited to those ASAP shareholders automatically when the time goes by. It was part of the M&A's T&C.

I just wrote a blog regarding Orion. You may take a look if you interested.
05/12/2017 22:27
Hitman CJH, good one..I like it..
05/12/2017 22:48
YouBuyIBuy finally got an article regarding Orion, finally got people found this gem, haha
not too late to buy more now !
05/12/2017 22:55
The_Reds Great article from chong, thanks a lot
05/12/2017 23:29
Hafizam Definetly will keep buying..
05/12/2017 23:29
The_Reds By the way i would like to correct 1 thing..the purchase consideration of ASAP was later changed to rm73 million to be satisfied entirely by cash thru issuance of right issue at rm0.17
05/12/2017 23:36
The_Reds Another thing I'm puzzled..where did u get the info that ASAP big boss subscribed the remaining right issues and currently holding 35% of shares?
05/12/2017 23:39
Chong Jiunn Hau From a news, nan yang
05/12/2017 23:55
Chong Jiunn Hau Thx for the info @the_red, i shall admend it tomorrow nite
05/12/2017 23:58
The_Reds Haha thanks for the info from nanyang..i once asked my remisier about that but she can't find anything, now I roughly know 'ada udang di sebalik batu', and this is a grade A udang for sure
06/12/2017 00:13
MrJasone But I wonder, how is ASAP going to guarantee RM7.5m in PAT when the revenue for FY13 to FY15 is already less than RM7.5m (excluding the one-off transaction in FY14)? Just curious. Any info on ASAP's FY16 performance?
06/12/2017 14:35
The_Reds ASAP has an orderbook value of RM11mil, which is deliverable in the first year.
Based on their previous profit margin of ~70%, this target of RM7.5mil is achievable

06/12/2017 15:13
Suare Pro Trader penny always penny....lingkup
06/12/2017 21:40
Hafizam ok lar ada jual beli..
07/12/2017 11:36
The_Reds http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5632589
New CEO acquired 6% of shares from old directors, now u know ASAP big guys are slowly taking control of the company..
08/12/2017 19:00
safewinner low volume.... 0.125 traded 0.01lot
OFF MARKET transaction 6.16%
08/12/2017 22:43
The_Reds U need to have patience with this stock..let the big guy collect and wait for next qr
08/12/2017 23:35
Hafizam from the surface..no sign at all..TA trader will think twice or more to buy this stock.. this kind off stock need endurance and holding strenght..now, i just trust my sense..
08/12/2017 23:44
The_Reds So ur sense tells u to buy now or wait 1st? Haha..
08/12/2017 23:51
Chong Jiunn Hau Relative to Dato Paduka Mohd Sharaff bin Mohd Shariff, key shareholder of ASAP?
08/12/2017 23:58
safewinner QR good,QoQ +272.13% YoY +363.3% report out only 0.13 (+1c) drop back 0.115
market weak shark hungry can trap 2ways at 12c, is my personal opinion only
09/12/2017 00:20
Hafizam reds..my sense...i just buy slowly..hahaha..
09/12/2017 10:43
Hafizam safewinner..i think there is a reason why price not going up..it is all about the proses of changing hand to hand..just my guess only..
09/12/2017 10:46
The_Reds Previously I tot 0.120 is the lowest, obviously I was wrong..now I have to key in 0.115 everyday to fight with the shark
09/12/2017 13:01
Hafizam many tot 0.12 the strong support..that is how they manipulate the chart..
09/12/2017 22:45


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