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15-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 04-Jul-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 7 : 2 Dividend Detail
24-Mar-2006 27-Apr-2006 23-May-2006 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 10% Dividend Detail
27-Jul-2005 11-Aug-2005 15-Aug-2005 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
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eazye92 con stock, fcuk off la told people to buy then drop like crazy, kanina
12/10/2017 17:00
Alson168 any news for this counter?
12/10/2017 19:30
Winmore88 left hand to right hand , but it's an undervalued counter. I bought some to keep as mid term investment
12/10/2017 19:32
Winmore88 now consider is bottom d
12/10/2017 19:33
juinming0304 low price high volume. UPTREND
12/10/2017 20:11
Winmore88 yupp, uptrenddddd
12/10/2017 21:59
stncws 85m shares traded, never before in 6 yrs !!
12/10/2017 22:03
YouBuyIBuy Yea this is typical high volume but low price change,indicates trend reversal, buy in now at bottom and ready for a spike high high
13/10/2017 02:32
潘国伦 Die la....
13/10/2017 10:23
1009 More eat? If incoming up?
13/10/2017 10:41
tomblack Buy Anzo for possible 100% profit in Anzo. Uptrend
13/10/2017 11:55
Winmore88 lai liao lo..if can hold , sure earn lot of money 1
13/10/2017 12:34
ilovehits This OREN spent RM73 mil to buy ASAP, guarantee RM7.5 mil profit a year. You will know how good this OREN is.

13/10/2017 16:56
YouBuyIBuy yea go see the potential up from the graph
13/10/2017 23:05
Winmore88 yupp..wait operator to accumulate kao kao , then will push up all the way d
14/10/2017 11:23
ilovehits Let's say ASAP contributes RM7.5 mil a year to ORION. Based on 589,956,390 total shares, TP should be like that.

$0.125 based on 10 PE ratio.
$0.190 based on 15 PE ratio.
$0.250 based on 20 PE ratio.
$0.375 based on 30 PE ratio.

Actually technology stocks deserve how many PE ratio. Guess yourself. Here is ASAP's historical financial information from 2013 to 2015 but couldn't find 2016 or latest.

15/10/2017 19:54
ilovehits No dividend, tax free and zero debt company.
15/10/2017 19:57
djibaok Long time since untung. Masok angin keluar ASAP.
15/10/2017 20:44
My Master Good, why price keep dropping?
15/10/2017 21:20
Winmore88 big boy press it down, to shake weak retailers, and accumulating ticket, I kept this counter as mid term investment.
15/10/2017 21:23
My Master is the acquisition n right issue over yet?
15/10/2017 21:35
ilovehits Acquisition and right issue done already. ORION's share price dropping just because they haven't make profit yet. Wait one more month then you see yourself.

The deal has done on 2 August 2017. Do your own homework. I don't want keep promoting here. Haha..
15/10/2017 21:50
stncws weak kaki kicked out today !! tomorrow BOOM !
16/10/2017 16:08
fl888 TP 13 for support only...
16/10/2017 16:17
Pak Andak Go..go..
16/10/2017 16:24
YouBuyIBuy Tomorrow really boom or not if yes faster sapu 0.045 warrant ady
16/10/2017 18:39
fl888 seem cannot get lower than 12.5 at all....
17/10/2017 09:15
YouBuyIBuy Column coming , today maybe the show?
17/10/2017 09:18
Pak Andak ilovehits Let's say ASAP contributes RM7.5 mil a year to ORION. Based on 589,956,390 total shares, TP should be like that.

$0.125 based on 10 PE ratio.
$0.190 based on 15 PE ratio.
$0.250 based on 20 PE ratio.
$0.375 based on 30 PE ratio.

looks like resoanable...
17/10/2017 11:11
Pak Andak Recall that loss-making computerised maintenance management system provider Orion IXL is expected to return to the black with the proposed acquisition of privately held ASAP, which is estimated to be completed by August or September this year. The acquisition comes with a profit guarantee of RM7.5 million per year, for two years.

The proposed acquisition of ASAP for RM73 million and rights issue with warrants to raise estimated proceeds of RM79.2 million to fund the acquisition have been approved in the group's extraordinary general meeting held on May 30 this year.
17/10/2017 11:21
fl888 Since 10.45 am, no one buy or sell WA at all,,,ha
17/10/2017 15:47
Edwardong53 @Pak Andak - thanks for your info. Waiting patiently for this counter to shoot up like Keyasic.
17/10/2017 19:10
Edwardong53 Rights issue price was RM0.17 and shd move up very soon to above it
17/10/2017 19:12
YouBuyIBuy This could be another pallette , last time pallette also as low as this
18/10/2017 12:18
Pak Andak Low price high volume. UPTREND
You are right mr Edwardong53 Rights issue price was RM0.17 and it shd move up very soon to above it..so thats the point is.
18/10/2017 22:07
NG Jack now the sharks all playing other cent counter first, will come to this later
19/10/2017 12:19
fl888 When will break 13 ........
19/10/2017 12:30
fl888 Clearing contra players at 12.5 , for tomorrow rally,,,,,,,,lol
19/10/2017 15:45
hongheng7 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5576361
19/10/2017 21:20
hongheng7 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5576365
19/10/2017 21:20
hongheng7 Game over ....
19/10/2017 21:23
Winmore88 ding dong ding dong
19/10/2017 21:35
gerrard88 Who is the buyers for this huge disposal?
19/10/2017 22:45
manja good or bad news?
19/10/2017 22:52
winvestor SOON
20/10/2017 12:08
Edwardong53 When going to move up
20/10/2017 13:17
NG Jack dispose for shark to get into game~
20/10/2017 14:33
20/10/2017 16:37
winvestor before this month end
20/10/2017 17:04
YouBuyIBuy Before this month end will go high?
The buy queue 400k already for 0.045, told you buy early, now have to queue long long
20/10/2017 21:26


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