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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
12-Jul-2006 11-Aug-2006 25-Aug-2006 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3.5% Dividend Detail
30-Jul-2007 06-Sep-2007 20-Sep-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3.5% Dividend Detail
02-Aug-2017 14-Aug-2017 16-Aug-2017 FREE_WARRANT Others 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
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turbochart Get ready to shoot bahvest...wah hoax hoax...!!
10/03/2017 08:40
twoplus oh yes babe come come babe
10/03/2017 11:52
turbochart 0.85..yes!!!
20/03/2017 09:47
turbochart sold all at 870. small gain3k. tq bahvest again...kikiki..
20/03/2017 12:51
twoplus heading to 1 lo
20/03/2017 20:16
Waitingapproval Finally
21/03/2017 08:16
Ryan. Ng http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Blog/BlogArticle.aspx?tid=4802
23/03/2017 21:59
turbochart 830....yes!!!
29/03/2017 11:15
turbochart 820 All in!!!! HOPE $$$ AGAIN.....WAKAKAKA....
30/03/2017 17:06
Rick Kow Wei Loon .885 up up.
30/03/2017 19:37
turbochart If sell 92sen,can gain 15k
13/04/2017 00:33
Cyril http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5395049

propose free warrant
13/04/2017 12:57
turbochart 2017 .. BAHVEST ... BEST OF THE BEST ...KIKIKI
13/04/2017 13:03
Cyril huat ah tp 1.20
13/04/2017 14:37
turbochart 940 sold . tq bahvest....
13/04/2017 14:38
mondrian TP 1.30
13/04/2017 14:51
VinzVp yes!!! i should all in this instead of EG.... damn!!!!
13/04/2017 15:13
Cyril entry 90 cent wont lose much
13/04/2017 15:20
joni hold on free warrant 1:2
13/04/2017 15:21
Cyril today alot contra player hungry no counter play
13/04/2017 15:24
turbochart i very very very love this darling.....wakakaka.....!!!
13/04/2017 17:29
mondrian It will break all time high
14/04/2017 08:34
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes Dow Jones 20,453.25 -138.61 0.67%

Nasdaq 5,805.15 -31.01 0.53%
14/04/2017 08:49
pak_tebu Warrant percuma buka dalam harga negative. Haha !!
14/04/2017 13:43
mondrian Back in action. TP 1.30 intact
20/04/2017 15:24
twoplus welcome back my darling
20/04/2017 15:44
GoLucky88 Some of you still dreaming... g9
24/05/2017 04:24
GoLucky88 Useless counter
24/05/2017 04:27
mondrian Coming!
25/05/2017 14:35
mondrian Coming soon! Accumulate
26/05/2017 12:24
urmomcrabs aiyoh... ini kali i dun wan collect this counter.. looks like game over.. all the best, friend. hope this counter will gives duit raya otherwise pakcik taikor mengamuk tu... tukar itu jerung, tak pandai kerja..
08/06/2017 23:01
urmomcrabs Nah jalan but no collect. Esok or monday back to 0.750 again. Or later announce warrant issue subscribe 2:1. Tomorrow balik 0.750
15/06/2017 13:26
urmomcrabs Selalu gitu ini bahvest. Tak pernah ada big suprise.
15/06/2017 13:27
Cheetos lol sad but true.....
16/06/2017 00:17
Leanseng Chang When is the ex date for free warrant?
16/06/2017 12:07
urmomcrabs Dunno ooo. No see announcement. Now turun balik. Harap2 next week naik la. But this counter biasanya turun for weeks after 1 time naik. I came to see coz got friend trap at 1.1 huhu. Sakit
16/06/2017 16:50
mondrian Collecting Patiently!
29/06/2017 18:00
urmomcrabs hi just dropby see see... no ppl commenting @@... announcement soon i heard.. but i dun wan collect la.. up 1 time drop 1 month then no activity 2 weeks.
04/07/2017 12:13
turbochart sold all at 0.785. small gain 2.5k
17/07/2017 16:11
winwin33 proposed free warrant, entitlement date-mid Aug; listing-end Aug 2017
28/07/2017 14:52
o0o54088o0o Believe me or not, bahvest now campur tangan in mining sector, this stock wont let you down.
31/07/2017 08:54
brean No gold is mined yet but interests may flow in because gold may go up slowly with more conflicts coming
09/08/2017 07:42
DragonBall2017 Haha.... siapa kena trap? Why huge drop today?
14/08/2017 13:00
Tashan Gold is good but check the company's actual gold prospect and potential before committing....
30/08/2017 12:20
Hardminer Still in early stage of just clearing the mining sites. Will take some time to wait for next good announcement
13/09/2017 09:56
King Musang After so long still no news update..wondering why we can see the gold if any. Hope it is not another Busang Gold story.
24/09/2017 21:41
Hardminer Don't buy a stock for its penny-wise price for leverage and gambling's sake. Certainly u don't want to buy into hopes that it may mine gold out of its Bukit Mantri, Tawau mine. You got to check a company's fundamentals first. It will take a lengthy duration to set up and succeed in mining its first pot of physical gold. Bornoil on the other hand has been mining gold successively from its mines with gold reserves on hand.
25/09/2017 10:59
King Musang Got gold or not ? Ha ha...go to youtube google Busang Gold story...enjoy!
26/09/2017 23:14
Hardminer Bahvest will have to spend a lot of money and time to be able to find its gold nuggets. I suggest to stay away from this one.
06/10/2017 08:08
AbbyTan This counter no hope d
08/12/2017 01:15


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