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18-Jul-2017 28-Jul-2017 01-Aug-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 1 Dividend Detail
08-Dec-2015 18-Dec-2015 22-Dec-2015 CONSOLIDATION Share consolidate 1 : 5 Dividend Detail
13-Aug-2013 23-Aug-2013 27-Aug-2013 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
13-Dec-2012 26-Dec-2012 28-Dec-2012 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
13-Dec-2012 26-Dec-2012 28-Dec-2012 FREE_WARRANT Others 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
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darkxfs q 55k at 0.090 till 20/11/17
01/11/2017 10:36
darkxfs got 29.3k total 67.3k
01/11/2017 10:52
darkxfs got 105.7k total 173k
02/11/2017 11:19
darkxfs got 50k at 0.090 total 223k
02/11/2017 16:48
vikrogers darkxfs do you know something we dont know. pls share
06/11/2017 10:24
darkxfs i know nothing , i buy when price low today got another 60k at 0.090 total 283k
06/11/2017 17:41
vikrogers thanks
06/11/2017 17:46
darkxfs justnow buy 50k at 0.085 today q 50k at 0.080 0.075 till 20/11/17 total 333k
07/11/2017 17:37
cy91 suicide...
07/11/2017 20:52
vikrogers trading in shares is all about taking risks. No pain no gain
08/11/2017 19:56
darkxfs q 30k at 0.085 till 20/11/17
09/11/2017 16:30
15/11/2017 14:19
vikrogers I've been stuck for long. Hoping for some upward trend
15/11/2017 17:35
darkxfs total 363k
17/11/2017 16:33
darkxfs 0.095
30/11/2017 11:26
bonds56 10 cents now
15/12/2017 09:32
apolloang another anzo....hahaha
18/12/2017 10:56
darkxfs yesterday sold all at 0.100
28/12/2017 15:26
darkxfs now wait
28/12/2017 15:27
darkxfs trying play focusp 0157
05/01/2018 10:48
nmaa3003 lol.

advertising company.

not really sustainable business.

10/01/2018 12:02
darkxfs yesterday buy back 50k at 0.080
05/02/2018 14:24
darkxfs wait up then sell buy too less
27/02/2018 09:17
vikrogers Hope this is a sign of an upward trend.
27/02/2018 15:30
darkxfs buy hwatai
22/03/2018 15:03
darkxfs mybe some 1 want collect to be top 30 share holder
22/03/2018 15:04
vikrogers Wait till tomorrow to find out
22/03/2018 17:43
Definebustard Amedia rumours 0.45
27/03/2018 10:03
kangcs SURE BOH
27/03/2018 10:08
vikrogers Guys, any news???
27/03/2018 15:56
SK1200 Buy before late..1st TP - 0.14
28/03/2018 09:02
jordanmaggie61 Future 011
02/04/2018 12:10
vikrogers What happened?????
02/04/2018 17:55
shernlee trap??oops
02/04/2018 18:15
supersamy Well
10/04/2018 23:41
vikrogers Well, all pochu
12/04/2018 13:13
Lim Tek Wai sapu sapu!
12/04/2018 15:28
ZEPAN last time goreng to more than $1.29 cents, huhu
17/04/2018 17:00
vikrogers You're in the wrong forum
17/04/2018 17:30
ZEPAN vikrogers You're in the wrong forum
17/04/2018 17:30

What wrong forum. I presume you are new to shares and must be playing marbles when I am in trading shares already hahaha. Ask around if that a few years back Amedia was goreng above $1.29 cents.
18/04/2018 06:36
ZEPAN That year we all make a very big pile trading in large amount of Amedia shares, actually it was trading around 29 cents and then it began to goreng higher and higher.DON'T BELIEVE? Check back Amedia's trading history a couple of years back to find out.
18/04/2018 06:39
ZEPAN That was the time when Amedia started listing and in a rather short time it was goreng to it's highest no matter how many letters received from the SC. Hahaha, those were the days. After that went for a world trip 2 times with compliments from you know whom, huhu....and still have plenty for all the luxuries of life huhu
18/04/2018 06:45
ZEPAN There might be another repeat performance as now the total shares issued is around 240 million, so easy to goreng by those who had done it before. Before the shares are much more and yet easily goreng above $1, now what do you think?
18/04/2018 09:43
Jessie Ng gogo
18/04/2018 11:05
vikrogers Dream on
18/04/2018 11:06
ZEPAN The trouble with some dingy people who know nuts about shares try to make a living here by giving all sorts of negative comments, just to get some dirty advantage over others but others are not as stupid as this person thinks. Let me say this...if you have no money then don't play shares, but don't try to discourage others in the hope that you get cheaper shares and selling at half a cent profit. There are a lot of beggers here like a one here above me who just discourage others from buying with him hoping to get cheaper shares, like I said, NO MONEY DON'T PLAY SHARES, go and play marbles instead, hahaha
18/04/2018 11:53
ZEPAN Jessie Ng gogo ...brother just hold on and see how it goes.NOTHING VENTURE NOTHING GAIN
18/04/2018 11:54
abcde12345 hoho
18/04/2018 12:20
ZEPAN vikrogers When you die. you want the others to follow you

Who's dying but you kiasi & kiasu.FYI, I had never lost any money on this counter since the day it was listed. I had gone on 2 world trips from my gain on the counter and other luxuries with compliments from Amedia, huhu....and you, what happen, playing your marbles again, hohoho. BTW, I am chauffered driven in a Merz , what about you, on a motor bike perhaps, hahaha
18/04/2018 14:07
ZEPAN And vikrogers, don't talk nonsense, be a bit more matured...you got a brain, use it and as I said if you can't afford to play shares, then go back to playing your marbles instead.
18/04/2018 14:10


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