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10-Apr-2017 21-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 DIVIDEND_IN_SPECIE Dividend in specie 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
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mjsim1990 icic thanks for the useful information @taitaumau
11/04/2017 14:54
mjsim1990 so after calculation its like 1 share of REV I own, I get 0.3899 of ICQ, still a great bonus
11/04/2017 14:59
pang72 There are 19million private placrment to bumi investor on the way..who? KWSP, Finance institute or PNB?
11/04/2017 15:17
pang72 Queue 1.50 buy...
11/04/2017 15:40
pang72 Got it!
11/04/2017 15:41
pang72 Queue 1.04 hope to get
11/04/2017 15:41
pang72 Got it too..
Tomorrow continue...
11/04/2017 15:46
pang72 I want wait to see how jack Ma and Malaysia digital corp work with Catcha to develop DFTZ...
How much Rev Asia involvement on this project after share placement to Bumi holder
11/04/2017 15:48
pang72 Rm5 billion project is not little money for the company like Catcha Group...off course is nut to Alibaba
11/04/2017 15:50
issacgiap Rev will get project from alibaba,rev will shoot up agin
11/04/2017 16:26
y4ng19961 It mean REV shareholder will get ICQ share right?
Is ICQ share we get could trade at Malaysia stock market or will trade at Aussie stock market?
11/04/2017 17:21
cstrader Buy TP 1.80
11/04/2017 19:18
pang72 More surprising was the movement in Rev Asia. The company is not directly involved in the DFTZ but the link was through its parent company Catcha Group, which owns 66% of Rev Asia.
Rev Asia’s shares closed at a 52-week high of 81.5 sen, rising 15.5 sen on a volume of almost half a million shares changing hands.
Catcha Group, which describes itself as Asia’s leading Internet group, has been made the master developer of the Kuala Lumpur Internet City (KLIC).
The KLIC will be a component of the DFTZ, which aims to house at least 1,000 Internet related firms.
In a press release, Catcha said the KLIC would encompass 5 million sq ft built over 15 years with an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM5bil.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/03/23/mahb-rev-asia-shares-up-on-likely-gains-from-digital-ftz/#RZVL7BSvoBZ62jWI.99
11/04/2017 19:37
pang72 GDV of RM5Bil---------------What the XXXX!!
11/04/2017 19:38
Huat168 Today thestar news:

REV Asia jumped 16 sen to RM1.08 with 8.48 million shares done. It had proposed a dividend in specie of 134.64 million shares of ICQ Holdings Bhd to shareholders of the company. The ex-date for the dividend is April 21
11/04/2017 21:38
ryong92 ICQH will listed on bursa? And what is the price after bonus issue? How many share we will get on ICQH for each of the Rev share ?
11/04/2017 21:55
pang72 With Alibaba on board + Ajib,s DFTZ project master planner....It is very undervalued
12/04/2017 09:31
mjsim1990 Excerpt from THE STAR:

As for REV, which holds a diversified portfolio of digital publications and businesses, the group’s pivot into large-scale property development with KL Internet City (KLIC) has recently dominated the chatter in investment forums and blogs.

The group’s share price nearly doubled following the announcement of KLIC on March 23 as REV’s parent company, Catcha group, was appointed as a strategic partner to develop the five million sq ft site into a digital hub for global and local Internet-related companies targeting the South-East Asian market.

In previous Bursa filings, REV disclosed that it is undertaking a series of corporate exercises to ensure that there are sufficient retained earnings to facilitate the distribution-in-specie.

These include a reduction in the par value of its shares as well as a reduction in its share premium.

ICQH is a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) which holds REV’s stake in ASX-listed iCar Asia Ltd comprising 52.5 million shares. The distribution means that shareholders will be entitled to one ICQH share for every one REV share held.

According to REV in a Bursa filing on Monday, the ex-date for the share distribution exercise involving 134.64 million ICQH shares is on April 21 while the entitlement date will be by 5pm on April 26.

For shareholders, a single ICQH share entitles them to the equivalent to around 0.39 iCar shares on a pro rata basis. A single iCar share is currently worth 26.5 Australian cents based on its last traded price yesterday.

While this arrangement gives minority shareholders an upside should iCar’s share price appreciates, disposing of the stake would be a challenge as the iCar shares would still be held by the SPV.

Another development that has piqued investors’ interest is REV’s ongoing placement exercise towards bumiputra investors. This will see the company’s share base enlarged by up to 12.5% in complicance with bumiputra equity ownership guidelines for public-listed companies.

The placement could see the entry of a new entity with a substantial sway over REV’s future business direction. The investors in question would also have to be approved by the International Trade and Industry Ministry prior to completion.

On the other hand, fixing the price for these special issue shares would be a challenge, given the volatile movement in REV’s stock price over the past month.

The group had indicated in a past Bursa filing that the pricing must be not exceed a discount of 5% over the stock’s five-day volume weighted average market price immediately prior to the price fixing date.
12/04/2017 10:08
mjsim1990 IMO, the bumiputra placement exercise will always be maximum 5% lower than 5 days MA market price, doesn't matter what price it is in.

Depending on when they are going to start placement exercise, they will that the 5 days MA market price from there and then

With those fresh capital coming in from the placement exercise, can't wait to see what REV is going to bring for the days ahead =)
12/04/2017 11:29
mjsim1990 Hahaha, on these days I wish I am a Bumi
12/04/2017 11:31
Deegodee why drop so much?
13/04/2017 11:41
y4ng19961 Is time to buy in more to make average price low?
13/04/2017 15:23
Huat168 After 21th apr the icq shares distributed to us, will there be price adjustment to REV share? thanks
19/04/2017 18:51
Huat168 Or REV price will be adjusted after 26th apr?
19/04/2017 19:01
leslieroycarter I business will b the future business. Like it or not , we have no choice but have to follow the tides of modernization n advancement of technologies.
20/04/2017 10:24
leslieroycarter ICQ shot up to 29.5 Aus cts from 26c.....good for those who r having icq shares distributed by Rev....
20/04/2017 17:08
Apollo Ang rev now ex dividend yet still 0.73? including ICQ AUS 28cts, today rev is worth 0.73+0.95=RM 1.68 is it?
21/04/2017 09:11
long16 Price correction today? How do we check if we have been issued ICQ shares?
21/04/2017 09:11
Apollo Ang anyone care to explain? I no understand why rev price so high?
21/04/2017 09:23
Apollo Ang icg hlgs paid in RM or AUSD?
21/04/2017 09:45
Apollo Ang know lah just don't know why ex price rev still so high? yesterday those who bought rev make a lot is it?
21/04/2017 10:10
cfchere Pls don't mistaken ICQH for ICQ
21/04/2017 10:10
Apollo Ang now rev 0.81cts+ ICQ holdings at 27cts AUSD(RM0.918cts)= RM 1.72.8 now is it?
21/04/2017 10:16
leslieroycarter i think the calculation shall be 40% of icq asx x Aus 29c + present Rev ex price shall be correct
40/100*99c approx 40c
84.5 c
Compared with highest 122
Diff 2.5 c
21/04/2017 10:24
Apollo Ang why 40% given only I tot 1 for 1?
21/04/2017 10:26

Based on the latest shareholder circular dated 20.10.2016

(1) REV hold 52,500,000 icar asia limited (ICQ) listed at ASX
(2) REV incorporated ICQ holdings bhd (with 134,640,020 share capital)
(3) REV share capital 1s also 134,640,020 shares.
The distribution of ICQ holdings share to REV is 1:1
(4) Please note that each ICQ holdings share own only 0.3899 share of
icar asia limited on a pro rata basis

The above is based on understanding.
Do COUNTER check with your remiser/accountant
21/04/2017 10:30
sam6644 Distribution exercise of 134,640,020 ordinary shares of ICQ Holding Berhad ("ICQH")("ICQH Shares"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rev Asia Berhad("Rev Asia"), by way of a distribution-in-specie of ICQH Shares to the entitled shareholders of Rev Asia, on the basis of one (1) ICQH Shares for every one (1) share held in Rev Asia ("Rev Asia Share") on the Entitlement Date("Distribution In-Specie")

21 Apr 2017
26 Apr 2017
21/04/2017 10:33
leslieroycarter See (4)Please note that each ICQ holdings share own only 0.3899 share of icar Asia limited on a pro rata basis....
21/04/2017 10:33
gohky87 is this share worth to buy now at 0.84?
21/04/2017 11:37
leslieroycarter No one knows.....u have to decide for yourself....
21/04/2017 11:39
Apollo Ang aiya no buy will only up, if we buy 50,000 at 84cts, we'll wait to cut loss at 80cts and below
21/04/2017 11:40
leslieroycarter To me I like to hold shares listed in Klse n ASX . Whether icq share can succeed in ASX or not is a different story, For longer term , I think icq dealing in icar business got its potentials to expand into other ASEAN markets where majority of car buyers r here . Though presently not so popular does not mean its business platform will not be the favorite later . Just like online buying n selling , it has generated more business than conventional ones in coming years compared a few years ago . The most important thing is Cost . If overall costs lowered greatly n prosedural wise being safe guarded, more will be attracted in icar business to avoid the hassles in tackling all the rudiments in car purchasing n selling. I m pretty sure that if safety measures being well taken care of , many will be interested in the platform prescribed. Just sharing....not a recommendation to buy or sell.
21/04/2017 11:51
Tang Sze Yeng https://i3investor.wordpress.com/
22/04/2017 08:56
leslieroycarter Icq in Aus now 29c
25/04/2017 14:45
Khoo Peng Soon when can get icq share and how to trade it?
25/04/2017 17:10
leealex24 Guys, this ICQ share to be given is the one listed in aust?
26/04/2017 13:46
jackieong I checked with the REV registrar and was told that ICQH is not listed in any stock exchange and the share certificates will be sent to shareholders in one month's time from entitlement date.
26/04/2017 16:44
leealex24 How much does a stock worth?
26/04/2017 23:42
janedoh once we receive the share certificate how do we liquidate it if we want to sell it?
27/04/2017 10:34
leslieroycarter Icq must keep for your children........
27/04/2017 15:56


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