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04-Apr-2018 18-Apr-2018 20-Apr-2018 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 4 Dividend Detail
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CITADEL sold, reenter if the trend still intact
09/07/2018 17:56
Wongfatt Need break tp0. 43 then can go 0.48
10/07/2018 09:03
SK1200 Cimb 1st TP - 0.50..good momentum
10/07/2018 09:05
Wongfatt Rubbish counter
10/07/2018 09:16
Wongfatt Call buy QES 0196
0.175 NICE
10/07/2018 09:16
Wongfatt QES 0196 gogogo
10/07/2018 10:29
satha44 Be cautious...very heavy volume...past 2 days.
10/07/2018 19:06
Shinnzaii Trade war tension...collecting mode
11/07/2018 09:30
xjteh As on 10/7, the 0.44 gap is closed. However, after touching o.44, price come down slightly again. This is due to the 0.44 price overshoot the daily BB upper range. Coming 2 days, again to challenge the 0.44 level before smooth up.
12/07/2018 10:47
Ivan89 High chance to break 44 tmr
12/07/2018 21:27
Faithone broke 44 now, a chance to go higher today to 45.5>?
13/07/2018 10:03
MasterCard Any good news from aemulus?
13/07/2018 10:41
sincere_analyst nice trap. keep buying and go to holland stay presidential suite.
13/07/2018 12:05
sincere_analyst from 45 to 43, 100% of sochai get trapped today.
13/07/2018 12:06
sincere_analyst water leg sifu here only know how to see past movement and tokok. Sochai will trust and buy coz they do not like sincere advice.
13/07/2018 12:10
Shinnzaii No good news yet...waiting for next result report on August...for those kena trap, hope for result report on august
13/07/2018 12:20
sincere_analyst those that stuck 3 months ago already check out from presidential suite. next batch of sochai is very excited to check in now. this cycle never end.
13/07/2018 12:28
CITADEL up is for u to sell la, they wan stay let them
13/07/2018 12:41
Ivan89 Additional listing 0.5238???
13/07/2018 12:44
sincere_analyst If you do not know what is RSP but still dare to play with this counter, you are so brave !
13/07/2018 13:45
Ivan89 Please explain RSP, thks
13/07/2018 14:33
sincere_analyst 29 years old liao still lazy and hope for spoon feed.
13/07/2018 14:37
appsss Keep selling...
13/07/2018 14:38
appsss I still feel it is a good counter, just the price now is overvalued now
13/07/2018 15:02
sincere_analyst the water sifu must have sold his units to sochai that fetch it this morning. nice move !! continue to con ppl. I see through your gimmick.
13/07/2018 15:09
sincere_analyst drop further back to 425. sifu hide away after successful con
13/07/2018 16:01
sincere_analyst drop from 450 to 420. the sifu get lost and disappear. for sure he will show face every time when the stock up 5 sens.
13/07/2018 16:03
MasterCard you mean which sifu?
13/07/2018 20:12
Richard KH Wong can buy at 0.42?
17/07/2018 11:59
sincere_analyst the most supportive shareholder already run. you know what's next. continue to believe the conman and water leg sifu, buy buy buy ! don't stop !
17/07/2018 20:45
xjteh I believe today the 0.44 resistence level is able to overcome & breakthru. With the daily BB starts to open widely & hourly BB just indicates the upper range starting to move upward, price continues to move up. Short term target 0.465, 0.500.
18/07/2018 09:45
sincere_analyst whats the point posting thing that already happen? trying to con ppl also find a better smart way. you think everyone is siaokia in year before 2000? just get lost and don't show up everytime when you see half sen up.
18/07/2018 09:50
appsss Good, i just sold another batch of unit at 0.44
18/07/2018 10:34
sincere_analyst such as huge selling block from 450 to 440. nice trap again and again.earn 2 cents or less but bear such a high risk. not worth it. you see ppl talking about relative work inside la, talk to ceo la, use technical terms to show off la, you know something not right already.
18/07/2018 10:37
sincere_analyst the water leg sifu only show up when up half a cents. big drop from 450 to 435, will just hide.
18/07/2018 10:38
appsss Actually my average price is very low, is good time for me to slowly selling out batch by batch of my shares now and slowly buy back again when it drop to 0.35.
18/07/2018 10:46
appsss Btw, what is your opinion of this stock? Since you are so similar with it.
18/07/2018 10:47
Shinnzaii Nope, 0.45 would drop back...trap you all...this situation happen many times edi
18/07/2018 10:49
appsss Khazanah just disposed 752,000 of share last week
18/07/2018 11:36
Shinnzaii >ShQuah, this counter is good, but shark price trap
18/07/2018 15:11
sincere_analyst How nice to stay in presidential suite. Already warn but no listen. Enjoy your vacation. Shame on those who always like to chase high. You deserve it.
18/07/2018 15:39
sincere_analyst 90% of today collection is trapped at high point. Hope you enjoy nice suite
18/07/2018 16:48
appsss haha...i have sold out my suite
18/07/2018 16:49
sincere_analyst The water leg sifu must be happy for helping his client to enjoy few millions profit. Pity those who listen to him.
18/07/2018 16:49
appsss i just gain few thousand profit only, i'm not that big leg to profit few mil at the moment.
18/07/2018 17:02
sincere_analyst Buy now 425 !! Anything below 425 is a superb collection point. After frontkn and Gtronic, I think this counter can already. Base is formed. I don’t give bogus tips like those sifu that want to trap you and torture you.
19/07/2018 11:28
Darren agreed, but I will collect next week during weakness
19/07/2018 12:50
appsss 0.425 is still very expensive to me, i will slowly buyback when it drops to 0.35.
19/07/2018 13:28
sincere_analyst Timing arrives. Don’t afraid to buy ! Those water leg sifu will tulan me for asking ppl to collect at low while he con ppl to buy at high !
20/07/2018 09:51
appsss no...it is still high now
20/07/2018 13:46


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