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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
02-May-2008 27-Jun-2008 15-Jul-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.012 Dividend Detail
18-Jan-2010 28-Jan-2010 02-Feb-2010 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
11-May-2010 08-Jun-2010 07-Jul-2010 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
11-Mar-2011 06-Apr-2011 04-May-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
09-Mar-2012 05-Apr-2012 04-May-2012 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
28-May-2013 11-Jun-2013 03-Jul-2013 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
26-Aug-2013 05-Sep-2013 09-Sep-2013 FREE_WARRANT Others 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
04-Jun-2014 26-Jun-2014 23-Jul-2014 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
20-Apr-2015 30-Jun-2015 24-Jul-2015 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
18-Dec-2015 21-Jan-2016 24-Feb-2016 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0250 Dividend Detail
12-Jul-2017 25-Jul-2017 18-Aug-2017 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.0275 Dividend Detail
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Larrytrader MRCB got bid?
25/07/2017 20:11
Bennychua Tmr up up up. us market and oil also up a lot .Should good for Tmr
26/07/2017 00:36
hkck egm tmr?
26/07/2017 10:01
nasaie24 Silent till august
26/07/2017 10:23
KeliEja silent ok but dont down more..
26/07/2017 10:59
ltw1123 No good news recently?
26/07/2017 11:31
AdCool EGM tomorrow. Once RI is finalized, at least there is more certainty. Now, many still not buying in order to avoid the RI
26/07/2017 11:59
Hh5519 200k bought again buy lembaga haji
26/07/2017 12:13
KeliEja usually the price may go lower after RI.but as @AdCool said earlier,the price already strted move down aftr annoucement..mybe after RI the price not affect to much?
26/07/2017 12:59
kakakemas what is RI?
26/07/2017 13:19
Chin Du Jia if i buy in @ 1.34, RI price is @1.20, then the share quantity will be given according ratio?
or i'll just encounter loss?
26/07/2017 13:23
TrippleZ RI is right issue
26/07/2017 13:25
Bennychua Anyone know when the RI issue will decrease
26/07/2017 14:40
AdCool RI process is something like this;
1. There would be an ex date for the RI, meaning if you are still holding MRCB mother share by ex date, it would mean that you are subscribing to the RI.
2. Next the mother share would be adjusted lower to reflect the ex price and start trading as per usual.
2. You would be given a Rights Warrants to trade for 1 week in Bursa according to the ratio and your entitlement. The warrants price is usually the price difference between the theoretical ex price of the mother share and the RI price being offered. Let's say if the ex mother price is RM1.20 and the RI offered price is RM1, your right warrants would worth RM0.20 for you to trade within that week.
3. Once the trading week is close, whatever right warrants u still own would be converted to mother shares and you would need to settle the payment with your IB/Security, etc.
4. Next, the converted shares would be listed as MRCB share on the listed date approved by Bursa. Usually this is within weeks after the completion of the 1 week trading of the right warrants.

TipsL: if you do not wish to subscribe to the rights issue, either u sell of your MRCB shares now or sell off the Rights Warrant during that 1 week trading.
26/07/2017 14:53
AdCool Above is just my simple calculation. The actual price would be determined during the price fixing date and would be announced by the board.
26/07/2017 14:55
KeliEja @AdCool thnk you fr ur explaination..very apprciate that..may i ask,any happen to the wrrant holder?might it rflect also to wrrnt price?
26/07/2017 15:03
AdCool Warrants exercise price and ratio would be adjusted accordingly. Please refer to your warrant issuers announcement.
26/07/2017 15:09
weiseng1214 and the call warrent also will be adjusted? THX
26/07/2017 15:17
Bennychua thanks adcool
26/07/2017 15:28
KeliEja no adjstment for c9..wht call wrrnt u hold weiseng?bte,thanks a lot @AdCool
26/07/2017 15:31
Bennychua When is the RI data?
26/07/2017 15:32
Hh5519 C15 will be adjust also??
26/07/2017 15:44
weiseng1214 asking for C15 1
26/07/2017 15:46
Hh5519 Weiseng1214 meaning ??
26/07/2017 15:48
weiseng1214 my question is when the RI out, will call warrent C-15 's exercise price and ratio be adjusted? THX
26/07/2017 16:05
blahbleh C9 force selling kawkaw
26/07/2017 16:14
Hh5519 Oicic, I m asking @adcool also.. thanks
26/07/2017 16:27
KeliEja im holding c9..die lor..
26/07/2017 16:32
Bennychua Drop so much last minute
26/07/2017 17:05
KeliEja very scary lor..
26/07/2017 17:11
AdCool C9 expiry is 30 August 2017. RI may not be completed by then. Hence, for those holding C9, you have the risk of RI not completing and there would be no adjustment to your warrant. You are at a disadvantage situation due to that. Tomorrow after EGM, you may get more information about the RI. If the ex date for RI is after August, your C9 may worth zero by then.
26/07/2017 17:44
AdCool C15 expiry is on 24 Nov 2017 and looking at that, it should be adjusted as per Kenanga announcement on 18 May 2017. Just wait for tomorrow EGM and see what's the details of the RI.
26/07/2017 17:46
Muhammad Arif Aiman should i sell warrant right now or hold? bought at 0.11
26/07/2017 18:12
KeliEja wht wrrnt u hold aiman?
26/07/2017 18:46
Bennychua I believe will only be stable after RI annocement
26/07/2017 18:50
Tony Kung will the price of wa be affected by RI
26/07/2017 19:03
Hh5519 Thanks Adcool
26/07/2017 19:14
nasaie24 Aiya u all no sell aa. Bad for health la. Health more important than money
26/07/2017 19:32
hengbird EGM is on friday not by tomorrow
26/07/2017 19:35
Bennychua Sien lol this store
26/07/2017 21:13
gcke Presently,all the Technical Price Indicators- Moving Average(MA),Moving Average Convergence Divergence(MACD),Relative Strength Index(RSI) support the bearishness of this share counter.It has been dropping to new lows the last few days.A long black candle registered on 11 July did not portend any immediate upside reversal for this counter.

View the chart: http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Stock-Chart.aspx?securitycode=1651

2.Surprisingly a politically linked property counter and with EPF and Tabung Haji supporting the price downside still cannot be mitigated.Market forces are greater than any such buying support from the institutional buyers.

3.Awarded quite a number of plum development projects by gomen but FA and fundamentals mediocre.Weak project management and costs controls...
26/07/2017 21:23
Elly so,this stock wil continues drop?
26/07/2017 21:53
beginner aiyo..why so complicated....
26/07/2017 22:58
risenfall funny that penny stocks like straits can push up due to RI but glc mrcb drop so much even before final affirmation...
26/07/2017 19:05
nasaie24 Go!
19/07/2017 10:59
tiger69 hi everyone ...am a niebie here and a greenhorn in this bursa market
can I ask on the rights warrant ? would there be a price for it ?
27/07/2017 09:39
KeliEja wait for the EGM then u can decide to buy warrnt.
27/07/2017 09:45
nasaie24 Newbies starting to come in. By the time klci peak more than half traders will be newbies
27/07/2017 09:52
invS huge selling~~
27/07/2017 20:01
NewbieVer007 Price dropped much but tabung haji keep acquiring
27/07/2017 13:22


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