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27-May-1999 17-Jun-1999 01-Jul-1999 INTEREST Loan Stock Interest 8% Dividend Detail
28-Nov-2005 14-Dec-2005 03-Jan-2006 INTEREST Loan Stock Interest 8% Dividend Detail
07-Jan-2010 20-Jan-2010 22-Jan-2010 DIVIDEND_SHARE Others 1 : 25 Dividend Detail
16-Feb-2012 29-Feb-2012 02-Mar-2012 DIVIDEND_SHARE Others 1 : 50 Dividend Detail
10-Jan-2013 23-Jan-2013 26-Feb-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.013 Dividend Detail
08-Jan-2014 23-Jan-2014 24-Feb-2014 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
12-Jan-2015 23-Jan-2015 25-Feb-2015 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
13-Jan-2015 23-Jan-2015 27-Jan-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 5 Dividend Detail
08-Jan-2016 21-Jan-2016 24-Feb-2016 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0100 Dividend Detail
05-Jan-2017 20-Jan-2017 21-Feb-2017 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
09-Jan-2018 22-Jan-2018 14-Feb-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
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goodguess if they claim to own only 32% then why is the 68% keeping silence. If sslee can have enough publicity and round up 33% share holder then can put pressure on them. Remember when the silent majority speaks it can change things. I support sslee.
26/05/2018 10:15
TheContrarian Actually at least another 18% held by Thong's cronies.
26/05/2018 17:08
Sslee Dear goodguess,
Thank you for your support but I am just joking with Jon Choivo when I pose the question “Since you are working in financial sectors, will you ask around any investment banker ready to lend me RM210 million so that I can buy up to 32% (224 million of Insas Share) and then during Next AGM proposed resolution: Share distribution on the basic of 1 Inari share for every 2 existing ordinary share of RM 1.00 each held in the Company.”

I do not have KYY wealth or Tun M charisma to mobilize the silent majority to Tun/Malaysian Cause. By the way GE14 is done with; PH won the election and formed the government. No more campaign talk, just needed to work harder think out of box and start a new approach.

For few of us that see the value in INSAS please give ourselves a thumbs-up. I will start to slowly accumulate some INSAS share again and I will not seek any more confrontation with the INSAS board during the next AGM but will write to them on how to improves things and hold them to what The Company’s responses in the 55th AGM minute. http://www.insas.net/pdf/img-20180514.pdf

I will tell them if my suggestions and questions will cause uneasiness/uncomfortable with the board during the AGM I will not ask that questions. I seek to give and take (give more than I take and take nothing for grant. However if what I request for a reasonable/cost of living dividend in not entertained then I will start collecting name-card during the AGM and will write promotion article on INSAS to the local/foreign fund manager or corporate raider.

Thank you
26/05/2018 21:19
dunspace It's pretty funny how the board cannot see the fact that if they align their interests with shareholders, it will benefit them in the long run. The board now is in a situation where they cannot/wont dispose any of their shares due to it being not worth the price. By enhancing shareholder value, they can exit easier in the future and at a higher price as shareholder confidence is regained and a sell-off won't spook anyone. Unless I am missing the elephant in the room, I got no idea what is the management trying to do.
27/05/2018 20:39
leno u dun understand ... when u are multi millionaire .. money is not important anymore. If u keep tok kok about can make more money for directors ... u are just tok kok. U have to find wat is most important for rich ppl like our Thong Sampah. There are Two in One. The one is their NAME sake. The two is Either u praise them until he so happi or u call him Tong Sampah until he beh tahan. BOth can be use freely. Half of us should send him post card begging him ... another half can send him tong sampah to remind him that he is just tong sampah if he keep acting like one. Sekian, terima kasih.
28/05/2018 11:14
alooloo @leno, welcome back. i am so bored here and seldom come when you're away. Contrarian almost taken over your place by shouting cantik. But still, noone can replace you.

i am multimillionaire, still don't understand how money is not important.
I just know, your money is their money, but their money is not your money.
Asset is asset when they claimed their money. Asset is nothing when you want your money back.

See 1mdb.... asset... lol.... only debts are real when it transfer to MOF. Asset, money, may be real in Najib's family. Or else where all those luxury bag, cash, apartments, ship, movies, parties come from.
28/05/2018 13:59
dunspace I am speechless, how do you even reply to someone that says money is not important anymore in an investing forum?
28/05/2018 15:15
leno if u have a lot of water ... tank and tank of water ... and someone suggest to u how to produce more water ... dont u sound stupeed ? Tong sampah got tons of money. He got many banglows everywhere even at oversea, all fully paid. He got big salaries coming in every month regardless what insas price go up or down as long as the insas company making money, his salaries will flow and even increase. By not giving out dividend, insas will have more cash to invest and to generate more profit to insas company. More profit mean biggest BONUS to tong sampah. U understand boh ? So .. the onli things u can do is ... go to AGM .... SHOUT LOUDLY ...TONG SAMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH !! TONG SAMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH !! Trust me ... this is something he never heard before. It will efinitely wake him UP !! TONG SAMPAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH !!!
28/05/2018 15:37
alooloo @leno, you went to secret training?

you seem to be improving now. finally talk something make sense.

INSAS is rubbish by the way they treat their investor since the RSP idea. Last time great share buyback and dividend. But since RSP, they only increase salary, pay their own interest to RSP which majorly own by Tong (mean pay himself).
28/05/2018 15:55
TheContrarian Insas this year bought at 0.77 to 0.80 is already giving me an unrealized gain of over 10%. Insas cantik.
28/05/2018 16:49
leno the same goes to every other counters. So ... we all go back to basic. Numb. 1 It is the company PERFORMANCE not the share price. Number 2 ... company ASSETS ..... Number 3 ... share price compare to num 1 and num 2. Insas has all 3. Currently i collected more than 2.6 millions shares ... and planning to collect another few more millions shares. This may be the last time i promote insas. Wish every one all the BEST.
28/05/2018 17:17
TheContrarian Dear Mdm Leno, don't leave us! Alooloo misses you much much. So boring if you not come. Please come every market day and also on non-marketable days. Insas paling cantik, agree?
28/05/2018 20:18
10bagger10 why say insas no good? if u look at historical> 10 years ago ard 0.2 now 0.8, 1 year earn how much u say..
28/05/2018 22:54
10bagger10 i bought in today hope that hystory repeat itself in next 10 year
28/05/2018 22:58
Sslee Dear Leno,
Welcome back to this forum.
Carrot and stick approach is the best way forward dealing with people like Dato’ Sri Thong. We give due respect to him (for growing Inari to what it is today) but at the same time will tell him frankly if he is not looking after the interest of INSAS minority shareholder then we minority shareholders will show contempt to the board during the AGM (If the board still take us for granted) expect tough questioning include conflict of vested interest, 5 year ROI record on investment holding, what action on losses making car rental and retail division, action taken to improve stock broking and corporate/structure finance division and etc.
Post AGM action include calling for EGM and etc.
Thank you
30/05/2018 10:30
TheContrarian A higher dividend which Insas clearly can afford to pay will enhance the share price.
30/05/2018 10:57
leno a bag of 10 pieces RM 1 notes is worth RM 10. By taking out 1 notes will enhance the bag of 9 notes ? .... REALLY ?? And if taking out 7 notes instead of one ... will even ENHANCE the bag of left over 3 notes ? Something not right ... right ? What if take 5 notes to open business ... and come back with extra 3 notes making the bag containing 13 notes ? But what is the point of making extra 3 notes if cannot take out the extra notes right ?
So, at the end ... certain thing is not as straight forward. Certain thing is not not right whether we take left or right and of course certain is not wrong if take either ways as well.
Back to basic. Why is warren buffet share go up from RM 1 to RM 5,000 without giving out ANY dividend at all ? And why certain share going down to zero eventhough every year giving out dividend. All thise is BASIC INVESTING.
I started with few thousand and make multiple millions from share market using this basic investing. First, the Company performance is important (quality eps). Second, the Type of Assets is important ... company with a lot of cash will survive any crash and will have the cash to grab opportunity. And thirdly, the share price compare to performance and assets (price to earning & assets) is the final factor..
Dividend play certain (minor) roles. Because at the end, giving out dividend is neutral, as it is a plus on one side, and minus on the other ... it will end up zero or neutral factors.
For eg. Insas able to developed new growth company and invest during economy crisis is because INSAS got a lot of CASH. Why is insas got a lot of cash ? Because it give out minimal dividend. If last time insas give out a lot of dividend, it cannot invest or develop new growth company, then their eps will remain at 1 sen instead of 30 sen per year. Their NTA will be only 10 sen instead of RM 3.00. So, what i try to say is NOT that givin dividend is bad BUT dividend is a NEUTRAL factor. Sekian, terima kasih.
30/05/2018 11:38
alooloo Well, that is true. But dividend will attract some institute or investor who doesn't like to sell share for cashflow.

I prefer share buy back. Good money making method is invest in good company with lot of cash generation and doesn't need capital reinvest. So they will be able to constantly share buyback. Insas never have their share buyback since the RSP strategy came out.

It doesn't make sense to share buyback because dilution from warrants come with RSP, why buyback before that. So, no share buyback till 2020 and effect of dilution will come if warrant exercised.

The main reason insas revived from 0.4 and run all the way up to 1.2 in 2 years time are sharebuyback and then dividend. They paid out treasury share for dividend last time.

Before INARI go listed, INSAS still have business that generate cash, about 0.01 per quarter. Share price 0.4 that time.

Now, it hardly generate cash, mostly depend on market up and down. 2015, bad market, negative EPS. 2016 and 2017 market good, then good EPS. But as long as they didn't cash out, it is not cash generation.
30/05/2018 12:08
TheContrarian Insas is a case of a bag of ten one ringgit notes selling for perhaps three ringgit. You pay three ringgit to get to own the bag of ten one ringgit but you can't touch any of the one ringgit.
30/05/2018 14:33
TheContrarian Insas can't do any more share buy back because it would increase the shareholdings of Ah Thong and persons acting in concert to a level above 32.9% triggering a Mandatory General Offer for the remaining shares which Ah Thong says he cannot afford.
30/05/2018 14:39
alooloo That is really a stupid reason.

Berkshire Hathaway own nearly 10% for a few big company, like Philip66, Wells Fargo and etc.
Since if own more than 10%, regulatory and requirement will be tough.

Hence, they normally would strike a win-win deal, by selling the share the company buy back as cash. That will be taxed as dividend for berkshire, while the company would buy back the share slightly cheaper than market.

If it is all because of Thong, then it is just make it more like Thong family company.
Asset is for them to generate cash for them only. One day, if investor want money, what left probably just debts.
30/05/2018 20:48
30/05/2018 22:34
31/05/2018 09:32
TheContrarian Inari up 10 sen to RM2.39? Insas has over 600 million Inari shares.
01/06/2018 15:56
chanky50 Every one Insas Share has 0.95 share of Inari plus other Insas business plus its cash in hand. Selling at 88 sens when Inari is Rm2.40. I really don't know what is the logic behind. Sigh!!!
01/06/2018 16:19
dunspace The logic is people don't believe in the management to distribute the assets to shareholders/ enhance the assets of the company. Whether is it a good or bad logic, it's up to your judgement
01/06/2018 17:34
TheContrarian I suppose Insas has a lot of weak holders. Many has abandoned Insas for Hengyuan hahahaha.
01/06/2018 20:26
lizi weak holder earn moneys, stubborn holder lose money..you choose la.

TheContrarian I suppose Insas has a lot of weak holders. Many has abandoned Insas for Hengyuan hahahaha.
01/06/2018 20:26
01/06/2018 20:50
TheContrarian Weak holders buy high sell low, hahahaha. Me already looking at a good 10% gain on Insas and holding out for more.
01/06/2018 21:30
dunspace Weak holder can never earn money in the stock market...you should only invest after you have done a detailed analysis and have a strong conviction in the company you are investing in or else you will just follow the herd all the time
02/06/2018 08:45
ivan9511 Insas limit up soon
Ib said trend up
Comfirm uppp
Insas is deep undervalued
All people know
Insas deep undervalued now whole world know
Sure up
05/06/2018 18:55
kevin5059 who is IB ivan9511??
06/06/2018 14:24
TheContrarian Sellers are easing and buyers led by Spartan are accumulating.
06/06/2018 14:36
TheContrarian 0.88 is expected to be the new support level. 0.65 no chance to get.
06/06/2018 15:05
06/06/2018 15:07
TheContrarian RM3 coming hahaha.
06/06/2018 16:13
TheContrarian One million shares done, all bought by Leno?
06/06/2018 16:26
Fabien Extraordinaire Wow Leno is back.

Our top Insas investor.
06/06/2018 16:38
Fabien Extraordinaire slight regret did not revise the buy order of 65 sen. lol
06/06/2018 16:41
TheContrarian My remsier grumbling every morning because I order him to enter buy order for 500,000 at 0.65.
06/06/2018 16:52
dunspace if you don't want regret next time, just average down if you have the conviction
07/06/2018 07:40
TheContrarian Last week Insas sold 500,000 Inari shares at 2.37 and in view that its cost after bonus adjustment was only 0.37, it made a cool one million ringgit gain.
11/06/2018 18:42
TheContrarian After the disposal, Insas still has over 601 million Inari shares.
11/06/2018 18:45
3101575000 Thanks for the update : TheContrarian.
11/06/2018 21:58
Jarklp they can afford to distribute 10% of Inari shares to Insas shareholders each year for the next 10 years...
11/06/2018 22:23
TheContrarian Today Inari dropped by 5% but Insas held steady. Probably Leno supporting. :-)
11/06/2018 22:30
kevin5059 Insas transaction so boring last few days, Leno please support...
14/06/2018 09:47
Neut_ron1 Insas has an attractive PE ratio....just like TA
16/06/2018 09:53
16/06/2018 10:02
crownford_bl I have a good faith in Insas. I like the way the management handling this company.
17/06/2018 21:36


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