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09-Jun-2017 28-Jun-2017 30-Jun-2017 CONSOLIDATION Share Consolidation 10 : 1 Dividend Detail
03-May-2016 13-May-2016 17-May-2016 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
29-Jan-2010 22-Feb-2010 24-Feb-2010 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
14-Apr-2000 09-May-2000 15-May-2000 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
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hng33 sold mulpha at 2.44-2.46, lock paper profit, free up capital
30/08/2017 09:46
chinaman why declare myr95Million 2nd Qtr profit can't move up this sleeping counter? anything amiss?
30/08/2017 13:54
tt101 because market feel expensive.... 2.40 vs 24 sen .....
30/08/2017 15:44
ivan9511 mulpha sohai ma.
even got many cash still.ask money at only 25sen ri.
no matter how much earn no dividend.
the funny part is what the hell make the price up 10 times by consolidation.
if normal ceo mana ada buat macam ini.
30/08/2017 15:47
Orson Chin The boss is very like to Con ppl 1. .... His name very bad in market edy.
30/08/2017 16:10
chinaman Perhaps, boss already turn over a new leaf. Give him a chance to prove himself ma. wakaka
30/08/2017 16:15
Orson Chin Chance? Give him a chance to con ppl again ?
30/08/2017 18:04
firehawk whole family are very black heart ....
06/09/2017 10:51
Orson Chin They r not like to sharing profit with us ... Fk this family.
19/09/2017 21:20
longlifeman why no divident for so long????fffff
20/09/2017 21:51
chinaman Mulfart keep selling out loss making mudajaya. only left 90million shares/ 16.77% stake.
21/09/2017 20:03
chinaman Aveo’s share price has failed to recover since a Four Corners investigation uncovered alleged poor practices a fortnight ago, sparking speculation the company could go private in a bid to offset the negative publicity.

Shares in the company, which previously was known as FKP, are at an all-time low of $2.54 and there is little sign of a recovery any time soon.

Aveo has endured a torrid run over the past year, exacerbated by the ABC investigation. ACCC chairman Rod Sims said the regulator would look at some of the issues raised in the show, especially around pricing.

Aveo’s share price fell from $3.06 in the days before the Four Corners show was aired, wiping hundreds of millions off the company’s market capitalisation. The company is now worth $1.47bn and is thought to be looking at its options.

With Mulpha’s 22 per cent stake and Seng Huang Lee’s control of the company, a takeover is thought unlikely.

Deal-makers say one option is a privatisation. The rationale is that the negative publicity and hits to Aveo’s brand are not likely to subside soon and will have a major effect on sales of retirement villages and homes.

Taking the company private at the depressed share price could be a relatively cheap exercise.

Also, the business of running aged care as a public concern is seen as tough. The companies effectively make money out of death and the nature of the business is no secret.

Moelis on Friday said Aveo is trading 20 per cent below its last net tangible asset value of $3.21. It said the company should not press ahead with its announced plan to buy back up to 10 per cent of its stock. The scheme was revealed in the aftermath of the ABC reports and viewed as a way to convince shareholders not to join the run of investors exiting the stock.

Moelis cut its ratings from a buy to a hold and reduced its price target by 25 per cent to $2.72. It said it was vital for retirement home and aged care players to make a commercial return in order to attract private capital and investment to fund development.

But it’s a tough game. Morgan Stanley and Gresham has been trying to sell Lendlease’s retirement village business for a few months.
22/09/2017 19:05
longlifeman up...up....
28/09/2017 20:07
chinaman Retirement village operator Aveo Group says demand for its units have rebounded quickly after critical media Reports about its fees and contracts hurt sales for a month.

In late June, a joint Fairfax Media-ABC Four Corners probe into Aveo aired concerns raised by former residents and staff, including hefty exit and maintenance fees, a "bleed them dry" approach to customers and safety concerns.

Aveo, at the time, labelled the media coverage "one-sided", saying it failed to acknowledge residents who were happy with their experience and highlighted its move towards simplifying its contracts.

On Wednesday Aveo chief executive Geoff Grady unveiled a $252.8 million full-year profit, more than double the result a year ago, while admitting the company had room to improve its practices.

Aveo said its strong sales momentum did ease during July after the media report triggered national headlines, with inquiry rates about 60 per cent of those experienced in the same period a year ago.

Mr Grady said this was due to the "media noise" affecting the company but the inquiry rate was now trending back at levels seen in 2016/17.

"Yes, there was an impact in July but we are recovering quickly and overall for the year we would expect a very solid result for our sales numbers," he said.

Mr Grady said he recognised that some consumers feel let down by Aveo and appreciated people’s concerns about the retirement and aged care industry.

"We acknowledge that some residents have been confused by their contracts," he said.

"And we are genuinely distressed when we fall short of the standards our consumers expect of us."

Over the next 12 months, he said Aveo will simplify contracts further, including reducing the length of the documents and disclosing entry, exit and other fees more clearly.

He also vowed to improve the reporting and handling of incidents, to extend a six-month money-back guarantee for new residents who change their mind and sell, and to shorten the buyback period of units for residents.

The group’s revenue of $421.3 million in the 2017 financial year was down 5.4 per cent on the prior year, while underlying profit after tax was up 22 per cent at $108.4 million.

Aveo said strong sales from its existing and new retirement developments was complemented by solid contributions from its Freedom and Retirement Village Group facility acquisitions.

The group plans to buyback up to 54.3 million of its shares, starting from Thursday with funds from excess operational cash flows and the sale of non-retirement assets.

Shares in Aveo, which had fallen by more than 20 per cent since the media coverage broke June, were up 24 cents, or 9.9 per cent at $2.67 by 1427 AEST.


* Net profit of $252.8m, up from $116m

* Revenue down 5.4pct to $421.3m
30/09/2017 14:43
longlifeman Too slow.....
09/10/2017 17:42
sharonlow No hope for this counter. Too easy to manipulate after shares consolidated 10 : 1. Always buyer and seller price gap is high .
10/10/2017 17:11
longlifeman http://ir.chartnexus.com/mulpha/onenew.php?id=80577&type=Announcement
15/10/2017 17:11
longlifeman Is good news or bad news???
15/10/2017 18:11
chinaman Sultan-Ibrahim-Sultan-Iskandar-duit-ringgit-malaysiaPETALING JAYA: Sultan Johor berkata, jika isu dobi “mesra Islam” tidak dihentikan segera, ia akan menyebabkan perpecahan kaum dan masalah lain seperti kemungkinan wujud wang kertas “hanya untuk Islam”.

Selaku ketua agama negeri, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar yang dipetik China Press sebagai berkata, baginda mempunyai tanggungjawab untuk melindungi perpaduan dan keharmonian masyarakat berbilang kaum, serta mengambil tindakan segera bagi menghentikan sebarang isu yang boleh menyebabkan perpecahan kaum.

“Sebuah kedai dobi di Muar meletakkan papan tanda ‘mesra Muslim’, saya rasa ini akan menyebabkan syak wasangka terhadap kaum dan agama lain, serta mencerminkan gaya hidup halal yang ekstrem.

“Hakikatnya, Islam mementingkan keharmonian dan layanan adil kepada orang bukan Islam, pemikiran sempit ini bukan cara hidup Islam yang sepatutnya ada di Johor,” kata Sultan Johor pada Majlis Konvokesyen Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia ke-17 di Batu Pahat, hari ini.

Sultan Ibrahim memberi contoh setiap orang mempunyai wang kertas yang akan bertukar tangan serta mungkin disentuh peniaga arak dan daging babi, selain mungkin dicemari najis, jadi adakah kerajaan perlu memperkenalkan wang kertas “mesra Muslim”?

“Bagaimana pula dengan tempat duduk di kawasan awam? Kerusi itu mungkin dijilat anjing atau cadar dan bantal di hotel juga mungkin dicemari najis.

“Perkara begini tiada penghabisannya. Kalau semua tidak boleh diterima, saya cadangkan orang-orang macam ini berpindah ke gua, jangan hidup dalam masyarakat.”

Terdahulu, Sultan Johor dilapor menyifatkan pegawai Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim), Dr Zamihan Mat Zin sebagai “tin kosong yang tiada otak” serta “seolah-olah dia sahaja yang betul dan mencerca bangsa lain.”

Ia selepas tindakan Zamihan mengkritik Sultan Ibrahim mengenai isu kedai dobi “mesra Islam” di Muar menerusi rakaman ceramahnya di Masjid Diraja Tengku Ampuan Jemaah, Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Ahad lalu.

Presiden Pertubuhan Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah (Aswaja) menyokong kedai dobi khas untuk umat Islam dengan berkata, pandangan Sultan Ibrahim itu “tidak patut”, sambil menyifatkan orang bukan Islam kotor sehinggakan pakaian mereka tidak boleh bercampur aduk dengan pakaian orang Islam.

“Cina biasa kencing berak tak basuh. Bagaimana tentang darah haid mereka, pada pakaian dalam mereka, peluk dakap anjing, minum arak, tumpah arak, makan babi, sup babi. Itu semua sinonim dengan mereka,” kata Zamihan yang baru dibebaskan petang tadi daripada tahanan reman 3 hari kerana disyaki menghasut.

Selasa lalu, Majlis Raja-raja Melayu turut mengecam dasar perniagaan untuk “orang Islam sahaja” sebagai tindakan bersifat keterlaluan yang boleh menjejaskan keharmonian dan membawa implikasi lebih mendalam, jika berkaitan atau dilakukan atas nama Islam.
15/10/2017 18:50
chinaman Sultan Johor, is the most pragmatic Sultan we ever had. Daulat Tuanku. All should migrate to Johor. Selangor is turning into an Islamic state. All investors sure fleece. wakaka
15/10/2017 18:53
longlifeman Daulat Tuanku
15/10/2017 20:10
longlifeman Tp 3.0
16/10/2017 14:28
longlifeman http://ir.chartnexus.com/mulpha/onenew.php?id=80697&type=Announcement
20/10/2017 18:25
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20/10/2017 18:26
longlifeman 派股息
24/10/2017 19:34
longlifeman block at 2.50..
27/10/2017 12:50
Orson Chin They control price at rm2.50. Any plan for them ? Private soon ?
01/11/2017 01:25
firehawk today break ceiling loh ... why?
01/11/2017 16:25
Orson Chin Maybe johor sultan interest this company
01/11/2017 19:08
chinaman Will break myr5 level soonest
03/11/2017 11:12
longlifeman Sleep for so long.......Now "Sleeping beauty" is wake up???? Anybody tell we why??? Or this is only ..........
03/11/2017 11:31
miniminer GE14 is near.....MCA what you still waiting for. he he he
03/11/2017 16:30
volks2 the share price will definitely go up if they going to do revaluation exercise.
03/11/2017 16:43
PenguinDad http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/302225
04/11/2017 09:52
apolloang 10 becomes 1 lah.....read the news lah
04/11/2017 20:47
HIBISCUS SaiLang with TP RM4 Sochai Calvin bankrupt because he bought mulpha at 50c 4 years ago
04/11/2017 21:07
HIBISCUS SaiLang with TP RM4 Sochai Calvin bankrupt because he bought mulpha at 50c 4 years ago
04/11/2017 21:07
miniminer Last Friday spiked may relates to MCA AGM.
Green light to kick off GE14 engines.....??
04/11/2017 22:16
miniminer OK, look like MCA AGM syok sendiri show.
09/11/2017 09:44
longlifeman hello
24/11/2017 23:06
chinaman Mulpha, again proven result-oriented with Qtr net profit myr46Million. Hurray! looks like Australia property market still holdsup very well vs MY local dull property market
29/11/2017 18:14
Orson Chin CHinaman. So what... Mulpha gain big profit that won’t share with us also....
the boss keep ask for money but never even return a single cent to us...
So more keep make the price drop and consolidate 10 to 1 ...

1 of the fker boss in Malaysian
30/11/2017 18:43
chinaman yes- Lee is very super stingy. But, he returns shareholders with share buyback. at long term, one can win from growing market share price. i've said many times-dividend is not the best gauge as many corporate go borrowing to pay for dividend. this is completely wrong policy which BS shouldn't allow it unless the over-generous company have net cash level. many lost a lot from falling share capital price ex. dividend. the dividend income not enough to cover the capital loss.
01/12/2017 11:17
Orson Chin Share buy back for ? R he use to give bonus ?
Keep ask for money only....
damn him
04/12/2017 01:01
wongchin Mng. Gt profit why share price still nt up??
04/12/2017 07:23
Orson Chin Super big shark. Con ppl money only.....
He won’t share single CTS to u
06/12/2017 00:55
Lewis Lee This is a conman's company !!
10/12/2017 17:32
PenguinDad good profit but debt also good. very high!
13/12/2017 20:49
TheContrarian This Mulpha never ever paid a single Sen dividend and every few years call for a rights issue.
13/12/2017 21:38
chinaman To all sceptics, pls go and buy Protasco. got dividends every year. much better than Mulpha.
EPF also buy it. wakaka
20/12/2017 09:08


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