KLSE: PCHEM (5183)       PETRONAS CHEMICALS GROUP BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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8.18   -0.03 (0.37%)  8.12 - 8.19  5,262,200
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20-Feb-2018 05-Mar-2018 21-Mar-2018 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.15 Dividend Detail
11-Aug-2017 23-Aug-2017 08-Sep-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.12 Dividend Detail
20-Feb-2017 03-Mar-2017 21-Mar-2017 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.12 Dividend Detail
09-Aug-2016 22-Aug-2016 07-Sep-2016 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.07 Dividend Detail
23-Feb-2016 07-Mar-2016 23-Mar-2016 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.1000 Dividend Detail
07-Aug-2015 20-Aug-2015 09-Sep-2015 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0800 Dividend Detail
18-Feb-2015 05-Mar-2015 24-Mar-2015 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
11-Aug-2014 22-Aug-2014 12-Sep-2014 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
10-Feb-2014 21-Feb-2014 18-Mar-2014 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.12 Dividend Detail
23-Aug-2013 06-Sep-2013 25-Sep-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
25-Apr-2013 05-Jun-2013 25-Jun-2013 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.14 Dividend Detail
28-Aug-2012 25-Sep-2012 16-Oct-2012 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
08-May-2012 06-Jun-2012 26-Jun-2012 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
22-Nov-2011 07-Dec-2011 22-Dec-2011 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.08 Dividend Detail
30-Jun-2011 03-Aug-2011 25-Aug-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.19 Dividend Detail
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vcheekeong Slow counter
10/10/2017 22:40
swissvillage Kesm is a very good semiconductor stock with a low P/E.
19/10/2017 13:47
Bettyem 有东西在做饭吗 由于随着大选的到来,2018年下半年的预算,如Petronas Chemical,Ancom和Nylex,原油价格稳步上涨,政府拨款刺激农业部门),化学工业企业的盈利能力肯定是好的。
19/10/2017 18:42
leelc99 10th of June news...
19/10/2017 21:22
Bettyem 仍然相关原油原油价格从10美元从54美元上涨到57美元,意味着石油化工和聚合物的更好的价格...

"According to industry estimates, the prices of petrochemicals and polymer in Asia had increased between 10% to 40% in the last one year, reflecting firmer crude oil prices, even as demand growth, driven by China, continued to outpace supply.

PetChem revealed its product prices on the overall rose at an average rate of 22% year-on-year (y-o-y) during the quarter in review in tandem with the recovery in crude oil prices, which rose to US$54 (RM230.40) per barrel in the first quarter of this year from an average of US$44 per barrel last year."
19/10/2017 21:30
vcheekeong Shd hv bot pmetal instead pchem..sad
06/11/2017 14:23
samsambank KESM is a very good semiconductor stock with a low P/E. Uptrend, very bullish,
09/11/2017 13:48
vcheekeong Roller coaster
14/11/2017 15:50
wklee9113 Lousy share all kind of this company is corruption
22/11/2017 21:34
Tanleechoo Look Like when it moves to Rm7.50 ... It will go down again.. Need the support of. EPF or fund mgr .. Orelse it will lack the power to hit RM7.80
16/12/2017 19:36
missyii can go up a bit ya...
20/12/2017 10:13
Tanleechoo Still can't break 7.50 psychological level ..
20/12/2017 21:53
Tanleechoo At last RM7.60 today..
21/12/2017 18:26
tradeup2020 good things are coming for pchem, collect more
21/12/2017 18:34
Tanleechoo Hope one like Pet Gas or Dagangan
21/12/2017 19:26
windcloud Pchem TP: 8.00

Next qtr result will be superior and this will like 1st qtr result estimate revenue 4,700,000,000 and NP about 1,400,000,000.

This is due to:
1. Plant utilisation from previous qtr at 86% may up to 95%.
2. Methanol price had been increased significantly, especially in recent month that hike about 15-30% (China methanol up about 30%).
3. Average selling price for petrochemical keep continue up (think Polymer price also average up some).
4. Year end window dressing may drive to 8.00 price.

So what you need to do is buy tomorrow, mother and son C13 ? Sad, if tomorrow my capital free, will average up since buy little for new year ang pao ..... haha .... just nonsense sharing .......
21/12/2017 20:53
Tanleechoo Windcloud !TQSM for sharing .. Hit RM8 .. Keep or sell ? Any advice
21/12/2017 22:17
windcloud dunno you buy mom or son ? for mon .... think may rise to 8.30-8.40 maybe around next qtr result or post election ........ at this moment ....... TP is about 8+-.

Think next week will have good closing for bursa index, might close around 1780-1790 area .... Pchem should have a good move .....
22/12/2017 17:07
Tanleechoo TQSM sir ! I buy mom at 7.20
22/12/2017 21:39
windcloud hope today can touch 8.00 ......
27/12/2017 12:31
windcloud closing at 7.80 not bad .... tomorrow TP 8.00
27/12/2017 17:10
Tanleechoo Hope break 52 weeks high 8.00
27/12/2017 20:37
windcloud cleared all C13 at 0.235 at 34%+ gain ......
28/12/2017 09:58
Proact286 should rise above 7.90 in second session...good coverage from bankers
28/12/2017 11:21
Orange88 Pchem going t o RM 9,9 for GE 14 rally
29/12/2017 21:57
Annetan Should move tomorrow.C13 is very attractive
02/01/2018 17:45
Annetan no stamp fees for all sales/purchases of call/put warrants
02/01/2018 22:00
Annetan effective today
02/01/2018 22:02
Tanleechoo At last show uptrend n break 8.00 !
04/01/2018 19:53
windcloud Pchem really geng .... i sold too early ....

Congrat to those holders here. You did great job.
04/01/2018 20:05
investor505 https://genevajournal.com/dividend-darling-quant-signal-update-on-petronas-chemicals-group-berhad-klsepchem/
04/01/2018 21:11
Annetan After consolidation,I think it will go higher in my opinion
11/01/2018 18:31
Tanleechoo http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/petronas-chemicals-raised-buy-kaf-seagroatt-campbell
12/01/2018 18:17
investor505 http://quotes.wsj.com/MY/5183/research-ratings
13/01/2018 08:07
tomblack Kesm is a good buy. Semiconductor stock,very good outlook after the recent AGM
16/01/2018 07:04
dompeilee Maybank recommends PChem for 2018 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvexxf25x8M
17/01/2018 19:52
Tanleechoo EPF keep dispose off .... Price cannot break 8.20 ..Let see the Qtr result
22/01/2018 21:45
winriver http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/petchem-invest-rm6b-rm7b-new-plants-over-15-years
25/01/2018 23:00
yes start up
just in last month alreday untung
limit up
30/01/2018 13:09
ivan9511 Already said sure up
Easy money to earn
So easy
Just buy
Confirm up as I recommend petgas while 15 ringgit and topglove while 4 ringgit and pic while 8sen
Only confirm up counters I recommend
Sure up
20/02/2018 16:27
JEbat888 Mantop ...profit very high..bilion bilion ringgit ..fula weh...
21/02/2018 00:21
victory015 pchem run out of steam
23/02/2018 22:06
victory015 pchem confirm down
26/02/2018 11:33
victory015 >> Already said sure up
not true, it is going down
26/02/2018 14:57
victory015 go down
26/02/2018 21:59
GreatWarrants Pchem - C18 smart money collecting
20/03/2018 15:06
victory015 pchem will be going down
21/03/2018 20:29
victory015 oil price will go down
21/03/2018 20:35
RedEagle KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian oil, gas and energy sectors have exceeded its target, achieving 112 per cent of its 2017 key performance indicator (KPI).

The National Transformation Programme 2017 Annual Report said this was attributed to highest ever foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow to Malaysia of US$7 billion investment from Saudi Aramco in the Refinery & Petrochemical Integrated Development Project (RAPID) in Johor.

Meanwhile, the US$27 billion Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex's (PIPC) has reached 84 per cent completion, and set to be 100 per cent operational by the first quarter of 2019.

En route to materialise its target to make Malaysia an oil and gas downstream hub, the Pengerang Deepwater Terminal (PDT) received more than 1,458 vessels including seven very large crude carriers (VLCCs) and handled 1.5 million tonnes of petroleum products as of December 2017.

For the oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE) sector, Malaysia aims to reach RM10 billion in investments in two years compared to RM7.7 billion investments recorded last year.

The sector also eyes to achieve the target of 50 multinational companies (MNCs) to set up operation in Malaysia against 39 from 2012 to 2017.

18 OGSE MNCs have already based their headquarters in Malaysia.

The report said the oil, gas and energy sector had increased Malaysia's competitive advantage by intensifying exploration and enhancing production from domestic reserves while building a strong presence in the regional mid-stream logistics and downstream markets in addition to exploring alternative energy sources.

With the Gas Supply (Amendment) Act 2016 having been amended on January 16 last year, new gas market licencses were issued through Third Party Access, allowing the entrance of new players into the market.

Malaysia has also committed to the Paris Agreement with 500 energy-intensive companies' having reduced total energy consumption to 14,455 GWh and set aside RM200 million funds to spur the implementation of energy-efficient projects.

The number of photovoltaic service providers grew to 120 in 2017 from 30 companies in 2011 and 6,114kW of Net Energy Metering capacity approved in 2017.
23/03/2018 23:33
jad88 if oil price goes up, cost of raw materials for petchem industries go up right and might squeeze their margin lorr? if oil price drops, this is a good buy haah .. wait and see lorr
23/03/2018 23:43


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