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16-May-2017 31-May-2017 23-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.01 Dividend Detail
30-Nov-2017 14-Dec-2017 18-Dec-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 2 : 5 Dividend Detail
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WSP88 这个月尾即将公布的财报净利应该很好。。。10-12月的美金外汇对出口商有利。。
07/02/2018 11:09
WSP88 利润有机会翻倍。。
07/02/2018 11:11
airbus380 no more hope for this company........take care all investor
07/02/2018 16:04
Gongxigongxi Wsp88, exported on Oct to Dec will only collect payment on Jan to Mar, now USD dropping like hell u expecting FPG profit will be good???
07/02/2018 17:49
Gongxigongxi Sales no increase , profit reduce, no future plan, no new business, no new customers, no new product.....
07/02/2018 17:53
airbus380 Below 0.3 coming soon
09/02/2018 11:19
Miloprince No need keep explaining to others la...they want buy let them buy la...we wait they run at 0.20 then only "maybe" collect
11/02/2018 13:50
bondmark I was telling U all long ago,, this F@#Kpack is a mumbo jumbo company, they get listed to sapu money. Never invest in Back door listed company. Now they sapu all the investor money and go shopping.. buy Monkey DSSB company is a good example. That company asset value only max 2 million that also got loan. This F@#Kpack directors buy for 16.5 million ,,, ha ha ha ha ha ha.. Clear case of Curi company money.Soon this Lao Saih counter only worth 0.20.. Lets all enjoy the CNY,, too late to cry. Hope the Lao Saih directors sakit perut.
12/02/2018 11:59
eklim65 We shall know the true colors after CNY.
12/02/2018 17:44
Gongxigongxi Bondmark why u so hate this counter?? Hahaha...
12/02/2018 20:27
StockTechnician sincere_analyst I have been reminding here that 0.385 is the capital price. The big lot shareholder will not want to press the price below than 0.385. The bottom of the stock is the starting of the bull trend. Plan your collection wisely as it may soon surge.

Calling out sincer_analyst. Look at the price today.
12/02/2018 21:08
bondmark @ Gongxigongxi--- I invested in this counter when it started moving up after listing,, in August last year,,was doing well aprox 68sen,, then they announced going to buy DSSB,,that was shocking wah so early listed start to buy company,, FISHY laa,, buy a Monkey 3 yrs old company for 16.5 million,, then i started checking la,, found out this company reported profit last year only 1.9 million,, assets about 3 million also got loans, Where got meaning,, This is a clear case of directors sapu money.. I sold when it started dropping further,, lost alot also. But consider Lucky lo.. if not by Jan 50% burn. That why i hate this counter. I started to advice others,, but many dont know how to read.
13/02/2018 10:14
WSP88 Bottom price should be 0.28, waiting speculator sell down to this price just buy again... bcos fxxkpack company director prefer this number... "EE HUAT EE HUAT".... shopping to buy company buy.... buy until own pocket huat huat.... haha...
13/02/2018 12:08
WSP88 @bondmark...don't to angry la....Same like 阿鸡哥said...no undertable transaction la... we just buy over value only mah....
13/02/2018 12:14
WSP88 Never mind la... the director prefer shopping just shop la...important company still able to continue contribute stable profit and dividend paid out at yearly is good enough...
13/02/2018 12:22
bondmark @WSP88---- Pay dividend from who's pocket? All pocket kosong aredy. Sapu money all put in oversea accounts.
13/02/2018 14:52
stockmann bad result...
13/02/2018 17:40
verhansolution Tommorow drag to 0.20cent. Good luck to all.
13/02/2018 17:47
Gongxigongxi @bondmark, I was also very curious why they bought that monkey company at 16.5m. minus the actual value plus give back to owner of monkey company. The three director only got few mil each. Really small money to them.
13/02/2018 18:10
WSP88 If go down to RM0.20 will sapu kuat kuat...
13/02/2018 18:21
nich0las habis la ni, invest at 0.785. now only 0.32, somemore bad qr, somemore said drop to 0.20. aduh~ mcm mana ni?
13/02/2018 19:32
apolloang 0.785 sudah ambil 2 for 5 bonus
13/02/2018 20:27
Kpkb9696 yes,0.295 coming soon! Hit target. Hahahaha
14/02/2018 09:22
WSP88 Aiyo..... no chance go down to 0.20 big block at 0.295...
14/02/2018 11:46
bondmark @Gongxigongxi--- Firstly F#@KPack got listed thru back door,, they dont deserve being listed, what product do they have to show off,, they are just a glorified chap lang foundry,, so to them this is the only way the lao saih directors can see a few million in their account is get listed and curi all the investors money. From the Monkey company deal they easily sapu 10-12 million, bcos they may have given the Monkey owner some peanuts and shares.. now he also cry,, bcos the shares given have become peanuts. Greedy Bastards,,, ha ha ha ha ha
14/02/2018 12:21
bondmark @WSP88--- U still want to buy in when price 0.20,, u are a born looser. This counter is heading to be de-listed la.. put ur money in other counters,, get out of this Lao Saih counter.
14/02/2018 12:25
kenz88 now what????
15/02/2018 09:46
kenz88 qtr not bad
15/02/2018 09:46
bondmark kenz88.. U are so right lost 26% last quarter is not bad.. infact its great investment..lost 30% the previous quarter also not bad.. Lao Saih counter is doing toilet business.
17/02/2018 13:16
saltedfish Listed through back door? It was an IPO in December 2016 la
19/02/2018 11:44
saltedfish Good show today
19/02/2018 11:45
bondmark Slowly Slowly Catch Monkey..
19/02/2018 14:22
Balong OBV tech analysis and RSI show oversold. It may down a bit, but will raise soon enough. Collect now or you miss the ship. I'm tech analysis and i dont give sh#t what people said here. The only why i can make profit 100-250% yearly is because i buy at bottom (or almost bottom, assume i buy too early before it has hit a bottom) and dont give sh#t what people say. Trust your indicator, and when it say buy, you buy. It is always a monkey who keep trying to convince you about this counter will push down, that counter will delisted etc.. Because they dont even know how to read an indicator and how to make money on it. How hilarious it is. Enough talk. I will make money on this counter and the monkey will always shout about his losses in this counter (or every counter, because he is a looser). I rest my case.
20/02/2018 01:30
Investor 9999 Foundpac or FPGroup reported a flat top and bottome line. Current qtr EPS is 0.33 Sen which is lower than Q1 EPS of 0.45 Sen. The YTD EPS is 0.78 Sen. Given that since Q3 2017, its top and bottom line has been declining, for my estimate of FY 2018 EPS, I took 1H times 2 to give my FY2018 estimatedEPS of 1.56 Sen.

Thus at 32 Sen closing today, it is trading at PE of 20.5 based on my estimated 2018 EPS of 1.56 Sen. At historical FY 2017 EPS 2.09, it is trading at PE 15.34.

FPGroup is overvalued, i would give it a maximum PE12 with a fair value 17.7 Sen.

its declining profit did not warrant such high PE. Divest the share.
20/02/2018 10:22
bondmark @Balong.. U beter prepare a grave for F@#Kpack.. U will be given privilage to be the grave digger.. U talk with no facts.. understand the Chekaih business mentality of the directors. U cannot see the true picture as u are just a new player. Why did i sell my F@#Kpack stock? The day they buy Monkey DSSB,, i aredy knew the tricks of Lao Saih directors.U think just curi money 16.5 Million out so easy meh? There must be a good reason where the company has potential and good ROI. DSSB sales profit 1.9million,, will u pay 16.5 million,, Loo Khi Hoh Lang Kanh. U are shooting ur own foot my fren. This is a dead counter. I also rest my case.. QED.
20/02/2018 11:23
Gongxigongxi @Balong, no doubt you are Tech analysis, but how well u know the background & the internal of the company? If you know the truth you will not dare to say so. As long the directors is still there this company is not hope. Yes may be you able to goreng a bit and earn but for long term it will die ugly.
20/02/2018 11:41
saltedfish Today is 初五 , no quarrel ok?
20/02/2018 13:09
Balong @bondmark, @Gongxigongxi, my friend, you still dont understand right? From my statement it is already clear that i'm a trader. I dont give sh#t about the background, the internal, the director, neither the long term. I just hold the stock for a week or two, rarely until three week, before it hit my disired target. I'm not long term investor and that's why i dont give sh#t what you talking about. As long as i can pick the bottom of the stock and sell after 10% margin when the stock raise (sometimes i ride the momentum and hit 20-30%, there is where the three weeks waiting time frame come) i dont give sh#t what people talk about. If you keep losing a money when trade, i suggest you just quit this game as this is not for you. Better than you keep nagging here about your losses etc... Because you are not born to be one. Enough said. Until next time...
22/02/2018 11:22
sentimentrader Buy signal. 38 target.
22/02/2018 12:47
bondmark @@sentimentrader..dont get carried away with a small wayang up 2sens..@Balong is very imotional.a kayu trader. this F@#Kpak is a 20sen counter.. watch the birdie. when big boys all run away that is a signal to jump ship. Andrew Su ran away ,,, why?? Remember !!!
Notice of ceasing to be substantial holder - ANDREW SU MENG KIT on 16-Jan-2018.
Notice of ceasing to be substantial holder - ACME SKY SDN. BHD. on 16-Jan-2018.
26/02/2018 11:54
Balong @Bondmark. Who is kayu? I buy at 0.3, i sell at 0.33. Already take 10% profit. You want to invest long term? So you are the kayu one. Swing trading is a way to go nowaday. Want to wait a year for one counter and take 30-40% profit? I can make 100-250% profit a year with multiple counter. Sure, i get some losses someday, but i make profit from 9 of 10 trade. If you want to be a kayu trader, it's up to you. If you want make more profit a year than just waiting a years long, learn swing and short term. Learn how to just read a chart using technical analysis can make a huge different in your trading arsenal.

Your call.
26/02/2018 15:49
tah16600 Who is Andrew Su.? Is he holding any critical position in d comp ? If d answer no, then there nothing to be worry off as far running d company is concern.. I find nothing wrong in the fundamental side except mere slight drop in profit for the yr 2017. I noticed a lot of good company also drop in profit.
27/02/2018 10:42
tah16600 A not so good comp if drop very low can be a good short term speculation.
27/02/2018 10:52
tah16600 I like Balong style of playing cos if his timing is cun2 ,he can make good money better than long term investing oh!
27/02/2018 10:57
tanbb gone ?
15/03/2018 14:59
tah16600 No holding power gone for sure ,worst still those playing margin.
15/03/2018 22:23
bondmark Last month i aredy predicted that by April this lauh saih counter is only worth 0.20 sen. Its getting there. Then by June will be delisted.. gone forever. Monkeys back to the cage.
19/03/2018 14:47
eklim65 Your prediction may not come true. It will happen in middle of May. The day when Q3 2018 result out from oven.
19/03/2018 18:45
apolloang june delisted? I wanna bet 1 mil wif u by dec also cannot delist
19/03/2018 19:17
tanbb fuck up. shit stock
20/03/2018 11:08


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