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19-May-2017 31-May-2017 21-Jun-2017 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.022 Dividend Detail
11-Aug-2017 28-Aug-2017 20-Sep-2017 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
21-Nov-2017 05-Dec-2017 20-Dec-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
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TrUmPetBoY89 I would see this private placement period as a good timing to accumulate more units. Fundamentally speaking, Serbadk is still a strong counter and good for long-term investment.
09/01/2018 17:40
akulamatata Read back KLSE article posted on 5/1/18, analysts adi expected Serbadk Will funding to supporr their business expand and giving target rm4.1.They giving target is base fr future one year ,not current,same theory,we buy in is believe Serbadk future revenue will keep increase.Eps dillute but if they can get more business what to worry leh.Sumore 2018 believe is Harvest year as management strongly confident can get more contract fr Afrika area
09/01/2018 17:49
ratz Private placement is wealth creation meant for cronies. Its disproportionate and its so non-transparent. Its like creating wealth for the few and diluting existing s/holders interests. Knowing the potential of Serba, why should these crony investors be given the privilege with discount to current market price? Speed in raising money cam always be addressed through other means im my view. The term "in the best interest" here is a little bit dodgy.
09/01/2018 18:21
ratz I can still remember Dato' Karim then interview w BFM radio. He justified the IPO pricing rationale then by saying that Serba will need the support of its "shareholders" in the future. Hmmm...private placement investors here may so not necessarily mean "shareholders".
09/01/2018 18:27
ilovehits Serba Dinamik proposes private placement to raise up to RM433.89m
09/01/2018 19:08
optimus9199 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/eversendai-proposes-private-placement-raise-rm758m

compare with this Sendai...which is better the proceeds of private placement?
09/01/2018 20:18
ratz Optimus9199, pls underrstand. i'm not questioning the "merit " of the UOP (use of proceeds). Its the funding mechanism that is being questioned.
09/01/2018 20:46
ratz And that is why i mentioned abt the potential of Serba.
09/01/2018 20:47
Scoobydo Expect it to drop down to around 3.25.
10/01/2018 10:48
Scoobydo Dato karim keep disposing to market for the past few days.
10/01/2018 12:58
chl1989 left pocket to right pocket.
10/01/2018 14:37
Abilakh PB and Kenanga raise target prices
10/01/2018 15:32
colbylee93 TA downgrade from Buy to Sell why it no so confident to Serbadk and PBB and Kenanga raise TP.
10/01/2018 18:02
optimus9199 The company directors must have great confidence on Serba's potential to grow and expand. Therefore willing to issue share placement to funds. This is a smart way to avoid taking unnecessary loans which will generate higher interests.
10/01/2018 23:54
Abilakh UOB target price 415
11/01/2018 11:24
ratz Optimus9199, don’t be fooled. We all know that the cost of equity is much higher than cost of borrowings where the interest expense is tax deductible. In fact, a good degree if borrowing will enhance your earnings and EPS, hence better/higher if you used them optimally.
11/01/2018 14:51
ratz higher stock price
11/01/2018 14:52
Kabali Check serbadk balance sheet and its future fund raising initiatives. A good balance of equity and debt instruments exposures should not pose major harm to the financial position of serbadk.
11/01/2018 17:45
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes Correction
11/01/2018 18:59
chl1989 buy
11/01/2018 19:41
stumart up 0.12?
12/01/2018 15:34
KISSinvest tp 5.5
12/01/2018 15:47
optimus9199 Up up up
12/01/2018 17:53
chl1989 first tp rm5 :)
12/01/2018 18:28
optimus9199 Rebound after a down trend...TA securities accumulated the shares enough and push up
12/01/2018 21:40
DickyMe Crash landing soon
13/01/2018 22:39
optimus9199 I will buy more if it crashes...pls sell to me
14/01/2018 08:50
kentwoon Buyers coming back,will up
15/01/2018 07:56
top888 chase at 3.48 and going to put in peti sejuk.
15/01/2018 10:08
Pandawong is it true that a GLC has shown interested?
15/01/2018 18:25
KISSinvest maintain outperform at tp of 5.5
15/01/2018 23:52
Henry Chan Hope tmr rebound
15/01/2018 23:56
optimus9199 Good stock, dont worry
16/01/2018 06:31
Shahrizal Sukri Serba will close green today...good stock
16/01/2018 16:37
rkgfantasy Serba Boleh Dan Tedap Boleh !
16/01/2018 16:55
optimus9199 Bought a lot of Serba shares at 3.26-3.30... stupid ppl kept selling non stop to me
16/01/2018 18:09
Abilakh Affin target price 4.20
17/01/2018 11:16
optimus9199 Buy as much as possible
17/01/2018 13:29
chl1989 same here. buy
17/01/2018 14:48
Shariff Abdullah https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/01/18/serba-dinamik-sets-the-price-for-its-proposed-placement-shares/

PP priced at 3.20 which is lower than the closing price for today of 3.30

how will it effect share prices? Thanks
18/01/2018 22:13
Kabali Already price-in
18/01/2018 22:49
Abilakh Someone willing to pump in >RM400 million into Serba Dinamik signals confidence
19/01/2018 15:20
chl1989 yea. look at air asia. pp 1.8. now? :)
19/01/2018 16:00
TzeYau Tan I not so understand the private placement will affect the price or not.....
19/01/2018 16:16
optimus9199 The price for Serba will fluctuate around RM 3.20 - 3.36 for the next 1-3 months until all shares are placed out. Price will be supported by better company results this Feb
19/01/2018 16:19
Abilakh shares will be placed out next week already since price is fixed
19/01/2018 16:36
TzeYau Tan thx for share ^_^
19/01/2018 17:05
rkgfantasy since the price is fix
rocket up will help those private placement investor have good chines new years, might part of the deal
let seat belt on and ready to fly RM4
19/01/2018 20:05
tkk1127 Major shareholder purposely push the price down in order to bargain at lower price of serbadk price during private placement. They can collect more with cheaper price through the private placement. After the price fixed and firm, the shares price will back to normal which is upupup.
20/01/2018 20:24
Collin Soo Is it the new investor is Macquarie Bank? Sure the share price will fly after PP.. See the case at Masteel!
21/01/2018 11:25


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