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08-Mar-2018 16-May-2018 08-Jun-2018 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.23 Dividend Detail
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Wei Wong If above 6.50 sure many people want to run .. trap so long edi .. right ??
16/03/2018 15:46
ratz Good momentum. A matter of time....
16/03/2018 15:53
ivy88 Daily volume Buy and sell is healthy, as long as business growth & macro economy is intact. Be patience & win the race.
16/03/2018 16:18
hopper66 sudden drop
16/03/2018 16:54
Addison congrats to whoever who believe in this counter! HAHAHAHAHA
16/03/2018 16:55
Wei Wong Wah lucky out abit ..
16/03/2018 17:24
alone Just wait until warrant expired..
16/03/2018 18:44
Ratman I realise price in this counter is very much stable compare to some other counters.. May be ppl holding tbis couter hv the intention of holding long term .
16/03/2018 19:54
abrahamseed Yes absolutely correct. But price artificially depressed later today. Transfer of shares between operators. Their costs now 6.20 as a platform for next push towards 7.30 - 6.50 resistance will breakthrough next week !!!
16/03/2018 21:01
newbie92 Will Lctitan become next Pmetal, spike high after included as KLCI stock.
16/03/2018 21:39
Kpin Yeoh the call warrant transaction is very high recently, normal retailer will not take such risk to buy at this time. Most probably the issuer collect back all outstanding CW at steep discount while protect their profit if sudden price hike after announce quarter result.
I will never buy call warrant as this is manipulate by operators. But i do add some LCtitan stock when price at discount like today. I will keep buying as long as i have spare money.
16/03/2018 22:18
Kpin Yeoh As Jordan Beaufort said the only problem you going to have is not buying enough.
16/03/2018 22:19
Ratman Why today price from 6.30 straight down to 6.19?
16/03/2018 22:35
Ratman Is it worth to buy at6.30 In order to get dividend 24sens , pls commend . Tq
16/03/2018 22:36
abrahamseed Yes it is if we take a long term view. Get dividend plus capital appreciation. LC Titan fair value 10.00
16/03/2018 22:58
Maxigain Today is quarterly closing activity. Many stocks closed lower or higher with high volume in last minute. It will rebound on Monday.
16/03/2018 23:28
kelvin_ik4u I don't know why people so fear of the 6.50 share price level. This company have no debts, undervalued, upcoming TE3 & PP3 production output with additional >40% capacity up, efficiency normalized back to >90% soon, stable raw naptha price, ASP price readjust higher, tight supply Vs demand. What more you all worry about? Just a matter of timing only it will break and exceed 6.50 level.

We just hope next 1Q18 EPS Qtr result is within 20sen, Lctitan's mgmt as to deliver it, then it will fly exceed 7.00 immediately. If even worst case scenario, it 1Q18 result same as 4Q17, it still PE 10 value. It still cheap for a growth company with macro economics benefit to this petrochemical sector now.
16/03/2018 23:37
Ratman Abrahamseed, thank u for ur explsination.
17/03/2018 19:09
hwings Why suddenly drop so much a??
18/03/2018 15:55
traderman up non stop from 4.8.
18/03/2018 16:04
trulyinvest Contra gain.. bought 616 sold 637. Thx. Tomorow drop, buy back. Kikiki
18/03/2018 18:35
spy008 For those who can read chinese can come to read my writeup for LCtitan.

18/03/2018 21:28
SamuelLuke Fantastic !!! Going to Rm7 this week??
19/03/2018 08:53
cstrader Yes believe so. Buyer very cautious because some operators want to depress shares to collect. Long term value still 10.00 and if cross this resistance will head towards 13.00 but likely end 2018.
19/03/2018 09:17
cstrader This week will likely sail through 6.50 ...
19/03/2018 09:30
cheoky https://www.platts.com/videos/2018/february/snapshot-asia-polymers-olefins-h1-outlook
19/03/2018 09:31
Abismail http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/defensive-stocks-rush-trims-yield
19/03/2018 12:08
trulyinvest very soon wil pass thru 6.50.. go go go
19/03/2018 13:55
abrahamseed Collect before fund managers promote. By then it’s time to exit.
19/03/2018 13:56
Kpin Yeoh Addison, you have any comment or you still want to congrad to ppl in this blog?
19/03/2018 14:19
ivan9511 yes still continue upppppppppppppppppppppp
yes sure upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
19/03/2018 14:33
abrahamseed And no funds will sell in an uninterrupted uptrend. Also, small volume. Until like Heng Yuan reach RM 8 then everybody chase. Then promoters will be swarming for a killing. BUY now low downside risk. ALL upside.
19/03/2018 15:20
trulyinvest once break 6.40, easily go thru 6.50
19/03/2018 15:32
asturay Watchup someone throw 6.19
19/03/2018 15:37
enning22 LCTITAN is much better then HengYuan refinary,which is controlled by Chinamen ,who is so stingy,give only 2 sen dividend, while Lctitan declared 23 sen .
19/03/2018 15:49
Infinite that is different between blue chip and red chip
19/03/2018 17:42
cstrader Tomorrow is opportunity to buy on dips, if Dow drops. LC Titan definitely game for 7.00 before end-March. Few sellers.
19/03/2018 21:38
KML889 Just when everthing is right to go, there comes this uncle Sam' bear growling for attention. What a timing. Sigh....
19/03/2018 22:59
newbie911 2noro testing Rm6, dj bleeding?
19/03/2018 23:41
ivan9511 yes still upppppppppppppppppp
easay money
19/03/2018 23:48
trulyinvest Tomorow buy if sharp,drop
20/03/2018 00:04
abrahamseed Not likely to drop sharply. Controlled.
20/03/2018 08:40
Kpin Yeoh Lotte Chemical Corp in Korea up 3.76%
441,500 kw up 16,000.00
20/03/2018 09:27
trulyinvest Wa, astro keep falling. Looks like astro wil b kickout of klci soon
20/03/2018 14:58
enning22 nobody watch astro anymore,
20/03/2018 15:32
abrahamseed Somebody is manipulating to collect :-) time to ride the next wave up.
20/03/2018 16:15
ivy88 I heard there is market shortage of petrochemical supply, ASP price will shoot up due to high demand, many petrochemical producer shutoff 1H18 due to plant maintenance. Yet raw material price is firm btw US$ 500 ~ $550 range. Opportunity is high to accumulate now if has chance.
20/03/2018 16:29
abrahamseed Yes this is absolutely correct. Envisage short supply in China due to environmental controls. Global supply expected to be short of demand. Hence, rise in ASP.
20/03/2018 16:56
enning22 CANBERA (Alliance News) - Asian stocks turned in a mixed performance on Tuesday as trade-war worries persisted and investors waited for cues from new Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's first policy meeting, with the central bank widely expected to raise interest rates by 25 basis points.

The two-day meeting starts later Tuesday, with the policy decision announced on Wednesday.

Sentiment was damped after Facebook shares suffered the biggest one-day drop in four years overnight amid allegations that political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica inappropriately obtained and used the social media giant's user data.
20/03/2018 17:25
trulyinvest bought 6.20
21/03/2018 12:07


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