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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
06-Jun-2002 09-Sep-2002 27-Sep-2002 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 5% Dividend Detail
22-Jun-2007 13-Aug-2007 27-Aug-2007 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
04-Jul-2008 13-Aug-2008 27-Aug-2008 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
21-Jun-2011 04-Aug-2011 26-Aug-2011 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
23-May-2014 27-Aug-2014 18-Sep-2014 DIVIDEND First and Final Dividend RM 0.04 Dividend Detail
10-May-2018 14-May-2018 16-May-2018 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 2 : 5 Dividend Detail
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Yh Lee someone is open a position.
23/09/2016 11:04
pradeep This stock is also undervalue and if revalue their land simple reason the land value of their land bank if calculated at RM20.00 per square feet just imagine what should be the price of this stock.I am very conservative even though I believe it is more then RM20.00 per square feet.if you have holding power just buy and keep.
10/10/2016 20:09
Yh Lee Why the proposal sound like not benefit to small shareholder like us ?
Can we object this proposal? Need how many percent just can object it?
18/10/2016 20:15
Yh Lee Pahang state government even $40mil oso dun have...
So sad...
They are willing to cheap sell their stake in Pasdec to acquire a 12 unit office to earn RM2.1mil.
What kind of fxxk decision form these board directors?

No wonder the company keep make loss of money because of these kind of management.
20/10/2016 21:07
Jacky Yip 它建议削资 : - RM0.50,然后五配二附加股,认购一附加股送一凭单。附加股是 TWO CALL
(RM0.30-RM0.20) @ 18/10/16
26/10/2016 23:21
III Any 1 still hold it?
19/12/2016 20:06
pradeep Next year will be higher
29/12/2016 23:47
viva5216 congras to who hold it till now, from 0.315 to today 0.60
27/05/2017 09:48
Yh Lee Good sign for company management changes. Hope can replace the chairman as well.
30/08/2017 22:55
newbiehk2014 finally result is positive
28/02/2018 22:28
AlfI3 Hi newbiehk, Wud it posibly to favricate a final Result tat to trap investors into its rights isu exercise tat to b ex another week?
26/03/2018 21:07
Yh Lee Someone use 40m to get 3000 acre land bank. Now they push the price down to further increase their shareholding. Good strategy!! And good government !!
27/03/2018 10:23
Yh Lee Can wait at 0.35 directly buy from market! cheera
27/03/2018 15:41
AlfI3 Hey guys, Got to b kful, dun get b cheated. It had abnormally xtended its rights isu entitlemn dates to superseed those earlier announced dates
30/03/2018 06:37
Lim Tek Wai where is my sifu
30/03/2018 11:49
newbiehk2014 The RI, can take or not, any sifu got any comments?
30/03/2018 18:52
AlfI3 Strong support at 0.39 for days ody to attract fishes in
16/05/2018 11:52
AlfI3 Any idea whether to go ahead applying d rights isu?
23/05/2018 14:13
taitee Somebody gonna get hurt after right issue
25/05/2018 12:34
AlfI3 Exdended rights applicatn closing date. Funny & Fishy things happened again
02/06/2018 07:42
AlfI3 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/pknp-yet-receive-finance-ministrys-approval-take-pasdec-rights-issue
02/06/2018 07:43
AlfI3 Today closing date of d rghts issue. Anyone wud like to comment whether to subscribe or not pls?
26/06/2018 08:03
oldchinaman maybe pahang don't subscribe
28/06/2018 00:38
apolloang loss company,property stock also can up,why ken no up? all tipu ini bursa
02/07/2018 12:21
taitee cow flying
02/07/2018 15:25
Yh Lee Don’t be same with Fxxking TA (privatisation with RM0.66). If privatise with less than RM0.60, nobody will sell to you. Hahahahaha
02/07/2018 19:44
thesteward If ecrl proceeds Pasdec will be beneficiary . Anyway NTA is above rm1.12.
Likely for ecrl to proceed. My 2 sen.
At .47 still value buy vs a vs its NTA.
02/07/2018 21:17
AlfI3 Wah, crazyly flying up omos 20% w/in 1 day w high volume. Seriously kah?
02/07/2018 21:35
apolloang yeah....manipulation,company even posted loss last quarter and also a property stock like ken,why ken no up? bursa tipu ar?
02/07/2018 21:39
oldchinaman g.o lah
03/07/2018 00:38
taitee anyone know what is G.O price?
03/07/2018 09:25
KAQ4468 waaaaaaa..... Pasdec

still hidup lagi ka ??

03/07/2018 09:28
newbiehk2014 tomorrow go beyond 52.5 sens?
03/07/2018 20:33
newbiehk2014 pknp rejected the offer. think worth higher than this price.
03/07/2018 23:40
apolloang rights issue 30cts only,52.5cts still can worth more? also a loss company.PKNP like that better don't buy pasdec and buy undervalue ken
03/07/2018 23:46
oldchinaman land bank 3,000 acres in pahang, after revalue worth more than rm 3.00 per share,TEW KIM KIAT G O 0.525c per share still under value, warrant exercise price fixed at rm 1.00. ,PERBADAAN KEMAJUAN NEGERI PAHANG don't subscrip for the right issue, TEW will take over the management... for MEDIUM N LONG term the price should be above RM 1.00
04/07/2018 00:39
targetinvest faster buy lo.. this one.. go to RM 1 one in no time
04/07/2018 09:22
targetinvest NTA RM 1.12 with alot of under value lands..
04/07/2018 09:25
targetinvest Who no buy sure regret again
04/07/2018 09:25
johnmaster2017 Got people willing to sell below 0.5 when big boss want to buy from you at 0.525. Dun understand the logic
04/07/2018 10:49
targetinvest Yday those contra banyak ma.. Now dun panic them off a bit lo
04/07/2018 12:31
Cck1978 Hi, i am new in trading, can the major shareholder cancel his offer?
04/07/2018 16:54
AlfI3 Major share holders can do a lot of things tat dey wish. Obviously can b seen frm d recent delays of rights issue listing tat had been postponed few times till more than a mth. I boro $ frm banks to subscribe d excess rights. Now got stucked dere. Some more got to servis xtra loan intrest. Really double blows n amgan
06/07/2018 18:16
AlfI3 Sc n bursa oso silently look see look see ony w/o setting out any measures to reprimand these delays
06/07/2018 18:18
AlfI3 Today d rghts n new warrants listing, i m rather hesitating. Anyone can comment whether to accept d GO n hold or to dispose it to opened mkt ya?
11/07/2018 08:22
newbiez AlfI3 - GO may not succeed if the offeror's resulting shareholding is less than 50% while the other major shareholder has provided undertaking not to accept. Considering your case, it may be better to just dispose shares at current price of 50sen?

FYI, the payment for GO shares will only come in after it becomes unconditional which may be earliest 2 months down the road... maybe the 5% would net off with your interest on loan already....
11/07/2018 16:32
newbiez Unless u r banking on the revision to offer price....
11/07/2018 16:35
taitaumau Really, it is too good to learn that major shareholders are so generous to offer 0.525 for right share issued at 0.35 even before it is listed..

One needs to watch out in the offer document whether 1st closing date will also be the final closing date.!!

Gamble : Gain 3 sen Loss 10 sen
12/07/2018 13:11
AlfI3 Thx for d sharing newbiez. It seemed tat d acceptance on mother shares at 0.525 wud b very likely. But no way for d warrant A at 0.001. Wud d offers r conditional to stappled or it works seperately for each of dem?
13/07/2018 00:38
thesteward If ecrl proceeds it could benefit Pasdec quite abit Nta is so high. My 2 Sen got big chance to proceed if huge discount given?
15/07/2018 20:55


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