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23-Sep-2002 08-Oct-2002 10-Oct-2002 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 2 Dividend Detail
15-Jan-2008 28-Jan-2008 30-Jan-2008 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
01-Oct-2015 13-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 6 : 1 Dividend Detail
12-May-2017 24-May-2017 26-May-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 4 : 8 Dividend Detail
12-May-2017 24-May-2017 26-May-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 8 Dividend Detail
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kmhb09558 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 12:48
kmhb09558 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 12:49
kmhb09558 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 12:51
kmhb09558 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 12:52
Ryotan11 omg... you like to create so many id kmhb09558 ,Forture,alex....
sounds like kiddo
18/04/2018 14:40
neuwook The loser likes using number fixed to its rear end lol...all comments total rubbish
18/04/2018 15:00
eugene93 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 15:03
neuwook Boast or talk cocks aren't neuwook's style....neuwook simply just do it!
18/04/2018 15:13
eugene93 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 15:28
Fortune Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 16:18
bonuschew Long time din check still so much argue. How u doing neuwook, so much buying going on?
18/04/2018 16:19
bonuschew Chan930 dog out of prison edi? How come no see it tailing? woof2
18/04/2018 16:21
LimKL1 gogo
18/04/2018 16:37
Fortune Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 20:13
eugene93 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 20:57
bruce551133 sales, thanks for your unconditional support...tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
18/04/2018 20:59
eugene93 Post removed. Why?
18/04/2018 21:27
neuwook A loser who can't answer simple question but still camping here really shameless lol. Wow! solid GOLD is at US$1351 now loh....!! Yaohoooo....!! wakakakaka
19/04/2018 07:01
neuwook Bonuschew, that loser is psychopath and he has no money to see a psychologist. That is all he can do everyday to vent out his frustration lol
19/04/2018 07:19
eugene93 Post removed. Why?
19/04/2018 08:03
neuwook This psychopath loser spamming this forum with rubbish. Whatever he barks, solid GOLD price is soaring to US$1351 and Bornoil is nearing to its major milestones in its 3 growth catalyst projects as days passed.....Yaohoooo....!! wakakakakaka
19/04/2018 08:22
Kathejofu Total Buy Vol. 120,000
Total Sell Vol. -

19/04/2018 09:07
Kathejofu why not moving today market for Bornoil @@
19/04/2018 09:17
neuwook The only humane way to deal with a psychopath like eugene93 is to give him/her a lot of support since he/she suffers enough trauma....neuwook understands that the behavioral of such psychopath is rooted in his/her own failure in the stock market. That is why he/she must learn to invest based on real fundamentals and not hoping for a quick return...learn to be a long range investor like neuwook. The longer the period of waiting at dirt cheap undervalued share price of a stock with strong fundamentals will definitely translate into many multiples of return....doubled/tripled/quadrupled. With the various businesses in place in Bornoil's respective divisions especially the last piece of the puzzle "Biofraction Vertrolysis Plant" being moved from USA to Lahad Datu, rest assured that the 3 key growth catalyst projects will be spearheading the near and long terms of the company. Do keep in mind that Bornoil has a solid backer that is the major shareholder of Hapseng and being one of the richest tycoon lineage from Sabah. There are many penny stocks in Bursa but Bornoil is one sleeping giant that u should be watching closely. neuwook believes there will be major developments between 2018/2019 going forward.

I know Ken is reading all of these as well and thanks for the support at timely occasions. You know what I'm trying to say...wakakakakaka
19/04/2018 09:24
Woodswater Weird, Bornoil never happen such scenario with very low volumes transacted ! Something might b happening , brewing/collapsing ? What say u ?

19/04/2018 10:10
neuwook Queued demand is doubled than supply.....wakakakaka
19/04/2018 10:13
lcteh88 Mostly, it is going up soon. It was happened to other stocks.
19/04/2018 14:16
Woodswater I agree too lceteh88 , hopefully dream came true !

19/04/2018 14:21
Woodswater Hahaha, multiple hidden I'd appeared as Hater#the more appear, senses great time is coming liow..........

19/04/2018 15:12
Woodswater Bestegoeco , I hope u can run with good price , good luck . Not everyday jobs shouting run , ran , escape , Cabut , 走, 跑直到飞都!?在原地踏步,不思长进,我衷心希希望你班衰仔生性点啦,千祈不要搞乱档摊,祸害子孫,咁无陰光,正如香港人常说;断人米路,如杀人父母’!君子回头金不换,回头是岸,三思吧!契弟们.

19/04/2018 15:40
BBoy Omg, almost nobody will to sell at 0.08... Flying soon. No more ikan bills.
19/04/2018 15:44
Woodswater Still got 1 bilis escaped from the net called Bestegoeco , 觉悟吧,契弟。

19/04/2018 16:00
Woodswater Hahaha, same 契弟using multiple hidden Id shouting 0.03 ( mother or call warrant)?if u mean call warrant ,then i’m Enjoying now liow lol....放下屠刀吧!天堂有路你不去,址狱无门你闯进,明知山有虎,偏向虎山行。later , v going travel the world in 79 days , last day v go Netherlands , u go Holland . V arrive at same places , but v can ‘t meet .y ?!!一念天堂,一念地狱。回头是岸,契弟.

19/04/2018 16:43
Woodswater Bestegoeco , pls don't give up even u mention u wait for 10 years liow .正所谓:'君子报仇十年未晚,留得青山在,哪怕沒柴烧'!你买股票每次吃咋糊,终有一回冧到天糊十三么,一朴返本,连本带利!

19/04/2018 18:04
Woodswater 冥顽不灵,死性不改,不知悔改,

19/04/2018 22:26
Woodswater 善有善报恶有恶报,不是不报,时晨未到,回头是岸,收手吧,契弟。

19/04/2018 22:31
bruce551133 Tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
19/04/2018 23:30
Bestegoeco Post removed. Why?
20/04/2018 09:06
Bestegoeco Post removed. Why?
20/04/2018 09:16
neuwook Bornoil's prospects remain bright with the 3 major growth catalyst projects in place hence the demand for its shares are high. This is the best accumulation phase not to be missed. You can condemn any other companies that lack of directions & plans BUT NOT Bornoil which has MONOPOLIES in 3 distinct business areas. Be patient, it will be worthwhile when MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS are made.
20/04/2018 11:20
abcde12345 amaing
20/04/2018 11:42
xxixx Post removed. Why?
20/04/2018 13:23
Alex1985 0.030 soon
20/04/2018 15:35
kenny5978 What happened to this counter?
20/04/2018 16:22
TrippleZ Dying company waiting for restructuring.
20/04/2018 16:49
20/04/2018 17:26
eugene93 Some cronies are responsible deleting messages. Relevant actions will be taken to stop these coward punks' actions. Cheers.
20/04/2018 19:10
Alex1985 go go 0.03 go
20/04/2018 20:44
bruce551133 Next week up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/04/2018 20:55
Jusloh @Alex wat the xXxX u always teasing this counter? If u don't hold any stock at this moment then don't tc/teasing eventhought this is freedom platform..same apply for those who place Bornoil as rubbish/dying counter. Simple rule, just don't buy or comments. Just wasting ur time ?
20/04/2018 21:17


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