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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
23-Sep-2002 08-Oct-2002 10-Oct-2002 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 2 Dividend Detail
15-Jan-2008 28-Jan-2008 30-Jan-2008 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
01-Oct-2015 13-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 6 : 1 Dividend Detail
12-May-2017 24-May-2017 26-May-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 4 : 8 Dividend Detail
12-May-2017 24-May-2017 26-May-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 8 Dividend Detail
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Crazy11223 Bornol go up soon, be RM1
20/06/2017 06:35
Mike Jcy Crazy11223, how u know? Got any insider news?
20/06/2017 07:27
Yun Hin Chong Nono.. l got a news. Should be rm 2
20/06/2017 07:52
Yun Hin Chong Real one. Believe me.
20/06/2017 07:53
Mike Jcy Haha...yun, den whn? Our here would like hv this good real news to all of our shareholders....
20/06/2017 09:26
bruce551133 Ga yau! Ga yau! Ga yau! Up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/06/2017 09:40
Roly Rm1 to RM 2 wow real news or joke only
20/06/2017 09:44
nich0las What la! RM0.20 also enough ma. Then Split again to RM0.10. Then up to RM0.20, and split again to RM0.10 ..... continue Bornoil style~! This is what bornoil want.
20/06/2017 12:51
faralenz77 below 0.10 is possible in near term.
20/06/2017 15:51
ryan8814 Holy shit!! Portfolio turn red first time for bornoil
20/06/2017 16:21
bruce551133 tomorrow continue ga yau! ga yau! ga yau! up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/06/2017 17:06
bonus_2017 Hahaha, Bruce...YUP! Few more days till mining report and then QR ! Now what even price i also dont care, up or down nothing big deal, let see how the result this time !
20/06/2017 19:13
bruce551133 yes...bonus2017, need to go temple pray more...amithaba...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
20/06/2017 21:21
eyman_alisons Bornoil sudah mau lingkup ka? From 0.130 to 0.105.
21/06/2017 11:12
Roly ESOS not yet clear waiting 3 to 5 year price rebound if company make profit
21/06/2017 13:52
bonus_2017 Hahaha, see these ppl messages , sometime very "xian". Talking nonsense here and there, but with tin tin kosong. Ignore is the way. But i choose to quit monitoring this forum, once awhile comeback for sharing is more than enough, even what u wish to talk here also wont give any impact to share price. Every forum got ppl like this, u really got a happy life? Creat few id and play characters like this? Really big SHAME of ppl like u. Hide behind the keyboard and become rubbish. Ya, before i quit monitoring, i choose to be impolite to these kind of ppl, for the others, just ignore cox i am 100% not touching u. 人家说,有人不做,要做鬼,还有什么好说的?哈哈哈。不是不接受负面评价,负面评价是有根有据,而不是车大炮,或是造成一些新手恐惧而不必要的亏损,这真的很缺德。每天看这些人胡言乱语,或多或少会影响心情。前段时间离开,不知过得多清闲,价钱到了就卖了赚钱,简单。有空我会回来看看,给点感想,顺便找找这里的朋友
21/06/2017 14:47
bruce551133 bonus2017, take it easy, be happy...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/06/2017 15:53
bruce551133 woodswater(water mean money)... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/06/2017 17:42
ysn8 bonus 2017 加油 加油
21/06/2017 17:47
bonus_2017 Ya, Bruce and Woodswater, u both are right. Woodswater, u ready understand what i mean, ur mean is what i mean, u got what i mean? Hahaha. Bruce, I am ok lah, but decide come back once a while and give comments if only needed. But, at least i got friends like u and woodswater here. Also learn somethings and get some useful info expecially for Mr Tai ( Shun WU Kong ) tq for that. Still owe Redz1 pillow, hoho. Ya, QR is ahead, i am waiting for it. Happy holiday next week and wish Muslim friends here selamat hari raya 2017! All the best for bornoil shareholder, i will be back once a while "look look", all the best !
21/06/2017 17:52
Sales Hi all! Wishing all the Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya and happy holiday!!!
21/06/2017 18:20
Tai KT Me as well, selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays to all Muslims and Malaysians.
21/06/2017 18:30
bruce551133 bonus2017, u r always welcome here...before u came back here, redz1 is around, when u back here, turn redz1 missing... :-D bornoil shoud be worry free because we got mighty Tai KT(son goku) guard here around... :-D tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
21/06/2017 21:42
mjra 買,收,樂。
Beli, simpan, gembira.
Buy, keep, happy.

2moro coming
Esok akan datang.
21/06/2017 23:35
bruce551133 woodswater, got bonus, got redz(red angpau), got water(lui=money), bornoil sure no problem to go up... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
22/06/2017 15:02
Woodswater Trust me , since I monitor almost all Malaysian stocks these few years starting from airasia at 80c , Dynex at 27c (both sell very early , just small gain) now only 1 stocks I concentrating , I feel no pressure even neck become very long liow .

Because too many people is expecting will skyrocketing within a very short term , but the facts is
Few people is still stand pat n staying when Bornoil Eventually kaboom couple QR later , inevitable !
That's my fade with Bornoil 今日地底泥,他日龙穿凤!

22/06/2017 15:18
Gold_King Manage to top up some at 0.105
22/06/2017 15:35
nich0las from early no volume, until last TOP1 vol.
22/06/2017 17:35
bruce551133 woodswater, your confident is our confident... :-D tomorrow up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
22/06/2017 21:03
Thiamhuat Too earn money and sell off pls dont keep it thank you
23/06/2017 06:58
Roly Clap your mind ask your brine
23/06/2017 15:53
nich0las Gold is alots now. Rich company
23/06/2017 17:26
Tai KT gold inventory update
*May2017, was 57,723oz
*Apr2017, was 46,689oz
*Mar2017, was 46,565oz
23/06/2017 17:44
Tai KT coming qr will be interesting, haha
23/06/2017 17:45
Woodswater 大师兄,after 500 yrs came back journey from the West . I think the excited moment v waiting seems arriving soon !

23/06/2017 17:49
Tai KT yalo, let wait the qr. haha....
23/06/2017 18:54
ryan8814 Gold ! Gold! Gold!
23/06/2017 19:15
bruce551133 hopefully can see the excitement by next wednesday... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
23/06/2017 21:03
Franklim1989 why gold suddently jump up to 1.7ton on this june report??so fast
24/06/2017 12:24
Woodswater @franklim1989 , b4 this ,management sell gold every month for their expenses especially expansion of their business from east to West Malay . You will notice they use almost 90% profit margin to cover everything with xxxM income . Now business become more stabil , dig gold quantity gains more because of last 2 Qr is raining season , now digging more n just keep it into inventory for hedging lah.....

24/06/2017 14:43
Woodswater At the meantime , phase I I for digging gold has in progressing now ( I think lah)

24/06/2017 14:44
Woodswater Buddies , I have sense Bornoil is coming.......soon liow

24/06/2017 14:46
Woodswater As I predict b4

Owner controlling >60% shares , their target is
1st , WC (from 0.050 can go many many times fold if mother at 1.00)
WD , then
WB (almost session liow )

24/06/2017 14:55
bruce551133 woodswater, really coming soon? my saliva wanna start to flow out... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/06/2017 15:52
Woodswater I paid Rm 3.60 ask God , then God told me hmm , ji mai jiu Ho Seh Liow !

24/06/2017 16:34
bruce551133 what is mean "ji mai jiu ho seh liow"? I know "loh mai kai" only... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/06/2017 20:13
Woodswater 这迈就好奢了

24/06/2017 20:40
bruce551133 chinese character i can't understand, i try google translate able to understand abit... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/06/2017 23:01
saikuro525 guys, question!
coming qtr covers feb - apr, but apr gold inventory did not drop, meaning no sale of gold at all Q1? then qtr result gonna b really bad?
24/06/2017 23:52
TrippleZ For penny stock, this counter is super boring.
24/06/2017 23:57


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