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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
23-Sep-2002 08-Oct-2002 10-Oct-2002 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 2 Dividend Detail
15-Jan-2008 28-Jan-2008 30-Jan-2008 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
01-Oct-2015 13-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 6 : 1 Dividend Detail
12-May-2017 24-May-2017 26-May-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 4 : 8 Dividend Detail
12-May-2017 24-May-2017 26-May-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 8 Dividend Detail
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bobbychan 0.12
24/05/2017 09:12
OngLai88 bobbychan, go read bursa announcement for more info.

24/05/2017 09:16
Sales Bobbychan bonus issue
24/05/2017 09:19
bruce551133 Redz1, 1000k later my saliva drop out... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/05/2017 09:21
Redz1 Up already haha. 1000k lot?
24/05/2017 09:22
Redz1 Entitlement 26 la Bruce
24/05/2017 09:23
Redz1 Transfer on 26
24/05/2017 09:23
lalala89 Newbie here..price drop to 0.12 due to bonus issue..any benefit for shareholder for mother share?
24/05/2017 09:26
wallace78 So it will better to hold or sell after bonus issue?
24/05/2017 09:32
bruce551133 price adjustment and allocation should be done concurrently, klse procedure not effective enough, now my portfolio bornoil show huge loss my heart almost stop beating... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/05/2017 09:35
Kim Yeoh 这只股已经不便宜了!股票数量己加了50%!
24/05/2017 09:36
bruce551133 redz1, i know entitlement on 26, but i think adjustment & allocation can be done concurrently, since now everything computerised... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/05/2017 09:37
Redz1 Not in Malaysia. My other counter under consolidation cnt even trade for 2 days. But lucky. U wanted to sell but later shoot up to .305. Bef consoludation .04 then 1:4 then shoot .305. Still hold
24/05/2017 09:47
Redz1 U open champaign already mah. Want to sell ka?
24/05/2017 09:48
eyman_alisons Why drop to much?
24/05/2017 09:55
Redz1 Eyman. Free bonus lor. Not drop la. You get 8:4:1 and freewarrant . Same lor.
24/05/2017 10:01
gohky87 so can buy is it worth it?
24/05/2017 10:06
eyman_alisons Ooo i see. So Can buy now?
24/05/2017 10:08
nich0las 0.13 so cheap meh! GOLD producer company! Wah lan eh, sure buy la~!
24/05/2017 10:09
bruce551133 cannot open champagne yet, still make loss, after diluted loss go widen... :-D up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/05/2017 10:11
tah16600 Cheaper than a roll of toilet paper
24/05/2017 10:14
gohky87 how to count? means if i buy 800, I get 400 extra shares?
24/05/2017 10:16
gohky87 800 lots i mean
24/05/2017 10:16
Mike Jcy Whn bonus n warrant will listing?
24/05/2017 10:17
bruce551133 26 May...up up up...bornoil... :-D :-D :-D
24/05/2017 10:21
Redz1 Bruce went .13 . Still making money ma. If .13 .its. 195 old pr not forgetting free wd. Wc now 6 so abt 9.
24/05/2017 10:23
Redz1 Friday Mike. Youll get yours if you invested earlier.
24/05/2017 10:24
ah_siang95 cheap cheap buy buy buy
24/05/2017 10:26
lalala89 Anyone know how to calculate?example how many bonus I get if I got 1000unit??
24/05/2017 10:27
Redz1 Y widen bruce. You gain lor
24/05/2017 10:27
Yun Hin Chong Warrant got free units?
24/05/2017 10:31
Yun Hin Chong Warrant b and c got free?
24/05/2017 10:31
eyman_alisons What meaning 8:4:1 redz1? Can u explain? Sorry newbie here
24/05/2017 10:31
Redz1 If you have 8 no of share you get free 4nos of mother share n 1 free wd warrant.
24/05/2017 10:34
Redz1 So now you have 12mother share instead of 8 and free 1 wd
24/05/2017 10:36
Mmzai Hmm .hey all, now price is 0.13 means we all actually gain instead of loss profit? My portfolio bornoil now is red sea showing huge loss haha :')
24/05/2017 10:37
gohky87 0.13 cents still not cleared lol
24/05/2017 10:37
melvintcs y haven't get bonus?
24/05/2017 10:38
gohky87 I never invested in bornoil before. Even though the balance sheet of the company always show green, the price of the share seem always stuck at 0.18-0.19cents. Any potential to go higher with such high volume of shares?
24/05/2017 10:41
gohky87 Just bought some for enjoying some bonus though.
24/05/2017 10:42
eyman_alisons Redz1 if I buy today, will ger the bonus?
24/05/2017 10:43
gohky87 eyman_alisons yes, if you buy before 26th May 5pm you are entitled
24/05/2017 10:45
Redz1 Buy, buy, buy fast
24/05/2017 10:48
nich0las NO! The bonus already EX. Means bonus on the way to give to investor. Aww......
24/05/2017 10:49
gohky87 eh but from what i read is different?

Bonus issue of up to 2,112,341,814 new ordinary shares in Borneo Oil Berhad ("Bornoil") ("Bornoil Share(s)") ("Bonus Share(s)") to be credited as fully paid-up on the basis of four (4) Bonus Shares for every eight (8) existing Bornoil Shares held as at 5.00 p.m. on 26 May 2017 ("Bonus Issue of Shares")
24/05/2017 10:54
Mike Jcy Thanks redz 1.
Yes, i ady bought since las 2 weeks
24/05/2017 11:05
gohky87 my bad, need to clarify this ex-date thing, if purchased today will not get bonus. But still after buying its good to keep because its cheap.
24/05/2017 11:07
SR56 newbie here. Can someone advise if WC holders get anything during this bonus issue? I hold only WC and I notice price dropped overnight from 9 to 6. Hoping that some free issue of W will negate this paper loss.
24/05/2017 11:18
tyran many folks seems to be surprised today, never follow the earlier announcement maybe

if you already in b4 tis no worry...you will get bonus share. and bornoil prospect still good. just too much supply so will be tough to move from now imho
24/05/2017 11:46
gohky87 I wonder if Bornoil management have any plans to consolidate the shares to make the amount of shares in the market smaller..
24/05/2017 11:57


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