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12-May-2017 24-May-2017 26-May-2017 ADJUSTMENT Adjustment 4 : 8 Dividend Detail
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paperplane .12 coming back
23/09/2016 11:08
paperplane wahaha!
23/09/2016 12:31
funda wow... go go go...
actually WC deserve much higher premium due to long period to expiry.... if everything go smoothly as plan, imagine how much gold they going to dig out every month in 2025?
23/09/2016 13:14
Redz1 Paperpleane, how much higher will WC go? THeir TP?
26/09/2016 11:50
bwulf wow finally 0.12
29/09/2016 18:29
paperplane 0.30 for mother........you guess? I saw PEZZO in nu sentral, wow
23/12/2016 08:21
Sales Good news, Hap Seng consider to invest in this stock.
06/02/2017 18:15
chan9301 In short and simple, the management of Bornoil is rewarding the loyal shareholders with Bonus rather that cold cash OUT of Dividends. The Issued Capital will increased by 50%. More people are eating the same size cake (unless profit increases by same margin or more in coming Qs) . EPS will drop unless profits are generated and increased by same margin or more, going forward. Not always the price of share would move up after Bonus announcements unless follows by better results and Dividends, if any. ( MyEG for example). The price of Bornoil would be adjusted downwards after the Bonus, meaning more affordable to goreng! Cheers and Gn.
13/03/2017 22:48
HowAh Wouldn't wc be out of favor since new warrant come out?
13/03/2017 22:54
jontfj so huge amount of shares, mau goreng pun susah lol... unless got big jump of profit in future...
13/03/2017 23:02
Lk036 Will it be Dato Lau behind this strategy to turn it to another hap seng. Maybe inject more business in future n profit big jump.
13/03/2017 23:08
HowAh But how can you say bornoil has no liquidity? Even labeling this stock as low liquidity doesn't cut it.... I really don't know what to make of this bonus issue....
13/03/2017 23:14
tyran agree with you howah, quite pening to draw out all the permutations
14/03/2017 10:43
761203085996 Wc target price???
15/03/2017 20:59
27/03/2017 18:33
Redz1 Comming soon. Showtime
31/03/2017 09:37
Ivan89 Buy at 10cents below still cheap
31/03/2017 10:12
Redz1 Yes Ivan. Really cheap
31/03/2017 10:39
195410 Stagnant
12/04/2017 18:45
marizan So hows this bornoilwc now?
19/04/2017 10:28
SHQuah may I know what is the Bonus issues for WC ?
How many for How many ? Can someone advise. Thanks
Any change in exercise price after ex date ?
26/04/2017 08:38
SHQuah Should buy both Mother and WC.
WC exercise price is 11 sen
26/04/2017 10:17
SHQuah http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5398561
26/04/2017 10:18

26/04/2017 10:18
SHQuah Once mother share go up, Warrant WC should follow.
Buy now....fast
26/04/2017 10:23
SHQuah WC exercise price is 11 sen
If mother go up, WC also should follow.
26/04/2017 11:14
SHQuah WC ex date - Nov 08, 2025
Still got 8 years to go.
26/04/2017 14:33
jmstar Better buy the mother shares still very cheap for a profitable company buy now before its too late
26/04/2017 14:43
SHQuah I bought both Bornoil mother and warrant WC
Like what I did for Dnex mother and warrant.
26/04/2017 15:36
SHQuah Warrant also very cheap if u less the exercise price.
% gain will be more if mother go up accordingly.
26/04/2017 15:37
SHQuah If Bonus ex date announce, Bornoil mother go up from 19 sen to 25 sen.
Warrant WC should up from 9 sen to 14 sen.
26/04/2017 16:49
SHQuah http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5408353
27/04/2017 14:32
SHQuah According to my broker, every 2 warrant WC will get 1 free warrant after ex date.
27/04/2017 16:29
SHQuah BUY, BUY, BUY before EGM
BUY, BUY, BUY before Bonus Ex date.
Sure win
28/04/2017 16:34
ltkhai168 wow... huge buying
15/05/2017 14:48
densim any updates for WC...ex & issue dates ?....
16/05/2017 11:13
195410 New chapter from today
24/05/2017 18:57
Redz1 195410. If you want to be negative as per your mother chatting comment get lost. We don't need negative people here.
07/06/2017 05:50
Crazy11223 Bornoil previous is Sugar Bun, highest price in 1994, rm24
07/06/2017 10:05
Crazy11223 195410, pls go to hell if don't know any Bornoil , King of Sugar Bun Rm24
07/06/2017 10:06
195410 What happen to this 2 sifu?
09/06/2017 09:48
195410 Up up up bornoil. kikiki
28/06/2017 18:43
Sales Sugar bun is making good business. Go to menara Hap Seng for lunch you will know.
03/10/2017 11:32
1796089373749992 Did you notice a pattern here? Very quickly during the day price drops to 0.04. Towards the evening somebody buys 200 shares for 0.045 so it's ends at that price.
30/10/2017 22:56
195410 They want to play ,............,....
01/11/2017 10:48
1796089373749992 Same again today. Can't help inferring that someone wants to entice(trap) investors to buy at 0.04 in the hope of selling at 0.045 but actually nobody wants to buy at 0.045.
01/11/2017 17:03
Jusloh too bad for today, 0.035 de.
07/11/2017 23:06
foo99 today close @0.045 for 100 unit again
09/11/2017 16:52
195410 Today 0.035
09/02/2018 22:43
195410 Post removed. Why?
22/02/2018 22:50


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