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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
29-Aug-2000 21-Sep-2000 27-Sep-2000 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
08-Mar-2012 20-Mar-2012 22-Mar-2012 CONSOLIDATION Others 10 : 1 Dividend Detail
30-Mar-2012 12-Apr-2012 16-Apr-2012 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 30 : 1 Dividend Detail
30-Mar-2012 12-Apr-2012 16-Apr-2012 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 1 Dividend Detail
14-Oct-2013 13-Nov-2013 13-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
19-Nov-2013 02-Dec-2013 03-Jan-2014 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
19-Nov-2013 02-Dec-2013 03-Jan-2014 DIVIDEND_SHARE Others 1 : 12 Dividend Detail
10-Oct-2014 23-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
06-Nov-2014 09-Dec-2014 05-Jan-2015 DIVIDEND_SHARE Others 1 : 20 Dividend Detail
20-Sep-2016 30-Sep-2016 19-Oct-2016 DIVIDEND Special Dividend RM 0.03 Dividend Detail
20-Sep-2016 30-Sep-2016 19-Oct-2016 DIVIDEND First Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
05-Oct-2016 14-Nov-2016 15-Dec-2016 DIVIDEND Second interim dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
05-Oct-2016 14-Nov-2016 15-Dec-2016 DIVIDEND Special Dividend RM 0.05 Dividend Detail
17-Mar-2017 05-May-2017 30-May-2017 DIVIDEND_SHARE Interim Dividend 1 : 20 Dividend Detail
17-Mar-2017 05-May-2017 30-May-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
22-Jun-2017 26-Sep-2017 27-Oct-2017 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.1 Dividend Detail
16-Oct-2017 05-Dec-2017 03-Jan-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.05 Dividend Detail
23-Oct-2017 02-Nov-2017 06-Nov-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 8 : 1 Dividend Detail
05-Dec-2017 19-Jan-2018 08-Feb-2018 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.0024 Dividend Detail
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NewBZai why don't they just give an easier options of right issue
14/11/2017 16:33
Booyah Trying to confuse the investors. Terrible indeed.
14/11/2017 21:51
Marcel Choo Lots of calculations. To make it easier, just buy mother shares or Iculs & hope for the best.
14/11/2017 23:10
NewBZai oh... Confirmed that this is not worth to convert at all... RM0.80 per share while the mother share only 0.78. Better buy it directly in the open market. No need to fill in forms and bank draft etc...
15/11/2017 10:13
Marcel Choo At least someone agrees with me. Thanks bro.
15/11/2017 18:02
tyler98 So what do I do now if I am holding on to ATTA-PR? Am I to convert them and how? Thanks in advance
16/11/2017 07:23
Marcel Choo Then, just wait for the listing price wether to keep or sell if you are not converting. Alternatively, check with your broker.
16/11/2017 11:07
vivabursa Number of shares eventually will increase and value per share diluted. The utilization of fund raised can generate how much return?
17/11/2017 19:56
Marcel Choo There is an article written in Mandarin at KLSE Screener. Hopefully it is good for the company.
18/11/2017 16:44
Hua Joshuaayoung This PA is good to collect
10 PA can convert into one ordinary OR
1 PA + 0.72 cash into 1 ordinary... similar to warrant...
18/11/2017 22:36
Marcel Choo If you multiply 10PA by RM0.08 = RM0.80 which is higher than the current market price of the mother share at RM0.775. However, the price is kept at RM0.08 of which you can convert later.
19/11/2017 01:04
huat888 LA, Wa and Wb, each conversion price is rm 0.87. Hence among LA, Wa, Wb and PA, PA has a more favorable conversion price
20/11/2017 10:14
michaelyapmj director keep buying. buying more atta-la
22/11/2017 22:00
Marcel Choo Good for Iculs holders. More people to buy to boost up the price.
23/11/2017 00:07
tyler98 Apparently holding on to ATTA-PR results to nothing if you don't convert...
100% realised lost
23/11/2017 09:39
mkmike Latest QTR result must have been AWESOME! No wonder a director keeps acquiring the shares.
24/11/2017 11:19
wakarimas this stock price seems stagnant and wont move.
25/11/2017 19:25
wakarimas from the last quarter report, the profit seems 2.5% from the revenue. wondering how come the margin so low
25/11/2017 19:37
birkincollector Results extremely late this qtr
27/11/2017 22:29
Popeye Mike 为什么完全不动的呢?
28/11/2017 09:16
how12345 ICPS over-subscription of 928,284,701 Rights ICPS or approximately 75.94% over the total of 1,222,426,720 Rights ICPS available for subscription under the Rights Issue of ICPS.
28/11/2017 19:49
Marcel Choo Then we should expect the prices to surge.
28/11/2017 23:11
birkincollector Results very bad? Why so late never announce??
29/11/2017 19:13
THOUSANDEYE Good result for atta,improving operating profit
30/11/2017 18:28
apolloang turnover only up,profit down....mon to test below 80cts
30/11/2017 18:35
birkincollector Lol apolloang seems to be in every forum bashing all the companies. Can u name a sure win one?
30/11/2017 18:57
7064 40mil of cash mainly from the conversion of ATTA-LA, WB and WC. Let see, the paid-up capital from 70mil++ until 150mil++ today. Increase of paid-up capital + profit - dividend paid out, in fact, we can see there is still cash out flow in this company...... where is the cash outflow went to?

30/11/2017 21:45
paulthesotong Let the ppl dig the well then we drink the water...
02/12/2017 16:43
Booyah apolloang will get the karma soon.
04/12/2017 11:25
Marcel Choo Someone is disposing mother shares to depress the price on the eve of listing of icps. Sad!
05/12/2017 10:25
Friendship I think price of icps will drop kao kao tomorrow
05/12/2017 12:19
Marcel Choo Possible. Noticed no support for the share.
05/12/2017 14:11
THOUSANDEYE ATTA PA should trade higher than ATTA WB as well as ATTA LA due PA have slightly longer maturity and most important is lower conversion.ATTA WB you need fork out RM 0.87 to convert to one share,while for ATTA LA,we need fork out RM 0.77 to convert to one share under cash conversion method.While for ATTA PA is RM 0.72 under cash conversion method.Do not forget that PA have a dividend priority as well (of course for me dividend is only consider as a bonus and do not put a high hope on it).A reasonable premium for PA should be 20% and above.CHeers
06/12/2017 08:41
Goodluck888 Some good news on coming Q, is it true?
06/12/2017 09:18
Hein Break 0.70 soon. Then towards 0.60.
06/12/2017 18:23
Hua Joshuaayoung ATTA-PA, announce the dividend well before its listed
06/12/2017 21:16
Marcel Choo Dead duck on the price. Dividend is a sweetener to buy PA I guess.
06/12/2017 22:18
Booyah fuck this shit
11/12/2017 09:40
Marcel Choo Now the rights exercise is over. Hope the buying momentum will come soon.
11/12/2017 10:56
jebat Oh atta what happen....down down and down....shit
12/12/2017 10:31
chkhooju Perhaps due to a litigation issue.
12/12/2017 10:56
Booyah What do you know, chkhooju? Can you please share more?
12/12/2017 11:04
Cly Serena For small litigation issue only about 214k only nothing impacted
12/12/2017 13:20
Marcel Choo concurred with Serena that the judgment sum has limited impact on the company. It was a legal action taken by Atta's subsidiary against an individual. Not to worry.
12/12/2017 17:21
Booyah How can we not worry when the price keeps on dropping?
13/12/2017 00:24
Marcel Choo Fundamental is okay. The strange thing is the buyers have not taken position. Wondering why are they waiting?
13/12/2017 00:32
conqueror Volume is low. Seem like company is not support the price itself. Let price free float by retail investor :(
13/12/2017 12:06
Marcel Choo The support for Iculs is there but not the mother shares. Perhaps something is needed to triggle the purchase. Anyway, the directors have bought some but couldn't prevent further slide. Company is only allowed to buy own shares subject to regulatory's approval.
13/12/2017 12:40
conqueror With NTA: 1.352 P/E: 5.73 it should worth more than 1.00
Time to up up up
13/12/2017 16:12
Marcel Choo Keep up the momentum & not to take profit so soon. Hope for better things to come.
13/12/2017 19:05


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