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10-Jul-2017 11-Aug-2017 29-Aug-2017 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.055 Dividend Detail
19-Jul-2016 01-Aug-2016 18-Aug-2016 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
26-May-2015 18-Jun-2015 15-Jul-2015 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 6.0% Dividend Detail
26-Aug-2014 10-Sep-2014 10-Oct-2014 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 6% Dividend Detail
19-Nov-2013 29-Nov-2013 13-Dec-2013 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend 8% Dividend Detail
29-Jul-2011 10-Aug-2011 12-Aug-2011 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
12-Nov-2007 22-Nov-2007 26-Nov-2007 CONSOLIDATION Others 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
12-Nov-2007 22-Nov-2007 26-Nov-2007 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 5 : 5 Dividend Detail
31-May-2004 28-Jul-2004 18-Aug-2004 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
29-May-2003 14-Jul-2003 31-Jul-2003 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
31-May-2002 12-Jul-2002 31-Jul-2002 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 2% Dividend Detail
20-Apr-2001 14-May-2001 12-Jun-2001 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 3% Dividend Detail
02-Mar-2001 20-Mar-2001 22-Mar-2001 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 3 Dividend Detail
02-Mar-2001 20-Mar-2001 22-Mar-2001 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 1 Dividend Detail
11-May-2000 08-Jun-2000 28-Jun-2000 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 8.5% Dividend Detail
03-Jun-1999 13-Jul-1999 09-Aug-1999 DIVIDEND Final Dividend 1% Dividend Detail
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bigbigboss tomorrow AGM who will attend ?
24/05/2017 18:58
optimus9199 Today will announce quarterly results at 1230pm
25/05/2017 07:34
TannCK Optimus9199. See u at the AGM later, how to identify u later? Haha
25/05/2017 09:19
stock_newduck Please keep us posted with the updates from AGM.
25/05/2017 10:33
optimus9199 Net profit up 22%, cash flow improved.
25/05/2017 13:59
OptimusCallShitBaba TannCK, look at my photo, my son optimus9199 look like me, he also performs in walking dead as walker.
25/05/2017 16:57
OptimusCallShitBaba Profit up but price drop, news out price drop again?
25/05/2017 17:14
OptimusCallShitBaba My son optimus9199, are you still holding any of these:
Gkent, Ekovest, Kerjaya, Econpile, superlon, magni, lii hen, padini, HSS, KESM, AEONCR, poweroot, AWC, Perstim, Yee Lee, Thong Guan, Poh Huat, MSC?
25/05/2017 17:34
optimus9199 Stop talking nonsense here
25/05/2017 22:42
optimus9199 Maybank IB Retail Research


Kerjaya’s 1Q17 net profit jumped 22% YoY and 10% QoQ to MYR28.9m, accounting for 23% of consensus full-year estimate. The strong 1Q17 results were mainly driven by a 18% YoY rise in construction PAT. No dividend was declared for the current quarter.


Construction PAT was propelled by a 23% rise in revenue, supported by its outstanding order book of MYR2.6b. This more than offset a 0.6ppts decline in construction PAT margin (1Q17: 13.2% vs 13.8% in 1Q16). Kerjaya’s on-going projects are mainly awarded by blue chips property developers in Malaysia.


The stronger construction earnings also helped to offset: 1) a 70% YoY (-MYR0.6m) decline in manufacturing PAT (production of lighting products and kitchen solutions) mainly due to completion of existing project and intense competition; and 2) a 38% YoY (-MYR0.4m) drop in property PAT.


For Kerjaya, construction is always the bread and butter. Despite its strong order book of MYR2.6b, the group is still aggressively bidding for works. Its tender book is about MYR1.8b (historical success rate is ~20%). Meanwhile, the investment in industrialised building system aluminium formwork system should help to sustain its margins in the long-term.


On property, the group will be banking on its Vista Residences @ Genting Highlands (GDV: MYR300m), which has achieved a take-up rate of approximately 63% at end-Mar 2017. The group also has two more projects in the pipeline namely Genting Permai and Monterez, Shah Alam (likely launch in 2018) with a total gross development value of MYR500m. Unbilled sales were MYR70.7m.


Against strong construction pipeline and potentially stronger property earnings in the subsequent quarters, the street is forecasting a 12.8% 2-year EPS CAGR for FY17-19. Brokers are positively biased on the stock with one Buy and one Hold. The mean target price is MYR3.39.


While prospects look robust, the key setback here is that valuation is slightly on the high side. At current price, the stock is trading at 14.5x consensus FY17 EPS of 22sen, which is just a tad lower than the Bursa Malaysia Construction Index’s 2017 PER of 16.2x.


Note that the group is sitting on a net cash of ~MYR145m at end-Mar 2017, which is equivalent to about 28sen/sh. Also, the 2007/2017 warrants will expire on 20 Dec 2017, which upon converting, could raise another ~MYR15m to the group.
26/05/2017 20:04
optimus9199 bigger dividends coming soon
29/05/2017 16:13
OptimusCallShitBaba optimus9199, are you still holding any of these:
Gkent, Ekovest, Kerjaya, Econpile, superlon, magni, lii hen, padini, HSS, KESM, AEONCR, poweroot, AWC, Perstim, Yee Lee, Thong Guan, Poh Huat, MSC?
29/05/2017 17:31
OptimusCallShitBaba If you already sold, don't pretend you are still holding it, optimus9199
29/05/2017 17:31
OptimusCallShitBaba Calling to double heads snake optimus9199, pls answer my question
30/05/2017 09:40
optimus9199 Hope to reach RM 3.50 soon
31/05/2017 01:20
Lim Wy Mlglobal (续Kerjaya的后尘?)

02/06/2017 11:14
optimus9199 wow 3.31 now
02/06/2017 11:16
optimus9199 Write a comment..4 multi year high again
05/06/2017 15:59
06/06/2017 09:21
bigbigboss 3.21 down
07/06/2017 19:35
goldenluck16 Accumulate....good news coming soon
03/07/2017 08:45
bigbigboss what news coming soon ?
05/07/2017 22:27
optimus9199 wow interim div 5.5sen ( 4sen in 2016)
10/07/2017 17:42
10/07/2017 20:12
optimus9199 buy as much as possible
10/07/2017 21:32
kkndmvp start drop ad ~~kaka
11/07/2017 10:22
kkndmvp buy low sell high~~
11/07/2017 10:23
optimus9199 up up up
11/07/2017 19:50
Tom 5 cents cash dividend wakaka?
12/07/2017 11:17
optimus9199 ya still better than nothing
12/07/2017 15:45
optimus9199 hope to break 3.42 tomorrow
13/07/2017 17:07
optimus9199 multi year high 3.50 achieved today!
14/07/2017 13:43
bigbigboss our TP RM 4
14/07/2017 15:40
optimus9199 Yeah same as my TP RM 4.00 too Now still cheap at 3.47
14/07/2017 17:16
calvinteo Kerjaya closed at RM 3.47 with new record high at RM 3.50 achieved.

Kerjaya-ca, closed at RM 0.36 sen. Ditto at RM 0.365 achieved.
With premium 0.03 sen, premium percentage is 0.86 and gearing at 3.86
Expire on 29/7/17.


Next challenge target :-

1) RM 3.62 as per the edge article dated 9th June 2017

2) RM 3.69 as per UOB Kay Hian Securities

Imo- I still maintain my initial target price as reported on 15/4/17 at RM 4 despite dividend 5.5 sen payable on 29/8/17.

Note: Invest and or trade at yr own risk.
16/07/2017 18:24
optimus9199 Buy as much as possible
17/07/2017 08:41
optimus9199 hit 3.53 multi year high now!
17/07/2017 09:18
optimus9199 3.54 multi year high
17/07/2017 14:15
cychoy Patiently waiting for the bonus issue to come.... its a matter of time only...
17/07/2017 14:43
optimus9199 Good good
17/07/2017 15:07
18/07/2017 10:08
Khoo Chin Aik I think kerjaya recently up is due to they secure the project from yongtai's "impression city melaka" which consist of 2 building hotel.
18/07/2017 22:23
optimus9199 Agreed with u, today theedge announced Yong Tai launching the Impression City Melaka with GDV RM 7 billion.
18/07/2017 23:32
optimus9199 Just being awarded a RM 64.2mil project by sister company , KP Property Bhd.
20/07/2017 14:02
optimus9199 - 20th July 2017 : Kerjaya Prospek Properties awarded RM 64.2mil project for 14 mon ths
-23rdMay 2017 :TSM Towers awarded RM 77mil project for 15 months
- May 2017 : BCB Bhd awarded RM 207 mil project for 28 months
- March 31 2017 : STP 1 Project, Penang, value at RM 31.6mil for 18 months
- Sept 5 2016 : Ecoworld Eco Terraces, Penang , value at RM 146.7 mil for 2.5 years
- July 27 2016 : Nusametro. Persiaran Dutamas, value at RM 338.8 mil for 38 months
-July 19 2016 :Yong Tai Apple 99 Project @ Melaka, value at RM 213.75mil for 27 months
-May 31 2016 : Eco Sanctuary Project , value at RM 172.4 mil for 25 months
-May 19 2016 : BCB Bhd Johor, Elysia Park Residence, value at RM 312.85 mil for 36 months
-Mar 3 2016 : CCCC award of STP2, Penang Project, value at RM 181.3 mil for 24 months
- March 3 2016 : Kerjaya Prospek Vista Residences @ Genting Highlands, value at RM 102.45mil for 24 months

It is currently having a total outstanding order book of RM 2.7 billion which will keep Kerjaya busy for the next 2.5 - 3 years
20/07/2017 14:11
21/07/2017 16:22
optimus9199 kerjay 3.68 now!
24/07/2017 10:58
calvinteo Today CA, CB, CC and CD all super active..

Invest and or trade at yr own risk.
24/07/2017 12:40
optimus9199 will reach RM 4.00 soon
24/07/2017 15:23
calvinteo If Rm 4 soon, then all Call Warrants shld attain new high too imo.

Invest and or trade at yr own risk.
24/07/2017 17:35


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