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23-Aug-2006 11-Sep-2006 02-Oct-2006 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
28-May-2007 06-Jun-2007 03-Jul-2007 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.015 Dividend Detail
11-Jun-2007 22-Jun-2007 26-Jun-2007 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 8 : 25 Dividend Detail
14-Dec-2007 03-Jan-2008 18-Jan-2008 DIVIDEND Interim Dividend RM 0.02 Dividend Detail
20-May-2008 01-Jul-2008 18-Jul-2008 DIVIDEND Final Dividend RM 0.025 Dividend Detail
11-Jun-2010 23-Jun-2010 25-Jun-2010 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
05-Oct-2012 17-Oct-2012 19-Oct-2012 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 7 : 2 Dividend Detail
08-Nov-2017 20-Nov-2017 22-Nov-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 4 : 5 Dividend Detail
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leelc70 Ok. Finally Abcd u get your answer via their latest quarter report.
05/06/2015 18:28
ramunia Abcd, does PA have any cash flow problem?
18/06/2015 20:02
sohailar LOL no movement at all...
05/09/2015 17:47
leelc70 today it shows some movement with volume. Think it might something good thing happen
23/11/2015 14:15
spectre007 Based on the last 2 quarters, PA is showing profit despite an increase in loans. Moreover more than 50% sales are export sales. That's also probably why they are gaining favourably from the weakening RM. Expect some movement soon... next quarter results will be a surprise
07/01/2016 00:40
spectre007 Results of this company have to be better than EAH. .. why keep trading at 0.06... should worth more...
09/01/2016 22:08
leelc70 I think this is time for counter start to bounce back to its value as if report a profit of few million for the financial year after impairement done in last few quarter.
13/04/2016 15:23
abcb Dato' Ng Tong Hai,the Managing Director of PA Resources intend to deal in PA's shares during the closed period to the targeted date of announcement of quarterly results for the financial quarter ended 31March 2016
06/05/2016 10:03
abcb Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd (7047) is the second largest shareholder of P.A resources Bhd
it hold 78.43 million of shares as at 13 August 2015
06/05/2016 10:27
leelc70 expected 1st time full year profit report after Dato Ng took over the company (even it may few hundred thousand). Year 2017 should be profit few mil which directly improved its PE to 15 and below with current market value of RM60mil of 900m+ share issue
09/05/2016 13:29
abcb Acquisition of 800,000 shares at RM0.060 by Dato' Ng Tong Hai in open market
Date of change: 9 May 2016
11/05/2016 08:50
abcb Hopefully Dato' Ng,the new Managing Director of PA will do all the best for the company to create the value of share for all stakeholders
12/05/2016 09:05
leelc70 I m sure Dato Ng will do. High commitment of him who keeping increase his stake since 2013 and during the period, he din request right issue but private placement to enhance company cash and capital without burdening the existing shareholders
12/05/2016 09:53
abcb The next target price for PA Resources is 0.12
12/05/2016 15:28
leelc70 i did not too optimize on the price in short term. But it may touch 0.09-0.10 first if it show a turnaround in its full financial report 2016 ended Mar.
12/05/2016 17:32
abcb Will Dato' Ng propose to inject his own construction assets and job order book into PA?
17/05/2016 16:10
abcb Expected the coming quarter report to be positive and company may announce some corporate exercise
17/05/2016 16:21
leelc70 i would expect dato will inject his personal business into company but i believe pa will benefited from the spill over business from fajar baru who recently secure some project
17/05/2016 16:42
leelc70 would not
17/05/2016 16:45
moniekj Good business for all aluminum extruders. Expect results in green coming quarter. Buy.
18/05/2016 12:51
jackypg can buy? 0.90
18/05/2016 22:56
davidheng126 Bought 500K @ 0.09. Just wait n see
19/05/2016 10:53
leelc70 please take note.Its financial account ended change from 31th Mar to 30th June. But to view its whole year making profit or not just view whether the quarter account as 31st Mar2016 which will release soon.
24/05/2016 09:37
leelc70 disappointed for the loss result which expected earlier shall be in positive. Anyway, as its extrusion segment able to enhance its sales abroad it shall be better. Noted after restructure its loan, there was not much long term liability and most is current liabilities for its working capital
26/05/2016 10:03
jamex Big action coming soon , will be taken over by one of the largest allumium kingdom. TP 0.15 , thanks to TPP agreement , Pa got a big advantage in export . stay tune
03/06/2016 12:24
leelc70 sound the aluminium industries will gone through a merger process, earlier LB Bro as major shareholder of Arrank, now PA ?
03/06/2016 16:43
gelong Masuk Q , no worries mate
13/06/2016 11:01
gelong jgn malu2
13/06/2016 11:16
leelc70 quiet now. when the counter really show colour?
11/08/2016 17:36
leelc70 Dato Ng really need to do something to turnaround the company after took over for 3 years anniversary, please
02/09/2016 16:36
djibaok mari ke Holland ramai2!
26/09/2016 20:27
buddyinvest can try
26/09/2016 20:31
leelc70 other aluminium players such lb brother, arank ,alcom already show improvement of result, PA should not be disappointed. lets observed
06/10/2016 00:05
sengkee Bila mahu Jalan ini?
06/10/2016 00:08
leelc70 suddenly rise with volume, is that company turnaround to positive last quarter
10/11/2016 18:21
leelc70 based on the latest quarterly report, it stillreported loss ,mainly the extruction sales not to the par and lesser construction job secured. Depreciation charge (non cash expenses) of RM1.8mil well cover its quarterly loss reported. Hopefully its extruction sales can be improved coming quarter to turnoaround its loss position as price of aluminium now good and shall benefit for its export market. Not much long term liabilities, most liabilities on short term loan which are more to trade related. so it need to improve its efficicency in its receivales and stock turnaround.
28/11/2016 11:22
leelc70 latest q show positive from loss making even a small amount... hope I will continue to create wealth and attract public investor
02/03/2017 15:10
ericng1439 This counter really slow ..
13/09/2017 21:11
AK2899 revenue RM 97,321,626
Cost of sales RM (99,432,462)

09/11/2017 00:11
Omar Mamat Bila nak up
14/11/2017 10:37
Papajim up up up ....
17/11/2017 14:38
luno Looks like there will be some good news soon
20/11/2017 11:35
Papajim mana ada good news ...is known news leh
21/11/2017 11:55
Wong Jia Kuan can i know when is the maturity date of pa-or?
23/11/2017 11:05
OMR@obm_4558 like to be suspended jeee....
29/11/2017 14:15
Papajim so quiettttt
07/12/2017 14:06
Papajim up up up
13/12/2017 15:45
luno volume is very high now. 5x more than the average.
15/12/2017 13:48
gooman Anzo recently got a new contract. Good buy.
15/12/2017 14:32
hkhk any news?suddenly high vol
15/12/2017 16:46


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