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13-Apr-2005 29-Apr-2005 04-May-2005 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 6 Dividend Detail
28-Sep-2015 08-Oct-2015 12-Oct-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 2 Dividend Detail
30-Aug-2017 18-Sep-2017 06-Oct-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 4 Dividend Detail
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GGecko yes..
11/10/2017 09:42
VenFx Sharon Chok,
I only share my analogy on the FA part.
Sorry for not reveal my speculative trade here, as always .

I though u were in yesterday.
Maybe 0.765 can try load for the 2nd wave in 2 months period.
11/10/2017 09:43
wiki123 re:VenFx, like your comment especially on the company development... and think you hold yourself right by not revealing your trade, it's after all a personal matter... but still appreciates your input/advise with regards to price point like 0.765 can still invest or not, even to me it's still low risk... from chart, the next resistance is 0.89 and then 1.10. I'm still holding some amount of -wc, not too sure if I would be holding until its maturity... but definitely will hold for mother share... thx
11/10/2017 09:58
Sharon Chok i queue but couldn't get it! I bought some two months ago! try to top up! anyway, thanks. venfx sifu
11/10/2017 10:02
GooGooDolls too late to jump in haiz
11/10/2017 10:56
VenFx Thnx wiki123,
Sometimes i did share some part of the speculative action... when the situation allowed.
Just i choose not to consistently in this action, there are many good Sifus out there ...
11/10/2017 11:10
wiki123 the polished instrument = preference share?
11/10/2017 11:50
chanky50 If you strongly believed that EG can go up, for better return, it is better to buy EG Warrant-C. For example from 4th October until today, EG moved from 66 sens to 76 sens, +15%, whereas Warrant-C moved from 35 sens to 50 sens, that is +42%.
If EG can move from 76 sens to say Rm1.00, that is + 24 sens or 31%. If Warrant-C can add on a similar 24 sens, percentage wise that is 48%. But Warrant is a double edged sword, when prices dropped, you will lose more money by holding Warrant instead of the mother share.
11/10/2017 12:36
wiki123 ok noted
11/10/2017 13:08
leelc99 VenFX, what is your TP on EG?
11/10/2017 13:13
Cimbnet Sifus, what's the trading date start for EG Preference share, will market price it similar to ordinary share?
11/10/2017 13:55
wiki123 re: Chanky sifu, what is your target for major wave 5 for EG? lets say wave 2-3 = 0.6, then we are looking at wave 4-5 = 1.10/1.20 region? thx
11/10/2017 14:28
VenFx Wiki123 ,

On 2nd layer thinking,
try not to forget the sector re-rating & market premium hike
due to furthur lifting up of all boats upon rising of the tides.
11/10/2017 14:33
wiki123 re: Venfx, if sector re-rating, hoh sei liao... the next resistance after 1.10/1.20 is 1.60 to 1.80 and 1.80... :)
11/10/2017 14:35
wiki123 sorry after 1.10/1.20 is 1.60 to 1.80 and 2.40... :) write too fast :)
11/10/2017 14:41
chanky50 Please don't call me sifu, shy only. I may be too bullish, but if I treat the January adjusted high of 1.08 as the end of the major wave 3, the current major wave 5 advance at least has to go to 1.08 to form a double-top reversal pattern. To me that is the worst case scenario. Its major wave 1 gained 60%, major wave 3 gained 145%. If I assumed major wave 5 to gain 60%, same as major wave 1, the target is around 1.08, double-top. but if major wave 5 can have the same magnitude as the major wave 3 then I am looking at 1.60. Very theoretical, please take it lightly, don't be too stressful and enjoy your trading.
11/10/2017 14:52
chanky50 January 2016 adjusted high of 1.08
11/10/2017 14:54
wiki123 re: chanky50, i have the same thinking... wave 5 could be 1.38*wave3, 1.5*wave3 and 1.618*wave3. Since wave 3 = 0.71, then we are looking at 1.6 to 1.8 region for 1.38 to 1.618 ratio...
11/10/2017 15:16
thenewbee eg 0.76 offering buying opportunities again
11/10/2017 15:35
k6ii VenFx: any new direction or project come in ?
11/10/2017 16:05
charlie chia Eg right oversubscribed by 26%
Good sign
11/10/2017 17:22
wiki123 Nov 30 2017... should be the announcement... based on previous dates... interesting...
11/10/2017 17:23
wiki123 when will we see the rights and bonus share listing? usually how long after it closes?
11/10/2017 18:10
Maxwerl Won Wow. Good. Eg right oversubscribed.
11/10/2017 18:32
KL_82 VenFx bro, I come and I see now and then. Ur wording and sharing are great companion during quiet duration.
Always respect your patience and persistence in your own right opinion, feel great.
11/10/2017 21:16
GooGooDolls rising star outlook also good
12/10/2017 11:04
GooGooDolls sold n keep some
12/10/2017 11:04
thenewbee eg taking a rest now, more actions coming in next week. gl guys
13/10/2017 09:48
Cimbnet Hold tight tight and wait for next wave.
13/10/2017 10:06
Million78 bot more good^^
13/10/2017 10:36
Nelson Cheah Anyone know who’s EG key client ?
13/10/2017 13:47
Million78 all in^^
13/10/2017 14:31
amy898 dyson?
13/10/2017 14:43
Cimbnet 74 bargain buy o. I tambah more haha
13/10/2017 15:01
koowakzai Strong support at 0.74. Downside risk limited. Low PE stock. Good to buy. TP: 1.00
13/10/2017 18:21
Cimbnet Nice. Managed to top up at 74
13/10/2017 18:38

Posted by Ooi Teik Bee > Oct 13, 2017 09:40 PM | Report Abuse

VS is so good until I cannot believe.

I recommend a buy at 2.33 on 13/12/2014 before share split and bonus issue.

If you bought 1,000 shares of VS at 2.33, you should end up with 6,250 shares now. The present value is 3.09*6250 = 19,312.

Free Warrant VS-WA 1,250 shares = 1,250*1.40 = 1,750

ROI is (19312+1750)/2330*100% = 904% gain in less than 3 years.

The best performer in last 3 years.

Question to ponder ??
Can Hengyuan in 2017 like VS in 2015 ?
I believe the growth of Hengyuan can match VS in 2015.
Let time tells us the final result in next 3 years.

HI SIFU OTB, good morning !
Re. your comment above, do you agree that:
1. VS 2014 was in quite a different scenario:
a. Industry was moving towards digitised automation
b. Rising global demand for EMS catering for multiple MNCs.
c. VS and many others had positioned themselves in this most beneficial environments, benefited from a more visible earnings growth.

2. HRC, no doubt had not appreciated much, but is in quite a different environment:
a. O&G market growth slim and unstable
b. The move towards alternative energy is gaining momentum esp China, its potential market for refinery products.
c. Potential potent competitors, Petronas
d. Shorter term may be good bcos of adjustment for high cash flow
but where is the growth for longer term ?
14/10/2017 11:24

( ME )

It's a good question that one should pay attention of to better understand the EMS-vi investment we are in now .
14/10/2017 14:40
cwp333 I doubt so.....it has great momentum in the future but not now
15/10/2017 18:04
thenewbee same, eg needs to hold at least 3 months to 1 year to see good profit. for now, is going to be slow
16/10/2017 09:38
Alex Foo SMA20 cutting EMA59 soon
16/10/2017 16:32
yoloisreal undervalue stock
16/10/2017 16:33
amy898 me 傻傻的lost
17/10/2017 09:42
wiki123 re: Venfx, when ultimate target price is 1.56, how much is the mother share will be?
17/10/2017 13:01
Cimbnet Go go go. Break rm1 this year pls
17/10/2017 13:57
wiki123 1.17 is mother share or the son?
17/10/2017 13:57
Kahsin Chai 母股有利息的对吗?想请问下是多少??
19/10/2017 09:58
ilovehits That calculation so complicated.
19/10/2017 21:24
ilovehits I think only VenFX bro know to do the calculation. Haha..
19/10/2017 21:26
VenFx Did i miss anything, ilobehits bro ?

Anyway, grab anything below 0.750 for next week show.
19/10/2017 22:23
VenFx (For Record)

For every 4 existing shares ,entitled for 1 right 
Therefore, holders paid the subscribe fee of 0.950 
Will gave him 1bonus shares + 1Pa 

Based on today closing 19/10/17 
Eg0.745 + Eg-Pa0.760 = $1.505 

Equity total values today $1.505 divided by cost paid 0.950 
Subscriber has already bag a net profit of 0.600 or 58% profit. 

ITS A X 58% GAIN IN 1 MONTH ........
19/10/2017 22:26


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