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30-Aug-2017 18-Sep-2017 06-Oct-2017 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 1 : 4 Dividend Detail
28-Sep-2015 08-Oct-2015 12-Oct-2015 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 2 Dividend Detail
13-Apr-2005 29-Apr-2005 04-May-2005 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 3 : 6 Dividend Detail
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wiki123 yes, from chart, 1.80 makes sense, but 1st target 1.1 first, then 1.80 then 2.40... after rerate...
27/11/2017 17:56
oasis761864 Annual report 2017 show improve in ageing of its trade receivables, beter than 2016
agree wt Ven, increase in capex in order to achieve double digit grow in revenue and bottomline
27/11/2017 18:07
Invest33 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5617581
27/11/2017 21:42
Fly_universe QR out. Not bad. I study first, then give comment.
28/11/2017 18:02
ljmeng http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5619321
28/11/2017 18:02
KLCI King Fair result
28/11/2017 18:02
Wong Yong Keong Net cash improve , not bad
28/11/2017 18:15
dalpinia Bery good QR, most undervalue of ems counters vs skpres n VS
28/11/2017 18:26
dalpinia Should gap up more, PE damn low, worth to invest
28/11/2017 18:26
Albukhary For me, this result is considered above expectation.
Short term target RM0.73. (1 week)
Middle term target RM0.90 (1-2 month)
28/11/2017 18:28
Fly_universe Highlight of the QR:

- Cash flow improve a lot.
- Overall cash and balances also jump to the height of 72 mil.
- Gearing has dropped to around 0.78.

Overall I am very pleased with the result, and will anticipate more to come.
28/11/2017 18:44
kkteng70 good job ...
28/11/2017 19:09
Maxwerl Won Not bad QR. Worth to invest.
28/11/2017 19:09
Larrytrader Good qr
28/11/2017 19:13
Antman Thanks fly universe bro for you highlight...we are still eagerly waiting for your more updates on the agm sharing.Haha
28/11/2017 19:49
andyhard hi fly,

do u have the details of the line expansion it has done with the cash call ?
28/11/2017 20:00
Op3rs ven bro, havent u thought of the opportunity cost for investing in eg?
28/11/2017 22:53
kkteng70 it has been cheap for long time !! Why still stuck here ? must be something . if you refer back last few q. except last Q not that good.
29/11/2017 09:35
kkteng70 I am agree with VenFx. low pe compare to other EMS. very good prospect, bright future. it has been expanding since 1 years ago. but share price stuck. what I can see everthing is ready but stuck. any one can explain ? or ?
29/11/2017 09:37
Albukhary That day at NKVE Shell Station, I saw two EG Industries truck carried 40ft container. Seems like very good business, because they have their own truck and own container.
29/11/2017 09:49
wiki123 Like!!

Posted by VenFx > Nov 29, 2017 09:44 AM | Report Abuse

I suspect their next qtr will ship out bigger portion of the Box Build contract from the 150m tranches secured .
29/11/2017 09:54
leslieroycarter The risks are limited and all has been factored , just locked it n kept in store until demand comes .
29/11/2017 09:59
dalpinia VS and SKPRES PE almost 20+; EG only around 8!!! What are you waiting for, it should be RM1.5 can be achieved in 2018.
29/11/2017 10:13
Cimbnet Results and prospect quite promising... but price still barely moves .... why la
29/11/2017 10:50
oasis761864 Cash flow improve enable to expand more
No improve in net profit margin may due to corporate exercise expenses capture in this qtr
Wait for next qtr Box Build contract !!!
29/11/2017 11:07
KLCI King it needs dramatic results or re-rating from big guys to rocket the price, fair result like this will get it price dingdong here & there.
29/11/2017 11:10
KLCI King That's my opinion, it's free & not worth a cent
29/11/2017 11:11
PotentialGhost If you guy wan success in malaysia stock market you must become no brain investor 。because malaysia stock market is 90/10 。if you become tat 10% you will lose money 。 that why you can see people always say follow trend follow trend
29/11/2017 11:25
kkteng70 dalpinia some time it is very hard to compare. but I can assure one thing "VS and SKPRES PE almost 20" both of them have the same customer. if you really go to the report deeply. whihc I think EG lose that same customer recently !! even they are same EMS. if you look at gtronic, penta and etc, they all PE very high if you compare with EG.
29/11/2017 15:06
kkteng70 VenFx i hope so 2018 the box built is start contributing. hope it work. that is the last chance. I did not know what elso the CEO going to to comment next.
29/11/2017 15:08
Fly_universe If we say having Dyson as customer assures that share price will have PE 20, then what about these EMS companies that do not have Dyson as customer?

Uchitec - PE 24.7
Salutica - PE 26.5
Bslcorp - PE 18.8

Having Dyson is not the whole story.
29/11/2017 16:01
Fly_universe Friends, I have already published the blog on EG AGM.


It is written in Chinese as the whole conversation is done in Chinese. If you have any extra question you may ask me here.
30/11/2017 00:42
Guardize thank you fly_universe. good writing ,very detail
30/11/2017 01:01
Ckmeric 感恩
30/11/2017 05:15
Lappier811 Injection molding is the key point. If you want to be in Dyson world....
30/11/2017 08:05
dalpinia good, waiting to catch up in line with vs & skpres PE.
30/11/2017 11:37
dadada123 https://flic.io/

An unique product, designed and produced by EG.
30/11/2017 11:49
Fly_universe Some correction. Flic is designed by Shortcut Lab, and manufactured by EG.
30/11/2017 12:26
dadada123 My fault. Fly, u know EG better.
30/11/2017 12:32
Fly_universe No problem, dadada. If you understand Flic, you will know it is a very interesting product.
30/11/2017 13:45
erdie67 thank you for your sharing. fly u and venfx.
30/11/2017 14:46
imnewbie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulwe7YXM80g

An impressive video published last year.
03/12/2017 17:05
VenFx This is slightly higher by another than my study from the earlier press.
To summarise, a total revenue from Box built (Tramigo & flic only) will contribute a

$352.6m / 2yrs = $172.3 m (box built during fy2018) * 5.3% to get its np.
While,Pcba segment is experiencing yoy 20% Cagr to $251m/ qtr.*2.5% for np.
03/12/2017 17:48
oasis761864 Ven, $352.6mil / 2yrs where can get this info
04/12/2017 14:54
04/12/2017 16:24
Antman 172.3 + 251 x 4 = 1176.3 mil revenue, quite close to what MD said previously.. but box build percentage is (172.3/1004 x 100% = 17%) which is far below 30%
06/12/2017 23:22
VenFx 48.4 + 172.3 = $220.7mil (est.fy2018 Box built )
Only $163mil during the fy2017, considering almost 35%Cagr .
Booming Sector will eventually raising all boats.
07/12/2017 00:33
oasis761864 rm0.665 !!!
07/12/2017 11:54
07/12/2017 12:17
Antman hi venfx where to get the figure of 48.4 mil?
09/12/2017 20:54


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