KLSE: AKNIGHT (9954)       ASIA KNIGHT BHD MAIN : Industrial Products
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Ann. Date Ex Date Payment Date Type Subject Amount View
17-Jul-2002 01-Aug-2002 05-Aug-2002 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 2 : 5 Dividend Detail
27-Sep-2002 14-Oct-2002 16-Oct-2002 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 1 : 2 Dividend Detail
03-Apr-2018 13-Apr-2018 17-Apr-2018 RIGHTS_ISSUE Rights Issue 6 : 1 Dividend Detail
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logitrader http://www.klse.my/stock/result/qr/quarter/9954.jsp
27/11/2014 20:46
logitrader http://www.klse.my/stock/insider/director/all/9954.jsp
01/12/2014 18:22
mbharu A knight Director See Han loong and see tech wah? Are they related?
16/12/2014 23:11
mbharu Andrew soo meng kit together with the two mr sees...good sell at 1.10 and 1.11 and 1.12 level. Time to buy back?
16/12/2014 23:16
oasischeah tmr will drop back.
30/01/2015 20:38
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/quarterResult/YoY/quarter/9954/31-Dec-2014.jsp
28/02/2015 00:40
oasischeah No body buying or selling anymore. Time for closure.
17/04/2015 16:03
logitrader http://www.klse.my/meeting/104398.jsp
11/05/2015 22:22
VenFx Does any one here have disclosed any materials from the On Going Acquired Plastic Injection Com. (Rapid Growth Tech.) ; Seen Akn is all in into this Newco.
16/04/2016 12:25
VenFx Very limited materials disclosed from Rapid Growth Tech.
Hope i3 sifus don't mind to share a bit of their view in this sector and tbe Newco @@
16/04/2016 12:27
Koon Bee Post removed. Why?
16/04/2016 20:28
KopiPeng668 ~~~
02/05/2016 12:07
VenFx More Info for ' Rapid Growth ' plsssss ...
Is this sector still offering good return ?
02/05/2016 12:14
KopiPeng668 等待是寂寞的~Hihihi
02/05/2016 12:18
VenFx KopiPeng668, 等待是寂寞的~Hihihi

Very True. Sob sob..
02/05/2016 18:36
VenFx Keen to know more for Rapid Growth Tech.
03/05/2016 11:13
KopiPeng668 等待是寂寞的,没错~哈哈。等待什么,只是一个时机,一个确认,一个机会而已~让他们搞定先吧~
07/05/2016 01:56
_OptimusPrime_ 0 stock traded? wat sai stock is this?

i have bought into MFCB-w and on a day at 11am it is still not traded with buyers at 40.5c, (it closed 42.5 previous nite) without wasting time, i dump all to buyers at a small loss. and swear i will never look at this mutter farker chi bai stock anymore.

today it traded 130 lot.

what is the problem with this stocks? fundamental aside. its owner erectile dysfunctional.

no hope. no hope for you to make money if the owner himself no money.
07/05/2016 02:37
oasischeah Thisis former " Pahangco". Don't get involve here. This share is gone case. Just wait for time only.
04/08/2016 15:55
oasischeah Changed name but directors all still the same.
04/08/2016 15:56
Crazy11223 Optimus, chg ur rude attitude u will gain a lot..if no. forever the counter u bought will go sleep forever
30/05/2017 10:44
18/09/2017 17:10
Bullhunter 46.67 percent UP but so low volume!
09/11/2017 09:46
latif11 Wow Congratz All
24/11/2017 15:52
pang72 No one here...
So no winners, congrats who
24/11/2017 16:03
pang72 But ....geng
24/11/2017 16:04
pang72 Wah...
24/11/2017 16:12
tronx no vol but still can up alot, hantu playing??
24/11/2017 16:12
pang72 Investment by luck...I just learn
24/11/2017 16:13
tronx cant imagine if big fund come in play this share, how high will it go
24/11/2017 16:15
pang72 Investment by luck la...
24/11/2017 16:18
pang72 Close eye buy and keep then go up...
Wow...but provided your luck is good....
Above is the investment by luck explanation.
Today learn from University Student
24/11/2017 16:19
Thomas lol
26/11/2017 14:18
pang72 Bye bye liao...
50% profit but little holding.
It is ok...
Thank YOU. AK
27/11/2017 09:05
pang72 trap for so long. time for untrap . so have to sell
27/11/2017 19:46
spiderman49 bought today :DDDD
29/11/2017 18:42
Alexi Share price going up and down...repeating ...
Anything coming up?
How good? How soon?
Or just a jog?
07/12/2017 21:32
spiderman49 corporate exercise
07/01/2018 23:26
oasischeah Right issue coming up ? Nothing in the news.
25/01/2018 11:24
AlfI3 This is wayang ony at 0.32. I supposed Very sòon this prc wud b cornered n diluted till u cry; as not much daily volume for this ctr
07/04/2018 07:34
CharlesT Massive rights issues is coming...rm0.10 x 6=rm0.60 for every one share u held
10/04/2018 17:43
CharlesT No money better sell
10/04/2018 17:43
AlfI3 If got $ oso, got to think twice; as very rare volume traded. Might b possibly cornered too by those big guns
13/04/2018 07:58
AlfI3 The new wayang started again today, watch out to this tactic, dun get caugh & avoid great disappoinmn later
19/04/2018 22:35
apolloang another pump and dump scheme,push up for people to subscribe the rights.when the rights close then they will dump
19/04/2018 22:39
CharlesT For those who bought mother at RM0.30 before ex, they have now 1 mother share n 6 OR n the current mkt value is RM0.23+ (6 X 0.06=RM0.36) = RM0.59..

Almost 100% profit...
20/04/2018 10:35
CharlesT They are very very happy to sell OR to you at "great discount" now...fast gain n no need to put money into the rights issues...
20/04/2018 10:37
CharlesT Upon listing of 6 times of new shares from rights issues in May, what will be the price then?
20/04/2018 10:37
apolloang manipulation again,bursa is blind I presume
20/04/2018 10:43
apolloang it happen to many counters before, mlab,trive is an example,yet bursa turn a blind eye and allow the crooks to manipulate.that is why the whole system allow the crooks to swindle the retailrs
20/04/2018 10:45


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