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General Meeting

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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
28-Jul-2017 25-Aug-2017 10:30 AGM Sabah Hotel, Amadeus III, Level 2, KM1, Jalan Utara, P.O. Box 275, 90703 Sandakan, Sabah Meeting Detail
14-Jul-2017 02-Aug-2017 11:30 EGM Sabah Hotel Sandakan, Amadeus I & II, Level 2, KM1, Jalan Utara, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah Meeting Detail
27-Dec-2016 13-Jan-2017 11:00 EGM Sabah Hotel Sandakan, Amadeus III, Level 2, KM1, Jalan Utara, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah. Meeting Detail
28-Jul-2016 26-Aug-2016 10:30 AGM Sabah Hotel, Amadeus III, Level 2, KM1, Jalan Utara, P.O. Box 275, 90703 Sandakan, Sabah. Meeting Detail
30-Jul-2015 28-Aug-2015 10:30 AGM Sabah Hotel, Amadeus III, Level 2, KM1, Jalan Utara, P.O. Box 275, 90703 Sandakan, Sabah. Meeting Detail
30-Jul-2014 27-Aug-2014 12:30 AGM Sabah Hotel, Amadeus III, Level 2, KM1, Jalan Utara, P.O. Box 275, 90703 Sandakan, Sabah Meeting Detail
31-Jul-2013 28-Aug-2013 13:30 AGM Sabah Hotel, Amadeus III, Level 2, KM1, Jalan Utara, P.O.Box 275, 90703 Sandakan, Sabah Meeting Detail
17-Dec-2012 03-Jan-2013 09:00 EGM Executive Parlour, Level 6, Sabah Hotel, KM 1, Jalan Utara, 90000, Sandakan, Sabah Meeting Detail
03-Aug-2012 29-Aug-2012 11:30 AGM Four Points by Sheraton Sandakan, Sandakan Harbour Square, Level 12, Sukau Room, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah Meeting Detail
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paulthesotong Wildwild Vest......
18/05/2018 10:54
winwin2288 Something BIG coming ? haha
18/05/2018 10:54
makcik73 Emas coming
19/05/2018 19:45
ppginvest chartwise still good (uptrend)
20/05/2018 08:57
fakegoldfish MACC lead by Azam baki in Sabah. IF CM are arrested, gold concession will be investigated by MACC & probably maybe revoke. ALL Musa Aman previous concession be it FMU or any concession are to be review by MACC. Run before panic selling start!
24/05/2018 10:41
budahsaham hard rock.gold mining is very difficult to operate, newbie like bahvest may end incur heavy losses ....
24/05/2018 11:21
fakegoldfish Bahvest management never for once deliver profit for past 5 years! That tell you what kind of management they have, gold or no gold shareholders always got screwed. ESOS non stop taking shareholders for a ride!
24/05/2018 11:29
budahsaham remember hwgb and its tin mine?
24/05/2018 11:38
budahsaham bahvest just dont have the expert to run the gold mine opertion....
24/05/2018 12:00
tcs888 lol, quarrel also no use bro... their gold mine already got gold.. so what u need to do is wait their qtr result, if u bet the gold is out, u can buy, if u think no gold, then dont buy bahvest.. simple isnt it
24/05/2018 12:03
fakegoldfish Did the injection of the gold mine concession into Bahvest go thru Sabah State assembly? What are the chances of new Sabah govt investigate the whole concession?
24/05/2018 13:50
fakegoldfish Staronline Police looking for ex CM Musa Aman. Shit will hit the fan sooner!
24/05/2018 14:11
Vincenbravo https://malaysia.yahoo.com/news/macc-raiding-musa-aman-home-023405495.html
25/05/2018 11:04
MusaAman https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/community/2016/10/26/feedback-sought-on-gold-mine-state-authorities-reviewing-environmental-impact-of-mining-gold-in-tawa/

26/05/2018 22:36
MusaAman Legit enough for everyone here?
26/05/2018 22:37
MusaAman This is a Sabah-owned project to benefit Sabahans by providing employment and advancement in mining technology.
If the project succeeds, it will also provide royalties n taxes for the State government.
26/05/2018 22:42
MusaAman So which politician in their right mind would want to cancel an economically beneficial project like this?
Btw Bahvest management was astute enough to ensure that the project would proceed without interruptions irregardless who became CM or which party formed the Govt.
Please check the Bursa submissions regarding the acquisition.
26/05/2018 22:46
MusaAman Let me know if any of you fakes want to know anything else.
On my way to watch Cup final now.
I will never walk alone.
26/05/2018 22:48
paititigold results not out?
29/05/2018 10:16
Special4U Out alrd.. today
30/05/2018 18:44
budahsaham i) biological asset (fish)rm155 million, up rm 55 million. who to verify the fish?
ii) cash only left rm4 million, mana cukup to run ahard rock gold.mine
iii) revenus rm755k for 3 quarter..basically income at all either fish/gold mining
conclusion : very fishy company
30/05/2018 19:32
budahsaham basically bahvest no income at all for 3 months either from fish or gold mining
30/05/2018 19:33
bnmacai Why the revenue so low lol. What happen to all the fish? Semua dah pergi laut sulu ke?
30/05/2018 22:19
xgakuseix this one same like born oil laaa....
where got gold.
All fishes need blanket la..
30/05/2018 22:55
Vincenbravo Are you kidding me? 3 months revenue less than 1 million. Many small businesses, not even listed, can do better than bahvest. Shame
31/05/2018 07:45
100000668624314 Just wait and see .... got gold or no gold.
31/05/2018 08:06
tcs888 i heard they produce alot gold.. more than rosmah punya gold LoL
31/05/2018 08:59
budahsaham the boss still support the share
31/05/2018 13:02
KissKissCookie Lets wait June any announcement ..... will see
31/05/2018 14:37
budahsaham artificial support to prop up price
31/05/2018 14:46
budahsaham if lucky, it take 2-3 years to break even in hard rock gold mining. bahvest only hv rm 4million cash, iy will tinggal nyawa ikan and need to have cash call
31/05/2018 14:55
budahsaham just my 2 cents
31/05/2018 14:57
budahsaham if not lucky and face operational technical problem ,itwill run into huge losses
31/05/2018 14:58
fakegoldfish Market cap at RM730 million, as if the gold mine belongs to Musa Aman grandfather, if MACC do not investigate the injection of goldmine concession into Bahvest then it will be a black swan event under the new govt.
01/06/2018 10:15
budahsaham that why bahvest boss want to pump the share now to offload before it discovered by shafie abdal
01/06/2018 10:57
fakegoldfish Operator doing ESOS non stop surely they have to pump & dump. Sendir goring sender shiok.
01/06/2018 12:02
budahsaham saham sabah kretam start drop...bahvest the next?
04/06/2018 09:30
tcs888 Bahvest rm2 not a dream
04/06/2018 19:56
mrkeong Exciting time ahead
04/06/2018 22:58
Vincenbravo Scam counter !!
05/06/2018 09:35
tcs888 Omg.. rm2 on the way..
05/06/2018 17:18
limputong88 Closing very strong...
05/06/2018 19:06
budahsaham left right changing hands
06/06/2018 09:22
Vincenbravo Why chase a lousy counter which is bleeding losses for the past many quarters & gives 0 dividends? RM1.20++ with the free warrants at 90 sen+ will make your buying price at a ridicously high price of around RM1.70 !!! Are U serious? And if the NEW state government scrap they gold mine, they are FINISHED !!!
06/06/2018 12:11
fakegoldfish Will new govt in Sabah lodge MACC report on goldmine injection into Bahvest?? Will investigation can commence soon? Next Monday first Sabah assembly convene, probably vote of no confidence against Musa Aman. Most probably after that all loop sided concession awarded during ex cm tenure will be investigated.
06/06/2018 12:30
tcs888 When tons of gold out.. then we huat lo
06/06/2018 22:22
MusaAman Sedih-kan? Tiada yg nak dengar nasihat baik.
Harga masih tinggi. buyer agk byk jugak.
But u all have to make up your minds-bah..
If this is scam, what difference does it make if the whole project got cancelled-lar, MACC investigate-lar, apa lollipop-sided-lar?
There is no gold anyway.
If no got gold then it has to be pump n dump, betui?
But daily volume is not in the tens or hundreds of millions-bah.. at best still single digit millions only. How to dump?
Share base is 600mil-bah. Kalau free float is 15% aja pun dah 90 million shares. Which operator in 2018 can absorb this in order to pump before even getting to dump?
Maybe China operator come n do.
07/06/2018 10:18
MusaAman But as previous CM I already know no got gold so the contract written in that if cancelled or withdrawn HUGE compensation $$$$$$$ must be paid to BAHVEST by the State.
You all understand what is signed contract?
Like have to pay 22billion to cancel ECRL. Like have to pay 500mil to cancel HSR.
So please please pergi cancel the contract.
Jual, pergi jual , jgn tak jual..
07/06/2018 10:23
MusaAman I kat UK-ni will need some pocket money soon.
Sama dgn Tun Daim say in 1993 he play stok market for poket money onli
07/06/2018 10:25
Markkoh https://news.gold-eagle.com/article/gold-price-forecast-recovery-pattern-must-be-maintained/994
08/06/2018 23:49



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