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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
19-Oct-2017 13-Nov-2017 10:00 AGM NO.1, JALAN TP 7/7, SIME UEP INDUSTRIAL PARK, 40400 SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN. Meeting Detail
14-Jun-2017 06-Jul-2017 15:00 EGM No. 1, Jalan TP 7/7, Sime UEP Industrial Park, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 14:30 AGM Horizon 2, e. City Hotel, Sky Park @ One City, Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Meeting Detail
20-Oct-2015 06-Nov-2015 15:00 EGM No. 1, Jalan TP 7/7, Sime UEP Industrial Park, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2014 28-Nov-2014 10:30 EGM Summit Hotel, Pahlawan 5, Level Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 47600 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2014 28-Nov-2014 10:00 AGM Pahlawan 5, Level 5, Summit Hotel, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1 47600 UEP Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
04-Nov-2013 28-Nov-2013 10:00 AGM Pahlawan 5, Level 5, Summit Hotel, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 47600 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2012 28-Nov-2012 10:00 AGM Pahlawan 5, Level 5, Summit Hotel, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 47600 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Meeting Detail
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xiaoxiami @ttntt01 don’t ask stupid question that are so obvious
20/01/2018 11:01
ttntt01 @xiaoxiami ok pro
22/01/2018 10:47
azmuzick Patience
23/01/2018 11:37
CHeezy this stock really need lot of patience.
23/01/2018 13:44
lextcs about to wake up soon....just like 0001...kabooommmm suddenly 3x liow
23/01/2018 14:13
faizun beli
24/01/2018 14:45
faizun simpan
24/01/2018 14:51
CHeezy hahaha simpan for long long time...
24/01/2018 15:09

hahaha ok
24/01/2018 15:14
Wuzy next month
24/01/2018 15:24
CHeezy another boring day as usual from mikromb.
25/01/2018 17:36
CHeezy back to square one. another boring day as usual from mikromb
26/01/2018 15:18
ttntt01 @CHeezy "back to square one. another boring day as usual from mikromb" +1

Let's pray one day mikromb share price can be like our petrol price (up more, down less)
26/01/2018 16:07
CHeezy yes im praying everyday :p
26/01/2018 16:48
awp380 Sorry for interrupt ... I do hold this share. My point of view is . Now they dont go main board is because of the GOV Hippo is consuming everything.. After Election no one know. And now is Tech era. Look at those tech company Inari / VS . i missed inari T/P at 2.14 .. Now how much? :( .. I wont miss this 1 again.. Lol..
Please correct me if i am wrong. Have a nice day.
26/01/2018 20:23
xiaoxiami bro @awp380
Maybe you didnt hold this share long enough
the director have no intention at all to transfer to main board
He is comfortable that his company listing status stay in ACE

my guess , director might want to privatize it
27/01/2018 15:01
azmuzick I think they don't want to take risk going to main market. Which is highly possibility price will go down badly.
28/01/2018 12:20
awp380 @xiaoxiami .. Thanks for the info. Anyway i still see more good stuff in this company .. happy trading!
28/01/2018 17:02
awp380 privatize = like hovid?
28/01/2018 17:03
28/01/2018 17:18
king36 Hovid - a real disappointment to share holders.

I would never touch anything coming out of the factory anymore.
28/01/2018 17:29
awp380 To all sifu Please share the love by education please. Thanks in advance.
30/01/2018 07:57
azmuzick HOLD TIGHT!.Even already hold long enough.
30/01/2018 11:02
CHeezy haha.. boring as usual stock. ! @azmuzick. not hold long enough.. already berjanggut !
30/01/2018 11:26
azmuzick @CHeezy hahaha i was talking to myself. I still believe. Just wait for next qr. About 3 weeks from now. This is normal if last qr drop.
30/01/2018 11:44
ttntt01 @azmuzick hopefully 3 weeks later, this counter can give us big "ang pow" for us to spend during our CNY :)
30/01/2018 17:28
xiaoxiami Looks like nobody do homework and research just simply buy stock only ==
Mikromb is doing export business
With strengthening of ringgit, it actually means bad news for mikromb
Plus mikromb lose its msc status on last quarter
It need to pay more tax in subsequent quarter

I foresee it will be another bad upcoming qr

I do hold this share and hold alot
But base on what I know
I really have no High expectations on coming qr
30/01/2018 22:49
awp380 Good info xiaoxoami. Thanks.
31/01/2018 07:12
azmuzick Good to know. Makan masa. Mid 2019.
31/01/2018 11:31
ttntt01 @xiaoxiami "I really have no High expectations on coming qr" +1
31/01/2018 12:12
c2k9791 60% Mikro's business is from Malaysia. 40% from few Asia country. Mikro will focus on Vietnam & Indonesia market this year. Pls correct me if i'm wrong.
31/01/2018 21:23
Steadybompipi gg la, should i buy??????
02/02/2018 10:24
Wuzy breaking new low
02/02/2018 13:26
ttntt01 Wtx with this counter (T_T)
02/02/2018 14:32
michaelwong Average down with the bonus issues almost flat and near to loosing.Worst performing useless counter and beware of the past several quarters financials profits results could not triggered or ha
ve any impact on the share price. Maybe one bad quarter results will pull the price down heavily. Better sell first than loosing more
02/02/2018 19:54
awp380 Ask xiaoxiami he keep alot of this stock. hahaha...
04/02/2018 21:25
mrinvestor12 http://www.mrinvestor12.com/2018/01/mikro-msc-berhad-0112.html
05/02/2018 08:59
xiaoxiami I foresee coming qr will be bad
The price just don't hold

Seriously dont have High hope
This stock need to hold until 2019 only bear fruit
05/02/2018 22:22
awp380 ok. I'm with you bro. Switch to value investing.
06/02/2018 07:06
CHeezy good luck guys. i'm out. already holding this boring stock for so long. maybe next time.
06/02/2018 09:19
xiaoxiami Gg support price break
10% evaporate just like this
06/02/2018 09:52
ttntt01 @xiaoxiami, don't sell bro/sis. Not only this counter share price drop, most of the Malaysia listed companies (Nestle, Maybank, AirAsia, etc.) share price is drop. If I not wrong, Malaysia election is coming soon and/or everyone want money for CNY.
06/02/2018 11:25
Alan Chin 美股遭遇“黑色星期一”



06/02/2018 21:27
Alan Chin 0.40 is time to buy. Others give up I take,I give up others to take.
06/02/2018 21:38
Wuzy stock price got up and down, 2017 up too much already, time for 2018 retrace and looking for 2019 performance =D
10/02/2018 15:05
Happy Investing what happen to Mikromb? Drop so much and still yet to rebound.
13/02/2018 10:18
mrinvestor12 http://www.mrinvestor12.com/2018/01/mikro-msc-berhad-0112.html
14/02/2018 15:31
Lim Beng Teik Mr.investor12, out dated news already still keep posting, hahaha
14/02/2018 17:14
c2k9791 Insider start collecting...Time is coming?
18/02/2018 12:03
Lim Beng Teik C2k, how u know insider collecting?
18/02/2018 23:51


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