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General Meeting

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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
19-Oct-2017 13-Nov-2017 10:00 AGM NO.1, JALAN TP 7/7, SIME UEP INDUSTRIAL PARK, 40400 SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN. Meeting Detail
14-Jun-2017 06-Jul-2017 15:00 EGM No. 1, Jalan TP 7/7, Sime UEP Industrial Park, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2015 30-Nov-2015 14:30 AGM Horizon 2, e. City Hotel, Sky Park @ One City, Jalan USJ 25/1, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Meeting Detail
20-Oct-2015 06-Nov-2015 15:00 EGM No. 1, Jalan TP 7/7, Sime UEP Industrial Park, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2014 28-Nov-2014 10:30 EGM Summit Hotel, Pahlawan 5, Level Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 47600 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2014 28-Nov-2014 10:00 AGM Pahlawan 5, Level 5, Summit Hotel, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1 47600 UEP Subang Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan Meeting Detail
04-Nov-2013 28-Nov-2013 10:00 AGM Pahlawan 5, Level 5, Summit Hotel, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 47600 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Meeting Detail
05-Nov-2012 28-Nov-2012 10:00 AGM Pahlawan 5, Level 5, Summit Hotel, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, 47600 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Meeting Detail
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lextcs accumulated on weakness
17/11/2017 08:56
Happy Investing All profitable businesses need to pay tax eventually. As long as business is growing with higher and higher profit, it is a good company to hold in longer term.
17/11/2017 09:32
leslieroycarter Thursday, 16 Nov 2017

6:44PM MIKROMB 1Q net profit 2.501 million (decreased 17.95%)

Monday, 13 Nov 2017

5:59PM MIKROMB Retirement of WONG YIN WAH As Executive Director
5:58PM MIKROMB General Meetings: Outcome of Meeting

Thursday, 26 Oct 2017

5:20PM MIKROMB THAM SU LIAM (1,000,000 units Disposed)
17/11/2017 12:07
leslieroycarter 1Q profit dropped n selling by insider ....
17/11/2017 12:08
Happy Investing But she still have 7.35% shareholding.
17/11/2017 15:25
CHeezy good company
17/11/2017 15:59
kkchoo79 https://omightycap.wordpress.com/2017/11/17/why-did-we-call-a-buy-on-mikromb-yesterday/
17/11/2017 19:10
hstha http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/forum/600138513.jsp
18/11/2017 10:26
Nelson Cheah Will contribute more domestic profit in future, as u seen many infrastructure projects awarded by construction companies recently
18/11/2017 17:21
xiaoxiami Any 1 went to the agm?
Can some body update how is the demand of the product?
Current factory capacity reach how many %?
19/11/2017 18:58
20/11/2017 07:45
pvd_investor Why sell...can u substantiate?
20/11/2017 13:46
omightycap MIKROMB we made a buy call as wee see that the slump in stock price dont really have much volume to back it up. Our buy price is higher than the current and we suggest that this is a very good piece of growth stock if you are interested!

20/11/2017 14:56
Nicky Hau omightycap, u dont want stop loss? long term investment?
20/11/2017 21:40
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes Sell because will down
20/11/2017 21:44
leslieroycarter Wow.... going for rock bottom again....
20/11/2017 22:23
jibbie hitting new lows everyday. went so much negative sentiments?
21/11/2017 10:45
Az Muzick Easy seling makes the price went down. Time to wait the rock bottom and buy again to average the price or get high advantages.
21/11/2017 13:13
leslieroycarter I see collection started....
21/11/2017 16:22
CHeezy leslie collection mean selling or buying ?
21/11/2017 17:12
Kubistrader From two previous chart ..can see it rebound at this point..0.43/435..so..gud luck
21/11/2017 19:48
leslieroycarter Already rock bottom , the risks of going down further is limited. Very safe now.....
21/11/2017 20:19
Nicky Hau dont catch the falling knife...
21/11/2017 22:18
michaelwong Market sentiment slightly improved.....buy some first when it is still undervalued
22/11/2017 10:21
CHeezy have faith in mikromb :)
22/11/2017 11:53
lilyhery7973 come on mikromb kasi saya senyum lebar hari ni....
22/11/2017 12:00
CHeezy sinyummmm..kasi sampai koyak pipi.
22/11/2017 12:27
Kubistrader Second bus will stop tomorrow..so any left passenger..can stop the bus.hehe
22/11/2017 13:37
BlackWhite Small cap stock not affected by large funds off loading, price down due to retailers panic selling. Panic selling will always be followed by panic buying
22/11/2017 21:00
Wuzy How come net cash from operating activities become negative figure in latest QR?
23/11/2017 04:47
ampabella Hoot some , I have faith it will go back to 48cts
24/11/2017 22:45
stncws this week QR out !!! buy on dip
26/11/2017 11:45
Stefan Lam u ok stncws?Qr release last 2 weeks LOL
27/11/2017 09:51
stncws buy 445 cheap
27/11/2017 14:59
CHeezy go go !
27/11/2017 15:13
leslieroycarter Still can pay 1c dividend is considered not bad....
29/11/2017 13:34
ampabella bila mahu goreng kuat kuat, 50cts mali
01/12/2017 19:38
kkchoo79 Just hold and wait. No need to think and do anything. Let's the management team work for us. Company's revenue increased from year 2010 until today. What to worry? Unless Mikro's products no longer needed in future.
02/12/2017 13:16
CHeezy hold tight and we here we go again
05/12/2017 12:09
lilyhery7973 Thanks Mikromb...dividen dah masuk akaun...lepas ni kasi terbang tinggi ok...dah lama sangat menunggu khabar gembira ni...
05/12/2017 16:40
michaelwong Majority of penny stocks or lower liner stocks have retreated to its lowest level. Bursa Saham Malaysia stocks not perfectly based on fundermental now. If one closely monitored , only few giant stocks in the top gainer daily gainer list are performing well. Out of 10 investors which l get feedback from them, 9 is loosing money or got stuck up, worst some keep leveraging will land themselves in desperation and despair . There's no bottom line how much it could dropped........ scaring !!!!!
05/12/2017 18:07
TongKee Yam Yet to see the bottom. Wait!
05/12/2017 23:59
xiaoxiami now is the bottom
price become static already
this is the chance
06/12/2017 10:03
xiaoxiami Reinvested all the dividen into mother share
06/12/2017 18:56
ESPESP This is another great share with great potential after Hengyuan and M3tech. I would buy in now.
07/12/2017 11:59
kkchoo79 Good counter but no energy currently
10/12/2017 17:50
Ivan89 Kkchoo79, trend coming. Hold
12/12/2017 11:45
leslieroycarter Only Jackma can push the stock to new height....without any good news , it will be real tough to see any appreciable gain.
12/12/2017 17:17
ESPESP This is one of stockwatch ESP top pick for short term at 0.435.
I believe it can go back to RM0.47 and above

12/12/2017 21:01
kkchoo79 need more power.
12/12/2017 21:29



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