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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
05-Jun-2013 20-Jun-2013 15:00 AGM Tulip Room, 1st Floor, Intercontinental Hotel, 165, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
12-Feb-2014 28-Feb-2014 10:00 EGM Tulip Room, 1st Floor, Intercontinental Hotel, 165, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
04-Jun-2014 27-Jun-2014 09:00 AGM Copper Room, 2nd Floor, Novotel Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel, No.2,Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
28-May-2015 23-Jun-2015 11:00 AGM COPPER ROOM, 2ND FLOOR, NOVOTEL KLCC HOTEL, NO. 2, JLN KIA PENG, 50450 K.L. Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2016 27-May-2016 10:00 AGM PLATINUM 1 ROOM, 2ND FLOOR, NOVOTEL KLCC HOTEL, NO. 2, JLN KIA PENG, 50450 K.L. Meeting Detail
27-Apr-2017 16-Jun-2017 10:00 AGM PLATINUM 1 ROOM, 2ND FLOOR, NOVOTEL KLCC HOTEL, NO. 2, JLN KIA PENG, 50450 K.L. Meeting Detail
03-Jan-2018 29-Jan-2018 10:00 EGM Bunga Raya Room, Level 2, Intercontinental Hotel, 165, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
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dreamsbillionaire i looking for a rebound 0.525 in 2-3 weeks
23/10/2017 22:09
bursahunter boat slowly sinking...another con case...get out while u can...
24/10/2017 10:36
Beyond Max No worry, they will push the price higher to make the rto look interesting! Tp 0.7!
24/10/2017 12:24
ran777rpt Bonescyte, if that’s the case, can Dataprep rebound?
24/10/2017 12:51
stockistlearner paving the way to below 40c again. watch out. dont catch falling knife!
24/10/2017 14:41
bursahunter heavy sellers, no buyers at all...retailers will only believe in rumours and ignore facts..will drop all the way down once 0.4 broken...
24/10/2017 15:04
Bren21 20-Oct-2017 Additional Listing ESOS - 1,150,000 shares at 0.210.
26/10/2017 13:07
Bren21 I presume thats why it was going down...my 2 cents
26/10/2017 13:07
KENNY8389 Fly soon
08/11/2017 11:21
Bursa_Hunter2 Hopefully the flight is really taking off this time
09/11/2017 18:47
pachua Hope it take off soon
19/11/2017 22:01
bursahunter gone case...bad result coming out...the acquisition might off too as its taking way too long...
22/11/2017 14:56
edlpn76 what happen to ijacob?
28/11/2017 16:27
stockistlearner this gives the impression like qtr result doesnt look good at all
28/11/2017 16:39
bursahunter as mentioned earlier this stock is traping people with fake rebound again, sell before its too late
29/11/2017 11:08
dreamsbillionaire Seems like new high is coming after small drop
29/11/2017 15:49
stockistlearner better not to touch this counter now. no reversal sign at all.
30/11/2017 18:11
Bursa_Hunter2 up up and away
14/12/2017 17:39
bursahunter fake push again with no volume to trap more innocent retailers, better sell when there chance, avoid at all cost!
15/12/2017 11:47
Bursa_Hunter2 my twin brother, bursahunter is at it again. Ignore him, he's just a troll
15/12/2017 15:38
bursahunter i was right from the beginning, those who sold can avoid huge losses, u can ignore me but u cant ignore the money u gonna lose!
15/12/2017 18:27
Vanguard168 Tp 0.8 :)
16/12/2017 00:29
StockAlliace Post removed. Why?
16/12/2017 00:39
Bursa_Hunter2 up up and away
21/12/2017 11:57
bursahunter fake push again without volume...
21/12/2017 11:59
preego88 see you at 0.50 then you can call it fake
21/12/2017 12:15
bursahunter u r quite pro..if push till 0.5 means they fake push to con more innocent retailer into it, with this kind of volume its fake...
22/12/2017 15:17
stockistlearner first thing first is it has to break and stand firmly above 43c. then only 47 and 50c.
02/01/2018 22:44
bursahunter market has been so bullish but this counter?haha..dont waste time in it...no buyer...alot of people trapped at high waiting to sell...good luck...
03/01/2018 17:06
stockistlearner i already took my profit which i bought in dec. small tiny profit. once breakout 43c only get in again. now better buy some momentum stocks.
08/01/2018 18:44
Bursa_Hunter2 up up and away
09/01/2018 15:08
bursahunter omg..nice strong breakout...going through their new prospectus..maybe smthg really brewing...
09/01/2018 18:10
bursahunter fake breakout...hahaha
10/01/2018 19:31
stockistlearner beware of the repetition of as in last oct.
15/01/2018 22:14
Bursa_Hunter2 not looking good
16/01/2018 15:40
Pgraduate Free warrants man
17/01/2018 12:03
stockistlearner dont be so tempting to those free warrant or bonus issue thingy. bosses like to use this kind of bait to lure in buyers to buy their tickets.
18/01/2018 11:30
Traderx voting passed. Free warrant on the way.
29/01/2018 14:42
stockistlearner break support. bye bye.
29/01/2018 17:13
bursahunter free sinking boat ticket to holland...
29/01/2018 17:54
stockistlearner dont be so tempted by those free warrant thingy. bosses lie to use such tricks to lure in retailers.
29/01/2018 21:46
Nigel Dre Anyone went for the EGM?
30/01/2018 16:11
Zhizhao Oon acquisition is done and approved! time to fly!
30/01/2018 16:14
stockistlearner fly to where? holland? hahaha.
no offence. i sold my last portion at 40c when it break down 40.5c. i did buy some today but i will set my cut loss tight. again, dont be so hopeful on those proposals.
30/01/2018 16:59
bursahunter offer price is only 0.23?? hahaha...whoever bought at this price makes no sense...
13/02/2018 15:53
Jen Ern Tan Can someone explains the take over? I don't understand.
20/02/2018 18:18
Magis con man company
26/02/2018 13:56
bursahunter company already not making profit...so sell everythg cheaply...haha
28/02/2018 00:41
bfg9000 The MGO is priced at steep discount (>30%), this is because they have to make the offer by law, but they don't want people to accept it and therefore triggers full takeover and taking IJ private. So give a lousy offer that no one wants.

This is because maintaining a listed status is one of the objective of this corporate exercise.
12/03/2018 14:44
fungirl818 So what should i do? Should I sell or keep.
16/03/2018 21:56


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