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25-Feb-2016 21-Mar-2016 10:00 AGM Ballroom 1 - LG Level, Main Wing Hotel Equatorial Penang 1, Jalan Bukit Jambul Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang Malaysia Meeting Detail
25-Jan-2017 23-Feb-2017 10:00 AGM Ballroom 1 - LG Level, Main Wing Hotel Equatorial Penang, 1 Jalan Bukit Jambul Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang Malaysia Meeting Detail
09-Jan-2018 08-Feb-2018 10:00 AGM Matahari 1, LG Level - North Wing Hotel Equatorial Penang 1 Jalan Bukit Jambul Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang, Malaysia Meeting Detail
27-Feb-2018 29-Mar-2018 10:00 EGM Merbah, LG Level - Main Wing Hotel Equatorial Penang 1 Jalan Bukit Jambul Bayan Lepas 11900 Penang, Malaysia Meeting Detail
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SHQuah I've been start collecting since this week between 32 to 34 sen.
I think it is time to accumulate if you have the spare cash.
01/06/2018 10:20
SHQuah Aemulus’ inaugural steps into AI-driven test ecosystem
Powering and accelerating smart manufacturing implementation at your fingertips
Kuala Lumpur – May 22, 2018 – Aemulus, a leader in automated test equipment
(ATE) solutions, today announced that smart manufacturers now will have more
control of their production floor with its latest product, Moridaru — a platform that
encompasses a software framework with Artificial Intelligence capability.
Moridaru integrates devices, data, processes and people. It then predicts risks on the
test production floor with its preset machine-learning algorithms. Moridaru enables
engineers to interpret and decode massive amount of data they encounter daily on
the production floor. Converging historical data and on-going data analysis,
Moridaru recognises patterns that call for action, e.g. imminent production
downtime, affected production yield, out-of-schedule maintenance, etc. These
data-driven actions will eventually lead to smarter factories.
Aemulus unveiled Moridaru at the recent SEMICON Southeast Asia 2018, “Be a
captain at what you do — better decision-making at your fingertips.” The launch
ceremony was graced by Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, CEO of Malaysia Digital
Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Dato’Azman Mahmud, CEO of Malaysian
Investment Development Authority (MIDA). Aemulus CEO, Ng Sang Beng said, “We
are moving Aemulus from a hardware-centric company to an ecosystem-centric
one. Aligned with the semiconductor industry’s direction towards Industry 4.0, we
are in the initial phase of development. Building an ecosystem is not an overnight
job; we are working closely with a few beta customers to ensure smooth transition
and then, perfect the structure and flow of data feed.”
Dato’ Azman, CEO of MIDA, in congratulating the company, said, “MIDA is indeed
delighted to see Aemulus moving up the value chain from just producing test
hardware to becoming a total test systems solution provider. As the robust
semiconductor industry race towards adopt Industry 4.0, we need to see more local
companies invest in R&D and be innovative to be resilient in overcoming any
disruption caused by the rapid technological change in the industry.”
Welcoming the launch of the platform, Datuk Yasmin said: "It is always wonderful to
see a Malaysian company making great strides in introducing innovative automated
test solutions to the global arena. This is a testament to the nation's digital
economy efforts as Aemulus is taking full advantage of MDEC's GAIN globalisation
initiatives to accelerate its international product expansion plans."
Moridaru is a platform; a gateway fed by big data that prompts analysis and predicts
outcomes. Serving Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the long-term product roadmap
includes add-on features that will transform the supply chain of smart
manufacturers. Ultimately, minimum human intervention is needed to run the
production floor.
Sang Beng said, “Moridaru is exciting! Giving us the added drive in our existing
market and beyond our playing field. ”
The positive outcome of AI’s deep learning has continuously taken the world by
awe. For now, companies decision-maker can call for better action and drive better
outcomes overall in a short period and eventually work towards an ecosystem with
Aemulus’ AI, Moridaru.
01/06/2018 12:00
SHQuah http://www.aemulus.com/semicon_southeast_asia_2018
01/06/2018 12:01
SHQuah https://moridaru.com/
01/06/2018 12:01
10154436865122871 Aemulus not a first company use cloud on testing, in Malaysia, Plunify company on 2009 already use Cloud technology on testing, just share the knowledge ...
04/06/2018 16:07
Christopher Chin Engine start liao
05/06/2018 15:03
Ng Ray lai lai
06/06/2018 10:45
Steve Chan today close 0.45-0.48.. lai lai lai
06/06/2018 10:50
jincheah opps
07/06/2018 09:58
B4b4 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/389243
07/06/2018 10:06
B4b4 Time to buy this stock because very low debts only RM 640 K only , very rich in cash RM 24.3 M and excellent revenue worth RM 40 M
07/06/2018 10:09
B4b4 Lastly but not least, semiconductor sales are fantastic !
07/06/2018 10:12
jincheah B4b4 @@!
07/06/2018 10:23
B4b4 Hi jincheah.
07/06/2018 10:36
jincheah yyaya...hi there..haha XD
07/06/2018 15:10
B4b4 Time to invest in aemulus
07/06/2018 15:56
B4b4 Up up up aemulus
08/06/2018 08:53
GayauQwe Very slow
08/06/2018 10:11
B4b4 Top line , revenue was the highest in 2017, ie RM 40.068 M and bottom line ie profit was RM 7.552 M, the best ever
08/06/2018 10:35
B4b4 Buy now. Debt level and bank borrowings only RM 378 K, supported by excellent cash RM 24 M
08/06/2018 10:37
B4b4 In year 2017 was the BEST EVER , total assets is RM 82.964 M and total equity RM 73.090 M
08/06/2018 10:40
B4b4 Global sales of semiconductors rose 20.2 % yoy, and projected sales will hit USD 463.4 B this year
08/06/2018 10:51
B4b4 AEMULUS isvan excellent company withna strong management team of young engineers. With strong financial backing of cash RM 24 M and small term loan of only RM 378 K, this company will go to higher heights. Strong global demand for ATE, the sales will grow many times
08/06/2018 12:00
satha44 Bought 15k today...at 38..
Hopefully can make some money...will pick it up...hoping to get atleast a 10sens gain..
Best of luck...
08/06/2018 12:43
B4b4 Buy long term sir. Khazanah Nasional has 15% shares ie 82.284m shares with the most recent buy in 20 April 2018 of 16.456m Aemulus shares !
08/06/2018 13:20
SHQuah Aemulus - We are hiring
See what you are looking for? Submit your resume to recruitment@aemulus.com.

Machine Learning Engineer
Senior Cloud Data Engineer
Front-end Developer
Senior Back end Developer
PCB Design Engineer
Production Test Engineer
Production Test Technician
11/06/2018 11:20
Ng Sang Peng it is a good point to buy in now!
11/06/2018 16:02
B4b4 Buy and keep. Excellent company.
11/06/2018 16:14
B4b4 Retained profits almost RM 30 M, Cash in bank RM 5.5 M,
cash in other investments is RM 18.2 M, term loan only 378 K
11/06/2018 16:18
B4b4 Good for investment.
12/06/2018 10:21
satha44 If really so good...why the price so low..
12/06/2018 10:41
Ng Sang Peng this is depending on how ppl value this share.

A branded RM250K hand bag will have the same functionality as Pasar Malam RM25 hand bag.

12/06/2018 11:34
B4b4 Aemulus is expanding . The company just bought a building in Penang
13/06/2018 10:15
B4b4 Due to the good sales , Aemulus bought a piece of land worth RM 2.979 M in Bayan Lepas Industrial Park.
13/06/2018 10:20
B4b4 Oh oh.....the directors dispose some Aemulus shares about 1.2 m
14/06/2018 08:08
SHQuah Got another directors buying also in the same day.
14/06/2018 08:40
B4b4 Yes SHQuah, I missed that part out , sorry. Anyway , there is good news

14/06/2018 09:47
B4b4 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/389243

Semiconductor sales globally is good.
14/06/2018 10:02
Rosmah Ali Yes..its coming bro!!
14/06/2018 10:57
B4b4 Something is brewing here. Very strong uptrend !
14/06/2018 11:18
B4b4 An excellent company, almost zero debts ie only RM 378 K, term loan for buying land in Bayan Lepas Industrial Park, cash rich Aemulus ie RM 24 M, very good top line and gross profit.
14/06/2018 11:22
mancingbursa Monday can buy ar? What the good price to entry
16/06/2018 21:34
B4b4 Good buy. Aemulus is an excellent stock. Well managed and good biz too
18/06/2018 09:29
SHQuah Very Good Buy for long term.
18/06/2018 09:51
tw01 Hold for long term !
18/06/2018 10:18
jincheah up up up ~~~
18/06/2018 10:28
tw01 buy buy buy !!!
18/06/2018 11:13
sentimentrader Mahathir Seeing Jack Ma for technology advancement
18/06/2018 11:30
tw01 buy lagi more !!!
18/06/2018 11:39
sentimentrader SSH keep selling but Stock rising ....New SSH are coming on board
18/06/2018 12:42


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