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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
06-Mar-2013 28-Mar-2013 10:00 AGM Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
13-Mar-2014 07-Apr-2014 10:00 AGM Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
12-Mar-2015 07-Apr-2015 10:00 AGM Grand Ballroom, Level 3, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
14-Mar-2016 07-Apr-2016 10:00 AGM Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
14-Mar-2017 06-Apr-2017 10:00 AGM Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
15-Mar-2017 06-Apr-2017 12:00 EGM Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Meeting Detail
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Tch84 MayBank c24 actual value is 50 sen.
21/04/2017 15:56
Stanley Sim Bullish Tiger :D
21/04/2017 16:21
Tch84 Maybank price 9.40. My bank c24 only sell at 0.45. Deep discount. Actual price will zero premium should be 0.56.
21/04/2017 16:36
ZeaXG Somebody going berserk with Maybank.
21/04/2017 16:36
lching maybank consume Vigra
21/04/2017 16:41
gusheng wait for dividend or sell now?
21/04/2017 16:42
ZeaXG https://i.imgflip.com/1nmph2.jpg
21/04/2017 16:50
Mary Tan Ling after getting dividend will it still be this price 9.40??!!??
21/04/2017 17:01
ZeaXG @Mary, theoretically, after ex, price will adjust to 9.08 (minus 32 sen).
21/04/2017 17:04
Tch84 It may not adjusted so much because if you notice that this time dividend come with reinvestment plan. Even it adjusted, in the short period it climb back, you can refer to cimb and bursa recently.
21/04/2017 17:11
Mary Tan Ling @ZeaXG n Tch84 Thank you very much! :D
21/04/2017 17:14
Kings7 how can i reinvest the dividend?
21/04/2017 17:18
albertwarrior Chinese Yuan Assets Held By Foreign Central Banks Up 13%

April 21, 2017 — 16:27 HKT
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Foreign central banks held a total of RMB563.5 billion (US$81.1 billion) Yuan-denominated assets by the end of last year, up 13% year-on-year, indicating increasing willingness by foreign central banks to hold Yuan assets on their balance sheets.

"We are optimistic about the rising Yuan assets held by foreign central banks. This reflects the Yuan’s formal inclusion in the SDR currency basket with the opening of China’s financial market, and the increasing willingness of overseas institutions to accept yuan-denominated products and to hold yuan assets," said Wang Chunying, spokesperson for China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), during a press conference yesterday.

China is working toward achieving full RMB convertibility and make it a global reserve currency of choice before 2020. But the RMB's share of global central bank holdings is still tiny.

As of March 2015, 62.9% of global central bank reserves, or US$3.826 trillion, were in U.S. dollars. Euro reserves, worth US$1.351 trillion, represented 22.2% of the total. Japanese Yen took a 3.9% share with US$241.2 billion held by central banks, and US$116.2 billion worth of Canadian dollars were held by central banks.

RMB still has a long way to go to become a major reserve currency. With uncertain global economic outlook and economic headwinds China is facing at home, analysts have warned that the country may have to push back its objective to a later date.

Of the RMB563.5 billion Yuan assets held by foreign central banks, 92% are debt securities, with equities and investment funds making up 7.4%, according to SAFE data.

Foreign central banks hold Yuan-denominated bonds, particularly treasury bonds, reflecting foreign investors' long term confidence in China's economy and financial system, Wang said during the press conference.

The Yuan has become increasingly prominent in cross-border capital flows in recent years. It made up 4% of global foreign exchange trading last year, and 1.9% of global payments in February, according to official data.
21/04/2017 17:32
Kay What a day for Maybank!! High of 9:43!!
21/04/2017 17:41
safewinner Pay final cash dividend RM 0.10,Reinvested new share RM 0.22,Fixed RM8.25 per new maybank share
21/04/2017 23:48
apprentice Sold c24. Bought at 10 sen. Thank You Maybank and CIMB(the issuer).
22/04/2017 04:12
tomwah good job
22/04/2017 09:43
samsambank http://news.seehua.com/?p=266988
22/04/2017 11:22
samsambank Morgan Stanley bullish on Malaysian equities, initiates coverage with 6% upside http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/morgan-stanley-bullish-malaysian-equities-initiates-coverage-6-upside
22/04/2017 11:36
samsambank Malaysian economy to keep growing over next few months - Statistics Dept http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/04/21/malaysian-economy-to-keep-growing-over-next-few-months---statistics-dept/
22/04/2017 11:38
samsambank Morgan Stanley sees five reasons to go overweight on Malaysia stocks http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/04/21/morgan-stanley-sees-five-reasons-to-go-overweight-on-malaysia-stocks/
22/04/2017 11:49
samsambank Emerging markets gaining favour among investors http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/04/22/emerging-markets-gaining-favour-among-investors/
22/04/2017 11:52
samsambank Upward momentum on Bursa Malaysia to continue next week http://m.thesundaily.my/node/440711
22/04/2017 18:15
Amit Khindriya Next week market consolidate (pull back). I expect drop at least 30pts!
22/04/2017 22:58
bsngpg I do not think MBB's price will pull back for 30 cents next week with strong support coming from the imminent div at 32 cents. Let's see.
23/04/2017 11:13
goldentriangle Marine Le Pen who want Frexit, if she today be selected as one of president candidate,
then MBB will pull back 30 cents next week, if she been won the president election
on 7/5/2017 then MBB will pull back at least RM1.00,
if US shoot one missle into north korea, then MBB will at least pull back RM2.00
23/04/2017 16:54
TrippleZ So many "if". So let's say none of that happened, can mbb rally to rm12.40? If not, then is not worth the risk.
23/04/2017 17:02
tecpower Even if Le Pen is selected as one of the president candidates, the stock price is not like to plummet. it has been already priced in. Her support rate has been always in the 2nd place.
Due to tax cut expectation in the US, the stock price may consolidate further.

President says he’s going to release tax plan Wednesday
23/04/2017 19:33
Havefun I am just wondering what exactly is driving up the price this round .....etiqa potential listing? Election? Crossing key resistance 1750? Dividend 32c? The high volume that is moving the price has to be smart money/big boys most probably foreign investors.....
24/04/2017 06:22
Goodstock Looking at the momentum, it wil surge to above 10.........


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24/04/2017 12:22
Amit Khindriya @bsngpg I didn't mention MBB price....I said broader market will pull back (after last weeks run) and close down by 30pts this week!
Read carefully then comment.
24/04/2017 15:33
tecpower Stocks in emerging markets like Indonesia, Russia and India rallied today!
24/04/2017 19:02
tecpower tecpower Nasdaq opens at all-time high; Dow advances 200 points
24/04/2017 22:03
Stanley Sim Gap up tmr haha..
24/04/2017 23:40
samsambank KLCI to extend gains, stay above 1,750-level http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/klci-extend-gains-stay-above-1750-level
25/04/2017 07:45
goldentriangle EPF last week disposed a lot of MBB shares...
This week seems to continue to disposing MBB
since already earn quite hansome profits...

So, after EPF sold all MBB shares, EPF will just queue
low low below RM8.00 or RM7.00 waiting foreign
funds to dump their shares...
25/04/2017 09:48
Kay CIMB recommended hold, with TP RM9.20. Earnings recovery priced in.
25/04/2017 09:58
goldentriangle EPF keep disposing, you can read Sinchew Jitpoh
financial section today...
EPF disposing more than 3 millions of MBB shares
last week...

EPF still got plenty of shares to disposed which
total securities remaining still got 1.3 billion shares !
25/04/2017 10:06
Havefun foreign investors are still loading strong
25/04/2017 17:03
philip31 Come Mid May 10 ringgit.
25/04/2017 17:21
samsambank Foreign funds continue to flow into Bursa http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/04/25/foreign-funds-continue-to-flow-into-bursa/
25/04/2017 18:22
samsambank CIMB Research sees Maybank's potential Etiqa listing as positive http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/cimb-research-sees-maybanks-potential-etiqa-listing-positive
25/04/2017 18:23
philip31 Good closing today.
27/04/2017 18:02
Havefun Ringgit continue to strengthen is helping fuel foreign purchase.......
28/04/2017 00:49
philip31 On the way to RM10.00 by mid May.
28/04/2017 10:20
kuanhan79 Keep climbing to the highest peak, please.
28/04/2017 13:32
Chuchox Nellox Staff dumping their esos as cut off date today..
28/04/2017 16:42
Mary Tan Ling @ChuchoxNellox so u mean next week will drop?
28/04/2017 16:53
VivoPrince Not dumping ... rather accumulating for the medium-term as they see Maybank climbing to RM10 and beyond (I know because my wife is one of the ESOS beneficiaries).
28/04/2017 19:32
goldentriangle North Korea test-fires ballistic missile - Yonhap

North Korea shooting a ballistic missle, east asian tension again!
Tuesday MBB may big plunged 30 cents or more !
29/04/2017 06:07


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