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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
15-May-2017 31-May-2017 15:00 EGM Mayang Sari Grand Ballroom Lower Level 3, JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur 183, Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
27-Oct-2016 22-Nov-2016 15:00 AGM Majestic Ballroom Level 2, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur 5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin 50000 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
30-Oct-2015 24-Nov-2015 11:00 AGM Mayang Sari Grand Ballroom Lower Level 3, JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
31-Oct-2014 25-Nov-2014 11:00 AGM The Banquet Hall, Level 3, Conference Center, The Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
01-Nov-2013 26-Nov-2013 11:00 AGM Starhill 2, Level 4, JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
02-Nov-2012 27-Nov-2012 11:00 AGM Starhill 2, Level 4, JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
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Kris Wong Angie, not likely at moment as it has to pay its huge o/s loanstock (LA) holders their LA interest first !!!
13/09/2016 09:57
yongch Don't ever think any of dividend b4 year of 2018!!!this is what FY was said during last year AGM!!!even he himself also encouraged to shift to ytl n ytl power lo..coz high dividend was promised by yeoh's family......
13/09/2016 11:30
Angielim9955 Kris Wong and yongch thanks for advise
but yongch ytland not also under yeoh's family...... meh ?
why ytl, ytlp, ytle,ytlreit all can pay super high dividend , but only ytland cannot pay dividend
and ytlland everyear got profit , net ptofit counter wat ?
13/09/2016 15:43
yongch Hahaha......dear angielim9955,I would suggest you attend AGM then u may ask tan sri francis yeoh direct lo...their hold so much land but price valuation still 10years backwards....tp0.50 will next target price!!!kesian those investor lo....
13/09/2016 15:54
Kris Wong Angie, If u want yield from this counter, consider its Loanstock (LA) as interest payment on Loanstock is mandatory unlike share dividend which must be declared by the company. Others had commented above on the Loanstock n as such I don't need to repeat their comments.
13/09/2016 17:03
Angielim9955 thanks,
base if compare , actually not much different buy ytlland or LA,
let say suddenly ytlland give dividend , then ytlland much much better than LA.
actully for me I prefer ytlland
land is a value things on ecomomi bad now , land sure got value .
and I dont think ytl no money to develope their land , just dun know what happen
weird this counter
14/09/2016 00:41
RVI123 YTLland earnings was not much for the last few years. It is just barely enough to pay for the interest of the loan stocks. I thk for the next few years, it will not be giving dividends.
YTLland is sitting on undervalued lands. Developments for the last 15 years was very slow bcos YTL concentrated on the utilities n cement business. Hopefully, Yeoh family will concentrate more on YTLland in future.
15/09/2016 20:59
17/09/2016 18:24
RVI123 This counter is for long term. You have to hold for few years and you will be rewarded. YTLland will develop the lands sooner or later. By that time, the market will realize the real potential of this stock and price it accordingly.
18/09/2016 00:53
Angielim9955 RVI123 , agreed
ytl family should more take care of ytlland from 2.00 until 0.58
ytle ytl ytlp ytlreit all good good but no ytlland
19/09/2016 18:26
Leong HL ytle just risen higher than ytlland
21/09/2016 14:40
yongch Those who attended last AGM that's tan Sri Francis Y oledy promised do something abt ytl land share price...let's wait n see after CNY!
06/01/2017 19:57
Kris Wong Grossly underpriced counter with NTA RM1.29 n decent profit record but no dividend, cash rich YTL group should copied what Goldis done to IGB n offer a good takeover price for long suffering minority shareholders to exit YTL Land !!!
24/02/2017 16:15
2721 Any good news..
13/03/2017 21:18
dusti Maybe tomorrow?
14/03/2017 21:49
lai81533 Focus ytl land la with brokerage fee rm2 vs mother shares rm12
15/03/2017 03:41
lai81533 Ytl land la really low brokerage fee
17/03/2017 03:05
Alankoo Sk good idea Kris Wong! Dont worry as YTLland one day will approach by China buyer!
02/04/2017 13:53
Kris Wong Good ! Interest payment for ytl land-la loanstock again !!!
03/04/2017 09:11
dusti Needs new ideas to enhance value otherwise needs buyer with deep pocket.
11/04/2017 15:33
ACE9696 very cheap with meow meow
20/04/2017 23:31
yongch Wahaha..."anak darah Mari"!!!!EGM on 31may'17...no door gift,no bfast ,no lunch,no voucher!!!!coffee or tea....really!!!!:(
16/05/2017 12:51
2721 wat is the egm about?privatise?
17/05/2017 13:53
aunchea good report but price drop
25/05/2017 20:03
mlike we dont know when YTL Land will go back to RM1.20, so please ready yourself when the price is the lowest, or opition chance from YTL Land La earning interest meanwhile also lock in RM0.66 exchange YTL Land. my very strong feeling that it will up any time in this few years.
29/05/2017 11:53
dusti Such fine results without corresponding price re-rating. Come on, come, on.
30/05/2017 10:52
Leong HL why NTA drops from 1.29 to 1.08...can someone please advice.
31/05/2017 09:37
yongch Very disappointed during last month egm...During last year AGM tan Sri promised do something abt share price but now EGM he twist his word said they also suffered low share price beyond his controlled even he said nothing he can do much...:(
12/06/2017 19:37
ivan9511 I a bit curious that why ytlland revenue increase but nta drop so much.
no more assets ?
no more land ?
12/06/2017 19:47
Jeffreyteck Poor and inadequate reporting requirements are making investors confused by the drop in NTA despite an increase in net profit for the latest quarter. One of the possible reasons is the increase in new shares issued through private placement etc, unfortunately there is no details in the quarterly figures to confirm that. Poor Msia investors, normally received surprised figures without proper explanation. Good luck for all.
15/06/2017 09:43
Jeffreyteck @yongch: If the management is really keen to do something for the share price, a declare for dividend is one of the positive move but unfortunately not even a single cent given. Annual Report page 43: "No dividend has been paid or declared by the Company since the end of the previous financial year."
15/06/2017 09:49
RVI123 Anybody knows about the status of condominium in Orchard Road, Singapore? When will be the launching?
15/06/2017 17:29
dusti Like a sports car with water in the fuel tank............
10/07/2017 14:51
Kris Wong Stuck here for long long time !!! Useless counter !!!
13/07/2017 15:32
Jeffreyteck 10 years chart peaked in 2011, since then down to holland. Quite tempting to buy but the name itself is not so exciting as like YTL Power. If you have strong thesis, please share. TQ and good luck.
01/08/2017 13:01
harold8990 Write a comment...no surprise as the property sector is slowing down now. EPS looks good though for 2 consecutive quarters. project completions for midfields 2 next year?
01/08/2017 14:21
dusti QR week. Price will rise a few sen then fizzle out. Diehard supporter will highlight NTA blah, blah, blah........
23/08/2017 15:15
Leong HL loss...shit counter
30/08/2017 12:36
Jeffreyteck Only their management enjoy the good remuneration. If for long term, at least must distribue reasonable dividend, don't just look at the NTA as most the the time it is good on paper only.
04/09/2017 21:11
ivan9511 jeffrey ytlland nta keep reducing. scary
boss take the money ?
05/09/2017 17:25
Jeffreyteck 9511...only they themselves know. Very high debt level, bankers are happy to earn more interest income. Unless revalue its land bank, otherwise no hope for long term unless short term speculation. Listed companies management remuneration is not regulated, they can just do whatever they want. Good luck.
05/09/2017 23:16
Alankoo Sk any privatise possibility?a dissappointed counter.
05/09/2017 23:16
Alankoo Sk hope it is privatise soon by the family! a dissapointed counter.
05/09/2017 23:18
ivan9511 Jeffreyteck
06/09/2017 18:08
Kris Wong Useless shares as most of its funds gone to pay its Loanstock holders !!!
01/10/2017 17:51
Jon1036 one of the worst property stock to buy....never trust whatever the mgmt of YTL does....
12/10/2017 14:48
dusti Interesting pattern of buying...........who is buying?
13/10/2017 09:56
ivan9511 why ytlland no dividen, no like ytl pattern as ytl other counter all give reasonable dividend unless ytlland
wht is the problem
14/10/2017 13:32
yongch During last agm big boss oledy "yayapapaya"...he said even he n family s also suffered price downside lo!!..this all having high debts no plan revalue all company land price...basically jus waiting 1,2yrs later go privatise it price tp0.2-0.30tat's all!!!blame who?don ever trust this familys lo....
17/10/2017 10:27
Leong HL judging by the share price
maybe trying to privatise at 50 cents..
17/10/2017 14:28


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