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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
01-Oct-2012 24-Oct-2012 11:00 AGM Grand Prince Ballroom, Level 3, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
07-Oct-2013 31-Oct-2013 11:30 AGM Grand Prince Ballroom Level 3 Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur Jalan Conlay 50450 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
02-Oct-2014 28-Oct-2014 11:30 AGM Mahkota II, BR Level Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur 73, Jalan Raja Chulan 50200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
23-Oct-2015 17-Nov-2015 10:00 AGM Crystal Ballroom Level 1 Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur Jalan Ampang 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
30-Sep-2016 26-Oct-2016 10:00 AGM Nusantara Ballroom, Level 2, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
09-Oct-2017 02-Nov-2017 14:30 AGM Mahkota Ballroom II, BR Level, Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur, 73 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
27-Mar-2018 19-Apr-2018 10:00 EGM Pullman Two, Level 3, Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel & Residences, Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Meeting Detail
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  3 people like this.
apolloang why eps only 40cts? I tot eps 80cts....hahaha
06/07/2018 15:29
TheContrarian You got buy or not?
06/07/2018 15:31
apolloang u didn't go to affin bank jalan Macalister and meet miss soo the branch manager?
06/07/2018 15:32
TheContrarian Monday I go.
06/07/2018 15:37
apolloang why only mon u go? later let some other court her already,quickly go now lah
06/07/2018 15:39
apolloang ok lah bro contrarian since u say butaland so good I put buyers at 45.5cts now for u
06/07/2018 15:40
apolloang I put for u enough or not? hehe
06/07/2018 15:42
apolloang kns why u put only 8 lots to block my view? hehe
06/07/2018 15:45
TheContrarian Last chance for you to sapu.
06/07/2018 16:11
apolloang ok lah ok lah I put 46cts for u only bro contrarian to sell for me
06/07/2018 16:12
TheContrarian 46 cts where can get?
06/07/2018 18:32
apolloang I put 48cts u didn't see ar to support u
06/07/2018 18:34
Fabien Extraordinaire @thecontrarian

what is ur investment thesis in Dutaland?
06/07/2018 19:29
TheContrarian Dutaland will spring a "surprise" on its EPS in this coming QR due to be released by end of this month. Hopefully the Syndicate will play on this "surprise". How would the stockmarket react to a counter trading at 48 sen announcing an EPS of 40 sen and a second dividend of 5 sen?
06/07/2018 20:20
hollandking is a one time gain only, ppl look at sustainable earnings, core biz sold, need to rebuild secondary biz, how can this be push up?
06/07/2018 20:24
hollandking i think this company run up is over, this type of play is u play before the gains are given, after is over, it will go down, there was a counter like this.
06/07/2018 20:25
hollandking the best time to play this counter was when the land was in the process of selling, the yes or no period, not after sold
06/07/2018 20:26
Fabien Extraordinaire they have declared 5 sen previously. why another 5 sen?
06/07/2018 20:28
hollandking total is 10 cents, rest will be used to reinvest. Don't bother about the dividend , bcoz once ex div, price go down
06/07/2018 20:29
hollandking the ppl here who tell u hoo haa hoo ha got hidden agenda one
06/07/2018 20:29
dunspace What if you buy for liquidation? Assuming they cannot find any business, there is still roughly 5 cents div incoming and the gap between their net conservative book value and market capitalisation is still so far off.

Side note, the prime land is valued in 1996. Taking into account inflation, the increase in land price is easily equivalent to the price you are paying for in market capitalisation.

The top 4 holds 60%+ of shares and they won't sell out at this dirt price, they might else call for liquidation and get a bigger chunk of profits. The only thing I could see going wrong in investing in Duta is that if:

1) The balance sheet is fake. Basically like those red chips companies.

2) The management does some funny business.

If everything goes within the legal boundaries, I do not see how the top shareholders and management can possibly screw the company up.
08/07/2018 18:47
dunspace What is your take?
08/07/2018 18:47
aboy Cheap cheap, buy buy
08/07/2018 19:35
danny123 Sell sell
.20 coming soon
Macc frozen more than 400 bank accounts, is duta one of them???
08/07/2018 22:32
TheContrarian 0.20 coming.
08/07/2018 22:44
ding dong normally b4 big wave tsunami coming in, the sea level will drop far beyond the normal low tide n this is what currently happening if u look to the historical dutaland chart...so potential to further drop is there n likely followed by big tsunami wave later....
10/07/2018 14:10
TheContrarian Waiting at 0.20
11/07/2018 00:31
88798 big boss buy million of shares recently....
11/07/2018 09:30
azrylamyr yeah coming soon
11/07/2018 09:32
dunspace Top 4 will increase their exposure, might else well just swallow the whole thing
11/07/2018 11:45
ding dong http://www.focusmalaysia.my/Mainstream/revival-of-abandoned-project-on-the-cards
14/07/2018 04:27
dunspace another noteworthy issue regarding that land is the year it was valued on and recorded in the balance sheet.
14/07/2018 13:42
dunspace my advice to all is to stay wise and firm with your position. Low liquidity in this company brings in a lot of tricksters, volatility is easily made.
14/07/2018 13:49
TheContrarian Go, go ,go Dutaland . EPS 40 sen, dividend another 5 sen.
19/07/2018 16:23
apolloang Posted by TheContrarian > Jul 8, 2018 10:44 PM | Report Abuse

0.20 coming.
I tot u and danny the dog says 0.20? hahaha......now say 1.00 is it after turn green?
19/07/2018 16:30
TheContrarian Hahaha, I merely echo Danny.
19/07/2018 16:39
apolloang now u say 1.00 rite? hahaha
19/07/2018 16:40
TheContrarian No-lah, mana boleh 1.00? 60 sen first target more appropriate and achievable.
19/07/2018 16:56
apolloang 60cts u mana boleh kaya? hahaha
19/07/2018 17:01
apolloang net cash is 80cts,60cts me also no wanna sell
19/07/2018 17:10
apolloang http://www.focusmalaysia.my/Mainstream/revival-of-abandoned-project-on-the-cards
19/07/2018 17:10
TheContrarian Haha, apolloang, you bought at 0.60, me bought at 0.48.
19/07/2018 18:08
apolloang u bought at 55 cts also, me bought more at 48cts....hahaha
19/07/2018 18:22
TheContrarian Bought at 55 sen, received first 5 sen dividend already, cost lowered to 50 sen.
20/07/2018 00:19
danny123 0.15 sen can come?
20/07/2018 15:55
danny123 maybe next 2 yrs
20/07/2018 15:55
apolloang sorchai coming again.....hahaha
20/07/2018 15:56
danny123 If 0.15 sen come, hehehe
20/07/2018 16:10
TheContrarian 0.15 coming.
20/07/2018 16:20
danny123 Post removed. Why?
20/07/2018 16:26


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