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General Meeting

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Ann. Date Date Time Type Venue View
14-Sep-2017 19-Sep-2017 10:00 AGM Kulim Golf and Country Resort Persiaran Kulim Golf, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman Meeting Detail
07-Aug-2017 22-Aug-2017 09:00 EGM Kulim Golf and Country Resort Persiaran Kulim Golf, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman Meeting Detail
11-Apr-2017 27-Apr-2017 09:00 EGM Level 7, Multipurpose Hall, The Maple Suite, No. 1, Changkat Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2016 27-May-2016 10:00 AGM Ballroom II, Kulim Golf & Country Resort, Persiaran Kulim Golf, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman Meeting Detail
28-May-2015 29-Jun-2015 10:30 AGM Kelawai Room, Lobby Level, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, 53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang Meeting Detail
01-Dec-2014 17-Dec-2014 10:30 EGM Jasmine I, Kulim Golf & Country Resort, Persiaran Kulim Golf, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Meeting Detail
03-Jun-2014 26-Jun-2014 10:00 AGM Kelawai Room, Lobby Level, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, 53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang. Meeting Detail
12-Mar-2014 28-Mar-2014 10:15 EGM Kelawai Room, Lobby Level, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, 53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang Meeting Detail
05-Mar-2014 28-Mar-2014 10:00 EGM Kelawai Room, Lobby Level, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, 53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang Meeting Detail
04-Jun-2013 27-Jun-2013 10:00 AGM Laurel II, Level 1, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, 53, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang. Meeting Detail
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Kris Wong With such poor financial and business performance over the years resulting in the share price at almost all time low, the directors should have also resigned long long ago !!! Tak tau malu !!!
29/08/2017 09:19
Wolfskin 按著股東來搶劫,明目張膽搶了RM4 million還按著股東大會自己批准自己,Bursa 吃屎狗還是大春袋?邊格company secretary 前世欠咒?

Ire-Tex Corp Bhd ex directors on 25Aug announce AGM & seek approval for RM4m fees. Cosec resigned.
Author: lawyerorrobber | Publish date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017, 06:37 PM

28 August 2017 - Kulim, Kedah, packaging company Ire-Tex Corporation Berhad today announced the company secretary Tan Tong Lang from Boardroom has resigned.

Earlier on last Friday, 25 August 2017, Ire-Tex Corporation Bhd had completed shareholders' requisited EGM. The Edge newspaper announced the result where 2 new directors were appointed, while 4 former directors were removed, together with 4 "late-night" appointed directors were also dismissed. The EGM originally scheduled for 12 July 2017 was earlier adjourned by the court, while former directors who tried to place an injunction on shareholders preventing them from voting were dismissed by the court, hence the 25 August 2017 EGM is endorsed and approved by court and carried.

(Note1: refers to http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/elite-cosmo-questions-validity-late-night-board-appointments-iretex)

25 August 2017 EGM carried. Cosec hijack Bursa System for Announcement?

According to 25 August 2017 EGM, apparently the shareholders had complied to court orders and completed the EGM. However, the company secretary Tan Tong Lang for some reason, under pressure not to carry out his duty, and did not announce EGM result the same day. The company secretary went on further announced un-authorized and misleading announcement of AGM, carrying 4 potentially illegally appinted directors’ names which the court had on 21 August 2017 "dismissed" their appointment by the former directors EGM attempt on 22 August 2017. Yet, a day before 25 August 2017 EGM, the former directors appointed the 4 directors, a slap to the judge face and potential contempt of court order.

Removed Directors on 25 Aug 2017 announced AGM instead - Trying to Legalize RM4m Taken?

Such menace has finally proven monetary driven, and potential wrongdoing, as evidence from the AGM announcement. The former directors seek approval for some jaw dropping RM2mil for year 2016 and another RM2mil for year 2017 "director fees and compensations".

“The company was told in the market unable to pay staffs and employees salaries and fees, including truck drivers which have kids and family to feed, while the board of directors "taken" RM4 million as their fees and compensations. How do they expect shareholders to approve for what they did?”, commented a news reporter.

(note2: refers to http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5526053)

The former directors, count Mak Lin Kum, Felix Chin Wui Choong, Shariff Omar and Ahmad Amryn, were voted out by shareholders on 25 August 2017 EGM. The other 4 late-night appointed directors were also removed.

Two new directors Raja Hizad and Hamdan Mohd Nor were appointed as directors. The board existing 2 directors were Donald Yap Tatt Keat and Jimmy Kong Hon Kay, remain as directors on the board.

(Note1: refers to http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/elite-cosmo-questions-validity-late-night-board-appointments-iretex)

In view of such events above, it does not surprise the market when company secretary Nicholas Tan Tong Lang resigned. Shareholders shall look carefully what they should vote in the coming AGM. Looking at the ridiculous resolution in the announced AGM, market won't be surprise if the shareholders already knew the result before hand.

29/08/2017 11:02
keyin Wait close shop
29/08/2017 11:09
PoorStaff On Friday, militants from the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army attacked about 25 police posts in the Myanmar’s Rahkine state. As the government security’s took retaliatory action, thousands, both Muslim and Buddhist civilians from the northern part of Rakhine state fled the area towards the border with Bangladesh. It is believed that over 100 people have died since the Friday attack. Today we ask is the government of Aung San Suu Kyi has lost the initiative on the managing the political problem of the Rohingya minority, and if the international community will remain mute in the face of this recent upsurge of violence.

Also on Friday, Iretex Robbery Gang lost EGM, attacked company secretary and kidnap Tan Tong Lang on duress by stolen pass code for Bursa Malaysia announcement. The culprits lead by law breaker Mak Lin Kum forced company secretary to announce AGM wanting to pay himself RM2.2million plus RM2 million directors fees. As the polis took retaliatory action, together with thousands, both shareholders and staffs from Iretex march towards the Kulim factory wanting to skin the culprit directors. CEO Nizam and others are wanted alive. It is believed that over 100 staffs will march towards the factory on 29-31 August 2017 wanting their independance from the criminal old board of directors. Today the staffs ask Bursa Malaysia and polis to step in capturing the criminals and robbers holding Kulim factory and documents hostage. The old board have lost their dignity when their real intention and motive is to rob for themselves at the expense of staffs and shareholders was published in AGM notice. Authorities were informed to step in and haul in the criminals for further investigation.
29/08/2017 13:09
RodaImpian Story getting excitng with many action scenes. *grab popcorn*
29/08/2017 16:46
ratrace rUp there. You did not name all the criminals. All pretend hero but actually devil of all devil aka ss holes. Anyone collude and works with Mak Lin Kum and Felix Chin Wui Choong are equally guilty. Shoot on sight.

Shariff Omar, Ahmad Amryn, The 2 cheer leaders and moron invited by Mak Lin Kum from Wintoni to iretex.

The betrayal dog Alfred Gan.

Bunch of cockroach muka tembok Cina. Count Chin, Saharun Nizam, Mohd Mahyudin and Mohd Fahami in the list, all culprits refer from Mak Lin Kum.

Anyone missed name here, still shoot on sight. Capture and jail all rather than missed any cockroach eggs.
02/09/2017 18:13
PoorStaff Coming. Haul in. Catch them for gang rob company.
Alfred Gan, Nizam, Fahami.
Amryn, Felix Chin.

Next batch lawyers.

Last master mind Teh Eng Huat, Mak Lin Kum.
05/09/2017 15:05
Trader72 Qr loss again.. Haha
06/09/2017 08:15
ratrace Anyone in ire-tex being tortured by the culprits know about this?


Ire-Tex Corp Bhd Q2'17 result plunged 47.82% Y-to-Y. Collected RM20m, paid RM12.1m. RM8m gone where?
Author: NewsInNews | Publish date: Wed, 6 Sep 2017, 02:02 PM

5 September 2017 - Ire-Tex Corporation Bhd, the industrial products Penang based packaging company with the main factory in Kulim, Kedah had announced quarter 2 2017 results. The company suffered an RM4.319m loss on top of RM13.814m revenue. Year to year quarterly result saw 47.82% drop in revenue, the huge plunge in business, as well as net consumption of company resources, with RM20m collection from Trade Receivables, which paid off only RM12.1m Trade Payables. Close to RM8m vanished from the book during the 6 months period from January 2017 - June 2017. Historically, the worst performance quarter for more than 6 consecutive quarters.

(refers: http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=197701&name=EA_FR_ATTACHMENTS )

The market is concerned how the current management with obviously no ownership nor entrepreneurship experience would carry forward the future of the company after showing such devastating quarterly results, while shareholders had repeatedly being denied their rights to vote or to decide for their own company business directions.

Where did the (RM8m) money go?

The company literally "expensed" out by leeching the golden geese living on Trade Receivables, and announced a loss of RM4.319m in a 3 months quarter. Despite the weak financial performance, the announcement of the coming Annual General Meeting to be held on 19 September 2017 is rather short noticed and bizarre when shareholders found out that despite having a business depression and depleting company resources, the board of directors had requested shareholders approval for the payment of "Directors’ fees and other benefits" payable of up to RM2.273 million to the Directors of the Company for the financial year ended 31 December 2016 (Ordinary Resolution 9), and "approval in advance" the payment of Directors’ fees and other benefits payable of up to RM2.0 million to the Directors of the Company for the financial year ending 31 December 2017 (Ordinary Resolution 10). Exclude "other expenses" paid through operating expenses, the market is concerned what "benefits" the board of directors is trying to imply and justify while delivering a cut throat result?

(refers: http://disclosure.bursamalaysia.com/FileAccess/apbursaweb/download?id=13016&name=EA_GM_ATTACHMENTS )

According to latest quarterly report, a straight forward financial analysis had found out basically Ire-Tex Corp Bhd current management and board of directors had vanished RM8m off the balance sheet by costing out RM4.319m (resulted in a loss) and paid directors benefits of RM2.273m and RM2m, the total happens to be a whopping RM8.592m rip off from shareholders.

Shareholders would be very concerned if the management knew what the board of directors is doing or intended to do, especially pertaining to the jaw dropping "fees paid to directors", and how shall the board be answerable to shareholders when comes to facing their fiduciary and statutory duties. The coming Ire-Tex AGM would be a financial market credibility test if shareholders shall decide for their own future or other wise perhaps it's time to seriously consider a re-write of company act to ratify the glitches in the financial system.


Quarterly result Q2' 2017

06/09/2017 14:52
Kris Wong Where to get the proxy form to vote at the coming AGM ?
06/09/2017 16:15
SkinTheCat Kris. Now we know who is the culprit assissting the criminals. Company secretary Tan Tong Lang from Boardroom. Did not announce EGM yet did not submit proxy forms.

19 September 2017 AGM all shareholders bring 200 people take his arm and leg. Kulim there not many people. Bring more people. https://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/Realfactsornews/131848.jsp
13/09/2017 12:33
PoorStaffKulim Company secretary not Tan Tong Lang. A lady Co Bee Bee wor.

The ones should behead are:
1. Felix Chin Wui Choong (tear 5 parts)
2. Nizam
3. Gan or Gang

Take photo let everyone see
14/09/2017 20:12
Trader72 Mother warrant got a movement a head of AGM. Why dare to collect now?
15/09/2017 11:25
djibaok Operator dont care one. They wanna push they push. Up or down is the wuestion
16/09/2017 19:38
ratrace Agm tomorrow?

What kind of moron keep breaching directors duty prevent shareholders from voting? Unless certain Bursa officers are part of the criminal gang members, Bursa shall reprimand and send them to jail.

Why no announcement of company secretary on purpose by felix chin wui choong? Why no announcement of egm results? Expect the moron criminals to play dirty holding the company assets and agm hostage. Spot one capture one, let police send them behind bar.

Take camera tomorrow. Capture the criminals. Felix chin wui Choong, ahmad amryn, Shariff omar. Nizam, Alfred Gan and group of foolish followers. Suicide bombers are criminals, not act of god. Morons.

Of cause count Mak lin kum and teh eng huat shadow there. One police truck not enough. May need 2. 100 staff waiting them to show up.

Those staff being tortured split felix chin into 10 pieces.
18/09/2017 21:20
ratrace Bull sht:

GENERAL MEETINGS: Notice of Meeting

Amended Announcements
Please refer to the earlier announcement reference number: GMA-25082017-00003


Type of Meeting Annual General Meeting
Indicator Notice of Meeting
Description Fifteenth Annual General Meeting of Ire-Tex Corporation Berhad
Date of Meeting 19 Sep 2017
Time 10:00 AM
Venue Kulim Golf and Country Resort Persiaran Kulim Golf, Kulim Hi-Tech Park, 09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman
Date of General Meeting Record of Depositors 11 Sep 2017

Please refer attachment below.


Revised Notice of AGM.pdf
347.1 kB

Announcement Info
Stock Name IRETEX
Date Announced 14 Sep 2017
Category General Meeting
Reference Number GMA-14092017-00002
18/09/2017 21:22
ratrace Criminals hang the crime announcement slap on bursa face pretend to hold the kidnap bursa announcement for ransom. Already criminals, do more crime is expected. Take photo fast tomorrow before angry investors tear felix chin and gang into pieces.
18/09/2017 21:24
Longkang 兄弟。。iretix 是这个公司吗?明天打哪一个先?

felix chin hui chun 是左边哪个。先。右边那个给她进了再打。打牌要先后。打灯要准。不然人家以为打人。
18/09/2017 22:25
奶頭 明天是那個chin的。照片那個袋眼鏡的。馬來人別理他。跟尾狗。那兩個華人走狗宰了。害人不淺,除害人人有責。工廠勞工錢都騙。老闆都騙。律師別揍,便宜他。喂屎啦。
18/09/2017 22:39
奶頭 https://tehenghuat.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/who-is-teh-eng-huat-mak-lin-kum-chong-ket-pen/
來到北馬笨蛋自投羅網。管他chin. 給他好看。
18/09/2017 22:48
djibaok tomolo meeting, faiti kasi anggat ini stock
18/09/2017 22:51
apolloang whatever the outcome I wouldn't buy this crook company
18/09/2017 22:53
凹大神棍 几条狗一个打狗棒就够了啦。包起来打啦还等。
18/09/2017 23:02
SkinTheCat Forgot about the chicken former managing director donald yap tat keat. http://www.thestar.com.my/~/media/online/2015/12/19/00/34/donald-yap-1912.ashx/

See him tomorrow. Good poler face use by Teh Eng Huat and ball held.
19/09/2017 00:02
RodaImpian Protasco saga chong ket pen V tay por yee everyone here know this. Both sides no saints. Chong still control protasco. Tay still facing trial in court, any news there who can update or he settle already? Either one or both will be trouble anywhere. Pass the popcorn and see tmorow agm news
19/09/2017 02:04
Kris Wong Judgement day today for all those rascals !!!!!!!
19/09/2017 08:39
ratrace Smell rat. Sure culprit like Mak Lin Kum or the running dog like donald yap and shariff omar will cheat. Anyone there take their photo?
19/09/2017 09:36
Kris Wong To any who attended the AGM, would appreciate to let know what the results ?
19/09/2017 12:01
Longkang 工廠兄弟叫綠衣,叛徒mak lan jiao 和沒春袋假面具拿杜 Yap tatt kiat 也會叫綠衣都沒用。工人萬歲。敢敢作弊跟他們拼了。爛命一條。
19/09/2017 12:37
Longkang Felix chin 跟緊緊,今天別給他走。泰國綠衣也沒辦法。
19/09/2017 12:55
Edwardxx Soon will come :)
19/09/2017 15:09
PoorStaff 凹大神棍 几条狗一个打狗棒就够了啦。包起来打啦还等。
18/09/2017 23:02

You want to go after who? Felix chin or mak lin kum? Why dato donald yap tatt keat went there? He is not that clean anyway, why nobody report him to police? Staff was removed and Yap and his in law swallowed old factory made a lot of profit. Then other funny dealings in China and Kulim factory. You should go after donald yap also.
19/09/2017 15:40
刀疤丧 妖秀!都走了?今晚要人哪一个先?北海兄弟调一个。别让跑了。https://tehenghuat.wordpress.com/2017/07/12/who-is-teh-eng-huat-mak-lin-kum-chong-ket-pen/
19/09/2017 19:29
刀疤丧 听说工厂没粮吃,被几个废物律师偷了。见一个打一个。
19/09/2017 19:31
Trader72 It is now or never leh...up up up
20/09/2017 07:50
Kris Wong Any more scrumbags to be kicked out n sent to jail to finally save the company ???
20/09/2017 09:03
ratrace AGM completed and morons removed. These greedy criminals making a mess causing business suffering yet rob RM5 million director fees? Mere thinking about it is crime and already can send them behind the bar. Anyone report police already?

20/09/2017 10:21
ratrace Anyone know where is Felix Chin Wui Choong the mastermind of robbery? Find and freeze him send behind bar before ran away. All iretex staff should spit on his face.
20/09/2017 10:22
PoorStaff Anyone captured yet?

Mak Lin Kum, Amir and Felix Chin in Tripicana Avenue rat hole, planting bomb and rubbish to use Donald Yap and Teh Eng Huat on next robbery. Chong Ket Pen using Tan Yee Boon's David Lai & Tan will give Iretex weak condition more poison. Unless authorities move fast enough capture all, the criminals will keep causing Iretex staff suffer.
20/09/2017 23:30
Kris Wong Expecting certain findings n hence announcements by new directors/management soon ! Hope for better days ahead for company and all stakeholders asap !!!
24/09/2017 00:39
RodaImpian When new board will make new announcement? Come iretex time to wakeup share and fly. Can start collect now or wait?
26/09/2017 17:01
Trader72 Buy and hold. Worst part is over.
26/09/2017 18:14
ratrace Worst is Mak Lin Kum, Felix Chin Wei choong, Teh Eng Huat goes to jail, iretex staff no chance to kick their balls.
12/10/2017 17:34
apolloang tey por yee no go to jail ar? this crook from nextnation to prtasco to ire tex
12/10/2017 17:38
Daim4u Tey poh yee not only didn't go jail, he was discharged from protasco legal setup now court also proven chong ket pen is a liar. Crook chong ket pen is going in, you bet. Iretex crook teh eng huat, fexlin chin wui choong and mak lin kum is going in for sure, the real dick looted the company. Nexgram fortunately saved by Businessman dato donald lim and his business gang bought the company. All these crooks like chong which calls tey poh yee and ooi kock aun crook, better watch their back as police is not stupid. They know what real crook did. Who is real crook ask your boss lor. Maybe he will ask yout join him in jail crooking together. Lolol
16/10/2017 20:06
Kris Wong Iretex !!! It's truly a case of too many Crooks spoil the broth !!!
16/10/2017 23:25
Zoom u guys go key Sell the warrant at 0.035 now! and buy back at 0.035! a group people hold this at 0.065. let them margin call
03/11/2017 12:17
Trader72 Zoom... Ur asking people to sell 0.035 and buy back 0.035...who is waiting at 0.035 right now?... Kehkeh
05/11/2017 21:30
Kris Wong Pray no more sabotage of company !!!
06/11/2017 15:33
Kris Wong Still awaiting further news from new Directors/Management on future direction of company's business n operation besides loads of litigation matters and internal house-keeping !!!
06/12/2017 11:13


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