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16-May-2018 24-May-2018 11:00 AGM Sri Damansara Club Berhad of Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
27-Apr-2017 14-Jun-2017 11:00 AGM Sri Damansara Club Berhad of Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2016 08-Jun-2016 11:00 AGM Sri Damansara Club Berhad of Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
28-May-2015 24-Jun-2015 11:00 AGM Sri Damansara Club Berhad of Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
02-Jun-2014 25-Jun-2014 11:00 AGM Sri Damansara Club Berhad of Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
04-Jun-2013 27-Jun-2013 11:00 AGM Sri Damansara Club Berhad of Lot 23304, Persiaran Perdana, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur Meeting Detail
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oldchinaman the holding com HENGAN INT (1044.HK) net profit margin 19%, our wangzng only 2-3%.,, they said they want to improve the profit margin by import some raw materials from china with cheaper cost, and reduce the overhead expenses
19/07/2018 00:22
oldchinaman listed on 20.june, today new high, CONGRA........
19/07/2018 00:25
apolloang I plan to keep for a few years,don't care new high also
19/07/2018 00:26
oldchinaman wish you GOOD LUCK
19/07/2018 10:03
limen12 If got more upside, why Teo Siew Lai want sell so soon. Only few months ma before Chinese management enter (as you mentioned) to increase profit
19/07/2018 15:54
oldchinaman TEO KWEE HOCK AND TEO SIEW LAI hold more than 40 counters, 3A (44m shares) JADI ( 55m) and many counters with millions of shares., i think most of the counters are losing money. and his cost for WANGZNG is 60c, so he take some profit 1st (130%)
19/07/2018 22:02
oldchinaman i will get a latest sholders list next week, it will show how many shares they left
19/07/2018 22:03
oldchinaman fong siling ( cold eye) sold all his 1 m shares, and manulife investment progress fund bought total 708,800 shares as at 29 june 2018
23/07/2018 20:43
oldchinaman teo siew lai not selling from 30.3.18 to 29.6.18(4,871,000s), teo kwee hock sold 52,400s ( bal 4,208,600 s) all directors and top 10 s holders all not selling
23/07/2018 20:50
limen12 fong si ling sold all ad? he don't see anymore upside?
23/07/2018 23:14
limen12 when do you expect to see the impact of new management, @oldchinaman? end of year meaning december?
23/07/2018 23:15
hollandking wow, coffeshop talk, this must listen
23/07/2018 23:20
oldchinaman limen12 should be end of december, don't worry fong siling sold all, but MANULIFE'S FUND buying.i will check early next month, see how much manulife buy for this month of july
23/07/2018 23:59
oldchinaman sometimes, even the real warren buffett also can jatuh longkang. The "malaysian" warren buffet lagi senang jatuh longkang.
24/07/2018 00:08
cinapeh 1 million shares was forced sale by RHB
24/07/2018 11:04
limen12 I see. Okay I top up and hold then. Hopefully you are right. But the CEO of Hengan only holds indirect stake in Wang Zheng, not direct. So how certain is it that he will execute and expand cuz he don't benefit directly.
24/07/2018 12:15
limen12 Haven't heard of this super investor. Can share any link about this guy. Also, how u know he invested ? Did he invest 719k in number of shares ? Don't see any share volume to justify that amount also
26/07/2018 15:23
limen12 How do u request top 30 shareholder list ? Anyone can request ?
27/07/2018 09:45
Lim Tek Wai Buy it now, the price is low then take high profit
27/07/2018 10:04
limen12 How to buy when no volume ?
27/07/2018 15:50
apolloang mr oldchinaman,i forgot ask u how u can get so many HL Bank stocks in the 90's.....I applied many stocks but hardly get any
27/07/2018 22:49
hollandking he is special privilege client VVIP, you forgotten his nick, King of IPO
27/07/2018 22:51
apolloang I also king of ipo but never get one......hahaha,i applied almost every stocks during the 90's,but I am really king of 2nd board.....hahaha
27/07/2018 22:55
hollandking so this is what who was it stock raider talking about, the registrar, paying for it.
27/07/2018 22:57
apolloang so many kampong folk's names for u to put ar? hahaha
28/07/2018 00:08
apolloang good stocks I never get,only bad apples like lctitan I got all
28/07/2018 00:09
apolloang now cds so u no need to put in safe....safe cost for u....1.2k can go eat seafood in telok gong....hehe
28/07/2018 00:15
apolloang that was in 1997 or 1998 when interest was very high.thankfully u bought HL bank and not UMBC datuk keramat or MBF finance.....hahaha
28/07/2018 00:19
apolloang nowdays ipo cannot cari makan,look at the latest 3 ipo's all ace market,useless to apply cos 100,000 if got also less then 20 lots,cannot make much
28/07/2018 00:30
apolloang now u still apply ipo? I no apply since lctitan episode....almost lost a house if cannot return back.apply at 8.00 then price reduce to 6.50 then I return it back at 6.50.down until almost 4.00
28/07/2018 00:41
apolloang pchem me applied 100,000 using 3 names all no get
28/07/2018 00:57
apolloang I still remember that time,i was in a bangsar pub,i told my cousin to apply the stock.he apply 20 lots and got and kept until now.that was in 2010 rite?
28/07/2018 01:07
apolloang 5.05 then got some refund back 20 or 25 cts at 4.85 or 4.80 only
28/07/2018 01:13
apolloang u lost 15 mil,how u recover back?
28/07/2018 01:42
limen12 apolloang also major shareholder in WZ?
28/07/2018 08:10
apolloang nope.....I got zero shares in wz,but my frens stuck at over 2.00 one
28/07/2018 10:53
limen12 But u know oldchinaman ?
28/07/2018 16:17
Stead Hi oldchinaman, other than wangzeng, what other counters that you build for long term position? I too have confidence in this counter.
28/07/2018 19:58
limen12 Is your confidence the same reasons as oldchinaman, in hoping that new management will take over the operations by year end? @Stead
28/07/2018 23:15
ITreeinvestor 2019 April will prove that oldchinaman is telling a lie that fong siling ( cold eye) sold all his 1 m shares
30/07/2018 13:21
limen12 Oldchinaman a liar ? Means Fong Si Ling didn't sell his shares ?
30/07/2018 21:44
bluebiznet Definitely fong siling still interested in wangzheng. A hint to you... Not only kky have wife.. Cold eye also have wife..
30/07/2018 21:48
limen12 ITreeinvestor and bluebiznet also hold WZ?
31/07/2018 00:41
Moat Been looking at this company since this deal was done one year ago, but no improvement in financial performance of the company, i.e revenue and profits, all speculations. Why do you all think that management will start now to boost it at year end? Seems like they doing nothing since the merger. Guess oldchinaman and limen12 put money get trapped by speculations.
31/07/2018 23:08
Moat limen12 and oldchinaman nothing to say ad?
01/08/2018 22:10
cinapeh i totally agreed
03/08/2018 14:26
Bazil Hi bluebiznet, can share Cold Eye’s wife name?
03/08/2018 14:50
oldchinaman if the company is making good profit then can give good dividend ,the share price will also move up without volume, example FAREAST. only those speculating counters need huge vol to attract retallers
08/08/2018 10:28
Lim Tek Wai good price
08/08/2018 10:45
limen12 price keep on falling down. No floor no news.
17/08/2018 15:33


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