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28-Jun-2018 26-Jul-2018 10:00 EGM Banquet Hall, Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya (PAUM) Clubhouse, Lot 10476, Jalan Susur Damansara (Jalan Damansara Lama), 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Meeting Detail
30-May-2018 06-Jun-2018 10:00 AGM Banquet Hall, Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya (PAUM) Clubhouse, Lot 10476, Jalan Susur Damansara (Jalan Damansara Lama), 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2017 08-Jun-2017 10:00 AGM Banquet Hall, Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya (PAUM) Clubhouse, Lot 10476, Jalan Susur Damansara (Jalan Damansara Lama), 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Meeting Detail
28-Apr-2016 02-Jun-2016 10:00 AGM Banquet Hall, Persatuan Alumni Universiti Malaya (PAUM), Lot 10476, Jalan Susur Damansara (Jalan Damansara Lama), 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Meeting Detail
18-May-2015 10-Jun-2015 10:00 AGM Crystal Ballroom, Level 1, Crystal Crown Hotel, No. 12, Lorong Utara A, Off Jalan Utara, 46200 PJ Meeting Detail
26-May-2014 18-Jun-2014 10:00 AGM Kristal Hall 1, Telekom Malaysia Convention Centre, Bangunan Menara Telekom, Jalan Pantai Baru, 50672 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Meeting Detail
28-May-2013 19-Jun-2013 10:00 AGM Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya, Persiaran Barat, Off Jalan Sultan, 46760 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Meeting Detail
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winwin2288 Hold to win BIG !!
06/06/2018 09:27
GayauQwe Stupid 1268 sold at 0.29.....bodoh... Haha
06/06/2018 09:37
Abang Mad Nape sold too fast? Sabar la skit bro...
06/06/2018 11:18
winwin2288 tomorrow fly again, buy no regret
06/06/2018 16:16
Fortuneman Shd maintain the price @ 0.38-0.4
06/06/2018 16:27
winwin2288 buy and wait for 0.4+++
06/06/2018 16:34
Abang Mad Yezza...you are right
06/06/2018 23:59
Fortuneman Dji up 200++ still in good sentiment..grab and hold..0.38-0.4 possible happen soon.
07/06/2018 01:05
Fortuneman Someone block @ 0.335 from yesterday till now.
07/06/2018 10:50
Miraclegal Damn.. Waiting for 0.35
07/06/2018 11:43
GayauQwe Coming 0.50
07/06/2018 11:54
GayauQwe Eden highest in 1993... Price is rm15.80
07/06/2018 11:55
GayauQwe 0.32 is very cheap, compare rm15.8
07/06/2018 11:55
Fortuneman Shouldn’t put ur unit q at a certain price. This may cause those buyer unable to chase high especially when buying volume is just average. The lesser the seller the higher the price
07/06/2018 13:23
Neut_ron1 @gayauQwe...rm15.80 lama punya... boleh k naik kesitu dari harga sekarang? Lama kena tunggu k?
07/06/2018 16:28
Abang Mad still cheap to collect b4 late
07/06/2018 23:39
moneypedia aiyo 15.80 ridiculous laaa....wait till apocalypse....... but 50cents maybe can in near term, dow good today, collect on correction a bit....
07/06/2018 23:42
Fortuneman Hari Ini la up!
08/06/2018 08:56
GayauQwe Nex t week up, to test ur holding power
08/06/2018 16:31
Abang Mad next week for sure will up to 0.50
09/06/2018 00:04
GayauQwe Eden highest in 1993... 13.80
09/06/2018 06:59
GayauQwe Eden is under value, should 13.80
09/06/2018 06:59
ran777rpt Eden sunk so much of the earlier govt, especially when TPM was ejected. Eden’s progress was hampered and could not go forward because of hindrance caused by earlier govt. That was the reason why directors linked to earlier ousted TPM have to resign and sold of their shares. Not to say that all shares were sold but do not stand as substantial share holder. They did that for the company to move forward. Now I expect that the forceful hindrances and obstacles are no more. The current govt may not favour as cronies but will not obstruct by any way for Eden’s progress, but they will progress themselves by their own ventures.
10/06/2018 21:13
Fortuneman Personally believe Eden can go at around atleast 0.4 cents. With ph related counter relationship also this quarter full of f&b services provided for election & raya. Their performance Shd be good for coming quarter.
11/06/2018 00:13
moneypedia eden tau eden biso bonar semuo boleh..kalau eden boleh ekau pun boleh sebonoei....biso bonar, beceghabih semuoei jang....
11/06/2018 01:03
GayauQwe Eden price rm13.80... In year 1993
13/06/2018 20:36
Fortuneman So many collecting @.295-.335
These few days profit taking for raya holiday..after this rebounce will definitely break 0.35 and above.
Stay tune.
15/06/2018 01:32
GayauQwe Now 0.28...very low,,,, highest 1998 ..15.80
21/06/2018 17:18
satha44 The recent settlement of the IRB claims...augurs well for this company...the change in the govt also favours Eden...with PH govt...Eden is expected to improve its book orders/turnover..
Last qtrs results showing better sales and lower loss...clearly shows board intention to move to profits...Share price on the other hand has stabilized around 30sens....a breakout above 33..will move it to higher ground...only time will tell...but the future looks bright...Best of luck to all of u...will buy some next week...if market improves....above 1700 points...
23/06/2018 08:07
satha44 In a falling market...with no clear signs of a rebound...best not to play contra...
Buy within your means...can pick..
Will purchase 20k shares next week...for RM6k
No holding power....dont touch..
23/06/2018 09:49
satha44 Next week will surely be exciting...
23/06/2018 17:27
ran777rpt With proposals for free warrants, the price cannot be the same. Time to go higher.My TP is 50 cents before issuance of new warrants.
23/06/2018 18:14
Fortuneman https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/28884329
A very good news for Eden. Showing that the management is doing something & planing ahead to improve their company performance and market share..
23/06/2018 22:52
satha44 Very doubtful eden can go above RM1 for now..
Multiple year uptrend possible...but for now RM1 is already a good target....if conpany can turnaround with qtr to qtr profits.....highly possible...
25/06/2018 06:33
ran777rpt 50 cents is easily reachable.
25/06/2018 06:44
一卖 就涨 Masak masak also can make big money?
26/06/2018 16:45
AmstrongKL Good news. Getting more cash from share holders. Not enough money to reward the directors.
27/06/2018 08:36
satha44 First hurdle is 34.5sens....if cannot break that...forget about 50sens/RM1/ RM10..LOL
01/07/2018 17:30
Fortuneman https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/28891639
04/07/2018 13:32
Fortuneman https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/announcements/view/28890871
04/07/2018 13:32
Fortuneman EGM falls on 26th July.
Guys, another round of price rises coming soon after the EGM approval of the proposal..grab it before too late!
04/07/2018 13:35
SK1200 Something brewing...grab fast...
04/07/2018 15:26
satha44 Dont touch till 34 beeaks with heavy volume..
11/07/2018 20:35
Ahead1268 Have to explode soon in view of free warrant to lure conversion for cash calling.
11/07/2018 20:49
Fortuneman Management collecting in between 0.275 to 0.295. Once enough bullect will shoot up betore annoucemnt of free warrants approval.
12/07/2018 00:22
ran777rpt Open tenders only for IPP in power ministry according to minister. 4 IPP contracts done direct nego will be cancelled. Previous government. Ha ha Eden may get a chance to submit if open tenders are invited in near future.
12/07/2018 10:45
SK1200 Look like positive aura is coming!!
17/07/2018 11:05
GayauQwe 0.48
17/07/2018 18:14
SK1200 0.305 resistance need to break for flying
20/07/2018 10:57
Fortuneman A very long waited 0.3++ closing.
The day for EGM is around the corner.
These few days will be last push..
20/07/2018 22:37


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